"Hello!" the voice behind me sang out as I was leafing through the stack of checks I had just picked up at the Post Office.

I had recently been peddling a few items that I had around the house on an online auction site, I was doing pretty well at it actually.

I looked up at the sound of her greeting, here stood a reasonably attractive lady somewhere around 35-45 years old.

Momentarily confused, since I had no idea at all who she was, I responded with the same hello.

Then she struck up one of those conversations designed to make it tough to just walk away from, interjecting comments about "What a beautiful car!"

It hit me then, the car! I was driving my new z06 Corvette, and my wife Lee and I have been working on it in every spare moment, getting the finish up to show quality for a Parade and car show we have scheduled.

So "spectacular" is the correct word, the Torch Red finish looks to be 3 feet deep, there is not a speck of dirt or flaw anywhere!

There is something about these machines, too, besides the fact that they are obviously expensive. Once one is strapped in, and the hugely powerful engine roars to life, there is a feeling of raw sexual power! I can drive off and leave anything on the highway, effortlessly! Corners and turns are no problem, the unwieldy feeling of the earlier models is long gone, these are pure racing vehicles. For the faint of heart, a touch of a button and the computer takes over, controlling every aspect of the suspension. The feeling is of total control, and total power. But for a guy like me, I turn the computer off, reveling in the feeling of being "on the edge", everything up to me and my talents.

I have been approached before when driving the Corvette, somehow they don't see the balding nearly 60 year old man with reading glasses on his nose, they just see the car!

I usually just smile, enjoying the little signals that women give off to express their interest. They push out one leg, or place one hand flat on a hip, they flip their hair back. Sometimes it is just a pursing of the lips, or eyebrow raised. I watch them speak with their head turned either one way or the other, trying to display what they feel is their best profile.

This lady was doing all of that, I noticed with a smile.

I answered her questions, "Yes, it is very fast, Yes, it handles beyond anything one can imagine, yes, it can be a little loud, yes, the seats are extremely comfortable"..

Then she hit me with the right to the point question, "Can I have a ride?". I knew that was coming, I almost can't park the machine without hearing it, sometimes from guys! To be honest, I am not much in the mood to give everyone who asks a ride in it!

So I went a little to the wiseass side of my personality, and told her with my best evil grin, "The only way cute ladies get a ride in THIS car is they have to take their top off!"

Now that was SUPPOSED to turn her off, embarrass her or something, so that she would go away and leave me alone.

She hesitated for just a second, got a silly smile on her face, and said...."OK!"..

Now my bluff was called, I just stood there and looked at her for a few seconds, then decided, "Why not?". I touched the button that popped the rather worthless trunk, dropped my stack of mail in the back, and then hit the button that opened the doors.

I stepped around and held the passenger side door for her, she slipped into the seat without hesitation, settling into the form fitting soft leather material with a sigh. She closed her eyes and leaned back, I took the moment to look her up and down...not bad at all!

I walked around and climbed into the driver's side. The machine moved the seat back for me as I opened the door, to make room for my 6' frame. I settled in, inserted the key, feeling the car react to my presence and adjust the seat to fit my preferences.

I started the engine, letting it settle into it's throaty idle, and strapped up my seat harness. Then I looked at her and said, "Well?"..

She looked at me, then her hands went to the buttons on her soft but businesslike blouse, quickly undoing all of them, and shrugging the blouse off her shoulders.

She looked at me, "This too, I suppose?" motioning towards the white bra she wore. "Yep!" I told her!

She flushed, looked around the parking lot. It was a bit busy, people were coming and going, and there was no way out of the fact that every single one of them took a second look at the car.

She looked at me again, and said, "Can we get rolling first?"

"Nope!" I answered simply, noticing the flush that colored her face and spread across her upper chest. I was starting to enjoy this.

"Oh, hell!" She said, and reached behind and undid the clasp, shrugging the bra off her shoulders. I had a little moment of surprise, she was almost perfectly formed, around a 34C cup, her nipples dark and jutting out, I could see the trace of excitement in the way they were stiffening and getting that crinkly look.

"Go!" she said, trying to scrunch down in the seat as a young couple walked past, realized, and got a shocked look on their faces.

I laughed, backed out, and pulled up to the stop sign. I pulled out on the highway with a roar, heading North up the 4 lane highway. As we left the 30 MPH zone, I dropped into 2nd gear, and pressed my foot down almost to the floor.

You simply have to be in one of these when the driver does this, to even understand. Think of the fastest takeoff in an airplane you ever felt, this is way beyond that, I can beat a Jet airliner in a drag race with ease!

I hit 3rd gear just a couple of seconds later, and let the machine go. We were well over 100 MPH by this time, so I rolled out of the gas and settled down to a steady 70 MPH.

I glanced over at her, her face was flushed, her mouth was hanging open, no sound coming out. She was almost in shock.

A few miles up the road, I turned off to a stretch of two-lane I know very well. One comes up over a rise, and there is nearly a mile of shallow downgrade with sharp twists and turns. There are no side roads coming in, and it is easy to see if someone is coming. I used to go there to test race cars back when I fiddled with that a bit.

I reached down and hit the traction control button, turning off the automatic system. Then I headed into the first turn!

Feeling the rear of the car unhook and shift sideways, I fed throttle gently, just enough to control the drift and set up the next corner. Dropping to 3rd gear, I slammed around the little tight right hander at around 80 MPH, then floored it to 110 into the next one! Two quick downshifts and heavy braking, I darted through a couple of quick reverses, then a short straight to 150, Just into 4th. Hard on the brakes, downshift, and 2 more quick reverses at 90 again. Then I slowed quickly as we came to the cross road.

I stopped, looked at her with a smile. "How was that?" I asked her. "Oh, God!" she exclaimed!

I looked again, this was almost hilarious, here she sat, bare breasted, I didn't even know her name! And I had just ran through some paces that while actually fairly gentle compared to what the car and I can do, would make most people wet their pants!

"I didn't realize, I didn't...OH!" she muttered, and I caught the unmistakable huskiness in her voice. She was breathing heavily through her mouth, her nipples stood out like buttons, she was turned on!

I put the car in gear and drove to my house, just a short 2 miles away. Pulling into the driveway, I shut off the ignition and turned to her. Reaching out with the back of my hand, I gently stroked the side of her left breast. She sat there with no protest at all.

I got out and walked around and opened the door on her side. Taking her hand she simply let me lead her into the house. She seemed to be in a daze.

I reached out and wrapped my arms around her, she was still naked to the waist, then I pressed my hands against her butt cheeks and pulled her against me. She shuddered and reached for my backside, too, and we kissed.

In seconds, we were both naked on the couch, I slipped my hand across her swelling pubes and it came away wet. There was no real lovemaking, we were excited, urgent.

She had ahold of my full erection, then opened her legs and guided me in. We were pumping and thrusting at each other, we even managed to slip off the couch onto the floor without stopping. I felt her shudder again, then climax, I wasn't far behind as she struggled to shove as much of me into her as she could.

Her head was back, she was lost to the moment, coming again as I let loose!

We lay in each other's arms, just feeling the moment. Finally we seperated. I lay and looked at her, she was attractive, in shape, just a hint of softness around the waist. I reached down and fingered her pussy, taking a good look, pulling the lips open and she opened her legs to let me. There was a small dribble of my own sperm dripping from her, I moistened my finger and stroked across her tiny button. It was hard as a rock, she jerked at my touch, too much. I released the pressure, gently stroking her outer lips as she lay back with a sign.

She reached out and touched my suddenly firming member, and then we were at it again! The 2nd time lasted much longer, I was delighting in the sensations when her still husky voice asked, "What is your name?"

"Ted," I told her. "Mine's Darla", she answered, suddenly giggling. Then she was in the throes of another orgasm, I came quickly with her.

Finally we were done, and I drove normally back to her car at the Post Office. As we pulled in, she said, "Oh, God, what am I going to tell my husband?"

"Tell him he can't have a ride!" I wisecracked.

"Well, could I have another someday?" she said, looking me right in the eyes with a smokey stare.

"Look for me in the parking lot!" I told her with a grin, as I held the door open.

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