tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 12

Caught by My Boss Ch. 12


It had been two weeks since I was humiliated in front of Jason and Valerie, getting spanked in front of them, Jason taking down my panties so Diane could spank me on my bare ass and Diane making sure that the new dress she had bought for me just that morning ended up on the floor.

Diane had spanked me hard enough that my flailing legs made sure that my panties ended up on the floor too. I ended up naked except for my heels and stockings and then she made me apologize to them for making them watch me get it. She wouldn't let me cover up either, so they saw everything.

The worst part was that they told everyone about it. I hated coming in to work now because everyone that I saw had this big smirk on their face. They all knew, everyone of them!

I was sort of getting used to it but if someone said anything about any kind of spanking in front of me I turned beet red. All that did was confirm to them that what Jason and Valerie told them was true.

But it was Monday, the start of a new week and I was determined to make the best of it. When I got into the office Diane was already there. She stepped out of her office when I was hanging up my coat.

"Come with me."

I finished hanging up my coat and followed her down the hall to the executive area. She stopped at Melissa's desk who was the secretary for Mr. Prescott. He was the oldest of the partners and from what I understood very straitlaced. I was kind of afraid of him, especially since I felt if he heard some of what I had done he would have me fired. So I wasn't feeling too good right now.

"Is he in?"


"Ask him if he'll see me and Sabine."

I felt my stomach knot up. I wasn't having a good feeling about this, not at all. Melissa went into Mr. Prescott's office and shortly came back out.

"He's got half an hour."

"That will be enough time. Come on Sabine."

We walked into Mr. Prescott's office. He was behind his huge desk looking grumpy for some reason.

"What do you want Diane?"

"I just wanted to see if you had heard any rumors around the office."

"What sort of rumors?"

"If anyone on staff had been doing anything that they shouldn't."

"No, I haven't heard anything like that, Diane. Why?"

"First of all, that's good. Secondly Sabine has a little problem that I wanted to let you know about and see if we can ignore it or find a way to channel it for the office's benefit."

My stomach just about dropped to the floor. I was trying to keep from crying. She told me nothing would happen to me!

"What sort of problem does this young lady have?"

"Well, Mr. Prescott, she likes to take off her clothes."

I could see he was surprised and he turned to look at me.

"Is this true young lady?"

I was so screwed! Now that he knew I was sure I was going to be fired! I stood silently, hoping that I was dreaming this.

"Will you please answer me?"

I looked at him and then at Diane. She nodded calmly. I looked down at the floor and very quietly spoke.


"This is not good Diane. How is something like this going to be to this office's benefit?"

"Well, first of all, do you believe her?"

He turned from Diane and looked at me. My face had gotten very warm. I had to be blushing. I didn't look up at him, I just stood staring at the floor in front of his desk. There was a long period of silence.

"From the way she won't look at me and the color of her face, yes, I believe her."

"If we look at this from a different perspective, Mr. Prescott, it could make meetings a little more enjoyable. We could have Sabine attend them and make sure the managers and executives have water and coffee. And of course her dress for the meetings would ensure that everyone would make every effort to attend."

"Are you suggesting what I think you are?"

"Yes, I am. Sabine would attend, be responsible for water and coffee and she would be naked."

He leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers together. He turned back to me.

"I am finding this hard to believe now. You mean that she would strip before the meetings and be in the room naked?"

"Yes, I am saying that that is exactly what she would do."

"Young lady, would you do that?"

I still couldn't look up and my stomach was in a knot but my nipples were erect. Very quietly I spoke again. Diane had me in a corner once more.


He just stared at me. Diane jumped right in, the bitch.

"Sabine, why don't you show Mr. Prescott. Take off your clothes."

Now I was fucked. All I had on was an elegant green dress that Diane had purchased for me, stockings and heels. Mr. Prescott was still leaning back in the huge office chair that he had and small smile was on his face. I peeked up at him, saw the smile and knew that I probably wasn't going to be fired but I really didn't want to strip in front of him. Now that the cat was out of the bag, so to speak, I really didn't have much choice in the matter.

I reached behind my neck and unhooked the dress. Then I pulled down the zipper and the old bastard's smile was bigger. I slipped the dress off my shoulders and leaned forward to push it down and step out of it. Diane held out her hand and not having a choice I handed it to her. Prescott was looking me up and down.

"Interesting, Diane, but she isn't naked."

"Take off the rest Sabine."

I glanced at Diane, glaring at her.

"May I sit down Mr. Prescott?"

"Of course my dear."

His smile was like the Cheshire cat's. I sat down in one of his side chairs and took off my shoes. I figured I had nothing to lose so I lifted my left leg slightly and let my legs open a bit. I rolled my stocking down with my thighs open so he could get a good look at my pussy. I put the stocking with my shoes and lifted my right leg slightly and rolled that stocking down also. I bent and laid it with my shoes and the other stocking and then I stood back up, bare assed.

"Well, well, well. And you say she will be dressed like this at our meetings, Diane?"

"If that is how you want her dressed. If you prefer that she has stockings and heels on or just heels that is how she will be."

I was pissed but that little tingle was back and of course my nipples were still up and hard as diamonds. Prescott looked me up and down once more.

"Turn in a circle."

I slowly turned around in front of him so he had a good look at everything. I stopped, facing him once more, hands at my sides. His eyes on me made me feel a little sick to my stomach.

"How pliable is she?"

"She's pretty obedient Mr. Prescott."

"Come over here young lady."

I slowly walked around his desk not wanting to do it. Prescott swiveled his chair so he faced me. My face was red but I forced myself to have no expression. I thought I knew what was coming. I was right. One of Prescott's hands came up and grasped my right boob. He moved his palm over my erect nipple and even if it was his hand it sent a tingle through my nipple and boob. His thumb and index finger grasped my right nipple and pinched and twisted it. The hand moved over and caressed my left boob and grasped the nipple and then pulled it out, making me gasp slightly.

"She has responsive nipples."

The bastard! He leaned back in that big swivel chair and his eyes went from my face to my boobs and then down to my pussy.

"Spread your legs young lady."

FUCK! I slid my feet apart. His big hand cupped my pussy and his middle finger wormed its way up me. I stood in front of him, wooden faced, barely able to keep still. He twisted and wiggled his finger inside me, watching my face. My expression didn't change.

"She also has remarkable self control."

He kept working his finger inside me and to my horror I realized that I was getting wet. As soon as Prescott realized that I was, he chuckled.

"Perhaps not that good self control after all. Turn around and bend over."

I didn't have any choice and did as I was told. One of his hands grasped my left cheek and pulled my ass open and the finger that had been up my pussy started prodding on my anus.


I started to straighten up, but the hand that had held my cheeks open was on my lower back and pushed me back down and the finger tip was in my anus. I started to step forward and the hand grasped my hip and held me for the moment it took for the pussy moistened finger to worm inside my ass. I started sniffling and tears leaked out of my eyes.

"Oh stop it girl! I'm sure one of your boyfriends has had a finger up there!"

Actually no that had not happened to me until Diane had stuck those hateful things up me. By now the finger was deeply embedded in me and I just gave up and let him have his fun. The fact that I wasn't having any didn't concern him one little bit.

"She'll do, Diane. Does she do anything else?"

"Perhaps Mr. Prescott, but maybe we should go slow."

"Well, all right."

"Sabine, get dressed."

I didn't ask for permission. I just sat down and quickly pulled on my stockings and reached for my dress. Diane let me take it and I slipped into it as fast as I could and zipped it up. My shoes were on in an instant.

"We'll be in touch before the next staff meeting Mr. Prescott."

Diane led me out of his office and I was almost trotting behind her. We walked down the hall in silence. I had nothing to say to her. She didn't speak to me until we reached my desk.

"Come in."

She walked into her office and I followed.

"I told you that you would not be in trouble at work and I was right. I know that old goat. If he had heard about you before your little performance in his office he would have made me fire you. Now he won't. With a chance to see you naked once a week and perhaps get to toy with you a bit, he'll be happy. You'll get an opportunity to parade around naked in front of the executives. That will get you your humiliation and nudity fix. At least a good part of it."

"Diane, I don't like this at all. I don't want him touching me. He makes me sick to my stomach."

"Well, decide. Let him feel you or perhaps you would sooner suck him."

My eyes opened wide. I shook my head no over and over again.

"I thought that would be your answer. Getting felt up doesn't sound quite so bad now, does it?"

I just stared at her. I certainly didn't have an answer for that.

"Back to work, Sabine."

I stared at her for a moment and then turned and walked to my desk. I sat down and laid my head on my hands and shivered. Even though my nipples had stiffened and my pussy got wet in Prescott's office I wasn't happy. Not happy at all with the way Diane had manipulated both me and Prescott. Yes it would do for my desire to be humiliated but did I want to do what Diane had proposed to him? The entire fucking office would hear about it! Well, most of the office had heard about my spanking already, but still! My mind was running 100 miles an hour, trying to figure a way out of this. Late in the afternoon I had an idea. Too late to do anything today, but tomorrow! Diane left me pretty much alone except for work and I left at five o'clock. I had some planning to do. I had to do something to get myself out of this horror story that my life had become.

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