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For those of you looking for a bit more 'action' of the erotic variety, our two characters will get together in a couple more chapters. For now, sit back and enjoy the beginnings of the plot :) ...

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 02 by psyche_b_mused

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I do not own Power Girl, Superman, Wonder Woman or any other DC Comics characters. Characters in this story are properties of DC Comics. I take no credit for creating them. I also encourage...

Superman's Conquest Ch. 03 by LoveHugeBoobs

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The windshield wipers on the black SUV swept frantically back and forth, valiantly fighting a losing battle with the ever-thickening snowfall. Jennifer Love Hewitt brought the overmatched vehicle to...

Love's Big Bang by RufusT

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151.What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 02
Victor and Kelly begin to get to know each other. by psyche_b_mused (09/03/10)
4.63 (262)
152.Friends: A Dry Spell
Monica helps Ross through it. by Dudeman85 (08/31/05)
4.63 (233)
153.Superman's Conquest Ch. 03
Diana, Lois, and Kara have fun of their own. by LoveHugeBoobs (09/12/11)
4.63 (134)
154.Love's Big Bang
Jennifer Love Hewitt's weekend retreat takes a detour. by RufusT (11/29/03)
4.63 (128)
155.Changing Channels Ch. 05
Peter meets the other Scoobies. by Maguppy Puppy (04/17/06)
4.63 (105)
156.Let's Be Batman Pt. 01
Guy finds Batman's suit and has a run-in with Catwoman. by BatmansDick (10/01/14)
4.63 (103)
157.Doogie Howser M.D. Ch. 1
Doogie scopes out his sexy mom. by Jack N Jill (10/07/00)
4.62 (246)
158.The Redemption of Love
Man takes revenge on his childhood crush. by Icingsugar (09/10/03)
4.62 (185)
159.Sela Ward & Her Poolboy
Sultry star satisfies hunky Black pool cleaner. by knight13 (06/27/01)
4.62 (177)
160.The Hardy Toys Ch. 2
Lita joins Trish in extreme BDSM with Jeff. by Tyjord (12/18/01)
4.62 (152)
161.BtVS: Into Every Generation
Buffy and Spike settle their differences by slaygirl (02/20/03)
4.62 (143)
162.Phantom Menace Between the Scenes 1
What happened between Queen Amidala & Jar Jar. by philsogood69 (12/07/02)
4.62 (141)
163.Nikki Works with Charlize
Nikki gets a job with Charlize Theron and it gets personal. by nikki_2021 (09/14/05)
4.62 (129)
164.The Prom Date
Anna Kendrick takes a guy to the prom. by musicankane (11/07/13)
4.62 (119)
165.Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 10
A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_14 (10/17/10)
4.62 (113)
166.Charlie's Angels Ch. 2
Angel leaves & Charlie searches for replacement. by Asianlove (10/09/02)
4.62 (103)
167.My Date with Emily
Emily Osment gives a dying boy more than he wished for. by LOAnnie2 (01/06/12)
4.62 (100)
168.Princess and the Pea
How the Princess really got all those bruises. by Goldeniangel (06/14/05)
4.61 (384)
169.Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 08
Kristen's final story with Prince Charming. by Goldeniangel (04/15/06)
4.61 (280)
170.A Jedi's Training Ch. 02
Jacen begins his training with Star. by AgntSmth (04/06/05)
4.61 (222)
171.A Jedi's Training Ch. 03
Star shows Jacen the sexual power of the Force. by AgntSmth (04/07/05)
4.61 (213)
172.Chuck! Fuck Ch. 06
The story continues. by Sensa8 (07/05/09)
4.61 (138)
173.Fully Functional
ST: TNG - the boys build Data a woman. by Sabledrake (01/15/03)
4.61 (127)
174.Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 05
A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_14 (03/26/10)
4.61 (112)
175.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 03
A rainswept encounter with a Girl Next Door. by hollywoodjim (08/18/08)
4.61 (111)
176.Committed Spider-Man Ch. 02
Mary Jane gives Spider-Man a sexy ultimatum. by LoveHugeBoobs (01/18/14)
4.61 (104)
177.A Night With Avril Lavigne
He meets Avril Lavigne at a club. by beaverhunter76 (11/28/03)
4.60 (273)
178.Sailor Sex
Sailor Moon & the Scouts discover something new. by HornballPiglet (02/14/01)
4.60 (226)
179.The Show Ch. 01
A guy finds himself in a live TV show with celebrities. by musicankane (01/04/05)
4.60 (222)
180.Ad Men
Sweaters were tight and bras were pointed. by Charles Petersunn (08/23/08)
4.60 (214)
181.Pleasing Nick...Again
Nick & Jessica discover Ashlee. by jessy19 (01/07/05)
4.60 (135)
182.Jane Jetson - Miss Solar System
Jane Jetson enters the Miss Solar System contest. by philsogood69 (11/14/10)
4.60 (120)
183.The Office: Surplus
Pam will do anything to get what she wants. by JIM13 (07/16/09)
4.60 (109)
184.Stephanie McMahon Wrestles
WWF starlet gets laid. by imtheworldchamp (10/22/01)
4.59 (630)
Staying in a hotel next door to a lonely Emma Watson. by clownprince2008 (05/25/13)
4.59 (368)
186.What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 01
Victor Creed meets a damsel in distress. by psyche_b_mused (08/26/10)
4.59 (268)
187.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 2
Snow White meets her tutors. by The Story Teller (10/31/01)
4.59 (222)
188.Back In Time Ch. 1
Agent Hooters & Gadget travel to the Middle Ages. by GeorgeTasker (07/25/01)
4.59 (151)
189.Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 09
Wicked Witch uses poppy field to slow Dorothy down. by Maguppy Puppy (03/09/05)
4.59 (150)
190.Nikki meets Maria Sharapova
Ball girl Nikki has encounters Maria. by nikki_2021 (02/03/06)
4.59 (141)
191.Chuck! Fuck Ch. 02
Part two of the story. by Sensa8 (01/12/09)
4.59 (132)
192.Child Stars No Longer
Natalie Portman and Christina Ricci lose themselves. by Evil Alpaca (11/15/04)
4.59 (128)
193.Quitting Time: Costumed Fun
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks for a costume and gets a surprise. by MeanBlackjack (09/07/09)
4.59 (124)
194.Room 42
A Night Clerk gets a surprise when he helps out a guest. by Storm62 (04/15/12)
4.59 (121)
195.A Jedi's Training Ch. 13
Liana goes missing. by AgntSmth (07/06/05)
4.59 (111)
196.Laundry Service
Shakira gets good quality room service. by Noj (11/14/03)
4.59 (102)
197.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 09
Leonard discovers Leonard 2.0 and everyone loves it. by baranbrat (04/11/14)
4.59 (101)
198.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 18
Hollywood gets kinky with Kim Kardashian. by hollywoodjim (11/30/08)
4.59 (100)
199.Gilligan's Island Ch. 01
The Professor & Mary Ann. by The tease (08/16/03)
4.58 (469)
200.Trish Gets Stratusfied
John meets another WWF diva, with great results. by imtheworldchamp (10/27/01)
4.58 (466)
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