tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaught by My Boss Ch. 13

Caught by My Boss Ch. 13


I was at work before Diane the next morning. I had thought about my situation since yesterday afternoon and I thought I had an idea that would protect me from Diane, at least somewhat. I didn't think it was perfect, but I really thought it would work. Before Diane came in I had made an appointment with one of the other partners. His name was Mr. Daniels, James Daniels.

He was at least equal in power to Mr. Prescott since he brought in the lion's share of the business to the firm. I liked him because he was nice to me. Hell, he was nice to almost everyone. In my mind I felt that I could manipulate him somewhat and get some control back over my life with his help. Diane certainly wouldn't try to do much to me if I could just get Mr. Daniels to help me out.

Diane let me work on what she needed done. No matter how much fun she had embarrassing and humiliating me, the work of the office still needed to be done.

I had taken extra time this morning to be sure my make up and hair were as good as I could get them. I also wore my best dress. It was a blue that almost matched my eyes and I had earrings and a bracelet that was close to matching the color of it. I had bought a new pair of stockings and my heels were blue also. I felt that I looked pretty good. I also wore my pale blue sheer panties. Even if Diane didn't like me to wear underwear I figured that today she could like it or lump it.

As the time came closer to the appointment with Mr. Daniels I started getting nervous but I resolutely rehearsed in my mind what I was going to say. I was going to get this as perfect as I could.

About five minutes before my appointment with Mr. Daniels I informed Diane that I was going to be away from my desk for a bit. She just waved a hand at me, immersed in some report. I walked down the hall to the executive offices. I stopped at Melody's desk. She was Mr. Daniels assistant.

Melody was a good looking brunette, perhaps 5 or 6 years older than I was. She was always nicely dressed and was a very quiet person. She looked up and smiled at me.

"Hello Sabine. You have the appointment with him?"

"Yes, I do. Is he in now?"

"He is. Let me see if he is ready for you."

Melody got up from behind her desk and walked to his door. She knocked and opened it slightly.

"Sabine is here to see you Mr. Daniels."

"Show her in."

I walked into his office and smiled at him. He really was a nice man, in his late forties and rather attractive.

I stood in front of his desk.

"Go ahead and sit down Sabine. What can I do for you?"

"Mr. Daniels this is sort of hard for me. Just bear with me please."

He got a curious expression on his face and waited for me to go on.

"Ah, I have a problem with Diane. She is ah, sort of humiliating me and I would like it to stop. Since you are one of the top partners I felt that if I spoke with you, you could help me."

"I'm sorry to hear that Sabine. Just how is she humiliating you? Is she not treating you with respect or something like that?"

"No, ah, she is sort of disciplining me inappropriately."

"Inappropriately? What are trying to tell me?"

I felt my face start to heat up. This was embarrassing!

"Well Mr. Daniels, she has started spanking me for errors and not following instructions. And a couple of weeks ago, she ah, did it in front of Jason and Valerie."

"Well, this is not good! No one should be reprimanded in front of others!"

"That's exactly how I feel sir and I felt that perhaps you could put a stop to it."

"I'll certainly have to look into it Sabine. How exactly did she spank you?"

Oh God, how much do I want to tell him?

"She ah, had me over her knee and lifted my dress up."

I was so flustered even though I had rehearsed everything it all just poured out of me.

"She ah, had Jason take down my panties and spanked me bare in front of them."

"She did, did she? Is that it?"

"Well, no, she sort of undid my dress and it ended up coming off me too."

God damn it! My mouth was running away with everything!

"My God! So you were naked?"

"Well, yes ah, except I still had stockings and shoes on, Sir."

"Jason and Valerie watched this?"

"Yes Sir."

"I would certainly say that was inappropriate!"

Mr. Daniels sat back and steepled his fingers in front of him. He had a wry little smile on his face.

"I don't suppose you would want to show me exactly what this entailed?"

"I don't understand Sir."

"For me to get a full picture of the incident it would be best if you were dressed like that day Sabine."

"You want me to take off my dress?"

"If you don't mind."

SHIT! I didn't think this would happen! But God, if Mr. Daniels would help me out of this hell I was living it would be worth it. As I contemplated what he wanted and what I was going to do my face turned a bright shade of red. I stood for a moment, uncertain. Then I made up my mind. If he would help me it would be worth it.

I reached behind my neck and unclasped and unzipped my dress. Then blushing oh so much, I wriggled my dress down and off. Mr. Daniels held out his hand. I reluctantly handed it to him and watched him set it on his credenza behind him. I was in my sheer panties which really didn't hide much and stockings and heels. And blushing like hell! And my nipples were erect again!

"You said Jason took your panties down, didn't you?"

FUCK! I put my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down and stepped out of them. Daniels held out his hand and I reluctantly gave them to him. I watched them drop on my dress. He looked at me, standing pretty much naked in front of him. He smiled and his hands dropped below his desk.

"Do you think this is appropriate Sabine?"

"No Sir."

"Come around the side of my desk Sabine."

I hesitantly walked around his desk and he turned his chair to face me. I gasped as I saw his semi erect cock lying on his suit pants.

"If you want me to help you Sabine, perhaps you would help me."

The dirty bastard! Even as I thought that, my nipples were hard and I had that tingling feeling down low. Mr. Daniels spread his feet apart and gestured for me to get between them. I couldn't explain to anyone why I was naked in his office. He had me in a corner, just like Diane. I knelt down and took his cock in my left hand and looked up at him. He smiled down at me and nodded. I sighed and bent forward and sucked his cock into my mouth. As my head was bobbing up and down I heard him use the intercom.

"Melody, would you please get Miss Chambers and bring her here."

That registered with me but not that well. I was too embarrassed for it to make much sense. I felt his cock harden in my mouth. I kept sucking it. His hands kept my hair out of the way so he could see my face, see my lips wrapped around his cock. I kept sucking and he watched me.

"Mr. Daniels, Miss Chambers is here."

"Bring her in Melody."

That registered! I lifted my head off his stiff cock and looked at the door to see Melody holding the door for Diane and then she followed her into the office.

Diane just chuckled as she saw my head come over the top of the desk.

"Melody, close the door. You were right Diane."

"I figured that she would try to use someone here. I watched her react to the partners and I figured it would be you, Jim. And I was right."

"Yes, you were Diane. Sabine, you're not sucking."

I wanted to die of shame! Melody had this look of shock on her face and Diane had a grin like you wouldn't believe!

Mr. Daniels turned my head back to his stiff cock and gently pushed it down. I was fucked! I sighed and took it back into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down on it.

"Sabine, you had no way to know that Melody was providing some services for me, but you will understand shortly. Melody, take off your clothes."

"Mr. Daniels, Jim, please.."

Diane chuckled again. I was too busy to really understand.


I heard clothes rustling in the office and Diane chuckling even more.

"Come around here Melody."

She came next to my and glanced towards her and gasped around Mr. Daniels cock. Melody was just as naked as I was!

"Melody and I have an arrangement Sabine. One that you can now assist her in taking care of it. Melody, get my balls out. You can suck for a while and she can lick my balls."

Melody gently removed my mouth from his cock and fished in his suit pants until she could get his balls out them. Then her mouth went over his cock. She started sucking him.

"Sabine, lick my balls."

I saw motion to my right and glanced to see Diane sitting on the edge of his desk, smirking.

"You don't mind if I watch, do you Jim?"

"Not at all Diane. Sabine! Start licking my balls!

The bitch had figured me out! She let me set myself up! I bent my head down and started licking Mr. Daniels' balls. This was disgusting! Melody was still sucking his cock. Diane was watching the two of us degrade ourselves.

"Melody, when I get close let Sabine suck me. I would like to come in her mouth."

The dirty rotten bastard! I kept licking his balls while Melody sucked his cock. And Diane watched the two of us, chuckling. Daniels just sat back and enjoyed it. It took a while but Melody finally pulled her head off him.

"Sabine, he's ready."

I lifted my head up and saw him smirking at me. I was either going to do it willingly or he was going to force me. I did it willingly. My mouth went over the tip of his stiff, throbbing cock and I started sucking again. Melody was kneeling up next to me and Daniels was fondling her left boob. Her nipples looked to be as stiff as mine. I bobbed my head up and down and suddenly his hands grasped my head and his hips thrust up. His cock went deep in my mouth to the back of my throat and he squirted. He squirted several times and I gagged but he held my head firmly until he finished. I kept my lips tight on him and finally he let go of my head. I pulled back and looked around for somewhere to spit it out.

"No Sabine. Swallow. Next time you and Melody can share."

I turned to look at him and forced myself to swallow his come, gagging and choking. When I had choked it down I glanced over at Melody. We were both kneeling, asses on our heels. Melody had absolutely nothing on, I had on stockings and heels. Diane was sitting with one hip on his desk and Daniels had this self satisfied expression on his face as he stuffed his now limp cock back in his pants. Daniels leaned back with this big smile on his face.

"Sabine tells me that you spank her if she needs it. True?"

"Yes, it is. I think she likes it too."

"What do you think of that Melody?"

Melody just lowered her eyes to the floor and kept silent. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.

"Well, Jim, maybe we could test them both out."

"What do you mean?"

"I could spank Melody and you could spank Sabine. They've both been bad girls today, haven't they?"

"That's a good idea. But first Sabine and Melody should tell each other why they are so willing. Melody, you first."

Melody was fairly composed but she turned slightly red.

"Mr. Daniels caught me stealing from the firm. My husband had just lost his job and I couldn't afford to lose mine. He offered me a choice of keeping my job or being fired. I chose to keep the job."

"What does that entail, Melody?"

"Two or three times a week he calls me in and I have to suck him off."

"Does your husband know about this?"


"How long has this been going on?"

"Two years."

'I don't fuck her Sabine. She just sucks and does so nicely."

"What about you, Sabine?"

"Diane caught me in the office naked. She told me it was a choice of being fired or doing what she wanted. I need the job."

I was feeling awfully humiliated telling them this.

"What have you done for her?"

I dropped my eyes to the floor alongside Melody. This was terrible! I didn't want to debase myself by telling them anything.

"Sabine, tell him or after Jim spanks you we'll go back to my office and I will spank you."


"Diane made me open the door for a pizza delivery naked. She's made me drive home from her home naked. Some of her friends have seen me naked and one of them spanked me in front of everyone. She made me show my pussy to a stranger. She made me get naked in an adult store"

I just couldn't think of everything but I didn't want to say anymore. I was still kneeling with my eyes on the floor.

"Remember Robert, Greg and Brad?"

Ah God!

"Diane made me suck Robert in a parking lot with his friends watching me and she had two guys do me in front of her and another woman."

I wanted to start bawling.

"Our Robert?"


"Do you? Do you mean they fucked you in front of Diane?"


"You have been a pretty bad girl Sabine. At least Melody only sucks me."

I was terribly humiliated.

"How should we do this Diane?"

Diane looked around the office and grinned.

"You can take Sabine and bend her over that arm of your couch. I'll take Melody over this one. They can hold themselves up on their arms and I think they should look each other in the face. You can spank Sabine and I'll take care of Melody."

"That sounds excellent! Get up girls and get over the couch."

I was resigned to this and stood up but Melody just knelt there.

"Melody, do as Diane said and now!"

I looked down at her and her shoulders were shaking. I bent over and took her arm, helping her up. Melody was already crying. I walked her around the desk and Diane took her arm and pulled her to one end of the couch. I walked to the other. I knew I was going to get spanked. Diane pushed Melody up against the end of the couch and bent her over. Her arms went out automatically. I bent over my end and rested my arms on the cushion in front of Melody. I looked at her and gave her a shaky smile. I don't think she even saw me. Daniels watched Diane rest her left hand on the small of Melody's back and he did the same to me. Then they started spanking us. After about twelve each we were both squirming. Melody's bigger boobs were swinging with each swat she got. Shortly after that we were both yelping and saying OW with each spank. Tears were running off Melody's cheeks and I was very close to crying when they stopped.

Daniels pulled me up and pushed me to the front of the couch.

"Bend over and put your hands on the cushions."

"Great idea Jim."

Shortly Melody was beside me with her hands on the cushions next to me. Diane and Mr. Daniels were behind us.

"Sabine's ass looks a lot redder than Melody's. Do you suppose it's because she is lighter skinned?"

"Probably, but Melody's is nice and red too. The red sets off their pussies nicely, doesn't it?"

"Yes it does."

We both were embarrassed as anything, humiliated to the max. I knew my nipples were hard and I glanced over to look at Melody's. It looked as though hers were also.

"OK girls, you can get dressed now. And Sabine, are you going to try this again?"


Melody pushed herself up and slipped on her bra and then her panties. I had to walk by the two of them to get my clothes. Diane saw the panties.

"I told you no underwear! Give them to me."

By the time I handed Diane my panties Melody was dressed. I hurriedly put on my dress and fastened it.

"You two can get back to work."

Melody and I walked out of Mr. Daniels' office. She looked at me while she wiped tears off her face. I looked down and walked back to my desk. I wondered how many more girls in this office were trapped into something like the two of us were. At least Melody had underwear. I sat down at my desk and winced. What else could happen to me? God only knew.

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