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The 747 came to cruising altitude at 28,000 feet after taking off from Kennedy. The plane banked and headed out over the Atlantic Ocean. Behind, the sun was just starting to set in the west as I...

Charlie's Angels Ch. 2 by Asianlove

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This will be the last chapter of this story posted on this website. I am currently re-writing it and adding additional details in the hopes of having it published commercially. Thank all who have...

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 10 by DMaster_14

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For those of you looking for a bit more 'action' of the erotic variety, our two characters will get together in a couple more chapters. For now, sit back and enjoy the beginnings of the plot :) ...

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 02 by psyche_b_mused

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151.The Princess Steps Out
Princess of Wales is kidnapped by African freedom fighters. by j.g.e. powers (11/19/01)
4.62 (108)
152.Charlie's Angels Ch. 2
Angel leaves & Charlie searches for replacement. by Asianlove (10/09/02)
4.62 (102)
153.Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 10
A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_14 (10/17/10)
4.62 (100)
154.What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 02
Victor and Kelly begin to get to know each other. by psyche_b_mused (09/03/10)
4.61 (243)
155.The Show Ch. 01
A guy finds himself in a live TV show with celebrities. by musicankane (01/04/05)
4.61 (220)
156.A Jedi's Training Ch. 02
Jacen begins his training with Star. by AgntSmth (04/06/05)
4.61 (216)
157.Phantom Menace Between the Scenes 1
What happened between Queen Amidala & Jar Jar. by philsogood69 (12/07/02)
4.61 (135)
158.Pleasing Nick...Again
Nick & Jessica discover Ashlee. by jessy19 (01/07/05)
4.61 (131)
159.Down Time
Kirsten Dunst & Eliza Dushku find comfort together. by KMB2476 (07/16/01)
4.61 (131)
160.Nikki Works with Charlize
Nikki gets a job with Charlize Theron and it gets personal. by nikki_2021 (09/14/05)
4.61 (127)
161.Jane Jetson - Miss Solar System
Jane Jetson enters the Miss Solar System contest. by philsogood69 (11/14/10)
4.61 (113)
162.Changing Channels Ch. 05
Peter meets the other Scoobies. by Maguppy Puppy (04/17/06)
4.61 (100)
163.Princess and the Pea
How the Princess really got all those bruises. by Goldeniangel (06/14/05)
4.60 (367)
164.A Night With Avril Lavigne
He meets Avril Lavigne at a club. by beaverhunter76 (11/28/03)
4.60 (273)
165.Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 08
Kristen's final story with Prince Charming. by Goldeniangel (04/15/06)
4.60 (268)
166.Lust in Space
The Robinson family finally returns to the fold by jamie (10/18/02)
4.60 (260)
167.Ad Men
Sweaters were tight and bras were pointed. by Charles Petersunn (08/23/08)
4.60 (205)
168.Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 01
Cpl. Alicia Jackson of the marines encounters a lone hunter. by Et2bruttus (08/16/11)
4.60 (198)
169.Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 09
Wicked Witch uses poppy field to slow Dorothy down. by Maguppy Puppy (03/09/05)
4.60 (142)
170.Nikki meets Maria Sharapova
Ball girl Nikki has encounters Maria. by nikki_2021 (02/03/06)
4.60 (136)
171.Chuck! Fuck Ch. 06
The story continues. by Sensa8 (07/05/09)
4.60 (134)
172.A Jedi's Training Ch. 13
Liana goes missing. by AgntSmth (07/06/05)
4.60 (107)
173.Supergirl and Friends: The Wager
The Huntress, Zatanna, and Supergirl make an unusual bet. by Mild Mannered Author (04/28/06)
4.60 (105)
174.Stephanie McMahon Wrestles
WWF starlet gets laid. by imtheworldchamp (10/22/01)
4.59 (624)
175.Gilligan's Island Ch. 01
The Professor & Mary Ann. by The tease (08/16/03)
4.59 (448)
176.Batman and Gotham Sluts Ch. 01
Batman finds pattern with women in Gotham, including Catwoman. by LoveHugeBoobs (01/29/13)
4.59 (332)
177.Sailor Sex
Sailor Moon & the Scouts discover something new. by HornballPiglet (02/14/01)
4.59 (222)
178.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 2
Snow White meets her tutors. by The Story Teller (10/31/01)
4.59 (220)
179.Chuck! Fuck Ch. 02
Part two of the story. by Sensa8 (01/12/09)
4.59 (126)
180.Quitting Time: Costumed Fun
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks for a costume and gets a surprise. by MeanBlackjack (09/07/09)
4.59 (116)
181.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 05
A late night of love with Lindsay Lohan. by hollywoodjim (09/08/08)
4.59 (113)
182.Playmate of the Year: Love-Match
Guess who just came inside mom? by didier (06/24/04)
4.59 (111)
183.The Office: Surplus
Pam will do anything to get what she wants. by JIM13 (07/16/09)
4.59 (108)
184.Trish Gets Stratusfied
John meets another WWF diva, with great results. by imtheworldchamp (10/27/01)
4.58 (465)
185.The Promotion Ch. 2
Melissa and Britney meet poolside. by a1stories (03/05/01)
4.58 (366)
186.Charlie's Angels Ch. 1
Man inherits billion dollars from uncle & three young girls. by Asianlove (09/26/02)
4.58 (281)
187.Back In Time Ch. 1
Agent Hooters & Gadget travel to the Middle Ages. by GeorgeTasker (07/25/01)
4.58 (148)
188.Emma Watson Gets Her Fantsay
Film star Emma Watson gets what she has wanted for years. by Menssana (02/15/11)
4.58 (145)
189.High School Hooters Ch. 2
Secret Agent Hooters goes undercover. by GeorgeTasker (09/19/01)
4.58 (134)
190.Laundry Service
Shakira gets good quality room service. by Noj (11/14/03)
4.58 (101)
191.One Last Great Romance Ch. 01
Susan finds herself being comforted by her daughter. by MTLL (09/27/12)
4.58 (100)
Staying in a hotel next door to a lonely Emma Watson. by clownprince2008 (05/25/13)
4.57 (336)
193.Lawyer to the (Porn) Stars: Sara
Lucky lawyer finds new business representing porn stars. by fittucker87 (04/02/09)
4.57 (267)
Samantha succumbs to witchcraft. by jamie (07/24/04)
4.57 (175)
195.Lesbian Call Girl - Danica
A delicious evening of pleasuring Danica Patrick. by Milene (05/24/08)
4.57 (153)
196.The Amorous Brady Bunch Ch. 1
The adult Bradys find each other. by j.g.e. powers (12/18/01)
4.57 (151)
197.My Stepmother the Ten
One night with his stepmother, Bo Derek. by nickybats13 (03/10/06)
4.57 (143)
198.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 4
The Queen gets a helping of just desserts. by The Story Teller (12/06/01)
4.57 (143)
199.Making Scents Ch. 11
Sunny gets it on with Angelina Jolie. by Boratus (02/07/06)
4.57 (129)
200.Hands Down
Based on the movie 'Labyrinth'. by sintax (11/08/04)
4.57 (129)
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