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{Stories With At Least 10 Votes - Updated 11/8/00}
(see below for explanation of how stories are ranked)

* Number 1 *

Surrender Ch. I - He helps you discover your submissive side.

* Number 2 *

My Very Personal Maid Pt. I - She lusts for Aunty's servant.

*  Number 3 *

Jennifer Ch. I - High school guy gets a shot at his dream girl.

* Number 4 *

Teasing Terri Pt. I - Sexy girl takes care of more than the kids.

* Number 5 *

Letters to Purvi Pt. I - Lalitha responds to Indian housewife's ad.

* Number 6 *

Teaching Patti - High school play director falls for young actress.

* Number 7 *

Hostile Takeover Ch. I - Father gives Fiona to business associate.

* Number 8 *

An Email Affair Pt. II - They enjoy a meal, a fire, and Wendy.

* Number 9 *

From Afar Pt. I - High school outcast yearns for football star.

* Number 10 *

Hollywood Nights Ch. I - L.A. couple heats up a summer day.

* Number 11 *

Boutique Magic - Married shop owner catches employees in lesbian fun.

* Number 12 *

Lovely Lingerie Lady - She lusts for undies model.

* Number 13 *
My First Lovers... - Girlfriend Jean & Jean's mom teach her love.
* Number 14 *

My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. I - Photographer falls for Gloria.

* Number 15 *
Lilly White, Virgin - Wild west lady seeks help from Miss Kitty.
* Number 16 *

The Ancient Prophecy Pt. XIIa - Atrus meets with Lord Falagor.

* Number 17 *

Jazzy Girl Ch. I - Greenwich Village jazz man falls for sultry songstress.

* Number 18 *

Built For One Thing - He's blessed with a knock-out Mom.

* Number 19 *

Lactating Lesbian Lady - Rosita aids mother with swollen breasts.

* Number 20 *
The Games We Play - Love, lust, & treachery in Victorian times.

{Explanation: When you vote on a story, your vote is given a numeric value between 1 and 5, with 5 indicating a great story and 1 representing a terrible one. All of the votes are added together and then that number is divided by the total number of votes to get the average score. We then rank the stories based on the average scores.
Only stories with at least 10 votes are included in the Top 20. Keep in mind that this is just a ranking of votes -it does not determine a story's worth. There are many excellent stories that never make the Top 20 list.
We are still working on the technical aspect of this, but we eventually plan to have the whole system automated. For now, we update this list once a week.}

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