tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Naive Fiancé at the Japanese Spa

My Naive Fiancé at the Japanese Spa


This story is part of my My Naive Boyfriend series, though it's meant to stand alone. If you haven't read the other two, no worries, I've written this to be understood either way. Also, it's divided into three distinct chunks, in case it's too long for you to want to read at once.

Sidenote: most of what I know about Japanese onsens comes from watching (untranslated) porn. Though the tone of the story is purposefully ludicrous, I nonetheless apologize for any inauthenticity.


For those who haven't read about our other exploits, David is generally a great partner to me. Loving, caring, good in bed, etc. He's everything I'd want from a guy except that sometimes he can be infuriatingly naive, especially when it comes to women. I don't mean in reading and responding to a woman's needs (namely mine), I mean in sometimes utterly failing to read the intentions of other women. He gets into these situations that I definitely do not approve of, but he always has some reasoning behind it and I can see how he thinks he's truly done nothing wrong. He just assumes the best of intentions behind any woman's actions. It's admirable to a certain extent. But I think he's straight-up naive.

I don't know why women have been giving him so much attention recently. Don't get me wrong, I love him, but because he's a loving, committed partner, not because he's some sort of sex god gifted to women. He's actually pretty normal in appearance. I thought I could relax about other women because of this, but they've gone after him way more than anyone else I've dated. Maybe they can smell his dumbness...err, naivete...and know they can get away with whatever they want? Maybe he exudes some sort of maniac sex pheromone? I don't know.

I put an end to our "friendship" with Clara after the events I told about in my earlier stories. She'd had enough of him beating around her bush and straight up told him to leave me for her. He was shocked she would ask such a thing, and shot her down. He told me immediately what happened and we've since cut her out of our lives. Good riddance. David may let himself get backed into some crazy corners, but at least I can count on his honesty.

A while after that, David surprised me during vacation and proposed! Of course I said yes. I've never met anyone so loving and supportive as him. Obviously, I still had some concerns about his naivete, but after he cut Clara out like I asked and as he was down on one knee, asking me to be his forever, I knew we could get past whatever life threw at us.

Anyway, this story started when our friend Yuki's family opened a spa. Her parents are from Japan, and following her father's death, her mother decided to bring a Japanese-style onsen spa to our city. Yuki had been excited about it for months, and construction had recently completed. It was not set to open for another couple weeks, but she invited me and David to spend a day at the place so she could show it off to us. I love a spa day as much as the next person, so I readily agreed. David did too and so we set a date for that Saturday.

That week was really busy at work, so I was extra excited for the day of relaxation. Naturally, fate wouldn't let me have a good thing, and my boss called me in to work that on Saturday. David said he would cancel his spa date with Yuki too, and I almost took him up on it. Given all the issues I just laid out regarding him and other women, I naturally didn't want him anywhere near an empty spa with someone else. But Yuki had said that there were separate boys and girls sections, plus the other Sakagawa women (her older sister and mom) would be in and out of the place the whole day with preparations, so what could really happen? Ultimately, I felt bad denying him a spa day just because I couldn't be there too, so I told him to go along without me.

When I finally got home from work, I found David zonked out on our sofa. I shook him awake and he smiled his dumb, sweet smile up at me.

"Hey baby, how was work?" he asked. I gave him the summary (it was bad), then asked how relaxing his day at the spa was.

"Not very relaxing, to be honest," he said.

"You were passed out when I got back!" I said.

"More from exhaustion," he said. "It was the craziest day."

"Oh no, what happened?" I asked. I obviously started to worry, but told myself that a crazy day didn't necessarily mean he spent the afternoon banging all the Sakagawa women.

"Well, it... I... uh," he said, still trying to shake the sleep from his head. "Why don't I just start at the beginning."

"Sounds good," I said, plopping down next to him. He took a deep breath and began.

"I was nervous on the way over because Yuki is more your friend than mine, y'know?" he said. I nodded. "I mean, she'd be in the girls side of the spa, and I'd be in the boys side, but I assumed we'd have to interact together some anyway."

I understood his nervousness. Yuki is a bit prickly. She's usually very serious and into following all the rules anyone could give to her, but she also has a darker side to her that comes out sometimes. I don't really understand it. But she's generally sweet and generous, and her offering to give us free reign of the spa for a day before it opened to the public wasn't out of character. I hoped her sweet and rule-following side was out today and not that darker side that worried me more.

"Anyway, that nervousness melted away when I knocked on the door and Yuki greeted me with a huge smile," he said. Yuki may not smile much, but when she does, it can light up a room. I guess I should take a moment to describe her. Japanese women come in all shapes and sizes, but she embodies the petite stereotype, not much more than five feet tall and quite thin. Her face is very pretty and her boobs and butt are both small and perky. She's never been the friend of mine to make me the most jealous, but she's never had trouble finding dates either.

"She said it was too bad you couldn't make it, but at least we could have a fun spa date together," David went on. "I thought it was funny, her calling it a date. I guess we were spending the afternoon together, but we were just friends." I thought Yuki was too reserved to try to make a play at my boyfriend, but now I was starting to worry that dark side of hers had come out.

"She gave me a quick tour of the place," David said. "We walked through the men's locker room. Well, locker room might be an exaggeration, it was more of a room you undressed in, as she explained it, with little cubbies to put your clothes in. You then entered the bath through the opposite door. The bath area was lined with tile and the bath itself filled most of the room, while shower stations lined one of the walls. They weren't showers, exactly, more like spots to sit with handheld showerheads and various soaps to clean yourself before getting into the bath.

"I thanked her for the explanation, and she told me to get undressed and enjoy it all, then left for the girls' side. I undressed and left my clothes in a cubby, then wrapped a towel around myself and entered the bath area. I felt weird plodding around this giant empty room by myself, but I figured it would be really relaxing once I got into it.

"I turned one of the showerheads on and took my towel off, which felt weird. I mean, I was in this big empty room, totally naked, and Yuki said her sister and mom might pop in at any time. I didn't think that meant the boys' bath, I couldn't be sure," he said.

"You'd think she'd tell them you were in there," I said.

"Yeah, probably, but what if there was some mistake or miscommunication or something?" he said. He was right, anything could happen. "So then I started thinking about one of them walking in with me totally naked and alone and well...," he trailed off.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, I uh... I got hard," he said. "Not like, aroused or anything. Just like, feeling embarrassed at the idea of these older women finding me naked and vulnerable like that just caused a reaction. And getting caught naked would be one thing, getting caught naked and hard would be much worse. So I really focused and just told myself I was taking a normal shower and thankfully it went back down."

"Bullet dodged," I said. He was right. One of them stumbling on him showering was an accident. Stumbling on him nude and aroused? I didn't want to think about it.

"Of course that was the moment when Yuki popped her head back in," he said.

"What?!" I asked, almost shouting. "Why?"

"Apparently the heating system on the women's side was turned off for today," he said. "Something being installed or whatever. So she said we'd have to share the men's side."

"What the hell?" I said. "How could she think that's okay? You can't go around bathing with other people's fiances."

"That was my thought too," he said. "But then she explained that there are mixed onsens in Japan too and that she knew it's not the kind of thing we're used to, but it's really not a big deal. So I thought, if the Japanese do it, I shouldn't be a prude. And she was nice enough to offer us this free spa day, so refusing to let her join me or just leaving myself would be incredibly rude. It was just another culture's way of doing things and I didn't want to insult it."

I groaned. Sounds like Dark Yuki was out to play today. So of course she found some excuse to come bathe with my fiance. I don't care if mixed spas technically exist, and I don't care if maybe the girls' heating device was shut off, I didn't like this one bit.

"And you were just sitting there naked the whole time?" I asked.

"Pretty much," he said. "She was to my side, so she didn't see anything too private. Just like, my whole naked side. But I still felt really embarrassed. I covered my crotch even though she couldn't really see it, and I felt that embarrassment-boner start to return. And as she just stood their explaining everything to me, I felt even more embarrassed for getting hard. And so I just spiraled down this cycle where I'd get harder from my embarrassment, then get more embarrassed because I was hard until eventually I was totally erect and could barely cover it with my hands."

"Oh geez," I said, covering my face with my hands. This was not going well.

"Then she left to get changed and I definitely didn't want to still be sitting nude on that stool when she returned," he continued. "So I quickly cleaned and rinsed myself. I covered my crotch and waddled nude over the bath and stepped in."

"And she didn't return until you were in?" I asked.

"Not quite," he said. "I heard her shout 'Cute booty!' as soon as my foot touched the water. Turns out she had just come back in. I was mortified that she'd seen my butt, but she just gave me a really big smile, so I figured she was just trying to cut the tension."

"And was she naked too?" I asked.

"Kinda," he said. "She held a towel against her chest and it covered her entire front almost to the floor. I figured she was naked behind it, and then she turned to walk to the shower area, and that confirmed it."

"Wait," I said. "She just didn't cover her backside at all?"

"Yeah," he said. "I figured she thought covering her front side was more important."

"Why didn't she just wrap the towel around her?" I asked.

"I don't know, I thought maybe it was some cultural thing," he said. "And she'd just seen my butt, so maybe she was showing me hers to make it not a big deal?"

Yeah, I thought bitterly. That normal thing where you stumble on a guy naked and so you get naked just so you're all comfortable. Totally a thing. I could just imagine the view David was getting. Her long, dark hair reaching down most of her thin back, ending before her thin waist swelled subtly outward to her slightly wider hips. Her smooth skin was the same creamy shade from her head all the way to her little feet. Her naked, tight little buttcheeks flexing and swaying as she sashayed over to the showers. The little minx probably planned the whole thing out as soon as she heard I was busy.

"Then she showered," he said.

"Right in front of you?" I interrupted.

"Yeah," he said. "She was facing away and sitting down, but otherwise yeah. I tried not to pay much attention because I knew she would be getting in the bath with me soon and I didn't want to be hard when she did. I shut my eyes and concentrated really hard, but before I knew it, I heard her walk across the tile and slip into the pool and I was still hard as a rock."

"And you two were naked in the bath together," I said. I could hardly believe it.

"Actually no," he said, surprising me. "She was still holding her towel to her front. Straight up, brought it into the bath! I said I didn't know you could do that, and she said it was just water and would dry later. I felt so dumb leaving my towel on the other side of the room. I didn't even have to be naked!"

I shook my head. Of course David would make that kind of mistake.

"She said she thought I was really brave and confident in myself leaving my towel over there when I knew she'd be joining me," he said. "I said I just had no idea, but she kept giggling and saying it was ok if I wanted to be naked in front of her. But that if I wanted to, I could go get my towel."

"But then you'd have to get out of the bath in front of her," I said.

"Exactly, so I didn't," he said. "She said she had no problem bathing nude with me, but was going to keep hers for the time being because if her mom came by and saw us nude together, she'd assume we were there to have sex."

"Thank goodness she stayed covered," I said.

"Yeah, though it wasn't really that useful," he said. "The towel was pretty thin, so when it got wet, it molded pretty tightly to her body. I mean, it clung tightly enough to her boobs that I could see their whole shape. And her nipples were poking through it."

"Of course," I sighed bitterly.

"And then she kept trying to put her hair up in a bun," he went on. "That took two hands, so the towel kept falling off her chest. Like, she'd bring her hands to her hair and the towel would fall and her boobs would pop out. Then she'd pull it back up and try again and it would just happen again."

"You didn't have to watch," I said.

"I didn't!" he said. "Well, I tried not to, but she kept making me look. She kept being like, 'Look, my towel fell off again.' She would poke me until she made sure I saw her perky little boobs and hard little nipples standing away from her naked chest."

"Jesus, Yuki," I sighed.

"Eventually she gave up on the towel and just did up her hair while sitting there topless," he said.

"Did she cover up after?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "Well, mostly. The cat was kinda out of the bag at that point, and she'd already made it clear she didn't mind being naked with me in the bath. So she mostly held the towel to her chest, but usually at least one of her boobs was popping out the side or top. I tried to ignore them, but she'd always point out a nipple if it escaped and wouldn't cover it up again until I saw."

"Were you still hard?" I asked.

"So hard," he said. "And she noticed like, right away. I had to hunch over and cover it with both of my hands, which is obviously super suspicious. She like, pushed on my shoulder and told me to just lie back and relax. I tried to tell her I was relaxed, but she wasn't having it. And then, well...yeah, she pretty much figured it out. She asked if I was aroused. I tried to deny it, but then she told me to show her."

"What, like show her your dick?" I asked. I couldn't believe this.

"Yeah," he said. "Wanted me to prove I wasn't hard. I was, of course. Really hard. And so I uh, did."

"What, why?" I said. "You didn't have to show her your dick."

"You don't know how demanding she can be!" he said. Actually, I did. When Yuki wanted something, it became very difficult to dissuade her. "So I pulled my hands away, but that wasn't good enough for her. She said I had to sit out of the water so she could get a good look at it. I thought that was a bad idea, but before I knew it, I was sitting on the edge next to her, my legs in the water but everything else pretty much just out there right in front of her face."

"And you were still hard," I said.

"Yeah," he said. "She saw it right away and got so mad. She grabbed it and was like, 'Fucking hell, David! You ARE hard!'"

"Grabbed it?" I said, imagining Yuki's tiny hand wrapped around my boyfriend's generous, hard member. "Why did she grab it?"

"I don't know," he said. "I think it was just a reaction. It got worse, though. I tried to explain but I was so nervous I couldn't speak clearly. She went on this long rant about how I was full of shit and how she treated me to a part of her culture and family and how could I disrespect it in this way. I was so ashamed. And that should have made me go soft and get me out of the whole mess, but she'd jerk her hand up and down my shaft with every point she made."

"Jacking you off?" I asked.

"No, not really," he said. "Well, kinda. I think it was just like, she was upset and grabbed it at first because it was the thing she was upset about. And she got really animated when she was yelling at me, and I guess she just forgot to like, let go of my dick. So every hand gesture she wanted to make ended up just being rubbing my dick up and down. She eventually got so mad she grabbed it with her other hand too. I wanted nothing more than to just get soft and get out of there. But she was jacking me so hard with both hands and that made her towel float away, so her little boobs were just jiggling all over the place. I tried not to look but not looking at her while she yelled at me just made her angrier."

At first I was upset that she'd get so mad at David, but now I realized that was just a show. No one in the history of the world has ever gotten so mad at someone that they accidentally give them a topless handjob. It was ridiculous. Remember earlier when I said David was impossibly naive when it came to reading women? This is what I meant.

"I finally got my explanation out," he went on. "That my body was just reacting to the embarrassment of being naked. She calmed down a little. I think she could tell I was being genuine. But she said it didn't matter. If her mom came in and saw this...and when she said 'this' she shook my dick some...she wouldn't believe what caused it. Her mom would just assume we were having sex and would disown her. We had to find a way to hide it somehow."

"Just cover it with a towel," I said.

"That was my first idea too," he said. "But she said that wouldn't work. She threw her towel over me to prove her point and she was right. It covered my dick, but you could still easily tell I had a boner. It was tenting the towel up like crazy. I tried to say it could at least help, but she said it wouldn't and just threw the towel across the room."

"Seems like a bit of an overreaction," I said.

"I know, right?" he said. "Plus, then we were both completely naked, so it felt like we were moving backwards. Anyway, then she started muttering about how it didn't help that I was so big and she was so small. I asked her what she meant, and she elaborated that obviously a dick could be hidden if stuck into a hole, but I was much too big to fit into hers. I still didn't understand, so she was like, 'Do you think I could fit this thing into mouth?' while shaking my dick with both hands. Her face was right up against my dick at that point so I could see what she meant. I mean, I know my dick isn't monster-sized or anything, but she had a point. She asked how it could even fit, and kept pointing it in different directions across her face to demonstrate it couldn't."

Who did this chick think she was, rubbing my fiance's dick all over her face? Just because he couldn't see through her charade didn't make it ok.

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