tagIncest/TabooFamily Reunion

Family Reunion


Chapter 1

Monday, August 18

As Tom opened the door to the chiropractic clinic and entered, he saw Sara Hensley standing at the receptionist's counter. She was wearing a well-tailored grey suit, jacket and skirt, and a white silk blouse. Her four-inch heels matched the color of her suit. The skirt was short, definitely above the knees, but not scandalously short She looked great. She was holding some file folders in her hand and was talking to the receptionist, an attractive brunette who, Tom estimated, was close to Sara's age. Sara looked as good formally dressed as she had in her cropped T-shirt, shorts, and running shoes.

Three days earlier, Tom had been riding on the paved, multi-use path beside the Little River, one of two rivers that flowed through River City. It had been an absolutely gorgeous morning. The air was still cool, although it would get to 100 degrees later, according to that day's weather forecast. It was mid-August and August was always hot in River City.

Tom was alive and well, twenty-one years old and about to start his fourth year at River City U., majoring in history, his first love academically. His father, Daniel Reynolds, was a professor of mathematics at River City U. That didn't bother Tom at all. His dad and he had a good relationship. He had been raised by his father after his mother had abandoned them and run off with another man when he was only two years old. He had no memories of her.

Tom, like his father, kept himself fit and trim. They both worked out with weights. They were workout partners and they both used the twenty-three mile long multi-use path along the Little River on a regular basis, as well as doing high intensity interval training.

Tom was giving it his all, pedaling like a bat out of hell, which was not a particularly good idea that morning, at least, not where he was on the path. The path passed through one of the city parks at that point and the day before one of the big sprinklers for the soccer field had broken and washed a good bit of sand and gravel down onto it. The city workmen assigned to the park had stopped the flood and repaired the sprinkler but no one had cleared off the path yet. Tom was tearing around a tight curve when he hit the spot of sand and gravel. He went down quickly. The bicycle shooting out from under him and he went bouncing and tumbling off into the weeds and brush beside the trail.

That was when he met Sara Hensley. She had been out for her morning run and was coming from the opposite direction when she saw Tom go down. He was just beginning to pick himself up out of the weeds when she reached him.

"Wait! Don't move," she cautioned.

Tom looked up and saw the face of an angel. A perspiring angel, but an angel, nevertheless. She had fine, light blonde hair, no dark roots in evidence... natural? Her hair was cut short and very stylish. The angel had incredibly blue eyes, which seemed to sparkle even with concern on her face, a face with balanced even features. And her mouth—generous without being too generous and well-shaped full lips without that pouty "bee-stung" look. This woman was beautiful or, as Tom like to say, a babe and a half, a phrase he'd picked up from his father. He felt a strange attraction to her. Something about her seemed familiar yet he knew he'd never set eyes on her before now.

Tom himself was blonde, but a couple of shades darker than this woman's hair. And his eyes were very blue like hers. She almost looked old enough to be his mother. Immediately, he rejected that idea. First of all, he didn't want her to be his mother because, even in his dazed state of mind, he felt himself sexually attracted to her and that couldn't happen with his mother. Second, his mother had left him and his father and run away with another man when Tom was just a toddler. His father had destroyed all the photos he'd had of his wife, Tom's mother.

"Are you my guardian angel?" Tom blurted out before he realized he had put into voice what he was thinking.

Sara grinned, then laughed. "No young man, I'm not an angel."

Dimples, Tom thought. And beautiful, even, white teeth. My God, I'm in love!

Having been raised without a mother, Tom had a thing for older women. He was no fool. This woman, his angel, was no eighteen to twenty year old babe. She was a mature woman, probably in her early, or at the most, mid-thirties, and she was an honest-to-God damned good-looking woman and Tom was in lust, true, natural, horny male lust.

"Are you sure I haven't died and gone to heaven? Tom asked.

Sara laughed more heartily this time. Tom loved hearing the sound of her laughter.

"I think you're just a little dazed." Sara said.

Tom was fascinated with her elegant throat and small, beautiful ears. He wondered what it would be like to nuzzle her neck and ears and... . His cock was waking up, starting to become erect, increasing the bulge in his lycra biking shorts.

"Seriously, young man, you took a nasty fall. Do you feel any broken bones?

With Sara's help, Tom stood up and carefully flexed and moved his torso, arms, and legs. "No. I think I'm okay, except for the 'road rash'." His left knee and elbow and part of his forearm, as well as some of his left side, were beginning to bleed around the embedded sand and grit. Tom had been riding without a shirt.

As Tom began picking and brushing out some of the bigger pieces of debris from his wounds, wincing slightly as he did, Sara took a gook look at him. She liked what she saw. He was tall, definitely over six feet. Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, a great smile. He had broad, well-muscled chest, shoulders and arms. Not hypertrophied like a body builder, more like a serious athlete. His slim waist and six-pack abs looked very nice to her, not to mention his strong thighs.

Sara, she told herself, you ought to be ashamed. He's young enough to be your son. That thought gave an old mental scar a twinge. It had been twenty years ago when, after a major fight over her husband's infidelity and her declaration that she was going to divorce him, he had kidnapped their son Robert, and disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. Sara sighed and refocused on the present. The past was the past and there was nothing she could do about it.

Sara felt a warm feeling in her loins and realized that, while her mind had been analyzing this young man, her body was reacting to his very masculine physical presence. She blushed and turned away from Tom, as though looking down the bike path.

"Well, listen... uh—" she started to say as she turned back to face Tom.

"Tom. Tom Reynolds... Mrs...?

Tom thought he'd seen a bit of a flush on his angel's face and a perturbed look in her eyes when she turned away from him. He also noticed, openly, when her back was to him, her shapely, tanned legs, firm ass in her snug-fitting shorts, and a slim waist with a flat stomach under her crop-top T-shirt. And her skin, where he could see it, had a lovely golden tan. When she turned back around to face him, he had a quick flash profile look at her and realized that she was nicely filling out her sports bra under her T-shirt.

"Oh not Mrs., Tom," Sara said with a smile. She had her little flair of sexual emotion under control now and was actually amused with herself. She decided that it was okay to be physically attracted to this young man.

"I'm Sara Hensley," she introduced herself and held out her hand for Tom to shake.

He took it in his and gave it a pleasant squeeze and shake. "Very nice to meet you, Ms. Hensley." He had also noticed that her left hand didn't have a wedding ring on it.

Sara laughed again. "Oh, you can call me Sara. No reason to be formal." She looked directly into Tom's blue eyes and gave him a coy little smile.

Now it was Tom's turn to blush. His stomach quivered. Is she coming on to me? he wondered. He also noticed that his cock was not only awake now, it was beginning to grow.

"Well, Sara, I think I'm going to be okay... and thanks for stopping to help me," Tom said. He turned towards his bike, lying in the gravel at the edge of the pavement, but the move was actually to hide the growing bulge in his shorts.

"Oh, you're quite welcome, Tom," Sara said. She smiled inwardly, figuring she had just scored a direct hit in the flirting game. "But if you have any problems in the next couple of days—sometimes a back or neck problem won't show up right away—then why don't you pay a visit to River View Chiropractic. I work there."

"Oh, so should I call you Dr. Hensley, then?" Tom asked. He had picked up his bike and had turned it and himself around so he was facing Sara again, the bike between them to try and hide the bulge in his shorts. He was enjoying the direct looks and smiles she was giving him.

"No, I'm the office manager. But we have four good doctors who can help you if you need it." She smiled to herself, she'd noticed that Tom was putting the bicycle seat between her and his crotch. Okay, she thought, I think he likes me.

Well, Sara, I might just do that if, as you say, I develop a pain or two in the next couple of days.

Sara nodded. "Please do come in, Tom, if anything develops." What a good-looking and nice young man. I wonder if he would even consider having sex with an older woman? Sara asked herself. She almost blushed again. But Sara knew that she was a good-looking, forty-one year old woman. She got hit on enough even by young men and, though she didn't think of herself as vain, she liked what she saw when she looked at herself naked in the mirror.

"Well, if you're sure you're okay, I've got to go or I'll be late for work."

Tom stuck out his hand. He just had to make physical contact again. "Okay, Ms. Hensley. And thanks again."

"Sara, remember?" Sara said with a seductive smile. She took his hand and gave it a sensual squeeze.

"Yes, of course, Sara," Tom was trying to delay their parting for as long as possible. "But, really. Thank you for stopping. I do appreciate it."

"You're quite welcome, Tom. But I have run now, literally." She laughed, released his hand, turned and started running back up the path in the direction she had come from. She turned and ran backwards for a few steps. "Maybe I'll see you later, eh?" Sara flashed Tom a big smile. Then she turned and was gone around a curve.

"Bye, bye, Sara," Tom said out loud, but softly, to himself. "Maybe I'll see you sooner rather than later, you total hottie. I think I feel a pain coming on in my back." Tom reached down to give his somewhat tumescent cock a good squeeze, wondering what it would be like to fuck Sara. His first sexual experience had been with an older woman. Since then he'd only had sex with girls near his age. Maybe it was time to experience an older woman again. It had seemed like she had been flirting with him, he was sure, well, he was hoping. There's only one way to find out, he told himself.

Two days later, as he walked into River View Chiropractic, Tom was feeling no pain, except for a little muscle soreness from his fall and from the road rash, which was scabbing up nicely. He was hoping to see and talk with Sara again and hoping that he'd been right about her flirting with him and that she might want to do more that just flirt. He knew he was taking a chance, but what the hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And there she was, tall, cool, elegant, and beautiful. A sophisticated lady. Far different from the concerned, perspiring jogger he'd met two days ago.

Tom's courage almost failed him at that moment. But he took a deep breath and renewed his resolve to stumble through this as best he could. He put a big smile on his face and kept on walking towards the receptionist's counter.

"Why hello, Ms. Hensley," he said.

Sara turned to see who it was and, upon recognizing Tom, gave him a brilliant smile. "Why hello yourself, Tom. And I told you to call me Sara."

Tom blushed and noticed that the receptionist was staring up at him. "You did. But you look so, so, uh, like a professional woman it didn't seem appropriate. That is, you know, having just met the one time."

Sara arched an eyebrow and gave Tom a mischievous smile. She turned to the receptionist. "Did he just say I looked like a pro?" She asked.

The receptionist, Debby, as it was written on her nametag, giggled and grinned. "I do believe he did, Sara."

Tom blushed furiously now and felt almost light-headed but continued gamely, choosing to ignore the implied sexual innuendo. "You said if I feel anything in my back to come and have it checked out. Well, I've developed a little kink in my back, so here I am."

Debby reached for a clipboard with a new patient information form on it. Sara took it from Debby. "This is the young man I was telling you about, who had that accident on his bike."

"Oh yes," Debby said knowingly.

"So, I'll handle this one, Debby," Sara said, giving her a sly wink.

"Of course, Sara," the receptionist responded with a smile and a stifled giggle. Sara had told her about the "young hunk" on the bike path and how she hoped he would come in, "so I can seduce him," Sara had told her.

Debby had feigned shock. She and Sara were close in age and both attractive women, as well as being single mothers. They went out together often to look at and, sometimes, pick up a "good" man, when they weren't in the middle of one of their serial monogamous relationships. As they often reminded each other, a hard man is good to find, as Mae West once said. Both women enjoyed sex for the pure pleasure of sex and neither of them were particularly looking for "Mr. Right," or marriage. If it happened, it happened. In the meantime they were healthy, attractive women with healthy sexual appetites.

Sara, clipboard in hand, looked Tom directly in the eyes. She smiled sweetly. "Come this way," she said, then turned and walked across the foyer to an office door. Tom dutifully followed her, heart pounding, wondering if Sara had just tossed out another sexual innuendo. He hoped so.

Behind his back, Debby had her head down, a hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh out loud. "Right. 'come this way', youngster, or come anyway you can. Good luck, Sara."

The door to Sara's office was open. She walked through the doorway and stood to one side to let Tom pass. "Take the seat there beside my desk, please," she told Tom. As she turned to close the door she saw Debby wink at her and give her a thumb's up. Sara grinned and wiggled her eyebrows at Debby before closing door.

Sara's outward demeanor was calm and collected, but her heart was thumping in her chest. She had never seduced a man this young, at least not since she was that young herself. Also, she had never seduced one in her office. She had an excellent rapport with all the doctors, but she would have to be discreet. So, she wondered, just where to begin? That, she wasn't sure of.

As Sara sat down behind her desk and brought her gaze up to meet Tom's, he solved her problem for her.

"Listen, Sara, I have a confession to make."

"Oh?" She wondered if Tom and she were on the same wavelength. She decided to chance it. "Let me guess, okay?" Her eyes sparkled.

"Sure, sure," Tom almost stuttered, taking in Sara's beauty, her eyes, her dimpled smile. God he loved dimples, or at least he did now.

"You don't have a back problem at all. You came here to see me again." Sara held her breath and prayed she was right.

Tom's eyes locked on to Sara's. He blushed. They both smiled. They both felt their own adrenalin rush and the pounding of their hearts that comes from bold seductive encounters.

"You nailed it, Sara," Tom said and thinking of how he'd love to "nail" her. "My back's fine. I came here hoping to see you again."

"I'm glad you did, Tom. I was hoping you would."

"I'm flattered, Sara, really flattered."

Sara gave a little laugh. "No, Tom, I'm flattered. You're a damned good-looking young man. You're charming and seem to be quite intelligent.

"Oh please, Sara." Tom was blushing again.

"Let me finish, Tom. I'm flattered because, well, because, don't you think I'm too old?"

"Oh hell no, Sara! You're a beautiful woman. Obviously fit and healthy. Your age doesn't matter to me." Actually, the fact that she was an older woman and that she was obviously coming on to him was a serious turn-on for Tom. She might be a "cougar" but he definitely didn't feel like her prey. "And did I mention intelligent, sophisticated, and, and beautiful?"

Sara laughed. "Okay, that's enough. I guess we're on the same page, so to speak, right?"

Tom nodded, but his next words surprised Sara as well as pleased her.

"I love it when you smile or laugh. I love your dimples and the joy that shines out of your eyes."

Wow, Sara thought, this young man is not average by any means. "Why thank you, Tom. What a sweet thing to say." She paused, then let out a big breath. "We're moving along pretty fast here, don't you think?"

"Yes, but I like it. Don't you?"

"Yes I do, Tom." And she meant it. Her pussy was getting wet at the thought of making love to this young hunk.

"But maybe, just maybe, Sara, you might have some second thoughts about me. About me maybe being too young, maybe?" Tom hoped not because his cock was more than half hard just sitting here with Sara, basically setting up a sexual affair with her.

"Well, to be honest, when I first thought about it, which, by the way, was the day we met, I wondered one thing." Sara paused. "You, uh, you are a legal adult aren't you?

Tom laughed. "I'm twenty-one. Just turned. So I guess that's 'legal' enough, right?"

"Oh! Well, yeah," Sara said and grinned. "Actually, I was thinking legal for sex, eighteen. But since you're twenty-one, that's perfect. It will make it easier when we go to dinner and order drinks.

Tom felt like jumping up, dancing around, and shouting with joy. Sara was already thinking of having sex with him.

"But, Tom, I'm going to be perfectly frank with you about my age, something a women isn't supposed to do. But it certainly looks like we are rushing headlong into a, well, a sexual affair... into bed. So I just want you to know that I'm forty-one years old. Twenty years older than you. Are you sure you want this old woman?

Tom gave Sara a big grin. He wanted to get up again and do a victory dance now that the fact that he was going to have sex with this hot older woman had been stated openly. And his cock was now nearly completely hard.

"First of all, Sara, you're not old and you're a whole lot better looking that many women twenty years younger than you.

Sara smiled. "Thank you," she said.

"When I first saw you," Tom continued, "I thought you were in your early thirties. Later, I revised that up to thirty-five. But I wouldn't have told you that for fear that I was correct or maybe had overshot your age a bit. So if you, or anyone else, had asked me, I would have said you were thirty, maybe thirty-one, maaa-bye thirty-two."

"Thank you, again, Tom Reynolds. You are most kind and quite gallant." Sara was beaming openly, enjoying this verbal foreplay. In fact, she could feel that her pussy was engorged with blood and slippery with her vaginal lubrication. If it hadn't been the middle of the workday, if she and Tom were the last ones in the building and she was getting ready to lock up, she would have had him take her right there on her desk. She'd always fantasized a scenario like that but had never done it. Or maybe she would lead him back to one of the examination and treatment rooms and have him fuck her there. It was a thought. Maybe she would arrange it, later.

"Second," Tom said, "you have the body of a twenty-something woman, from what I saw of it the other day. In fact, I know a few, um, girls, who... well, let's just say, they could take lessons from you."

Sara clapped her hands and laughed out loud. "Oh my! Thank you so much, Sir Thomas the Gallant." She was, of course, quite flattered and quite pleased.

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