tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 06

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 06


Christina kept a hand on her towel as she walked towards the door, but Amanda let her towel hang free, almost daring the towel to fall off. Then Amanda opened the door and a man, who appeared to be in his forties, entered the room carrying a pizza. His eyes opened wide at the sight of the two beautiful young girls.

He said in a heavy accent, "A tasty pizza for lovely ladies," and then he smiled and handed the pizza to Christina.

Christina held the large pizza box with both hands, leaving her towel totally unprotected. The towel was riding low on Christina's big boobies, putting plenty of cleavage on display. Christina blushed because of the way that the man was looking at her. She was so worried about keeping her breasts covered that she didn't realize the towel was slightly separated down below. A tiny bit of Christina's dark pussy hair was peeking out between the separation in the white towel, which did not go unnoticed by the pizza delivery man.

Then Amanda asked, "What do we owe you?"

As she spoke, Amanda gave her body a little shake and the bounce of her boobs almost caused her towel to fall off. The man gasped when he saw the towel shift, and then he started breathing heavily when he noticed that Amanda's towel was beginning to come untucked.

Christina said, "Be careful, Amanda. Your towel is about to fall off."

Amanda looked down, and then she turned towards the man and said, "I think my towel will stay on. What do you think, Mr. Pizza Man? Do you think I should tighten my towel?"

As the man started to perspire, he said, "No...no, your towel looks fine to me!"

Amanda said, "See, Christina? He thinks my towel is just fine."

The Pizza Man watched as Amanda's towel slowly began to drift down her bare tits and his breathing rate increased dramatically when the tops of Amanda's round rosy nipples began to show.

Again Amanda gave her body a little shake and asked, "Well, what do we owe you?"

The man didn't answer. He just stood there staring at Amanda's barely covered breasts.

Christina said, "Amanda, you're upsetting the man. There's sweat running down his face. I think you'd better check your towel."

Amanda looked down and it was clearly obvious that her nipples were partially exposed. However, Amanda didn't bother to adjust her towel. She was having too much fun tormenting the Pizza Man as she pushed the issue even further.

Amanda turned towards the Pizza Delivery Man again and asked, "I still think my towel will stay on, but my friend disagrees. Be honest, Mr. Pizza Man. Does it look to you like my towel is going to fall off? If you think it's gonna fall off, then I'll tighten it. I'll leave it up to you."

The man stammered, "No, don't touch the towel. It's fine!"

Amanda grinned, pushed her chest out and asked, "Are you sure?"

The man tried to speak, but nothing came out of his mouth. All he could do was gasp for air because Amanda twitched again and the fidgeting caused her towel to drift down even further.

With even more of Amanda's precious pink nipples on display, the man stuttered, "Yes...um, yes. I'm sure. I don't think your towel is going to fall off at all."

Amanda teasingly said, "That's good because I'd be really embarrassed if my towel fell off. I'm naked under this towel, as you probably know. Now, what do we owe you?"

Amanda took another step towards the man and gave her body a firm shake in the process. This time, when Amanda shook her body, she successfully caused her towel to come undone and it dropped to the floor.

Amanda put her hands on the sides of her face and shrieked, "Oh no, look what happened. My towel fell off! I thought you said my towel wouldn't fall off, Mr. Pizza Man! Were you lying to me just so you could see me naked?"

The man couldn't answer. He just stood there, gazing at Amanda's bare breasts and auburn bush. Amanda was now standing with her hands on her hips and her legs spread shoulder length apart. She wasn't hiding anything from the man. One day earlier, Amanda would have been mortified if this had happened, but today Amanda almost acted like she was enjoying herself. It seemed as though the traumatic experience at the police station desensitized Amanda to the degradation of being stripped naked in public.

As Amanda simply stood there with her firm titties and hairy triangle right out in the open for the man to see, Christina said, "You'll have to excuse us. We just took a bath and we didn't have time to get dressed."

As she bent down to get her towel, Amanda said, "That's right...and she's naked under her towel, too!"

Then Amanda reached out and tugged on Christina's towel. With both hands holding the pizza box, Christina didn't have a free hand to grab her towel and it fell to the floor, rendering Christina helplessly naked in front of the pizza delivery man.

Christina yelped, "Amanda, my towel! You made my towel fall off. Now I'm naked and I'm holding this pizza box so I can't pick my towel up. How could you embarrass me like that?"

As Amanda picked up her own towel, she giggled and said, "I'm sorry. It was an accident."

Christina responded, "Accident my ass," but she merely remained standing there in all her glory.

After Amanda picked up her towel, she held it loosely front of her, but Christina made no attempt to retrieve her towel. Her massive melons, round rosy nipples and the dark curly hair between her legs were all complete exposed to the pizza man.

Amanda was holding her towel in front of her with one hand. Her hairy triangle along with one breast were hidden from the man, but much to Amanda's surprise, Christina continued standing in front of the pizza man completely nude. It was very bold and brazen of Christina, but there was no mistaking the redness of embarrassment on Christina's face.

Finally, the man told Amanda what she owed for the pizza and Amanda told him to wait while she looked in her purse. Christina turned and bent over to set the pizza box on the bed while Amanda bent over to pick her purse up from the floor. With both girls bent over, their bare asses were fully displayed to the man's hungry eyes. The girls glanced over at each other and giggled, while holding their positions to give the man a nice long look at their firm smooth butts.

Then Amanda turned around and acted as though she couldn't hold her towel and her purse at the same time. She let her towel drop to the floor, leaving both Amanda and Christina completely naked as they approached the middle-aged Pizza Delivery Man.

After digging around in her purse for a while, Amanda looked at the man and said, "I'm sorry, but we had a little trouble today and we spent all our money."

The man said, "That's okay. You can charge it to your hotel room."

Christina asked, "But what about the tip?"

Amanda smiled at the Pizza Delivery Man and said, "Yes...what about the tip?"

The man looked at the naked girls and said, "My wife used to be beautiful, but now she has a butt the size of Texas. You would make an older man very happy if one of you...or both of you...would make love to me."

Amanda said, "Hmm, why don't you wait outside while we discuss it."

The man stepped into the hallway and the girls shut the door. He waited anxiously for a moment and then Amanda cracked the door with the safety chain fastened.

Amanda peeked out and said, "We discussed and we've decided...no! Go home to your fat wife," and then Amanda slammed the door as both girls laughed hysterically.

After the pizza man left, Amanda and Christina watched a romantic movie while they ate the pizza and drank a couple of beers. The girls were naked when the pizza arrived and they stayed that way for the rest of the evening. After their tear-jerker movie ended, another movie started. The hotel did not show X-Rated movies, but this one definitely came close.

Neither Amanda nor Christina would have watched a movie like this at home. Then again, they wouldn't have drank tequila or made love to another girl, either. Therefore, the girls went ahead and let the movie play. The movie was predominantly a compilation of sex scenes, but the man's penis was always hidden from view and merely implied. However, the movie showed plenty of female butts, boobs and bush.

Christina was especially intrigued when she watched two girls go down on each other. It really got her juices flowing. Christina hadn't dated much and no guy had ever done that to her before so she was very curious about it. After the movie ended, the girls brushed their teeth, and then they turned the lights out and crawled into bed together.

Still naked, Amanda and Christina hugged each other and shared a goodnight kiss. Amanda was worn out from the eventful day, but Christina's mind was still racing as a result of watching the risque movie. As the girls kissed each other, Christina reached between Amanda's legs, but Amanda stopped her before she could do anything.

In a disappointed tone, Christina asked, "What's the matter? Are you tired of me already?"

Amanda responded, "Oh heavens no. I've just had a hard day...literally! I had Cortez's rubber coated dick in me, and then I had the Latino bimbo's finger inside me followed by the tender love we shared. I'm just a little worn out down there, but I'm sure I'll recover by tomorrow morning."

Christina said, "Then you should get some rest. I was just..."

Amanda asked, "You were just what?"

Christina answered, "Well, I saw what those girls were doing on the screen and..."

Amanda stopped her and said, "Say no more. I know exactly what you want," and then Amanda rolled her totally nude body up on top of Christina.

First Amanda started kissing and licking one of Christina's delicate pink nipples while massaging Christina's other big breast with her hand. Amanda was relentless as she alternated her lips and fingers between Christina's two nipples until they both poked out nice and hard. Then Amanda slowly moved down over Christina's flat tummy, making little kisses along the way. Amanda even tickled Christina's bellybutton with her tongue before sliding her tongue down into the moist pink slit between Christina's legs.

Amanda used her tongue to separate Christina's pussy lips and then her tongue found it's way onto Christina's love button. Christina squealed with delight when Amanda started wiggling her tongue around on Christina's little clitty. It was nothing like Christina had ever experienced before. While continuing to stimulate Christina's love button with her tongue, Amanda slipped her finger deep inside Christina's pleasure hole, which made Christina squeal again.

As Amanda rolled her tongue back and forth over Christina's little clitty, she used her finger to make gentle circles inside Christina's tight wet pussy. Christina moaned with bliss when Amanda moved her free hand up to playfully tease Christina's round rosy nipples. Her nipples were already hard, but the stimulation generated from the soft caress of Amanda's fingertips over Christina's delicate pink nipples caused Christina's love juices to flow like rain.

Christina called out, "Oh Amanda, that feels incredible. Have you done this before?"

Amanda replied, "I've never performed it, but I received it once from a guy. Am I doing it right?"

Christina replied, "Mmm...you must be! This is the best thing anybody's ever done to me. I feel...feel like...mmm...I feel like I'm not going to be able to...um...hold on much longer."

Amanda whisper, "Just relax and enjoy it."

Christina gasped, "Can't...can't relax. Mmm...gotta...gotta cum!"

As Amanda continued licking Christina's little clitty, she started thrusting her finger in and out of Christina's pussy. The tension was building stronger and stronger inside Christina's body, and then Amanda began twisting and pulling on Christina's precious pink nipples with her other hand. Christina was about to go out of her mind as the tension inside her tight body almost reached a fever pitch.

Christina yelled, "Amanda...mmm...Amanda, don't stop, don't stop! Feels so good, so so good!"

Amanda began making little circles over Christina's love button with her tongue as she wiggled her finger in and out of Christina's pussy. Amanda simulated a side-to-side vibrating motion inside of Christina's pleasure place with her finger, which was almost overwhelming for Christina. Christina pushed her big breasts together, making it easier for Amanda to alternate her fingers over Christina's nipples.

Finally Christina reached the point of no return and she called out in ecstasy, "Amanda, Amanda...that's it, that's it. You did it! I'm cumming, I'm cumming...mmm...I'm cumming!"

Amanda kept licking and stroking Christina's wet pussy until Christina couldn't take it anymore, and then she pushed Amanda away. When it was over, both girls laid back in the bed. Amanda could feel the bed shaking as Christina's body shuttered from the aftershocks of her incredible orgasm. Finally Christina was able to relax and she pulled Amanda close. Amanda put her head on Christina's shoulder and Christina ran her fingers through Amanda's hair until both girls fell fast asleep.

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