tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 05

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 05


Lately it seems like I end up naked every time I leave the house. You'd think I'd be able to spend an afternoon at the pool in my own condo complex without loosing my clothes. However, attending a pool party led me on another one of my misadventures.

Keri is a friend of mine and she lives in our condo complex. She stopped by to inform me that there was an adults-only party going on at the pool. I didn't want to go because I figured Linda, my evil neighbor, would be there. However, Keri convinced me that it'd be nice to lounge around the pool without any kids bothering us. I thought about it and decided to attend the party.

I put on my little red bikini, which was probably a couple of sizes too small for me. It had a strapless top that barely contained my breasts and the bottoms were really small, too. The waistband rode so low that my butt crack was almost showing. I looked in the mirror and tried to decide if the swimming suit was too revealing to wear to the party. Keri said that her suit showed even more that mine did, so I grabbed a towel and we headed to the pool.

Keri is about five-foot-five with light brown hair and large, full breasts. Her body is nice and firm from working out all the time. Keri is twenty-five years old and has a deep golden tan. She's not an exhibitionist, but you wouldn't know it by the skimpy string bikini she was wearing. It was bright yellow and the top consisted of two tiny triangles that hardly held her boobs in place. The lower portion of her breasts hung out below the poor excuse for a top. Another triangle barely covered her light brown pussy hair and the material in back didn't hide much, either. A few thin strings that looked like they could easily break held the bikini together.

When we arrived at the pool, there were plenty of guys, but not many girls. Keri and I stretched out on a couple of lounge chairs and took turns rubbing suntan lotion all over each other. It took me a while to put the lotion on Keri because she had so much exposed skin.

The guys were casually watching as I spread the lotion on Keri's back, but as I moved down to Keri's nearly naked ass, I noticed that we had the guys' undivided attention. Keri rolled over and I started working on her chest. I wanted to make sure that she was fully protected from the sun, so I slipped my oily hands inside of her top. I think Keri enjoyed it because I could feel her nipples becoming erect. I applied the lotion to her mid-section and then I let my fingers wander into the bottom of her bikini. However, I stopped as soon as I encountered her pussy hair. Keri gave me a devilish grin, but I refused to go any further with all of those guys watching us.

After I was finished with Keri, I stretched out on my stomach and she started working on me. First she unfastened my strapless top and rubbed suntan lotion all over my back. Then she worked her fingers under the waistband of the bottoms of my swimming suit. My heart started beating faster because Keri was slowly pushing my bikini bottoms down. I was getting nervous in view of the fact that my bare butt was beginning to show and there were so many guys standing around watching us.

I asked, "Keri, what are you doing?"

Keri replied, "I have to make sure that you don't get a sunburn."

I added, "But you're pushing my bikini down. The guys will be able to see my butt!"

She said, "Just relax. I'll be done in a minute."

How could I relax with most of my butt crack showing and all of those guys looking at me? I tried to reach back and pull my suit up, but I couldn't reach it without lifting up from the lounge chair. With the top of my swimming suit unfastened, my breasts would have been exposed. I was forced to just lie there and let her finish applying the lotion on my bare ass.

When she was done, I held my top in place and rolled over. I looked down and I was shocked to discover how far Keri had pushed my suit down. She worked the bottoms of my bikini down so far that most of my dark pussy hair was showing. I was mortified, but I didn't want to let go of my top, so I reached behind my back and fastened it. Finally I was able to pull my bikini bottoms up, but not before all the guys got an eyeful of my neatly trimmed brunette bush.

Now I was lying on my back and Keri started applying the suntan lotion to my chest. She slipped her fingers under my top and rolled my puffy pink nipples between her fingers. My top began to slide up above my breasts, but I wasn't worried about it. I assumed that Keri would pull my top back down before she took her hands away. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Without warning, she moved her hands down to my flat tummy, leaving my titties on display for all the guys at the pool. I was very embarrassed because many of the guys had moved right in front of us to get a closer look. Now I couldn't even trust my friend Keri to protect me from being exposed in public.

At that moment, Linda and her friend Tawny entered the pool area. Linda saw that her boyfriend, Roger, was standing next to me, so she gave me a dirty look. I'm wasn't interested in Roger and it was Keri's fault that my swimming suit had fallen off, but that didn't seem to matter to Linda. She pointed at me and said something to Tawny. I'm sure it wasn't a compliment.

Linda and Tawny are in their mid-twenties and have attractive figures. Linda is about five-four with auburn hair. Tawny is about five-six and blonde. Linda's breasts are about the same size as mine, but Tawny's are much larger. Her breasts must be fake because the rest of her body is so slender, but I have to admit that they looked good.

Both of the girls were dressed for attention. They were wearing skimpy bikini tops like Keri's, but all they had on below were tiny thongs. Linda and Tawny's asses looked completely exposed because the strap of their thongs disappeared between their butt cheeks.

They went through the whole suntan lotion performance as Keri and I sat back and enjoyed a couple of beers. Soon Linda and Tawny were in the pool throwing a ball around with the guys. The guys kept throwing the ball high, forcing the girls to jump up when they caught it. They loved watching Linda and Tawny's boobs bounce around. A few times the girls' nipples looked like they were going to pop out, but neither of the girls actually fell out of their tops.

Linda and Tawny climbed up on the shoulders of two of the guys and tried to knock each other off. The rest of the guys gathered around and cheered as the wrestling became intense. During the battle, Linda accidentally pulled the left strap of Tawny's top down and her boob popped out right in front of all those guys. Tawny quickly grabbed her exposed tit and fell into the water. The guys loved it as Tawny resurfaced and repositioned her top. Tawny saw us laughing at her, so she challenged us to a wrestling match. I refused, but Keri and Linda accepted the challenge. I knew Tawny just wanted to pull my top off and Linda already had a history of stripping me naked in public, but I went ahead and jumped into the water anyway.

When I climbed up on Keri's shoulders, I could feel the bottom of my suit sliding down. It felt like my butt crack was hanging out and I was embarrassed because there were guys standing behind me. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to pull my suit up before the battle began. I just had to accept the fact that the guys would be able to see most of my bare butt during the wrestling match.

As Linda reached for me, she extended her legs and slipped her feet inside of Keri's top. Keri was caught completely off-guard as Linda pulled her feet back, causing the thin string of Keri's top to snap and fall off. Keri started to tremble when she saw the pieces of her bikini top floating in the water. It was completely ruined. Keri was getting nervous because her breasts were hanging out in the open and all of the guys were looking at her. As I continued to ride on Keri's shoulders, she tried to hold my legs in front of her big boobs to hide them from the guys' prying eyes as the battle continued.

I had my hands on Linda's shoulders, but she reached out and grabbed the top of my swimming suit. I could feel Linda working my top up over my breasts and I knew my tender pink nipples were about to pop out at any second. I didn't want the guys to see my bare boobies again, so I gave Linda a shove and she fell back into the water. However, Linda didn't let go of my top and she pulled it right off. It was so embarrassing because I was still up on Keri's shoulders and my breasts were out in the open for everyone to see!

I cupped my hands over my bare titties, but I had to let go when Linda handed me back my top. As I inspected my bikini top, I was still up on Keri's shoulders and there was nothing covering my breasts. My pink nipples were poking out right in front of all the guys. A close examination of the top revealed that the fastener in back was ripped completely off. My top was now ruined, too. Even though Keri and I won the first round, we were both topless.

We traded places for the next round and Keri was up on top. There was no way for Keri to hide her breasts and wrestle at the same time, so Keri's big boobs were out there bouncing around in front of everyone. The guys had a bird's eye view of her rosy round nipples as she battled with Tawny. Keri got her hands around the straps of Tawny's bikini top, but Tawny had her hands on the bottoms of Keri's suit. Keri knew that she was in trouble because the strings on her bikini bottoms were so thin that it wouldn't take much of an effort to pull them off.

Tawny threatened, "Let go of my top or you'll loose your bottoms. You'll be naked!"

Keri looked around at all the guys watching the brawl and said, "Alright, you win" and she let go of Tawny's top.

Tawny yelled, "Sucker" and she ripped Keri's bikini bottoms off.

Keri dove into the water since she was now completely naked! She was totally humiliated because there was no place to hide. The water was clear enough for everyone to see her light brown pussy hair and her bare ass, too. Tawny picked up Keri's swimming suit and ripped it again to make sure that there was nothing left of it. Keri looked at her torn up bikini and she was mortified when she realized that she was going to have to remain nude for the rest of the day.

My attention was focused on Keri, so I didn't see Linda swim up behind me and pull my suit down. Linda somehow managed to get my bikini bottoms past my feet, but I was able to grab hold of them before she could swim away. I got into a tug of war with Linda, which turned out to be a mistake. The skimpy bikini was not made for that kind of activity and I cringed as the suit ripped apart. Linda held the shredded material up in the air as the guys cheered. Now Keri and I were both stark naked in a public pool surrounded by guys. We had to come up with a plan to get us out of there.

Our swimming suits were destroyed, so Keri and I figured our only option was to climb out of the pool and run for the lounge chairs. The guys would only get a glimpse of our naked bodies if we quickly wrapped ourselves in our towels. I went first and began climbing up the ladder. I mooned everyone as my bare ass rose up out of the water.

When I got up on the pool deck, Roger was sitting right there. He was gawking at my petite five-foot frame and there wasn't a thing that I could do to block his view of my nudity. Nothing was hiding my medium sized, perky breasts and neatly trimmed brunette bush as I scurried across the pool deck.

Keri followed me up the ladder. Most of the guys were positioned right behind her to get a good look at her firm, muscular butt as she climbed out of the pool. Her big melons bounced up and down and her hairy triangle was displayed as she hurried over to where I was standing. We made it to our lounge chairs, but our stuff was gone! Keri and I were now completely naked and up on a pool deck, which served as a stage for all of the guys in the pool. We were at a public swimming pool loaded with guys and instead of wearing our swimming suits, we were wearing our birthday suits!

Keri and I pleaded with the guys to give us a towel, but nobody seemed to have one. Then I saw Tawny re-enter the pool area. Apparently, while Linda and I were fighting over my swimming suit, Tawny took all of the towels and hid them somewhere. Keri and I felt humiliated because the guys were all gazing at our naked bodies and we didn't have a stitch of clothes on. Most of the guys in the pool moved over to the side where Keri and I were standing. From their position, they could look right up between our legs and see our sweet pussy lips!

Then Tawny walked by and foolishly got too close to us. Keri grabbed Tawny's top and yanked it up over her breasts. As Keri and Tawny fought over her top, the guys started yelling for more. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of Tawny's thong and pulled it down. Tawny was now bottomless. As Tawny fought with Keri, she had to spread her legs for leverage. Tawny's clean-shaven pussy was being paraded around right in front of the guys below and there was nothing obstructing their view of her pussy lips. They could see everything!

Finally Keri got Tawny's top away from her and Tawny quickly jumped into the pool to help conceal her nudity. Keri and I decided to ruin Tawny's bikini by rubbing it against the sides of the lounge chair until it ripped apart. Without thinking, we bent over and began rubbing the suit back and forth against the chair. We didn't even realize that our bare asses were pointed right at the guys. As they admired our smooth shapely asses, we continued the back and forth motion, which seemed to take forever. In our bent over position, we were also oblivious of the fact that the guys could watch our unrestrained breasts wobble back and forth.

After obliterating Tawny's suit, it was time to go after Linda. We jumped into the pool and swam towards her. She tried to get away by climbing out of the pool, but Keri lunged forward and grabbed hold of her bikini bottoms. As Linda climbed up the ladder, Keri pulled her suit down and her butt was now exposed to everyone in the pool.

I climbed over the side of the pool and got my hands under Linda's bikini top. As Linda struggled to get away, her breasts fell out. Linda's nipples looked like little pink Hershey Kisses and I just had to reach out and gently tweak them. Linda didn't appreciate it, but the guys loved it.

When Keri finally pulled Linda's bikini bottoms off, it spun her around. Linda was able to balance herself on the ladder, but then she looked down realized that all of the guys were staring at her. I had already pulled Linda's top up, so her firm breasts and pink nipples were now exposed to the crowd. Since Keri stole Linda's bikini bottoms from her, Linda's auburn pussy hair was also displayed to the crowd. She quickly jumped off of the ladder and splashed into the water, but I still had a grip on Linda's top. It ripped right off and Linda was now naked, just like Tawny, Keri and me.

Keri climbed out of the pool and we wanted to make sure that Linda's bikini was destroyed, too. Once again we bent over and began rubbing the bikini back and forth against the sides of the chair. Just like before, our bare asses were pointed right at the guys and the forward and backward motion caused our unrestrained breasts wobble back and forth.

When we were finished ripping apart Linda's suit, Keri and I remained up on the pool deck. I looked over at Keri and saw that she was making no attempt to hide her nudity. She was displaying her big beautiful breasts, round rosy nipples and soft brown pussy hair right in front of everyone. Then I noticed that Linda and Tawny were acting like babies trying to hide their naked bodies from the guys.

We decided to act mature and pretend that being naked in front of all of those guys didn't bother us. As many of the guys gathered around, we were mortified by the way they were looking so intensely at our naked bodies. However, we continued to keep our composure and act like it didn't concern us at all. We even grabbed a couple of beers and sat down on the lounge chairs. Several guys were standing over us, trying to strike up a conversation as we flaunted our breasts and pussies right under their noses. I even spread my legs a little to make sure that my little hairy triangle was showing.

Even though the sun was starting to go down, Keri decided to apply a little more suntan lotion to her already glistening body. The guys watched as she massaged her breasts and rolled her erect nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Next she spread her legs wide and applied the lotion to her inner thighs while giving the guys a terrific beaver shot. Then she turned over and asked me to do her back. I knew what she wanted and rubbed the suntan lotion all over her bare ass. I even slowly ran my finger up and down her butt crack. I think the guys really liked watching that.

Eventually Keri and I decided to leave, so we walked off to our condos with dignity. The guys were still staring at our bare butts as we faded out of sight. When we got to my condo, Keri gave me a wet passionate kiss. We were still outside and people could see us from the parking lot below. However, it didn't stop Keri from giving me a hug and pressing her big breasts against me. Keri said that wanted to go out and strip my clothes off again some time.

I thought to myself, "That's just great. Now Keri wants to get me naked in public just like everyone else. Oh well, at least she'll be loosing her clothes, too!"

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