tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 06

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 06


"I am so bored." Said Amy Wyatt "Emmerdale is a beautiful village, but there is fuck all to do."

"I know, it's not like there are any bars or clubs, just the "Woolly" replied her friend Victoria Sugden.

The two girls were sat outside the village cricket pavilion where they were enjoying the view and the remnants of a bottle of vodka.

"God I could do with some hot sex, I haven't been fucked in ages." Said Amy, who had just turned eighteen.

"It's the only thing I miss about Alex, we used to fuck almost every night." Said Victoria, fondly remembering her ex, who had recently dumped her.

"We ought to go into Hotton and seek a couple of hot guys and do the business." Said Amy.

"What with? I'm broke until next pay day" moaned Victoria.

"Same here, so it's someone from the village, or fingers again."

The two girls went through the names of men in the village; the list was very short and non-existent as far as men the girls actually fancied.

Suddenly Amy's face lit up, "What about Robbie?"

"God I had forgotten about him, he is fit" said Victoria.

Robbie was Megan Macey's son, living at Home Farm with his mom and causing mayhem.

"I might go for it," said Victoria enthusiastically.

"I thought of him, I have first crack." Replied Amy.

After a short period of silence, Amy asked, "Ever had a threesome? We could both have him."

Victoria did not know whether it was her frustration at the lack of sex in her life, or the vodka, but she replied, "What a fucking great idea, when?"

Amy smiled, "Eric and Brenda are away next week. Val is covering in the pub; I have a full B&B at my disposal."

"I'm up for it, but how do we get Robbie?" asked Victoria.

"With these." Laughed Amy as she lifted her Tee shirt and bra and jiggled her substantial breasts. "Piece of cake man." She said in her soft Geordie accent.

After sobering up Amy sent Victoria a text. "Still up 4 a 3some?"

A few seconds later came the reply, "U bet I am!!"

The following week, after finishing their works at the B&B, the two girls made their way to the café in the centre of the village. They had not seen the object of their desires all week and were getting very frustrated.

"Looks like we are back to square one" moaned Amy as she scanned the café for a sight of Robbie.

Just then the door opened and in he walked.

"Thank you god." Said Victoria as Amy beckoned the young man over to sit with them.

"Hi girls, how's tricks?"

"You know, life is great in this pulsating village." Said Amy smiling at him.

"I know, not a lot to do for us younger folk is there?" replied Robbie.

Amy saw her chance and with a quick glance at Victoria she leaned over and whispered "you could always fuck us two." As she said it, under the table she placed her hand on Robbie's groin and began to rub.

Taken aback, Robbie gulped and said "You're serious aren't you?"

Amy and Victoria nodded together and said in unison "well are you up for it?"

"Just tell me where and when." He relied very enthusiastically.

"How about the B&B this evening about eight."

"You're not setting me up are you?" he asked

"You will have to turn up and find out, won't you." Said Amy.

Robbie finished his coffee and left. As he did so the two girls imitated a blow job, their tongues poking out the flesh of their cheeks. Robbie's smile was something to behold.

Robbie was early, about twenty minutes to be exact. Amy answered the door and as Robbie stepped in she said "You're keen aren't you?" but before he could reply she pulled him towards her and planted her lips softly on his, her tongue sliding into his mouth. Robbie responded and realised the girls were not joking and he was in for the night of his life.

"Upstairs, third on the left" said Amy as she took her mouth from Robbie's "Strip off and wait for us" she said with a smile.

Robbie bounded up the stairs as Amy slowly followed and entered the first bedroom.

Victoria was already in there. She looked at Amy and said, "We are really going to do this aren't me?"

Amy lifted her Tee shirt over her head. Her large breasts were constrained in a black bra which she discarded. Standing with her hands on her hips she said, "To fucking right we are."

The two girls stripped naked and then hand in hand made their way to the bedroom that Robbie was in.

He was laid on the bed wearing just a pair of white knitted boxer shorts. His body was muscular but trim and the bulge in his pants caught both girls eye.

"Wow" said Robbie as he gazed at the two naked girls standing at the foot of the bed.

Amy was full breasted, standing firm with dark nipples erect in the dark aureole. Her belly was flat and the triangle of pubic hair at the junction of her thighs a dark and inviting place. Victoria was slimmer,her breasts Robbie thought were the most perfect things he had ever seen. Pert with pink nipples he could not wait to take those orbs of delight into his mouth. Victoria had shaved her pubic hair to a thin strip of light brown hair.

The two girls climbed onto the bed...

Victoria made a bee line for Robbie's head and placed her lips on his, her tongue probing and exploring his mouth, he responding with equal enthusiasm.

Amy, kneeling between his legs gazed longingly at the bulge in his boxer's. She lowered her head, opened her mouth and gently bit down on him, through the fabric of the shorts. She pulled down the elasticated waist band and reached for his organ with her left hand. She has wondered how big Robbie was and she was not disappointed.

She placed his cock between her lips and began to slowly suck, taking a little more each time until his full length was in her mouth, the head nudging the back of her throat.

Robbie his mouth being delightfully kissed by Victoria and Amy sucking his cock was in a state of pure sexual heaven and the two girls has only just begun to administer their sexual favours.

Amy continued to suck, kiss and lick the engorged organ as Robbie moved his hand to Victoria's right breast and played with her erect nipple this scenario continued for a while, all three content with their roles in this sexual experience.

Then Robbie moved and climbed over Victoria and off the bed. Standing at the base, slowly rubbing his cock, he spoke for the first time since the girls entered the room. "Double blow job, my dream." Was all he said as the two girls moved into a prone position adjacent to this solid piece of manhood.

Victoria was first. Taking him in her hand she lowered her lips toward the tip. Her tongue began to lick slowly over the head. Then she slid the whole length of him fully into her mouth, gagging slightly as his shaft hit the back of her throat. With Robbie's hand on the back of her head exerting a little pressure she continued to suck expertly on the hard cock.

Amy only inches away, looked on enviously as her friend performed the most exquisite oral sex act. Soon it was her turn.

Victoria removed him from her mouth and fed the engorged flesh straight into Amy's eager one. Amy began to suck him for the second time. As she did so, Victoria began to slowly massage his balls sending waves of delight rocketing into Robbie's brain. He had never experienced anything like this in his young life.

He looked down. The sight was amazing. Amy had just returned his cock to Victoria, who was sucking him with deep plunges into her mouth. The two girl's bodies were lying naked in front of him, their pert but wonderful backsides moving with the undulations of their hips and the continued to swap turns in giving him the ultimate pleasure.

Then something automatic and natural occurred. Not planned or even discussed. As Victoria again removed Robbie reluctantly from her mouth instead of placing him Amy's waiting one, she kissed her friend. The two girl's lips met and mouths automatically opened, Amy thrust her tongue into Victoria's mouth, her friend responded. Robbie looking down could not believe what he was seeing. His cock hard and proud with Victoria's fingers wrapped around it, the tip resting on her cheek as the two girls kissed another woman for the first time.

Breaking the kiss they placed the cock between their mouths and each began to kiss and lick the head on either side as Amy slowly rubbed the skin of the organ with her hand.

Amy broke the silence, "Time to fuck," she announced and she and Victoria lay back onto the bed, side by side, legs apart, waiting to see who Robbie would choose first to insert himself into.

It was Amy. She placed her left leg over Victoria's right as Robbie positioned himself over her pussy. He rubbed it along the lips and her inner thighs nine or ten times, building up her anticipation of him entering her, before slowly pushing himself into the hot, wet and oh so silky smooth interior of her pussy. He began to fuck.

Victoria, hoping he would not come before she had the opportunity of sampling the obvious sexual talents of Megan's son had her fingers buried deep inside herself, spurred on by the sight of the eight inches or so of man flesh disappear into her friend, re-appearing seconds later glistening with the juices generated by Amy's body.

As Robbie continued to fuck her, Amy was rubbing her clitoris and making the orgasm that was fast approaching, one she would remember for a long time. As she came, Victoria moved her head and the two girls kissed again, lips enjoying the new sensation, darting tongues adding to the sheer delight of the moment. As they kissed, Robbie leant forward and kissed the nipple on Victoria's right breast, a prelude to the insertion of his cock into her vagina seconds later.

Robbie began to fuck Victoria. As he did so, Amy took the other girls right breast in her hand and began to gently massage before attaching her lips to the proud button that was Victoria's nipple. She slid her left arm around Victoria's shoulders and took the left breast between her fingers. It was Victoria's turn to be wonderfully aroused, fucked at one end and your best friend's fingers tweaking your nipple, she loved the experience.

Robbie continued, fucking hard, but still able, despite this being the most sexual happening in his young life, to reach his climax. As the intercourse continued, Amy was again feasting on Victoria's breasts, loving the feel of the nipple hardening under her tongue as she lapped at the bud of flesh that was giving both girls so much pleasure.

Then Robbie withdrew from Victoria and Amy leaned forward, took him firstly in her hand and then into her eager mouth, the taste of her friend on his skin, sending her wild with wanton lust.

She sucked him for a while before casually inserting him back into Victoria, who again enjoyed the thrill of a man fucking her while her friend sucked her breasts.

Robbie needed a break. As he lay back, the two girls fell into each other's arms and began to kiss. He watched, fascinated as the two pairs of breasts rubbed against each other, two pussies so adjacent that they were almost as one.

Then Victoria broke away from Amy and placed herself on her knees in front of Robbie. Amy laughed and said "doggie time?" Robbie did not need an invitation; he sank as much of his cock as Victoria's pussy would take, deep inside her.

Amy began to kiss her and Robbie reached for a breast, then Amy ran her hands over her arse cheeks while Robbie continued with his rhythmic probing deep, deep within her. She came, long and loud, fluids emitting from her, coating Robbie's cock with the juice as he continued to fuck her.

He was still deep inside her as she moved her body to kiss him, thank him for the ultimate pleasure he had just given her. Their mouths met, parted, and met again establishing a pattern that was repeated for a while until her body had recovered.

Then it was Amy's turn again. She lay on her side and lifted her left leg way into the air. Robbie positioned himself behind her and carefully inserted his cock deep into her. They began to fuck.

For what seemed an age, Victoria gazed down at the sight of her best friend being fucked by a guy they hardly knew. It seemed so strange, but so erotic and oh by god, so sexually fulfilling.

Then Robbie gave a sort of stifled cry, withdrew quickly and within seconds had deposited a load of grey white fluid all over Amy's black, trimmed pubic hair. Victoria reached down and took the cock and rubbed the head into the ejaculated fluid, coating it and then carefully sliding it up and down Amy's puckered but oh so satisfied pussy lips.

Victoria leaned over and kissed Robbie, sliding her tongue against his as he seemed to gather hidden strength and again pushed himself into Amy.

It couldn't and didn't last, Robbie fell back onto the bed and watched as the two girls fell into a clinch, mouths joined, glimpses of tongue as they probed, seemingly oblivious to the young man who had given them so much pleasure, as they explored the newly discovered delights of another woman's body.

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