tagIncest/TabooJeremy's Mom's House Ch. 03

Jeremy's Mom's House Ch. 03


The sexual antics at Kate's house intensify, but Jeremy grows up, and breaks out on his own.

Author's note: The Jeremy's Mom's House stories were very well received three years ago. My apologies to the fans of those stories for making them wait so long for the conclusion. If you have not read those stories, you can still understand and enjoy the sex in this long conclusion, but to get to know the characters and the situation, reading the first two chapters will help you enjoy this story more.

Kate woke up wet between her legs and with her sheets soaked. She and Jeremy had agreed not to torture themselves over what they had done, but Kate had trouble suppressing that "What have we done?" feeling.

Nevertheless, desire overcame that feeling. Jeremy had gone back to his own bed during the night and Kate wanted so much to go to him and feel that magnificent member inside her again. Making love with Jeremy was as close as she had ever felt – or ever could feel – to having Jack back with her, so many years after his death. She missed him so much.

But mostly she was just plain horny.

Kate had given permission for Jeremy's friends to come back over that day, and she knew that after what had happened there would be sexual tension in the air. She wanted them to get naked and swim in the pool so she could look at their cocks again. She recalled how she stripped off all her clothes in front of them and the sexual thrill she got from watching them watch her.

She wanted to strip for them again, spread her legs and watch their cocks get hard, then take them, one after another, and after they were spent and had gone home, take Jeremy into her bed once again.

It frightened her. Only a couple of weeks before, Kate had taken no notice of when Jeremy's friends were over, or of them swimming in the nude and walking in and out of her house undressed. They had been doing it so long, ever since they were young boys, that she learned not to look on the situation as sexual at all.

Sex had not been a big part of her life. She seemed to be doing Ok with the occasional romp with a man who wanted to take her out.

But now she thought about sex constantly. Suddenly seeing her son's extremely attractive friends as sexual beings and feeling their appreciation for her body awakened passions that carried her away.

She needed to take her mind off what she and Jeremy had done and off the sexually charged situation with his friends, so she jumped out of bed and into the shower.

Kate was dressed in a flash and off to meet her Saturday morning coffee clutch friends, who she had been neglecting for a while.

As a way of taking her mind off things, it didn't work. As she entered the coffee shop, she was thinking of how wonderful Jeremy's 12-inch cock felt sliding in and out of her and her thoroughly satisfying orgasm that followed.

"Well, look who's back, and with a story to tell!" Sarah chimed in as Kate sat down. "It's so good to see you again and I can't wait to hear what you've been up to!"

"Nothing much," Kate tried to brush off the question. "No big stories to tell here."

"Now, don't give me that 'Oh, nothing!' business," Sarah said, mocking Kate's response. "You can't walk in here glowing with a just-fucked look on your face and tell us that nothing has been going on!"

That damned Sarah, Kate thought. She was incredibly perceptive, along with being incredibly seductive. Kate wondered if those two skills the fiery redhead possessed in abundance somehow went together. But Sarah certainly had a way of wrapping people, particularly men, around her little finger.

"Come on, girls, am I right? You could tell something was up with her as soon as you laid eyes on her, couldn't you."

"Well, you did have a certain satisfied smile on your face as you came in the door, before you even saw where we were sitting," said Pam. The gorgeous blond smiled a brilliant white-teeth smile, set off by her bright red lips. Kate always wondered how much time Pam spent doing her makeup in the morning. Pam wasn't too heavily made up, like a grotesque streetwalker would be, but she left little to chance, from her full lips to her beautiful blue eyes, her long manicured nails and perfect pedicures. In her mid-30s and divorced, Pam got plenty of attention from interested men.

"And I detected a little bit of a blush when Sarah called you on it," said Joni with a sly smile. A very pretty brunette with a slightly freckled face, Joni seemed shy in the eyes of many people

. But Kate saw how wild she would get in a club after a few drinks, and she remembered her on the basketball court back in high school.

Kate and Joni were the same age, and were friends back then. Extremely tall for a woman at 6'2", Joni still kept herself in great shape, and had the most beautiful, long, athletic legs anyone had ever seen. She never married.

"So, tell us all about it, especially the dirty parts!" Sarah said. "Who is he, and does it look promising?"

"No, it's not like that!" Kate said, realizing immediately that her response was not a complete denial and would get her into further trouble. But she could scarcely tell them that her fabulous lover from the night before was her own son, whom she was thrilled had inherited his late father's magnificent cock.

"So what is it like?" Pam probed. "You're not going to tell us his name?"

"No, there's no man," Kate protested. But before she could get out another word, Sarah interrupted.

"Oh no! Kate, you mean you finally explored your 'bi' side? I always knew you would someday."

The others laughed.

"And I wanted to be your first," Joni pouted.

"You guys! Stop it! I haven't been having sex with any women either," Kate protested. "Look, some really weird things have been happening around my house lately and . . . well . . . they've been fun, but it feels really strange."

"Now you're really got us intrigued," Pam said.

"OK, out with it. What kind of weird things? And I dare you to mention anything kinkier than what I've already done dozens of times," said Sarah.

"It's just that some things that have been going on at my house for years, that were no big deal, suddenly turned. . . erotic."

"We're listening," Sarah said, encouraging her to go on.

Kate had to extract solemn promises not to tell anyone before she went on.

"Well, since they were little, Jeremy's friends had been coming over and swimming in our pool. And when they were, like, 12, they asked if they could go skinny-dipping, and I said they could. Well, that was all right when they were that young, but over the years they did it a lot, to the point that they just normally swam naked. I just kind of got used to having these naked teenage boys around my house and never paid much attention. Well, they're 20 now, and they're all pretty hot."

"You. Have. Naked. 20-year-old. Men," Joni said deliberately, pausing after each word. "Hanging around your back yard all summer, and you haven't invited us over?"

The recriminations came from all sides, as did the accusations that she had nothing to complain about. Of the three, only Sarah was married, and the others said seeing 20-year-old hunks naked all the time was more action than they'd been getting lately.

Kate confided in how she caught them watching porn and in a playful situation ended up giving them all hand jobs, though she lied and denied having done so for Jeremy. She even told them about what happened with Matt, but nothing about sex play with Jeremy.

And she lamented the guilt she felt over having sex with one of Jeremy's friends and how he might feel if he found out.

"Well, I would love to get my hands on this Matt fellow to teach him a little respect," Sarah said. "He needs to learn that women are not there for him to control."

"Well, I'd love to get my hands on any of them!" Pam said.

All of the women were in their 30s, but Kate and Joni were the oldest at 38. The idea of naked 20-year-old men excited them to no end.

Kate finally relented and agreed to propose to the boys a little party, with her friends invited, though she made her friends promise that if the party came down, it would be hands off her son.

Secretly, Kate wanted to keep him for herself.

Kate killed some time after the morning coffee gathering. She got a pedicure and had her hair done. The significance of her spending time making herself more attractive was not lost on her. Far from taking her mind off things, the talk with her friends refocused her mind and energy on sex. The fact that they envied her with those sexy young men in her house so much and wanted to be a part of it emboldened her.

But she was still frightened when she pulled into her driveway.

She shut off the car and sat for a moment. She could tell from the cars that Jeremy's friends were over, though Matt's truck wasn't there. He could have ridden with one of the others, but Kate hoped he really wasn't there. He frightened her.

No, Kate reflected. She was frightened all right, but not of Matt, despite the rough way he handled her.

Kate knew the fear she felt was fear of herself. The resentment she felt over how Matt had taken her had long passed, and when she thought of that young, powerful, naked body handling her like a rag doll and fucking her hard, her juices flowed and her breathing quickened. She wanted him again.

She wanted to see Cory and Josh naked again, to feel their hard cocks in her hand and revel in bringing them to release. But she was suddenly afraid of what she might do with them, and how that might be a betrayal of something special she had shared with Jeremy.

Kate found Jeremy, Cory and Josh sitting around the kitchen counter sharing a frozen pizza and cans of beer. Matt was not there.

"Hi, Mrs. C. Jeremy said he didn't know where you went, but said it was OK if we came over," the polite and handsome Josh said.

"Josh, you know you guys have always been welcome here and haven't had to ask for permission to come over since you were. . . let's see. . . since you were still wearing swim suits in the pool," Kate smiled.

"That was a long time ago – except for when we brought girlfriends over," Cory said.

"So, how long have you guys been here?" Kate asked.

"About an hour. We had to wake up lazy butt here," Cory said, nodding toward Jeremy."He said he had a long night, but wouldn't tell us what he did."

"I didn't really want frozen pizza for breakfast, even at 2 in the afternoon," Jeremy said. "But they pulled one out when I said I had to get something to eat."

"You slept until 2?" Kate said.

"One, actually," Jeremy replied looking away. He looked up and looked his mother in the eye.

"I had a hard time falling asleep last night," he said.

Kate wanted to smile at him, but feared sending any signals that she had any idea why he would have been sleepless.

Kate went to the refrigerator and grabbed a can of beer for herself. She could feel dampness between her legs as she contemplated what might happen next.

"Where's Matt?" Kate asked, knowing it was something of an odd question. This group of friends wasn't always together.

"He had to help his dad with something today," Josh said.

"Hey, I'm gonna hit the shower, guys. I'll be right back with you," Jeremy said, taking one last piece of pizza with him.

"We might be in the pool," Cory said.

"So, how about it, Mrs. C? You want to go swimming with us," Cory continued after a brief pause.

He had a devilish little smile on his face that Kate found incredibly sexy. She wondered why he wasn't more popular with the girls, just because of that carefree attitude and those strong shoulders.

Kate met his gaze and gave an impish, I-know-what-you're-thinking smile back at him.

She felt a thrill go through her loins and knew she was positively leaking into her panties.. She knew what she wanted to do, but would have to summon the courage to do it.

Her eyes darted over to Josh, who looked a little uncomfortable, while Cory continued to grin at her.

"Well, I don't know," Kate said, trying to sound innocent. "I'll have to look for my suit. . . I think I might have it. . ."

She pulled on the top of her blouse and peered down, as if looking to remind herself of what she was wearing underneath.

"Oh, yes, I think this one will do nicely."

Kate began unbuttoning her blouse, continuing to look down rather than at the boys. She trusted she had their full attention. She slipped the garment off her shoulders and laid it gently on one of the counter stools in front of her. She was wearing one of her sexy bras, which lifted her nicely and let part of her areolas peek over the top of the beige lace.

"Mmm. . . I really don't want to get this one wet," she said, undoing the back snap. She looked up at her audience as she let the straps slide down her shoulders. They were both grinning ear-to-ear, with Josh clearly blushing.

Kate placed the bra with her top, then unsnapped her shorts. They were tight and she had to wriggle them down past her hips. As she slid them down, she saw an obvious dark wet spot on her beige panties, and she noticed her own aroma immediately.

It embarrassed her, but she wanted the boys to see that she was aroused. It aroused her more. So when she stepped out of the shorts, she snagged them with her toe and lifted them up to reach them. It caused her to momentarily spread her legs apart and make more apparent the sign of her arousal.

She put her shorts with the rest, then, with a quick movement pulled her wet panties all the way down to her ankles, bending over and letting her breasts swing freely below her.

"Yes, this is my favorite swim suit," she said. "It also doubles as my birthday suit – but you guys have seen it before. I hope you brought your suits. I'm going to get some towels," she said.

The boys were speechless as the completely nude Kate walked around the counter and right past them toward the hall. She stopped at a hall closet and gathered four full-sized towels and some sunscreen, then stopped outside the bathroom door, where Jeremy had not yet stepped into the shower.

"Jeremy, we'll be in the pool. I'm wearing the same suit you saw me in when you came home the other day. You can just come out and join us when you're done if you want."

Kate held the towels in front of her breasts, but could see the boys were focused directly on her bald pussy as she came back down the hall and turned toward the patio door behind the dining room that led to the deck and pool.

The security stick placed in the track to keep the door from sliding open was still in place. Kate bent low at the waist, just a few feet from Josh and Cory, giving them an obscene view of her ass and pussy, to remove it.

She slid open the door and walked out, winking at the boys as she closed the door.

She wanted them hard when they stripped off to join her.

Kate really didn't have a plan beyond that point. She knew she had teased them unmercifully and was anxious to see if they took the bait and would get naked in the pool with her. She really just wanted to have a naked party with them on the deck, relishing looking at their bodies and letting them look at her, then perhaps do a little fooling around later.

She didn't want to look back to see what they were doing, but figured they probably hadn't taken their eyes off of her. Rather that jump in the pool, Kate stopped at the big patio table, put the towels down and picked up the sunscreen.

She squirted a little on her right hand and started to rub down her arm, all the while avoiding looking back at the patio door. She finished and did her other arm the same way, then squirted a generous amount on her left hand. She distributed it evenly between both hands and got to work on her bare and pale breasts, white from a summer spent hidden under swim suit tops.

Kate rubbed down over her breasts several times, then back up again, lifting her "girls" and rubbing underneath the sag that she lamented had just appeared in the last 10 years. Still, she thought she had a nice pair, and she hoped the boys noticed as she rubbed up and down, making her nipples erect in the process.

Kate gate them each a pinch, then rubbed around the sides of her mounds. She wondered what was taking the boys so long. She hoped they would strip naked and run out behind her.

Kate worked lotion down her belly and around her sides, and did not neglect her bald pussy. She lingered there, rubbing up and down her slit until she heard the patio door open.

Jeremy walked out, with a towel from his shower wrapped around him.

Kate smiled a little, then calmly sat down in a poolside reclining chair, trying to act as if nothing unusual were going on. She wondered if she had overplayed her hand. After an intimate night with Jeremy to suddenly come on to his friends so boldly was probably more than a little over-the-top, she thought. But she was so damned horny!

"Mom, what are you doing?" Jeremy protested.

Kate almost gave him and innocent "What???"

But she felt she owed him honesty, and if the night before meant anything at all, she had to be honest.

"I...I'm sorry, Jeremy," she said. "I wasn't really trying to start anything with your friends. I was just trying to entice them to come out and swim nude. I woke up so incredibly horny after last night and I just felt like sitting back and watching them run around with their dicks flopping around. I wasn't going to do anything but watch. . . and it kind of turned me on all the more to let them watch me."

"Oh, come on, Mom," Jeremy said. "You know you can't act this way in front of some guys without them thinking it's going to lead to something. And you've been around long enough to know that stuff like this gets out of hand in a hurry."

Kate blushed. She knew she had instigated all of this, right from the start. Now she was pushing the envelope further.

She looked away and searched for words.

"So I come out of the bathroom and find Corey and Josh stripped down to their shorts and watching you rub oil all over yourself. Of course, they're too embarrassed to come out with their hard-ons pointing out. Plus, they have to be wondering with you coming on to them how I feel about this."

Kate stopped thinking about the dampness between her legs as her eyes welled up with tears.

She grabbed a towel to cover herself.

"I'm sorry, Jeremy," she said. "You're right. I'm letting things get too out of control, with them, and you.

"Maybe I should just go back inside," she said, starting to stand up.

"No, Mom, they'll think that I'm mad, at you or at them. I just don't want you fooling around with my friends in front of me. I mean, it really complicates things with my friends."

"What do you want me to do?" Kate asked, in a tone that begged for a way out of the predicament.

"Just – just sit down and relax and stop being a tease," Jeremy pleaded.

"Ok – I tell you what, just go inside and get me my book from next the recliner in the living room and bring it out to me. Tell Josh and Corey that I'm just going to get some sun and I'm not going to bother them if they come out to swim. It will be like old times."

As Jeremy walked back to the patio doors, she thought it would be like old times, except that she would be sitting there nude. She had changed things forever, and she couldn't put things back the way they were, even if she wanted to.

Rightfully chastised, Kate sat quietly and read her book in the nude. She didn't know what Jeremy told his friends, but they came out, swam nude, and out of the corner of her eye she would watch their magnificent cocks bouncing around as they ran in and out of the pool.

She saw the boys stealing glances at her – even Jeremy, nude like his friends. Their cocks would grow a bit, then settle down as they swam and took their minds off of her.

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