tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 20

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 20


Sitting in front of the mirror in the luxurious surroundings of their room in 'The Four Towers' hotel, Shona sucked happily on her cigarette as Jane applied the finishing touches to her hair. The girls were getting ready for the annual St. Mary's and St. Mark's end of school party and, as usual, the hotel had been booked exclusively for the use of the departing students. Tomorrow, their school careers finally over, the students of both schools would head home for the summer to begin their new lives. While some of the friendships made during their years at school might endure, for many, tonight was the last time that they would see each other.

"There, you look stunning," said Jane, admiring her handiwork. She sat down on her bed and bounced up and down a few times. "Wish our dormitory beds had been as comfy as these," she remarked, giving Shona a wicked grin.

"Wish our dormitory room had been as nice as this," Shona replied. "Maybe we should've stayed the night that time the two American guys brought us here," she added wryly.

"Maybe," Jane agreed, "although I doubt there'd've been much chance for sleeping if we had."

"I see you managed to get that stain out of the front of your dress," Shona said, looking blonde her friend up and down. "I told you you shouldn't've let Matt see it before tonight," she teased.

"I wanted to be sure he'd like it," Jane replied with a pout.

Shona laughed, having seen the state of Jane's dress when she'd returned to their room after the last time she'd worn it. "Judging by the mess he made, I'd say he did. Why didn't you take it off before things got that far?" she asked. "I was dead embarrassed when I had to pick it up for you from the dry cleaners."

"We got carried away," Jane replied. "He couldn't keep his hands off me and I was as randy as hell."

Jane's dress was a black, backless number, low cut at the front with a hem, split at one side, that barely reached mid thigh. With her generously curved figure combined with the confident manner with which she wore it, the dress was provocative and inviting in a sophisticated way, emphasising Jane's sexy body rather than covering it. She wore her hair up, held in place with silver hair pin with diamond head, the ends of her long, blonde tresses cascading back down like a fountain. Around her neck was a delicate gold chain, hung with with a small diamond crucifix, the tail of which rested in the start of her deep cleavage.

Shona's dress was a rich shade of emerald green. Strapless and low cut at the front, it seemed to defy gravity as it strained to contain her large, firm breasts. The skirt was tight, hugging her generously full, rounded posterior, tapering out to a frilled hem about two inches above her knees.

Jane applied the finishing touches to her makeup as Shona took a final puff on her cigarette before draining the last of the wine from her glass. "There, what d'you think?" asked Jane, turning to her friend.

Shona slowly and deliberately looked Jane up and down, her eyes lingering on her friend's incredibly sexy body. "Well, I'd give you one," she said coyly before adding, "We'll knock 'em dead," as they both a final look in the tall dressing mirror that stood in the corner of the room.

Laughing, Jane finished her wine then said, "C'mon, let's go. We can't let Amanda and Sandra have all the fun."

---- **** ----

Downstairs in the bar, Amanda was finishing her drink. She saw her friends, Jane and Shona, entering and was about to attract their attention when she heard her name being called. She turned to see her maths teacher, Mr. Reid, approach. With him was a stunningly attractive young woman, a couple of years older than Amanda herself. She had long, slightly wavy, strawberry blonde hair. She was tall, with a gracefully slim, subtly curved figure. Her eyes were ice blue and her full lips twitched into an inviting smile. There was something hauntingly familiar about her that Amanda couldn't quite place.

"Ah, Miss Ross," Mr. Reid said by way of introduction, "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Hannah. Hannah, dear, this is Amanda," he continued, completing the introduction as recognition dawned on Amanda. She had seen the girl's photographs around her teacher's house when she'd attended his home study classes. She had worn her clothes as her father had provided Amanda with some very intimate one to one tuition when the other girls in the study group had gone home. She could tell from her photographs that Mr. Reid's daughter was good looking but to suddenly be face to face with the beautiful reality made Amanda's heart suddenly beat faster.

Amanda held out her hand to Hannah who took it and shook it with surprising firmness. Hannah smiled. "Pleased to meet you, Amanda," she said. Amanda noted that Hannah had the slightest hint of an Australian accent, then remembered that she had only just recently returned to Britain from her gap year. "Daddy's told me so much about you," Hannah continued, "apparently, you were one of his most capable students," she added. She had said the last with a completely straight face but Amanda was almost certain that there had been a slightly knowing note in Hannah's voice that cast her otherwise bland statement into a completely different light.

"Can you excuse me for a while, dear?" Mr. Reid asked his daughter, "I have to have a few words with the headmaster. I'm sure Miss Ross will be more than happy to look after you in the meantime, won't you, Miss Ross?"

"Uh... of course, Mr. Reid," Amanda replied.

"Good," replied Mr. Reid. "I'll see you later then," he added, giving his daughter a quick peck on the cheek.

An awkward moment of silence followed that was broken only when Hannah asked, "So, Amanda, can I get you a drink?"

Amanda nodded. "Erm... yes," she replied, "A dry white wine and soda would be nice."

"A dry white wine and soda it is then," replied Hannah. "If you go and grab a couple of seats, I'll go and get the drinks," she added, smiling warmly before heading in the direction of the bar in the corner.

As she took her seat, Amanda cast a quick glance around the bar to see if Shona and Jane were still in the bar. Realising her friends were nowhere in sight, she looked out into the main hall and was just in time to see the head girls taking their seats, one on either side of Mr. Beattie, the headmaster, at the head table.

---- **** ----

The head students and senior staff of both schools were seated at the long rectangular table at one end of the hall. Spread out below the head table were twelve large circular tables, set out in three rows of four, each with ten places set on the gleaming white tablecloths.

Sandra was feeling out of sorts. She's been looking forward to tonight for weeks and now that end of school party had finally arrived, she found herself feeling somewhat deflated. It was, she realised, at least partly due to the fact that her boyfriend, Martin, wasn't there. Having left school the year before, he was in the middle of his end of year exams at university and had been unable to attend. As the St. Mary's and St. Mark's students had taken their seats in readiness for the evening meal, Sandra had got separated from Amanda. With Jane and Shona, as head girls, being seated at the headmaster's table, she had found herself sitting next to Audrey, one of the Baker twins, at the middle table in the second row. Somewhat surprisingly, Sandra had found herself enjoying the other girl's company.

In their years at school, Sandra had never been friends with the Bakers, having associated more with Shona and Jane and, more recently, Amanda. The Baker twins were the long time arch rivals of the St. Mary's head girls and their open hostility towards her friends had made Sandra wary of ever having anything to do with them. That said, she was glad that it was the older twin, Audrey, that she had ended up sitting beside. While Audrey was mildly disapproving of Sandra's friends, her younger twin, Avril, had an active dislike for Shona and Jane that bordered on hatred.

As she talked to Audrey, Sandra realised that, despite being the older, she let herself be dominated by her younger sibling, content to follow Avril's lead and apparently sharing her views. Away from her sister's overbearing nature, Sandra found Audrey to be quite pleasant and open. While they would never be the best of friends, Audrey did, it appeared, have an approachable side to her nature and was willing to talk quite freely with Sandra.

What surprised Sandra most of all was that, as they talked, she discovered that far from disapproving of Shona and Jane's recreational activities, Audrey was, in fact, deeply envious. Her sister's animosity was, however, completely genuine, based mainly on the fact that she had had a long term crush on Jane's boyfriend, Matt and that Matt, despite the the freedom that Jane allowed him to find his own entertainment, had never shown the slightest interest in Avril to the point where he actively ignored her far from subtle attempts to entice him away from her rival.

Sandra had almost laughed at Audrey's revelation about her sister. While keeping up the outward pretence of being whiter than white in an attempt to curry favour with the girls' house mistress, Miss Carlisle, it was well known that Avril had an exhibitionist streak and, despite the outwardly chaste appearance that she put on display, had kept her appetite well satiated during her time at St. Mary's. Audrey, on the other hand, was almost as naively innocent as she appeared to be having, she'd confided somewhat shamefacedly to Sandra, only ever had one 'real' boyfriend to whom she had lost her virginity only a few months before.

"I'm not really that much more experienced," Sandra admitted. Seeing the look of disbelief in Audrey's face she continued, "I've been with Martin since second year, he was my first. I've had the odd diversion, especially this year, but I don't come anywhere close to Jane and Shona or even Amanda for that matter."

"Oh!" exclaimed Audrey, an embarrassed flush rising in her cheeks, "I'd sort of assumed that since you were so friendly with them then you'd be... well... you know..."

Sandra notice Audrey's eyes lingering on her as she spoke. "Every bit as big a slut as they are, right?" Sandra laughed as Audrey nodded, her embarrassment clearly deepening. Sandra couldn't help noticing how attractive the other girl was when she blushed and was slightly surprised when she found herself edging closer to her. "No not really, but then I don't think anybody is," Sandra added admiringly. "I envy them almost as much as you do. Their boyfriends, Craig and Matt, know all about and fully approve of their exploits with other men. Martin, on the other hand, would probably dump me in a flash if he knew that I'd been unfaithful to him."

"It's not just men though, is it?" Audrey asked, moving slightly closer to Sandra.

Sandra laughed again. "Well Jane and I aren't really serious about that. With the exception of each other, the only girls we've been with are Shona and Amanda. Those two, on the other hand, really are bi, especially Shona. They're equally happy doing it with girls or men." She paused briefly then shook her head, aware that she'd been staring intently at Audrey, realising that the direction the conversation was taking was causing her to become aroused. Regaining her composure, a mischievous grin twitching across her lips, she added, "Sex with Shona, Jane or Amanda is great, I'll admit, but nothing beats a good, hard, satisfying fuck from a long, thick, hard cock."

Audrey smiled. There was something slightly wistful in her expression. "Avril's been with girls too," she said with a hint of hunger in her eyes. "I've always been curious but I've never had the nerve to try it," she admitted to Sandra, who sipped her drink with a thoughtful expression on her face as she absently twisted a finger in her hair.

---- **** ----

After the meal and the speeches, and having had only the briefest chance to speak to their boyfriends, Shona and Jane took to the dance floor to perform their last official duty as head girl's of St. Mary's, leading the first set of dances with their opposite numbers, Doug and Sean, the head boys at St. Mark's. Shona partnered Doug and Jane partnered Sean as they waited for the music to start.

The girls had enjoyed the meal, not so much for the food itself but for the opportunity to tease Mr. Beattie, the headmaster, one last time. All through the meal, the girls had taken it in turns to stroke and play with the dear old man's cock, their hands hidden under the table. Shona smiled as she recalled the little ceremony in his office that morning when Jane and she had each presented him with a pair of their knickers and their school garter belts. They two friend's had stood in front of him, fingering their pussies through the gussets of their knickers, letting their juices soak into the silky material before letting their headmaster remove them. Mr. Beattie had been profuse in his thanks, telling them both how much he was going to miss 'his little girls' as he had emptied his cock into their mouths for what was to be the last time. What no one but the girls and Mr. Beattie knew was that what appeared to be a black silk handkerchief that protruded from the breast pocket of his dinner jacket was, in fact, the gusset of Shona's knickers while Jane's were being worn under his trousers.

"So, do Sean and I get that second chance?" Doug asked quietly, intruding on Shona's reverie.

"What? Um... eh," Shona replied, caught slightly of guard. She cast a quick glance to where she had last seen Craig and Matt chatting to Amanda and another girl that she didn't know. Noticing that their boyfriends and the two girls were now nowhere to be seen, she smiled. "You might," she replied wickedly, "you'll just have to wait and see. Have you had any more chances to compare me with Niamh yet?" she teased.

"No," Doug laughed, "but I'm working on it. If she can fuck anything like her big sister and, if her blow-job technique is any indication, I'd say there's a pretty good chance that she can, then she'll be well worth the chase. Maybe I should try plying her with drink tonight, whaddya think?" he asked.

"Sure you could handle us both on the same night?" Shona teased. Her sister, Niamh, along with Annette and the two new head boys of St. Mark's were the only students other than those that were departing who were allowed to attend. The outgoing head students had officially handed their responsibilities on to their replacements in a small ceremony just before the after dinner speeches.

"Dunno," admitted Doug, "but it sure would be fun to try, even if it killed me."

Jane felt Sean's hand glide over her bottom as the danced. "You're keen, aren't you?" she teased, pressing herself against him.

"Can you blame me?" Sean asked jokingly in reply.

"I suppose not," Jane admitted, "you are male, after all!" she teased.

The dance came to an end and the girls were required to change partners. For the second set of dances, Doug and Sean took it in turns to partner Niamh and Annette while Shona and Jane danced with the new St. Mark's head boys, Gary Peters and Mike Wilson.

"So, are you two going to buy us a drink?" Jane asked Doug and Sean when the last of the four dances came to an end.

Sean laughed. Turning to Doug, he asked, "I dunno, Doug. Do you think we should ply these two with drink then let them have their wicked way with us?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Doug replied, grinning broadly. "What d'you girls think?"

Shona shrugged, puffing on a cigarette. "I've had more appealing offers," she said, blowing a trail of smoke at Doug.

"Hmmm, me too, I must admit," added Jane. She smiled then added, "But any offer's better than none, I guess."

As Sean went to the bar, Shona, Jane and Doug took their seats at an empty table. "So where's Matt and Craig?" Doug asked.

"Oh, they're here, somewhere," Jane replied.

"I imagine they're amusing themselves while we have some fun," Shona admitted.

Sean returned to the table with their drinks. They were joined a few minutes later by Shona's sister, Niamh. "Looks like you might just get your chance tonight after all," Shona said quietly to Doug, her hand sliding up the inside of his thigh. "Niamh, come and sit next to Doug," Shona said to her sister, giving her a wicked smile, "I think he needs some more company," she added.

"Oh well," said Jane with an artfully contrived shrug of indifference, "I guess that means it's you and me then, Sean," she said.

"I guess it does," replied Sean, "funny how it seems to work out that way."

"So, your room or ours?" Doug asked.

"Depends which is closer," replied Shona. "Jane and I are on the fourth floor."

"I'm on the first," said Niamh, "but Annette's probably busy just now," she added with a knowing smile.

"We're on the first floor too," said Sean, "so I guess it's our room."

"Well then, that's settled," said Jane, "why don't we drink up then we can get started? Are you joining us Niamh?" she asked.

"Would anyone mind if I did?" Niamh replied.

Jane laughed, "I doubt it. I think these two would complain more if you didn't."

The group finished their drinks quickly then made their way to Doug and Sean's room. Once inside, all five quickly undressed, the boys helping the girls out of their dresses. Sean sat down on the edge of his bed and Jane knelt before him. Shona and Niamh took up a similar position with Doug on the opposite side of the room.

Holding Sean's stiff rod, Jane ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. "Fuck... Jane!" he gasped as she sucked gently on his balls, her fingers lightly squeezing his engorged knob. Jane smiled then moved up, her tongue swirling around the head briefly before she took it between her lips and began to slide her mouth down, taking him deep into the back of her throat.

Shona teased Doug's balls with her tongue as her sister worked her lips up and down his cock, occasionally flicking her tongue over the slit at its tip. After a few moments, they changed places. Doug flinched as Niamh teased the ridge of skin that ran from his balls to his arse with the tip of one fingernail. Shona took his cock into her mouth and began to work her lips up and down his shaft with a leisurely pace. "Oh, Shona," Doug groaned, "your mouth's sooooo fucking hot!"

As she teased Doug's balls, Niamh watched as her older sister expertly sucked on his cock. She had heard all about Shona and Jane's reputations but she had never seen her sister or her sexy blonde friend in action before. She looked round to see Sean's rod disappearing into Jane's hungry mouth. Niamh found the sight of Doug's stiff prick disappearing between her sister's lips highly arousing.

Jane cupped and squeezed Sean's balls as her tightly pursed lips slid along his shaft, eliciting strangled groans of pleasure from the St. Mark's head boy. She began to finger her clit as she bobbed her head up and down, occasionally casting a glance at Shona who was feasting on Doug's thick cock.. The sensations Jane's fingers produced caused her to suck harder on Sean's prick.

After a few minutes, to the sound of Sean's moans as Jane sucked hungrily on his swollen prick, Shona reluctantly relinquished Doug's cock to her sister. She watched as Niamh wrapped her lips around his thick shaft and began to bob her head back and forth with practised ease. From the gasps and groans issuing from Doug, Shona was forced to accept that her sister appeared to be an accomplished cocksucker.

Niamh savoured the taste of the rich, salty pre-cum that oozed out of the eye of Doug's knob. The noises of the other couple added to her arousal. She swirled her tongue around the head as she scraped her teeth lightly along his shaft. "Fuck!" groaned Doug, "I still can't tell which of you girls is better."

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