Amy Gets Tag Teamed...Again


"Your cock is so hard! You like watching your slut wife with other guys and then feeling my well fucked pussy, don't you?" Amy prodded.

She sustained a constant chatter until I couldn't take anymore and squirted deep within her already sopping slit. Her pussy clenched as each blast of my cum coated the walls of her canal during what was the most superb orgasm I can remember ever having. My skin tingled as I emptied a huge load into my naughty wife while she continued to blurt out raunchy remarks.

"Give me that load! Fill my whore hole with your hot cum!"

I was exhausted from a very eventful night and my knees weakened causing me to collapse on the bed on the opposite side of Amy as Chris. I lay there for a minute or two until my breathing returned to normal before climbing onto the other bed and lighting a needed cigarette. I lay on my back and relived the wonderful night in my mind while enjoying my well deserved smoke. When I turned my attention back to the other bed I noticed that Amy's hand was casually fondling Chris's semi hard cock as they chatted and also had a smoke. When I was finished I butted out my cigarette and rolled onto my side to gaze upon my amazing wife who had also turned onto her side and was looking in my direction with a loving smile across her face.

Chris was nestled against Amy's back with one arm draped over her body as his hand caringly caressed her exposed breast. I assumed that his cock was lodged between her ass cheeks but I soon discovered that I was mistaken. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that there was some movement behind Amy and upon closer inspection I became aware of the fact that Chris was slowly moving his hips and seemed to be enjoying whatever he was doing. When my wife shifted her weight slightly I saw the head of Chris's fully erect cock poke out from between her legs as he rubbed it along the outside of her slit.

When Amy settled back down Chris's cock slipped inside her pussy but she hardly reacted as she continued to stare at me. It was so amazing to share such a loving moment with my wife while my good friend entered her from behind. The second that Chris realized what had happened he thrust forward and buried his tool deep inside her warm snatch before resuming his barely noticeable thrusts. Amy was no longer able to concentrate on me as Chris slowly started to increase his tempo so I rested my head on the pillow and watched them gently fuck on the other bed. The sounds of sex soon filled the room as they sighed in unison and their sweaty bodies lightly smacked together.

Amy was once again looking into my eyes as she blew me a kiss while beginning to grind her ass back against Chris. I closed my eyes and again let the images of earlier flood my head. The last thing I remember is hearing their moans grow louder before I drifted off to sleep. I was brought back to consciousness a while later when my wife crawled into our bed and cuddled behind me. I propped myself up and saw that Chris was sound asleep on the other bed with a look of pure satisfaction covering his face.

"How long was I was asleep?" I inquired, "and what did you two do?"

"It was only about an hour or so. We were fucking for about half and chatting for the rest." Amy replied casually.

She reached her hand over my torso and searched for my cock with her warm hand. Once she located my member she gently stroked me back to life while whispering in my ear, "I want you inside me again. I love your cock and need to feel you!"

I knew exactly what she wanted when she rolled over and faced away from me as she flung the covers off of us. I flipped over and guided my cock between her thighs while lovingly kissing her neck. She spread her legs slightly, granting me access to her still moist pussy, while I placed the head of my cock at her entrance. When Amy closed her legs my cock was swallowed by her puffy labia and sucked into her pussy which was extraordinarily damp.

"How's my little pussy feel?" she questioned.

"It feels amazing! I've never felt you this wet before!" I replied.

"I know how much you love sharing your naughty wife so I decided to prepare a little surprise for you!" my wife whispered. "After you fell asleep Chris commented on how hot it was to fuck my pussy while it was full of your cum so I decided to give you the same treat!"

Just the thinking about what she was going to tell me made me so excited that I increased my pace as my cock sloshed around in her creamy cunt.

"Chris deposited a huge load into my pussy and I want more!" Amy pleaded.

I know it might seem strange to some but I have never felt so in love with my wife than I did at this particular moment. I had watched her fuck my friend and swallow his cum and now she was telling me that he had cum inside her and all I could think about was how lucky I was to have found such a spectacular woman!

I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair which I used to pull her head back until I was able to kiss her deeply. "Thanks for the present. It feels incredible!" I gratefully exclaimed. "Are you ready for me to fill you up again?"

"I want to feel your cum so bad! Your cock is twitching and I can't wait for it to explode!" Amy groaned.

"I'm gonna fill your slut pussy with cum but I want you to cum with me!" I stated as I neared the brink.

"Don't worry, I'm about to cum!" she admitted just as I felt the walls of her pussy clamp down around my pistoning shaft.

The added friction from her convulsing pussy sent me over the edge. I grunted repeatedly as my cock spewed stream after stream of warm cum into my little slut. I came for what seemed like an eternity and my white cream soon began to leak out of her pussy and pool onto the sheets below. I thrust into her until I was sure that I had ejected every drop of semen that I possessed. When my fierce climax finally subsided we shared a sensual kiss before falling asleep with my cock still embedded in her overflowing pussy!

We have been trying to arrange for Chris to come visit us since that night and hopefully he can in the very near future. With any luck, maybe he can bring a slut of his own for me!

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