tagNonHumanWolf Man Ch. 07

Wolf Man Ch. 07


(Hey guys, sorry it took so long, I hope there aren't that many mistakes but if there are I apologise in adavance and I promise to do a better job next time. As always let me know what you think. Best Alicexxx)

Hannah glanced at the clock for the thousandth time.

"What time did she say she was coming again?" She asked, not bothering to turn and look at him.

Ever since he'd mated them without informing her of what they'd been doing yesterday, they hadn't been on very good terms. Personally, Hannah thought he was an ass. An arrogant, canine, ass.

"How many times have you asked me that?" He hissed.

Hazel eyes narrowing, Hannah rolled onto her stomach on the bed and looked at him. "Well, she did give a specific time didn't she?"

Kai's eyes sharpened and she thought fleetingly that she should stop provoking him. Their gazes locked, neither one saying a thing.

To keep herself from softening she kept her eyes above his neckline... as he was wearing no shirt and she'd already noticed that he'd left his jeans unbuttoned. He probably knew what it was doing to her. Smug bastard.

Yeah, well, that smug bastard happens to be your mate now, a sly voice in her head reminded her. At that thought she looked away from him and sat up, lifting her hands to rub at her eyes. She'd been experiencing changes non stop. Everything about her had become extremely sensitive, the sound and smell were the most annoying of all. They made it impossible to ignore Kai.

"If you're pissed at me, then just say what you want to say." He snarled.

Hannah cut him a side long glance before turning her back on him again. "What's the point Kai?"

"What's the point?" he echoed blankly, then after a short pause he let out a bitter laugh. "Sure. I mat you without telling you, you get angry at me and when I suggest you get it out, you ask me what the point is?"

She heard the creaking of the chair and tensed. Her eyes were fixated on the ugly carpet as she heard the soft sound his bare feet made as he walked around to face her.

Shit. Even his feet were sexy, she thought as she looked down at them.

There was a scent in the air. Something which she'd never smelled before, but it reminded her of the colour red.

Anger. She could smell Kai's anger.

He's angry? Yeah, well - so was she damn it! After all, he'd completely ruined her life. This was probably the last straw. Even she had to admit that things couldn't possibly get worse than this mate and turning wolf business, right?

"Look at me." He demanded.

"I'll look wherever I want!" She snapped, but in doing so she did exactly what he'd wanted her to. The prick had just goaded her into looking at him.

Why did he always have to look so damn good? It wasn't fair.

He stood there, that gorgeous chest bared, only the slightest of scars from his bullet scars were visible. His long black hair, parted by the column of his neck, feel over his chest in a straight row of gleaming black. His jeans which he still hadn't buttoned up rode low on his hips and at the opening, you could just make out the darker line of small hair there.

Hannah swallowed hard and only through sheer force of will was she able to tear her eyes away from his body to look at his face. It was nearly as bad. Every muscle o his face was taut, making his cheekbones and the slight hollows of his cheeks more pronounced. His gorgeous mouth was set and those eyes had that luminous gleam they tended to get when he got passionate about something.

"Since you seem to think I'm such a bastard, maybe I should just start behaving like one." He began, blue eyes smouldering, his voice a dangerous calm.

Hannah cocked and eyebrow at him. "I'm sorry," she said sarcastically, "I was under the impression that you were already behaving like a bastard." Then she gave a small humourless smile. "Obviously you have been trying to tone it down. But Just so you know...it shows." To her great satisfaction, his fists clenched at his sides, but that satisfaction was short lived when that particular move caused the muscles of his arms to flex in the most delicious way beneath that mocha skin. Her mouth went dry in a heart beat.

Shaking her head she broke away from the mesmerizing sight of his bare skin. "Anyway, this all started because I asked what time that woman was going to show up, and you couldn't bring yourself to give me a straight answer - surprise, surprise - but since you seem so determined to have this out, I suggest you try being remotely decent and put on a shirt."


She clenched her teeth at that answer. "What do you mean 'no'? Why do you always do that? Do you have any idea how pissed off I get when you do that?" Hannah looked up at him to find a smirk on his face. "Prick." She snarled - and found herself on her back, wrists pinned either side of her face.

"Aren't I just?" He mocked, setting himself firmly over her smaller frame. As he did so, he stretched her arms higher and he smiled as the action caused her breasts to press against his chest.

"This isn't the time for this so cut it out Kai." She snapped, attempting to buck him off, but the hands that held her wrists just tightened and he shifted his weight, his face coming directly above hers.

"Let me tell you something." He lowered his head until his lips were grazing her ear and his breath falling softly on her neck. "You see this mark here?" He murmured, and then before she could retort with some kind of insulting comment, Hannah felt his tongue lick over the two punctures he'd made the previous day. She shivered. "It means you're mine...even after it fades, you'll still be mine. We exchanged blood." he nipped her sharply. "And in my world, that's sacred Hannah. So I don't care if you don't want it. You'll get used to it and you'll like it. Do you understand me?"

Hannah sneered. "I understand you just fine." Then without warning she slammed her knee between his legs. It missed him by an inch, but had the desired effect. He was off of her in record time, his expression a mixture of shock and pain as he rolled onto his back with a grunt.

"Fuck Hannah! Are you crazy?" His gorgeous cheeks were flushed as he tried to breathe through it.

"Serves you right." She hissed, getting to her feet.

All the warning she had was growl and then she was being knocked down to the floor. Her breath came out in a great big 'oof' as she landed on her stomach with him on top of her.

"Get off me Kai!" She gritted, planting both her hands on the floor and attempting to push herself off the floor. But with him on top of her, there was absolutely no contest. "Are you deaf?"

"Well - you're not saying anything I want to hear at the moment mate." he stressed the word 'mate' just as one of his hands began a leisurely exploration up her back beneath her top.

Hannah went still, her face just a few inches from that horrible carpet. His hand slid around to her front and flattened against her stomach. She remained still. Kai nudged her hair away from her nape and nipped.

"Don't you want to be my mate Hannah?" He whispered against her skin, his hand slipping lower.

Hannah caught her breath, her hands on the carpet clenched into fists. "that's no it." She managed to keep a pissed off tone despite the things he was doing to her.

"Really? Then what exactly is it?" he murmured, his mouth following the slope of her shoulder with small licks and kisses.

Against her ass she felt him shift and press against her lower down. Hannah had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep a sound from coming out. His fingers inched into her jeans, moved a bit lower and she felt the pads of his fingers press against her short hairs.

"Hmm?" h prompted. He moved against her and she helplessly arched her back, shoving her ass against his erection and eliciting a groan from him.

His hair fell forward and the soft strands brushed her cheek. "It's the fact that you didn't tell me." She swallowed on a dry throat. "The fact that you didn't ask."

For an answer, his mouth opened on her throat and he began to suck firmly on the sensitive skin there. Hannah sighed and leaned her forehead on the floor. How come they always ended up doing something sexual when they were feeling volatile towards each other?

His fingers slid down another bit and this time she shifted to accommodate.

Kai didn't even give her time to adjust - he jus moved his hand the rest of the way and with a hard suck at her throat, drove two long fingers into her. A loud groan burst from her lips and she lifted her hips, rubbing her ass against his heavy erection even as he started to move his fingers inside her.

"So you don't dislike the idea of being my mate?" He questioned softly, obliging the frantic demands of her hips by moving against her, his chest pressed to her back, hard cock rubbing aggressively against her ass, fingers buried deep inside her slick tightness.

"Have I said that?" She husked, rubbing harder, the feeling of his fingers moving inside her unusually acute. She was feeling so much more. "God." She gasped, her hips picking up their pace.

I'm going to come right here - like this. The thought made her feel even more aroused and she could feel Kai getting harder against her.

He pushed himself up, arm stretched to its fullest extent as he began to grind against her ass harder, his fingers inside her mimicking his rough thrusts.

"Kai." She cried, she was almost there. She was so close.

"I know," he groaned, "I -"

His words were interrupted by a knock on the door and they both froze in place.

"I can't believe this." he hissed, leaning his head on the back of her neck. "Hannah!" He groaned and couldn't help rocking against her more time, torturing them both.

The knock sounded again.

"Why now?" Hannah muttered, banging a fist on the carpet. "Why did she have to come at this precise moment."

"Because," he aid as he sighed good and hard, "life's a bitch." Then he rolled off her and onto his back on the carpet.

The knock came again.

"Coming! Jesus!" Hannah yelled, she sat up, irritation coursing through her veins just as much as arousal. She glanced down at Kai who was staring up at her through slitted eyes, only a sliver of that incredible blue visible. "I better get it." She glanced down at the erection hat was threatening to burst out of his pants. Despite her foul mood, a smile curved her lips. "You're not exactly decent at the moment."

Kai just groaned and closed his eyes. Hannah leaned down and pecked him quickly on the lips before going to the door.

The girl knocked harder now. Hannah sighed and reached for the latch. She opened the door. "Yeah, yeah - calm down -" her words died as cool metal touched the hollow centre between her collarbones. She gulped and felt the point of the knife dig into skin. \she stared in horror at the guy she'd had the misfortune to meet once before.

The lunatic pervert. And this time... he was not alone.

"So human," he said, his voice as sickening as his smile, "where's my good friend Kai?"

To be continued...

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