tagHumor & SatireSex Noir Ch. 2

Sex Noir Ch. 2


It had been an odd day indeed. It started out promising with a much needed new client. Then I found out my client had dealings with Joe Barker, one of the biggest pieces of scum on Earth. The afternoon was topped off by shots being fired at us.

But the night was a completely different story. It ended with cum flowing like the Nile and more orgasms than you could shake a stick at. Cat O'Sweet and I had so much sex I was even dreamin' we were having sex. Well, at least I thought I was dreamin'.

I opened my eyes, squinting through the bright sunshine that filled the room, to find it wasn't a dream at all. My cock was deep inside Cat's mouth and she was lustily bobbin' up and down on it. My hand instinctively went to the back of her head and she let out a muffled, "mmmmm" as she thrusted my cock inside her mouth once more.

After several minutes, she released my cock from the warm wet confines of her mouth with a loud pop. Saliva coated my cock and several strands still hung off Cat's mouth and ran down to my balls.

"Good morning baby. You sleep well?" she purred.

"Oh yeah.", I grunted as her left hand spread her saliva over my shaft.

"Good. I need to get back to work, excuse me." she said, and plunged my cock deep in her mouth. The head banged against the back of her throat and more saliva flowed out of the corners of her mouth. She began rapidly fucking her mouth with my cock and I could feel my orgasm quickly building.

Cat held my swollen balls in her left hand like a tomato and squeezed hard. I erupted in her mouth and down her throat. Some fluid seeped out of the edges of her mouth, but she hungrily ate it all up. After she had sucked me dry, Cat kissed my balls and looked up at me.

"Not bad, huh?"

"Not bad at all." I said, with a sheepish grin.


I strolled into the office a couple of hours later. My secretary Lotta Cherry was there to greet me.

"Rock! Are you all right?" Lotta shouted as she grabbed me into a bear hug.

"Easy, easy, I'm fine." Lotta and I grew up together. We got yelled at more than a few times for playing doctor. She was the first girl to show me her breasts. After her husband was killed during the war, I insisted she come work for me. She was more than just a secretary though. She was a friend, a confident, and a colleague.

"Who shot at ya?" Lotta pleaded.

"How did ya know I got shot at?"

"Are you kiddin'? Word is all over the street. On top of that, some flatfoot was here asking questions."

"Probably one of Barker's paid goons."

"Barker? Joe Barker? What are you doin' gettin' mixed up with Joe Barker?"

"I'm not mixed up with him Mom.", I sarcastically retorted. "Not yet anyway. He is however, directly involved with my client's missing husband. Grab us some coffee and I'll fill ya in."

I quickly got Lotta up to speed and then we brainstormed my options.

"You could just forget about it.", Lotta half-kiddingly suggested.

"Ha-ha. Cat's relying on me to help her out."


"Mrs. O'Sweet." I quickly replied.

"Ya banged her, didn't ya?" Lotta exclaimed.

"Lotta!" It was no use trying to fool her, she knew me too well. "Shit...yeah, I did, all right?"

"It's none of my business!" she replied, causing me to roll my eyes.

"Anyway...I'm going to meet Jimmy in a half-hour to get some more info." Jimmy was a two-bit snitch that would roll on anyone in a second. I knew he could roll on me after I was through with him.

"The only way to get to Barker is to go straight at 'em. But I need something to use as a battering ram."

"Just make sure he doesn't use you." We both nodded in agreement on that statement. I reassured Lotta that everything would come up aces and headed out to meet Jimmy. As usual he was hanging out at a pool hall on 3rd Street.

It took a sawbuck to get him to come out to the adjoining alley way and another sawbuck to get him to sing like a canary. Jimmy never thought of himself as a snitch. He thought he was doing a public service and making a salary off of it.

Jimmy told me that Cat's husband Robert had skimmed money from Barker. If what he said was true, Robert O'Sweet was probably part of a building's foundation or taking a nap in Davey Jones's locker. As a sign of good faith, I tossed Jimmy another sawbuck as I got ready to leave.

Jimmy must have appreciated it because he let me know that Barker would be at Mahoney's Bar that afternoon. I headed back to the office 30 bucks lighter, but with some useful information.


As I approached my office door I heard what sounded like moaning come from the front desk area. My first thought was that Jimmy dropped a dime on me to Barker. The office adjacent to mine was empty and had an adjoining door to my office. The landlady had asked me to hold onto a set of keys so I could show the place to prospective renters when she wasn't around.

I quietly slipped inside and opened the door to my office. The moaning was getting louder as I approached the door to the reception area. I slowly turned the door knob and opened the door a couple of inches. My mouth dropped open.

Lotta was lying on her back on top of her desk. Her skirt was pulled up and her panties were around her ankles exposing her clean shaven pussy.

There between her legs, voraciously using a tongue on her mound was...Cat. I closed the door a little more, enough to stay hidden, but enough to still watch.

Cat was clearly not with a woman for the first time. Her fingers and tongue expertly worked Lotta's labia and clit. Lotta suddenly ripped her blouse open, sending buttons flying across the room. She pushed up her bra and began rolling her exposed nipples between her fingers.

Lotta's hips bucked up, pushing her glistening pussy closer to Cat's mouth. Cat responded by slipping a finger into Lotta's ass. This almost caused my secretary to fall off her desk.

I was nearly drooling and my cock threatened to burst through my trousers. I unzipped my pants and let it out to breath. My hand stroked and rubbed the pre-cum moistened head as I continued to watch Cat go to town. I desperately wanted to join them, but didn't dare interrupt them.

"Is that good baby?" Cat said to Lotta, already knowing the answer.

"God, yes!" Lotta gasped out. Cat removed her finger from Lotta's ass and reached into a shopping bag. She pulled out a fairly large dildo. Probably about 8 or 9 inches long and a couple of inches thick. She slowly slid it into Lotta's pussy as her tongue flicked Lotta's swollen clit.

Within seconds, Lotta's orgasm exploded juices all over the dildo and Cat's tongue. Cat slowly slid the dildo out of Lotta's dripping pussy and without hesitation began to slide it into Lotta's ass. I completely lost myself and blasted ropes of cum through the opening in the door and onto the floor near Cat knees.

Cat momentarily stopped what she was doing and I could see the corner of her lip curl up into a smile before she resume what she was doing. Cat reached back into her bag of tricks and brought out yet another dildo, similar in size to the first one, except this one was tan. She slid it deep into Lotta's wetness while the black dildo continued to stretch the opening to Lotta's ass.

Lotta had one orgasm after another. She was like a machine, pumping out more and more of her own juices. Occasionally, Cat would stop what she was doing to allow Lotta to insert fingers into her wetness and then suck and lick the juices off of them.

Suddenly, Cat began violently thrusting both dildos simultaneously to the point that Lotta had to grab onto the sides of the desk. It resulted in several more bone rattling orgasms that actually caused Lotta to pass out. I quickly zipped up my pants as I saw Cat removing the dildos from Lotta's orifices. I quietly closed the door and retraced my steps to the hallway. I waited about 5 minutes before entering through the font door. Lotta was sitting at her desk, albeit somewhat bedraggled.

"Mrs. O'Sweet is waiting for you in your office." she purred. I noticed that the output of my cumshot was no longer on the floor as I entered my office.

"Hey doll," I said cheerily, "what are you doing here?"

"Hi Rock. I decided you were right about me going to my sister's in Jersey for safety. I've been thinking more and more about those shots yesterday."

"It's probably for the best, though I will miss you." I decided at that moment not to tell Cat what Jimmy had said about her husband. She probably suspected it anyway, but I didn't need to cause her to worry further.

"I'll miss you too. My sister doesn't have a phone, but her neighbor does. The number is Stuyvesant-5935."

"Got it. I'll give ya a call tomorrow."

"Thanks, and be careful."

"You too doll face". With that Cat glided over to me and put her arms around my neck. She planted a deep, hard kiss on my lips. Cat's tongue probed the inside of my mouth and I tasted what had to be Lotta's juices. As I basically kissed her lips and Lotta's pussy at the same time, it occurred to me that my client knew exactly what was she doing and, based on the way my cock was coming back to life, she knew the effect it was having as well.


As 4 o'clock approached, I took a cab down to Mahoney's bar on West 6th. Mahoney's was owned by Barker and purportedly served as a front for a bookmaking business in the basement.

As soon as I walked through the front doors I could tell I was in enemy territory. I was barely in the door when some big galoot stepped in front of me.

"What ya want?" the big buffoon growled at me.

"Just here for a quick beer." I responded. Then it occurred to me I knew this guy. I had helped send him up the river 5 years ago for extorting money from shop owners on the east side.

"It can't be quick enough." the ex-con said, and gave a nod to someone behind me. Before I could react I felt a hard object strike the back of my skull. As I lay on the barroom floor, floating into darkness, I regretted ever taking the case.


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