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Longwood Fifth Hunt


This one is posted complete since it's not really all that long. The next one will be epic in length, which is so not true. Did make you think I would for a second though. :p


Hear train come middle of vittles, look up at Dan who look back and point at plate. Am nervous on this day. No real reason for on account Martin and Gwen went back with no ask Dan and me. Wait for Balik able walk on own, so no miss first steps. Am nervous on account train arrive with more wish listen to me speak in theater.

Theater get built right quick, had a fella move with an order in place for the building. Right fancy building, got lanterns and signs, a ticket booth right out front. Mess of chair inside and then balcony seating, cost more to get up there. Got fancy carpet all over, balcony has carpet all over floor, main hall has carpet run between the chair.

Got a mess of people to move with so now we got our own little theater company. Bowling hall being built right now, gambling hall was built. Another eatery being built and a whole eighteen new house. So we got new street go up, Mr. Johnson mind on closing up town so only four entrance to town like we only have four street.

Even ponder on a second hotel, got fifty rooms and they tend be full. Reckon on a right proper idea though seem nobody want to pay. Then vittles are finished, take short spell to round up Balik, he like crawl, and we head to meet train. Bonita take Balik and Sashi to saloon, she mind with Bipin, Dan and Chad mind gambling hall.

Dan like joke that mind the ice cream. Been have often instead of sandwich, mostly on account Chun and Amanda no sell much as make. Rest of folk been joining me on this now start get warm. They even been selling blocks of ice, wave at wagon go past with ice, they deliver and put on ice box for a gal so all nice.

Reach spot am stand to meet folk get off train and stay there. Dan and Chad go over to stand farther over to direct folk on where go. Mess of folk come spewing out of the train and to a fella they come at. Am getting a little nervous, seem none have a pistol, though easy to hide, then am joined by Andrew.

"Janet you look a mite scared there." Sigh and look up at Andrew.

"No use so many get off train, no wish speak but shall."

Andrew nods then the mess of folk is there, all stop and look. Seem they all look at so am little lost. Is not normal to have folk just look at like this.

"Are you really Cherokee Janet?" Nod then no have idea what say.

"If'n you got a pistol and fixing on go in town drop your pistol in the sheriff office. Get a piece of paper with a number, remember number on account that is what your belt is. Janet will do her speaking at the theater tonight." Andrew save then most head on past aside two fella.

These two fella are tall as sky to me, one on right has big old mustache, big nose and broad shoulders. Man on left is taller and seem bigger somehow though smaller mustache.

"Janet I am Buffalo Bill Cody and this is Texas Jack. We are looking to put together a play of sorts to show the city folk what it's like out here." He pause there so open mouth to ask why speak to me on when other opens his mouth.

"We're both possessed of a fair amount of name recognition, you on the other hand are spoken of from one coast to the other. Fact beyond, we spent good portion of last year showing around dignitaries from Europe and they have heard of you." Well now am shocked and no have word to speak.

"What we are taking our time in saying is we would like it if you were to join us. All it takes is getting up in front of folk and speaking to them, maybe show a little of your skill." Dan has come over while Bill is say this and snort.

"Janet doesn't do well with speaking to crowds. She is a bundle of nerves today, said flat out once she will do this." They look at me so nod.

"No like all attention, am happy being good wife to Dan, mom, and make vittles."

"Suffragettes won't be happy, they got a good showing in Chicago." Am lost at this.

"Suffragettes?" All the fella snort.

"Women who say women should be able to vote, get paid the same as men and refuse a fella wanting a roll." Snort and shake head.

"Vote no good, only bad men to vote on. Out here seem gal get paid better than the fella. Refuse fella, best way refuse is simply have knife or pistol. Fella try just go on and shoot or kilt." Dan snort.

"Janet you are one of the few gals who could do that no problem." Shake head.

"Any injun gal could, we taught early on how use knife for more than cut meat. No hard do, any gal reckon could if feel like." Andrew snort.

"Back east gals are taught different. Get taught to listen to husband, father, or preacher."

"Listen to Dan, no mean allow to have roll when no want." Jack and Bill trade a glance.

"Reckon on that not going over well, though seems like it should. Little better way to put it than what they are saying." Jack nod and shrug.

"Can tell them, reckon won't be put in what they say but worth a shot. Janet do you mind if we take some of what you say and put in our play?" Shake head.

"No mind."

Dan usher off to saloon and have Bill and Jack come along with. No mind and then he called Buffalo Bill so perhaps know where can find buffalo.

"Bill where would go see buffalo? Wish paint one on account no see." Jack and Bill trade a look as we go in saloon.

"They are still all over the place. Getting harder but still easy enough to find them. Just head west for about five days then look for a hide town."

"Shall get on overland train. Is coming to town day ride south." Bill nod and smile.

"Well then, Wyoming and Montana are good spots to find them, still fairly thick there. Believe there is a connecting train that goes to Wyoming. Once there just ask the town, folk will know and guide. Do ask for a guide, the buffalo will attack folk so you want a fella that know them since you want to paint not shoot." Nod and shrug.

"Was no mean get close but shall get guide."

"I got to look at the painting you gave to the courthouse, great painting though am curious on what it means." Look at Jack and smile since he ask, mean different to injun.

"Many injun are forced to reservation and kept by soldier. Get meat so no hard but still mean injun lose way. Injun stand there is chief with big say to none, say that injun die out as injun. New way better in many way but also make injun round eye, round eye no good at most thing." Ishmael snort behind.

"Janet that is not true, aside that injun are being rounded up to reservations by us white folk." Bill and Jack snort so toss up hands.

"Injun get round up by round eye on account we had bow, round eye get rifle, cannon, and Gatling gun. Also more fella to use, tribe no stand up division which use to round up. Cochise and Geronimo still resist on account round eye big lie, able to since round eye no good at track. No shoot what no there."

"Earth speak to injun, they know how to listen." Ishmael say this so turn to look, Jack and Bill are chuckling.

"Heard that one afore, what does it mean?" Look up at Bill and grin.

"Mean when this injun feel like hunting a fella she find, no get shot but fella hunted is. If injun wish could sweep land of round eye. Two step outside town round eye lost. Injun no lost, no wish find no find. Wish shoot dead, shoot dead, there no life against mad injun." Don whistle and wave so go that way, Jack and Bill no have say after my say.

"Janet can you mind the table." Look at table and giggle, whole two players.

"Reckon they no mind you use outhouse fast." Don and the two fella there snort.

"Sally has said there is always a dealer here." Sigh and toss up hands.

"Fine, reckon they no mind cheating injun."

Fellas are chuckling as I take dealer spot, am about to start take cards out and two more fella sit down. Look around at them then pull cards out. Get to collect chips for all but one fella so am all smile as they complain about cheating injun. Do up next hand and pay out to most aside the one winner last hand.

Am complaining about cheating round eye when Don get back. Fellas demand one more hand so pull cards and get half the chips. Give dealer spot back to Don then and get tossed a couple chips. Check pockets on account have a hankering for some poker so go back over to Ishmael and toss him a dollar.

Chips collected Jack and Bill follow me over to the poker table. We even get the big table on account a few fellas get up. First hand I get shows promise so I bet a little higher than normal and a full three fellas just up and quit right then and there. Do win the hand as well though break even for most of the day.

Pause a couple times, to feed Balik and help Bipin stop a fight. All in all a right fine day, and then the sun go down. I am nervous on this, Dan has to come help on account I am not good with just talking to so many folk. Get outfitted the way we decide on with help from Mr. Bugiardini. He say is proper, though took nigh on a week to get his name right.

Mostly on account he always laugh when try and no correct right. Dan enjoyed me trying just as much I warrant. Still no sure is proper opening of theater to have me speak on matters. Dan swear is proper, though why we no open yet is odd. Theater been finished for three week now, the crew as Mr. Bugiardini call is doing rehearsal most every day.

Then Mr. Bugiardini is doing the speak on me afore I get out there and speak. He say my name, then go on about what I am. Finally he is calling for me to come out and many of the fellas are laughing on account I am dressed as a whore. Course my hips are extra wide since I have on my tracking pants and belt on under.

"This is what spend much of time doing on account of round eye. Round eye decide to have as wife afore was ready, passed off to his men after having a son. Broke me a little so had strong need for fella. Still best tracker and hunter known to round eye."

Work on getting the camisole off and grab up leather shirt. Get the shirt on then hat, on account always have hat. With the hat on get the skirt off and fella can see my pistols, along with big knife.

"Am Cherokee Janet. You get bounty big enough get handed to Dan. Dan get bounty you get me hunt after bounty. No bounty life after hunt."

Bit of wood is held up, throw knife at. I throw one of the good throw knife that David make. These cut into wood far enough to be seen other side.

"Break law Longwood am hunt. May life, may no life. Up to Dan on if can get to afore no life."

Go to get off just bid stay on by Mr. Bugiardini. Dan right there and signal stay so reckon may as well share a tale. So tell of biggest shoot we have for bounty. When finish a fella stand up.

"Tell us about Black Hand." Look over at Dan to get nod so turn back to look at all those fella.

"Black Hand no interesting. Was only three of them in camp. Rode up on camp they was just set up, hop down off horse Dan stay up. Dan say we bounty hunt and two reach for pistol. Pull mine and shoot both afore both can clear leather. Black Hand put hand up and Dan shoot. We had bounty on dead only. Was no happy on account we had to ride three dead fella for two day."

"Newspaper and the novel said there was twenty fella there." Dan come out with his hands high to get fellas to shush on account some are arguing over this.

"The newspaper had the numbers wrong from the telegraph. There was a small battle reported on the same day and the numbers got switched. Novel company went with the bigger number on account it is more interesting."

"So Janet isn't as good as people think?"

Dan look at me, grin, and wink, then call for shooting targets. I shoot some eye daggers first then pull my pistols and shoot two. No fellas seem to think I no good as say any longer and Dan usher off stage. When try to go see how Balik doing Dan usher me instead for home. Also get left there with a bid to collect what want bring.

If that don't beat all, can get a roll out of my husband and instead am packing. Doesn't take that long to get to the next town. Still Dan said to pack so I pack and get everything to the sitting room. That done I go check in kitchen and collect the sack. We bag up sandwiches and a big mess of jerky, though hopefully we get to get off and eat at town we pass in train.

Luckily is still not big heat so sandwich last longer than would in summer. Back to sitting room and Dan come in finally to look at what get.

"Three canvas really?" Sigh and swat Dan.

"First time go that way not hunt. Reckon on never go where Bill said neither." Dan ponders a moment and sighs.

"Get three more, we can go a little slower and let you paint as we go."

"How long take get there?"

"Looking at about four days on the trains. At least two days to get to a hide town and day or maybe two to find a buffalo."

Sigh and get three more canvas, may not get much in the way of rolls out of Dan but can paint. Also have chocolate, perhaps will be enough. Would rather have Dan buried where belong and close to when ready for babe. Help Dan get horse loaded with all we take, make sure have boxes of bullet loaded.

Then collect Balik and have in carry wrap. Happy there is enough cloth that Dan can carry Balik. Is boy and should spend time with father after all. Does make tough hop atop horse, need use one hand to hold Balik there. Then we under way with few notice. Is night time and most asleep or in saloon, though many in gambling hall as well.

Just ride on a spell, not fast since is dark and horse no see good night. Especially Dan new horse, seem little jumpy even though we make sure horse know Dan and pinto. Never seem matter if horse know me, they seem think am foal for them to protect.

"Dan, am close to ready for babe."

"I know Janet, Mr. Gladstone suggested we take a few days between rolls. It seems to help and maybe you can give me a daughter this time." Am all smile at idea.

"Great Spirit may decide am better mom of boys." Dan snorts.

"Never no mind on that, a second son would be nice. Soon as they both can talk I may get a word in edgewise with you." Snort and giggle for a spell.

"Dan you chief, what you say is what happen." Dan moves closer and give half hug.

"I know that Janet, I probably give you too much leeway but not a soul says I let you run too free. I reckon the fellas are afraid of getting on your bad side."

"Are we leaving enough deputy?" Dan nods and smiles.

"I had Bipin go to the tribes and select out two more warriors. Both without a wife afore you ask. Gives us four deputy with knives and three with a pistol still in town. All accounts have that as better than any town. Not to mention you are practically a legend and everybody shares tales of you." Sigh and shake head.

"No like that Dan, folk are question if am good."

"Janet fellas always think you can't be that good, small, a gal, and injun. Most assume that means you can't do anything."

"No like that neither, just cause injun no mean nothing."

"I think it's closer to you are a gal. Most are not stupid when it comes to injun."

Am unsure on that one, the new recruits tend to assume injun are not worth spit. Course they are cavalry and Dan has said the dumb tend to be cavalry. Well sergeant isn't dumb but for the most part the soldiers captain gets seem to be dumb. Least Balik is sleep, no help bounce, we move at good speed.

Just ride on, seem no more speak on though there is one thing. Look over at Dan to see he is droop little.

"Dan snake." Dan jerks and looks around then shoot some eye dagger at.

"Janet that was cruel." Can't help giggle.

"Want ask on street light."

"Fella came and looked over the town. Wasn't sure we can add lights without paving the streets. They have some available but they are not the most stable."

"So we pave street?"

"Mr. Johnson did decide to pave our streets, you swear is no bother to you. We will add a light at each intersection. Have some extra for when we expand again, seems we received letters on adding in another eatery and a small number of families have asked after safety."

"So can add courthouse?"

"Well no, need to be larger to do that and with the train we can run the accused to a courthouse and have a proper trial. We are not in need of a courthouse unless we get bigger by a large degree."

"Can we?" Dan sighs and shakes his head.

"We are hard pressed to have work for the folk we have."

"Nice have big town."

"Would be nice, but we would find it hard to keep it safe. Most fellas get full of drink and fly off the handle at most any thing. Town that big and no chance of watch who ride in so don't get all of the guns. Would not be able to have no guns in town law and that is when you can be shot."

"Dan many try, no stay shot." Dan comes over and swat on head moving hat around.

"You may not be in any actual danger but the rest of us do need to worry on it. I still don't know how you got to that gambler without him shooting."

"Dan was not that far."

"I know but still, it was like you were there one moment and not the next. Honest there are times when I am not sure there is no injun magic." Giggle as fix hat.

"Janet magic Dan." Dan snorts and shakes his head.

"God's truth there, I reckon Great Spirit and God have looked down on us and said Janet had it bad enough she ain't joining us yet. Heck for all we know they decided you are better off down here and are staying."

"No wish life after husband."

"You seemed all fired ready to stay alive when you thought I was shot down." Shake head.

"All set to kill all then would sit and wait for Great Spirit to take me up with you." Dan is silent for a bit.

"You know, that was almost a full sentence." Roll eyes and look at Dan.

"Know round eye, no reason use all."

Dan sighs and shakes his head but no say more. Reckon on he figure is better to just not worry on me use round eye proper. Is fun to say wrong, get funny look off fellas when first meet them. Do wish could get some shut eye with Balik. Can't on account I may lean and that bad for keep him in wrap.

No desire to no have son any longer so no shut eye for this gal. Finally we get to town afore the sun has come up. Sky lighting so is a soon on that but we are afore. Also afore most folk are aware with us, especially in eatery. There is only one eatery here though store is big, and big saloon which is what we head for.

Rather need water for me and horse, lucky for horse is easy get water, full trough right there. Going in saloon we find a number of fellas asleep at tables or floor, but no barman. This is odd so Dan go looking for him. Come out of kitchen with fella who get behind the bar and we have water along with whiskey for Dan.

"Sorry I was not out here to meet you two." Look over at Dan and he grin.

"Found him asleep at table." Snort and giggle.

"Get stool that side of bar." Bartender snorts and puts finger to mouth.

"More comfortable to go park at the table. Mark when he is night watch sleeps on the bar. We had a bell but some of the folk sleep in here got annoyed and it stopped working." Giggle a little at that one.

"Would whistle to wake just have Balik sleep." Barman leans over the bar and looks then smiles.

"Handsome boy you got there."

"Dan wish put daughter in this time. Get cruel on since no roll for few day." Get two snorts and Dan shake head.

"Our doc suggested it on account it is shown to help. We are not young any longer so seemed a good idea."

"Still cruel and when train?" Barman scratches his chin a time or two then looks outside.

"Can't rightly say, due to come in today though the when is variable. Eatery should open any moment now. You did bring a basket for him or something?" Nod then look at Dan who have big eye so swat few times.

"Ouch Janet cut that out we packed the basket." Bartender is chuckling now.

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