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For those of you looking for a bit more 'action' of the erotic variety, our two characters will get together in a couple more chapters. For now, sit back and enjoy the beginnings of the plot :) ...

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 02 by psyche_b_mused

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I rolled over in bed and groaned. My head throbbed, and pounded. Hangovers are the worst, I need to stop drinking with my friends. I rolled onto my back and rubbed my eyes. I lay there staring at the...

The Show Ch. 01 by musicankane

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Author's notes: This story was not supposed to be about a moviestar. The celebrity could had been any pretty, successful woman. But a friend of mine asked me for a piece of fan-fiction involving this...

The Redemption of Love by Icingsugar

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151.What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 02
Victor and Kelly begin to get to know each other. by psyche_b_mused (09/03/10)
4.61 (237)
152.Doogie Howser M.D. Ch. 1
Doogie scopes out his sexy mom. by Jack N Jill (10/07/00)
4.61 (236)
153.The Show Ch. 01
A guy finds himself in a live TV show with celebrities. by musicankane (01/04/05)
4.61 (219)
154.The Redemption of Love
Man takes revenge on his childhood crush. by Icingsugar (09/10/03)
4.61 (182)
155.Serving Jessica
Jessica Simpson's female intern provides "special" services. by Milene (03/22/07)
4.61 (174)
156.Down Time
Kirsten Dunst & Eliza Dushku find comfort together. by KMB2476 (07/16/01)
4.61 (132)
157.Phantom Menace Between the Scenes 1
What happened between Queen Amidala & Jar Jar. by philsogood69 (12/07/02)
4.61 (131)
158.Pleasing Nick...Again
Nick & Jessica discover Ashlee. by jessy19 (01/07/05)
4.61 (130)
159.Room 42
A Night Clerk gets a surprise when he helps out a guest. by Storm62 (04/15/12)
4.61 (112)
160.A Jedi's Training Ch. 13
Liana goes missing. by AgntSmth (07/06/05)
4.61 (105)
161.Stephanie McMahon Wrestles
WWF starlet gets laid. by imtheworldchamp (10/22/01)
4.60 (620)
162.A Dream Vacation Ch. 01
JP meets a Porn Star in disguise. by Ghostwalker (09/27/09)
4.60 (257)
163.Lawyer to the (Porn) Stars: Sara
Lucky lawyer finds new business representing porn stars. by fittucker87 (04/02/09)
4.60 (244)
164.Sailor Sex
Sailor Moon & the Scouts discover something new. by HornballPiglet (02/14/01)
4.60 (219)
165.Lesbian Call Girl - Danica
A delicious evening of pleasuring Danica Patrick. by Milene (05/24/08)
4.60 (146)
166.Batman: Harem 06
Talia becomes the new girl in the cave. by Belgost (04/14/12)
4.60 (136)
167.Chuck! Fuck Ch. 06
The story continues. by Sensa8 (07/05/09)
4.60 (129)
168.Nikki Works with Charlize
Nikki gets a job with Charlize Theron and it gets personal. by nikki_2021 (09/14/05)
4.60 (124)
169.CSI: The Hot Tub
Man is found dead in his hot tub; was it an accident? by DG Hear (09/24/06)
4.60 (114)
170.Trish Gets Stratusfied
John meets another WWF diva, with great results. by imtheworldchamp (10/27/01)
4.59 (464)
171.Charlie's Angels Ch. 1
Man inherits billion dollars from uncle & three young girls. by Asianlove (09/26/02)
4.59 (277)
172.A Night With Avril Lavigne
He meets Avril Lavigne at a club. by beaverhunter76 (11/28/03)
4.59 (271)
173.Lust in Space
The Robinson family finally returns to the fold by jamie (10/18/02)
4.59 (261)
174.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 2
Snow White meets her tutors. by The Story Teller (10/31/01)
4.59 (222)
175.My Stepmother the Ten
One night with his stepmother, Bo Derek. by nickybats13 (03/10/06)
4.59 (140)
176.Nikki meets Maria Sharapova
Ball girl Nikki has encounters Maria. by nikki_2021 (02/03/06)
4.59 (131)
177.Giving Britney a Lift
Britney Spears has car trouble. by Kash_the_priest (04/17/06)
4.59 (112)
178.The Princess Steps Out
Princess of Wales is kidnapped by African freedom fighters. by j.g.e. powers (11/19/01)
4.59 (107)
179.Fairy Tale Fantasy: White's Story
The truth behind the woman and the seven men in the cottage. by RedHairedandFriendly (12/08/05)
4.59 (106)
180.The Promotion Ch. 2
Melissa and Britney meet poolside. by a1stories (03/05/01)
4.58 (365)
181.The Flintstones: Wilma Goes Wild Ch. 03
Wilma and Betty take on Barney. by busty_fucker (02/29/08)
4.58 (217)
182.High School Hooters Ch. 2
Secret Agent Hooters goes undercover. by GeorgeTasker (09/19/01)
4.58 (133)
183.Wa'DIch Ghom
A ST:TNG tale of Worf & Troi; 1996. by Sabledrake (01/15/03)
4.58 (118)
184.Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Gets A Job
Debra gets a job at a massage parlor. by shaggy77 (06/17/13)
4.58 (115)
185.Child Stars No Longer
Natalie Portman and Christina Ricci lose themselves. by Evil Alpaca (11/15/04)
4.58 (115)
186.Princess and the Pea
How the Princess really got all those bruises. by Goldeniangel (06/14/05)
4.57 (350)
187.Betty and the Cop Ch. 2
Betty tells Wilma about the Cop. by mrwizard67 (04/05/01)
4.57 (272)
188.Batman: Harem 02
Batman let's Scarface watch. by Belgost (11/07/11)
4.57 (246)
Samantha succumbs to witchcraft. by jamie (07/24/04)
4.57 (176)
190.The Show Ch. 03
Interview from cops Catherine Bell & Jennifer Garner. by musicankane (01/13/05)
4.57 (152)
191.Back In Time Ch. 1
Agent Hooters & Gadget travel to the Middle Ages. by GeorgeTasker (07/25/01)
4.57 (145)
192.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 4
The Queen gets a helping of just desserts. by The Story Teller (12/06/01)
4.57 (144)
193.Superman's Conquest Ch. 04
Supergirl stumbles upon Superman's orgy. by LoveHugeBoobs (11/04/11)
4.57 (141)
194.Caught in the Act
Clark pops the question to Lois. by Croctden (04/09/02)
4.57 (138)
195.Hands Down
Based on the movie 'Labyrinth'. by sintax (11/08/04)
4.57 (125)
196.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 6
Snow learns that submitting can be exciting. by The Story Teller (03/08/02)
4.57 (116)
197.The Nanny
Mr. Sheffield surprises Miss Fine by CABONE (09/21/09)
4.57 (115)
198.A Jedi's Training Ch. 12
Jacen has fun with a voluptuous Twi'lek beauty. by AgntSmth (06/16/05)
4.57 (114)
199.Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 02
Gilligan is discovered using his makeshift periscope. by jthserra (07/05/04)
4.57 (105)
200.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 05
A late night of love with Lindsay Lohan. by hollywoodjim (09/08/08)
4.57 (101)
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