tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 09

Little Girl Games Ch. 09


Mary and Carrie were in the hotel lobby when I returned from my shopping trip. I introduced myself and explained to them that I was in the store during their little performance. Mary thought it was hilarious when I told her what the manager did after they left the store. When Mary found out that I was going to attend the same college that she goes to, she asked me to come up to her hotel room. She wanted me to meet Karen, another one of her sorority sisters. Carrie opted to retire for the evening in her own room.

We entered Mary's room and she introduced me to Karen, a 5'6 brunette wearing a sorority T-shirt without a bra and a pair of cut-off shorts. After a few minutes, a girl named Jennifer emerged from the bathroom. Jennifer was also a brunette, about 5'3 and slender, with large, firm breasts. She was dressed in a pink teddy with matching panties. There were strings tied over each shoulder to hold the top up and strings tied on each side of the panties. Jennifer's nipples were poking out against the silky material of the teddy and a neatly trimmed triangle of hair was quite visible through the thin material of the panties.

Mary claimed that she knew a guy who worked at a local pizza parlor. She asked me if I wanted to hang around and eat some pizza. I said okay, so Mary called her friend and placed an order. While we were waiting for the pizza to arrive, Jenny told Karen that she wanted to put on a robe because she didn't want the pizza guy to see her in the skimpy little outfit. Karen refused to let Jennifer put on a robe. It turned out to be Jennifer's sorority initiation night, too. Jennifer said that she wanted to join the sorority, but she couldn't go through with the initiation. Mary and Karen said that it was too late for Jennifer to back out now and they weren't going to allow Jennifer to fail the initiation. Jennifer decided to ignore Karen's command, so Karen held Jennifer while Mary took the belt from a robe and tied Jennifer's wrists together behind her back. Mary tied the other end of the belt to a coat hook bolted high on the wall. They left Jennifer standing there helpless with her arms behind her back and her wrists up above her waist. She tried to pull free of the constraints, but the belt was tied too tight and the hook was well secured to the wall.

I don't know what Jennifer was so worried about. We were all dressed in revealing clothes. I was still wearing my tank top and panties, which showed as much or more than the teddy Jennifer had on. Mary lost her panties at the store, so I knew she wasn't wearing anything under her short blue jean dress. Karen's breasts weren't particularly big, but her nipples were visible through the T-shirt she was wearing. Also, from the way Karen was sitting on the bed, her red panties could be seen through the leg holes of her short cut-offs. I guess Jennifer didn't realize that the pizza guy would have more to look at than just her.

There was a knock on the door and Jennifer shrieked, "Don't leave me standing here, he'll see me!"

The girls just laughed and opened the door. To Jennifer's dismay, there wasn't just one guy, there were two guys standing there. Mary's friend, Jack decided to bring a frat brother along with him. The guys were on their way to a party and this was their last pizza delivery of the night. Jack was a senior, but Dan, his frat brother, was only a freshman like Jennifer and I.

When the guys saw Jennifer, they made some joke that the entertainment in the hotel room was better than anything their party had to offer. Jack tried to make small talk while the younger guy just stood and stared. Dan looked as though he'd never seen a girl before. They made no attempt to untie Jennifer and the thin material of her top did nothing to hide her erect nipples. Jennifer's face was red with embarrassment as she wiggled around in an attempt to free herself. Then, to her horror, she moved the wrong way and one of the strings from Jennifer's top slid down her arm. Jennifer was afraid to take a breath because the material was barely covering her nipple, but she couldn't hold her breath forever. The guy's mouths fell open as one side of her top fell the rest of the way down and Jennifer's left breast was now totally exposed!

Mary and Karen looked at Jennifer and giggled. Karen said that she would fix it. She adjusted Jennifer's top so that the strings were back in place, but then untied the strings and left them draped over each of Jennifer's shoulders. Jennifer's breasts were covered, but if she made any movement, the top would plummet to the ground. Karen asked the guys to stay and enjoy some pizza. As Jennifer attempted to voice her protest of the guys staying, she accidentally moved her arms and the top fell to the floor. The guys took a seat on the bed, while Jennifer's naked breasts were on display for everyone to see.

Jennifer said that enough was enough and wanted someone to untie her. Mary said okay, then walked over and began to untie one of the strings on Jennifer's panties. As Mary bent over to untie the panties, she must have forgotten that she lost her own underwear earlier in the evening. The hem of her short dress rode up and Mary's naked butt cheeks were showing. Both of the guys were sitting on the bed, but they immediately took a seat on the floor giving them a better view of Mary's bare ass. Jennifer meant for Mary to untie the belt around her hands, but Mary untied one side of her panties instead. Mary just remained bent over holding onto the strings and threatening to let go. Jennifer looked nervous. She knew that if Mary let go of the strings, the little panties would fall down leaving Jennifer standing there completely naked right in front of the guys.

Jennifer pleaded, "I changed my mind. Re-tie me, re-tie me!"

Mary re-tied the strings, but she tied them so loosely that the panties began sliding down. With the guy's eyes glued to Jennifer, the top of her panties slid down enough to expose a little bit of her dark pussy hair. Karen looked at the embarrassment on Jennifer's face and asked if she wanted the string tied like the other one.

Jennifer begged, "Yes, please!"

Instead of tying the looser side of the panties tighter, Karen made the tighter side of the panties looser. Now, the panties were inching there way further and further down her petite little body. The panties were just out of Jennifer's reach, so she couldn't stop them from falling. Half of her dark triangle was now exposed.

I was sitting on the dresser and with all the commotion, I didn't realize that my tank top had traveled up to my waist, exposing my little white panties. From the guy's position on the floor, they had a bird's eye view of my undies. Most of their attention was focused on Jennifer, but I was getting an occasional glance. I nonchalantly spread my legs wider so that the guys could have a chance to sneak a look at my auburn bush as it peeked out from under the thin, mesh material of my panties.

Karen and Mary said that they were going to go down the hall and get some cans of soda. When the girls walked out of the room, they left the door standing wide open. Jennifer was in direct view of anyone that walked through the hall. If she turned away from us, people in the hall would be able to see her bare titties and the patch of dark pussy hair showing above the loosely tied panties. Jennifer chose to face us.

An older man passed by in the hall and stopped to check out Jennifer's panty problem. Unfortunately for the man, his wife called him and he had to leave. Another man passed by and also noticed Jennifer's predicament. He actually came into our room and made up some story that he didn't know where room 335 was. Jennifer was mortified because the man walked in far enough to see her from the front. He was studying Jennifer's breasts hanging right out in the open and Jennifer could do nothing to hide her nakedness. I decided that the man had seen enough and I led him back into the hall. As I pointed towards his room, he looked through the armhole of my tank top. The guy was getting a good look at my puffy pink nipple and from the bulge in his pants, it appeared that he liked what he saw. Next, he accidentally dropped the hotel card key to his room. I slowly bent over to pick it up for him, showing off my skimpy white panties in the process. He was now getting a good look at my partially covered ass. I knew that when the thin mesh material stretched across my firm butt cheeks, it left little to the imagination. Finally, I stood up and returned the card key to him.

The guy was smiling at me and I asked him, "What are you smiling at?"

He grinned and said, "Nothing."

I looked down and pulled up the front of my shirt past my belly button. My pussy hair was easy to see under the thin fabric of my panties.

I gave him one of those innocent, embarrassed looks and said, "Oh, now I know why you're smiling. I forgot that I wasn't wearing any shorts. You were looking at my little underpants when I bent over. Shame on you!"

His face became a little red as he turned and proceeded down the hall. I went back into the room and returned to my seat on the dresser. When Karen and Mary returned to the room they closed the door and Jennifer tried to turn away from the guys.

Mary said, "You better not move too much. Half of your butt crack is showing!"

Jennifer replied in a soft voice, "As if things weren't bad enough already, now the guys are able to see my bare butt."

I looked over at Dan and he was gazing at Jennifer's half-exposed butt. The sight of the nearly naked girl mesmerized him. Jennifer decided to make a bold move and squat down to try and pull up her panties. As she started to bend her knees, she discovered that there wasn't enough slack in the belt tied to her hands to squat down. She was going to have to turn around and face the guy to extent the length of the belt. When Jennifer stood up, her panties slid down a little further. Now, about two-thirds of her butt was showing. Jennifer was afraid to look down because she knew it also meant that two-thirds of her pussy was showing, too.

As Jennifer slowly turned around, she realized that her panties had reached the point of no return. With each movement, her panties inched further down her legs. Everyone was silently watching as Jennifer turned to face us. The guys began to breathe heavily as her firm titties came into view. Jennifer tried to turn around without picking up her feet, but the panties slid down a little more. Now, everyone's eyes were glued to the dark hair between her legs.

Jennifer thought that if she spread her legs a little, it would keep the panties from sliding down any further. The movement had the opposite affect. As she slightly spread her legs, the panties fell down to about mid-thigh. Both of the guys were now looking at Jennifer's completely exposed bush.

Jennifer quickly turned around so that she wouldn't have to face the guys. When she did, the panties fell to the floor. No one knew what to do next. Jennifer was totally humiliated as the guys stared at her bare behind. Mary knew that Jennifer was mortified and walked over as if she was going to set Jennifer free. Instead, Mary told Jennifer that she was going to do something to cheer Jennifer up and began to tickle Jennifer all over her body.

Mary gently dragged her fingernails up and down Jennifer's sides. Jennifer starting laughing hysterically. Apparently, Jennifer was very ticklish. Mary bent over behind Jennifer and began to rake her nails over Jennifer's bare behind. It was driving Jennifer crazy and the guys were enjoying it, too. From Mary's bent over position, her naked butt was also showing.

Mary started running her fingers up and down Jennifer's butt crack. Jennifer started to squeal, then somehow got a hold of the front of Mary's short blue jean dress. She managed to jerk the front of the dress and yanked all of the snaps wide open. As Mary pulled away, Jennifer was able to strip off Mary's dress, leaving Mary standing in front of the guys completely naked. The guys couldn't believe what they were seeing. Mary's perky breasts and light brown pussy hair were completely uncovered, but she did nothing to hide her nudity.

Mary said, "Now you're gonna get it!"

Karen pulled out a vibrator and handed it to Mary, then Karen got behind Jennifer and held her in a bear hug. Mary began to softly caress Jennifer's nipples with the toy. Next, Mary bent over and moved the vibrator between Jennifer's legs. From the guy's position on the floor, they were not only able to observe Mary's bare ass, but the guys were also treated to a clear view of Mary's beaver.

Mary softly rubbed the vibrator up and down Jennifer's inner thighs and occasionally lingered over Jennifer's pussy hair. It was evident that Jennifer was no longer embarrassed as her round, pink nipples poked out with excitement. Jennifer spread her legs wider and tried to get Mary to insert the love toy inside of her, but every time Mary got close, she would teasingly pull the toy away.

Finally, Mary inserted the toy inside of Jennifer. As Mary moved the vibrator in and out of Jennifer's pussy, Jennifer moaned and trembled with excitement. Karen no longer needed to hold Jennifer in place, so she moved around in front of Jennifer. To add to Jennifer's pleasure, Karen began to kiss and lick Jennifer's nipples. Karen's red panties were peaking out from under her short cut-offs and her T-shirt fell away from her small breasts. As if the guys didn't have enough to look at already, they moved into a position on the floor so that they could look up Karen's shirt. Her bra-less breasts were apparently uncovered enough to allow the guys a steal a look at her rosy nipples.

Finally, Jennifer reached a powerful orgasm, but Mary and Karen refused to quit. Jennifer was begging Mary and Karen stop. She said that she couldn't take it anymore, but Mary and Karen just continued with the sexual stimulation. I decided that Jennifer had been tortured enough, so I walked over and untied the belt Jennifer's from her wrists. Jennifer quickly moved away from her captors. I thought that Jennifer would run into the bathroom, but instead she gave me a big hug and a kiss. I looked into her big brown eyes and she looked back at me as if I'd saved her life. Jennifer finally put her teddy back on, but Mary just stayed naked. She grabbed Jack's hand and led him into the bathroom, leaving her dress lying on the floor. I guess Mary was going to find a way to pay Jack for the pizzas!

It was really getting late and I was exhausted. I thanked the girls for the pizza and soda, then headed for the door. Jennifer winked and smiled at me as I exited the room. I guess I'd made a new friend.

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