tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 12

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 12


Kylie Platt was on her back, her legs spread as husband David fucked her. It had been the now usual pre-amble to sex between the two.

David had slipped his hand down her pyjama bottoms found her moist and said "Do you want to fool around a little?" What the fuck did that mean? He either wanted to fuck or he didn't, he didn't have to use Americanisms to get his conjugal rights.

She had said "Yes David" when she really meant "No I don't want to fool around, I want you to fuck my brains out, please."

Sex had become routine, when the first met they could not keep their hands of each other. Having sex as often as possible in some really out of the way places, where they could have been caught at any time, but now it was always the same.

David slipped off his shorts while Kylie removed her p.j's. She would lay back they would kiss and then without any foreplay, David would slide into her.

Kylie lay there, counting...124, 125, and 126. The sex had become so predictable she could guess to within a few, how many strokes David would take to come. Sure enough at 158, he made that little guttural sound and she felt a hot splash deep inside her.

He kissed her, told her he loved her and rolled over. Within seconds he was snoring gently.

"Thanks for waiting," she murmured as her fingers slid down her belly into her sticky pussy. She began to masturbate, the only way she had orgasmed in months.

As she worked her clitoris her mind went back to her time in Ibiza where she had the most exciting sex of her life with Luis, the doorman at the club she danced in. He had fucked her on the first night and every night after that. He was an incredible lover. She joked with the other girls that he could make her come, just by looking at her.

The affair came to an abrupt end when Luis's wife has walked into the bedroom while Kylie had about six inches of his cock nudging the back of her throat and he had three fingers in her pussy.

The following day, David Platt came on holiday to Ibiza and the rest is history.

Luis could still work his magic as Kylie had a quite nice little orgasm and drifted off to sleep.

Next day as she did the nails of some bimbo in the salon she glanced out of the window and saw Doctor Matt Carter passing by. He was the resident G.P. at the Rosamund Street medical centre.

Kylie watched as he walked down the street and said quietly to herself "I wonder if I am what the doctor ordered?" She glanced over at David who was working on a ladies hair, remembered the un-exciting sex and said again to herself "You bet I am, watch out doctor I'm going to get you."

During the next few days, Kylie schemed in her mind on how to get Dr. Carter alone and then into her pants. It became a bit of an obsession, until the obvious solution occurred to her, make an appointment at the centre and go to him.

"Could I make an appointment to see Dr. Carter?" Kylie asked the rather stern looking receptionist at the medical centre.

Without looking up the receptionist asked "What's the problem?"

"Its personal and I don't want to share it with you and the rest of these people," she said looking round at the crowded surgery.

She wondered what reaction she would have got if she had told old frosty knickers that she wanted the doctor to fuck her after she had sucked his cock.

"This is highly irregular you know, but I have 6.30 on Thursday evening if that is alright."

Kylie smiled and said, "Thank you, that will be fine," and exited the centre.

Her mind was in turmoil, three days; could she go through with it? "Of course you can" she told herself.

As she formulated her plan, Matt Carter was browsing through his appointments on his surgery system.

"Hmm" he said to himself, "Kylie Platt, personal, what could that be?"

He sat back to enjoy a cup of coffee and he thought about Kylie. She is a right little spitfire, not pretty, but attractive, then in his mind he added, with perky little breast's. The next thought that entered his head was," I wonder how good she is in the sack? "

It had been a while since Matt had been in a relationship and months since he had physical contact with a woman, outside of his job that was.

His mind drifted back to Kylie, she was wasted on that wimp of a husband, and she could do with a real man, someone like me.

Thursday came and Kylie showered and put on the new underwear she had bought especially. She donned the mini skirt that showed plenty of her shapely legs and a top that was just too short and displayed a nice strip of her belly.

"Kylie Platt for Dr. Carter," she announced as she entered the medical centre.

"Take a seat and wait to be called," the receptionist advised her.

The clock swept past 6.30 and Kylie was getting anxious. At 6.45 she was beginning to panic and change her mind. She stood up to leave just as the sign illuminated and said. "Mrs K Platt to Dr. Carter, room 2 "

"Hello Mrs Platt, what seems to be the problem?"

Kylie looked at the doctor and said, "Please, call me Kylie, Mrs Platt sounds so formal."

"Ok, Kylie what seems to be the problem?"

Kylie had rehearsed the scenario so many times in her mind and now was the time to deliver.

"As you know I am on the pill, but I think I may need another brand."

"Why is it causing you problems?"

"Well my breasts get tender just before my period, but lately they are tender most of the month. Also I am very wet," she paused and cast her eyes down sheepishly, "down there."

"I wished you had told the receptionist your problem, you see I have to have another female with me to examine you and the nurse and receptionist have now gone home."

"Wow we are alone, this is even better than I thought", Kylie said silently to herself.

"I don't mind, if you don't "she said with a smile.

Dr. Carter looked at the young woman and although he knew he was jeopardising his career, his male instincts took over and he said "Alright, if you are comfortable with it."

Kylie looked at him and said "I am very comfortable with it, shall I strip now?"

A little taken aback by her forwardness, Dr. Carter said "Just pop behind the screen and remove your top and bra."

Kylie smiled and lifted her top over her head. "You are going to see them anyway, so why bother with the screen," she said as she popped the fastening of her pink bra and let it fall to the floor.

Matt Carter looked at her as a man not a doctor. The breasts were larger than he had imagined. Firm with lovely pink nipples, sitting in quite small aureoles. He thought to himself that David Platt was one lucky bastard, having those beauties to fondle and suck.

"Just pop into the bed please," he asked. Kylie did so, just jiggling her boobs enough to catch his attention. He examined her chest using his stethoscope and then his hands to feel around the flesh of her breasts.

"Are your periods regular?" he asked

"As clockwork, name the day and they appear." Kylie answered, enjoying the feel of Dr. Carter's hands on her breasts.

"And the tenderness is most of the time?"

"Well I may have exaggerated at little, but certainly before my period."

"That's quite normal, and I can't feel anything abnormal in either breast, they are very," he paused, he was about to say wonderful then finished by saying, "healthy."

"Now about the wetness, err down below. Just slip off your pants."

Kylie undid the zip on the mini skirt and eased it over her hips and off. She then lifted her backside and slid off the tiny pair of pink panties and cast them aside. She lay naked on the doctor's bed.

Matt could not believe his eyes, she was perfect, the flat stomach led his eyes down to her completely shaven pubic region. The lips of her pussy just aching to be sucked.

The doctor in him took over again as he pulled on a pair of latex gloves and asked Kylie to pull up her knees and slightly open her legs.

Kylie felt a thrill as his fingers ran along her lips before ever so slowly prising them apart and the inserting a finger into her.

"Well you are certainly wet," he said, "but not unusually so for a woman of your age." He then continued, "This is very personal, but how is your sex life with your husband?"

Kylie noticed her had not removed his fingers from her pussy as he asked the questions and replied, "Could be better, about once a week, but boring, same routine, me on my back, him on top, 140 to 150 thrusts and bingo, its go to sleep time."

Matt Carter laughed, "You count?"

"It passes the time."

"Anything other than intercourse? Oral sex for instance."

"I wish, he lets me blow him sometimes but he never goes anywhere near my pussy with anything but his dick."

Kylie was aware that Matt was now moving his finger slowly in and out of her and loved the feeling.

"Do you masturbate?" he asked

"Of course, I have to, too come; otherwise I would never have an orgasm." She replied.

"What or who do you think of while you play with yourself?"

"Usually, film stars or pop stars," she hesitated then continued, "or local men like Doctor's"

"Any particular doctor?" he asked, increasing the frequency of his finger thrusts inside her.

"That doctor Carter from the medical centre is hot; I would love to fuck with him, that's my dream"

Matt Carter stood, peeled of the latex glove and lowered his head between Kylie's legs. His tongue ran slowly along the lips of her pussy and as he took in the aroma of an aroused woman for the first time in months he said "some dreams do come true."

His tongue slowly unlocked the lips and soon felt the smooth skin inside her. His hands now those of a lover, found her breasts and began to tease the nipples into hard rigid buds of pleasure.

Kylie had always loved her breasts being caressed and suckled; it was at the centre of her femininity. That and Matt's tongue reaching deep inside her brought the first orgasm of what she hoped was a virtual cascade of pussy juice flowing into the doctor's mouth.

Matt loved sucking pussy and this was as good as any he had in the past. Very wet with nicely puckered lips and best of all no hair. Her clitoris was very sensitive and she gave a little deep throated moan when his tongue rasped over the erect nub.

Kylie's delight was enhanced when Matt inserted, first one and then two fingers into her. His fingers were as educated in the needs of a woman as he brought another orgasm racing through Kylie. Then sent her into orbit as the tip of his tongue flicked over her clitoris, whilst his fingers continued their probing of her inner self.

Recovering from four orgasms in such a short space of time, Kylie lay back and watched as Matt stripped off his shirt. He was well toned and looked as if he spent a lot of time in the gym. He unzipped his pants and Kylie was more than curious as to his size. She was not disappointed. As he dropped his trousers and boxer shorts, he stood proud and erect, his manhood standing stiff and ready for action.

He stepped up to the table. Kylie moved her head to the left, extended her arm and took hold of the eight or so inches of solid rock hard flesh and began to move her small hand up and down its length.

Matt looked down to see the head of his cock slowly entering Kylie's mouth. Her svelte pink tongue slowly gliding around the glans before the whole thing disappeared into her mouth and he felt the head push against the back of her throat.

Kylie loved the feel of him, now deep inside her mouth. She has always enjoyed sucking men; it gave her a feeling of power over them knowing that she held the very centre of their maleness between her lips and more importantly her very sharp teeth.

She removed him from her mouth, planting a wet sloppy kiss on the end as she did so. Sliding off the bed she sank to her knees and once again inserted the doctor's huge cock between her lips and began to suck.

She sucked the full length, "Deep Throating" him until she gagged and chocking asked, "I can't get my breath, is there a doctor in the house?"

Matt laughed and replied "Yes, but he is a little distracted at the moment." As Kylie began to trail her tongue and lips along the deeply veined piece of hard flesh and then to Matt's delight, take each of his hard tight balls into her mouth and sucked on them. Then after she planted small kisses along the length she again wrapped her tongue around the head, sending Matt into deliriums of pleasure.

Kylie carried on sucking Matt until he could wait no longer to insert himself into her body. He gently lifted her onto the bed and spread her legs gazing at the pink slit of her pussy, just aching to be filled.

He took himself in hand and slowly rubbed his cock against the lips before pushing slowly into her. He heard the gasp as he did so, followed by an increasing volume of sound as he increased the rapidity of the strokes in and out of the soft yielding flesh of this young woman.

Kylie had been having sex from her early teenage years, some was bad, and some good, but she thought to her-self as Matt expertly fucked her to heaven, was surely as good as it got. She screamed as another orgasm hit her and Matt was relieved that the surgery was empty.

He climbed onto the bed and with Kylie now on top, his cock deep within her, they began to kiss, deeply and with great intensity their tongues seeking the other as they made the most passionate love.

Matt was nearly there, which Kylie anticipated and although she longed for the moment when he would ejaculate either in or on her, she did not want that yet.

She rolled off him and just lay by his side, both unable to speak or move until Matt felt a hand on his still erect penis and was overjoyed as Kylie moved onto her knees. He buried his mouth and face in the soft flesh between her legs, his hands caressing the taut skin of her arse as Kylie filled his mouth with the outflowing's of another body ripping orgasm.

He then took her from behind. Long hard thrusts, which Kylie thought must be somewhere deeper inside her than any man had been before.

Matt seemed to have boundless energy and continued to fuck her for what seemed an age. However even he had to give in to nature. Kylie anticipated the event and quickly dropped to her knees. She took the rock hard penis in her small hand and began to rub. Long strokes soon had his semen gushing from the small split at the end. Huge globules of hot sticky sperm splashing all over Kylie's eager face.

After the initial ejaculation she lovingly took the still erect, but somewhat softer cock back into her mouth and swallowed the last dregs of his jizz down her throat.

They sat, exhausted by the intensity of their lovemaking. It was Kylie who broke the silence. "Well doctor, what's the prognosis?"

Matt, somewhat astounded that Kylie would know such a word looked down on the beautiful naked body; he had just made love to and said. "Well from initial tests, I feel that the patient requires a long and frequent treatment of injections."

Kylie looked at him, "With what?"

He offered her his limp penis, which she took in her hand, rubbing gently.

"This" he said with a smile

"That's what I was hoping to hear." She said.

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