tagRomanceStarr Search Ch. 04

Starr Search Ch. 04


Deeper into the darkness their adventures continue ... ~ J ~

Chapter 04

The Cab Ride

Starr smiled, her hair soft from the hot water in their mutual shower. She loved how Julian had eaten her out so elegantly, licking her to a mind-blowing series of orgasms. Her body was still in turmoil from the lust he'd shown her when he climbed into the shower to bend her over, banging her mercilessly from behind, pounding his cock into her repeatedly. And, she loved how he'd cum feeding her hunger, spraying his jism over her tits and face, acting like a porn star, wanton and obscene with his desires and her face.

Nevertheless, she also knew her sense of adventure was dying to rush out and into the night air. Toweling off and rubbing each other dry with fast motions, thick towels and embraces, kisses and emotional warmth, Julian and Starr primped and dressed to go out. He wore tight slacks, polished shoes and a sweater that followed the tapered cut of his narrow waist and broad chest, a t-shirt poking out from the v-neck. Starr slid into a skimpy dress, the elastic material snug on her figure, showing her coke-bottle shape with long legs and high heels. Since she was dying to be bad, she skipped the thong panties and bra, opting to head out wearing a short leather jacket, her hair a banner in the night. Julian kept her ID and lipstick in his suede blazer pockets, along with his cell phone, wallet and money.

They rode the elevator down, Julian occasionally reaching down to kiss her head, squeeze her next to him, or just to stare into the shiny doors, whispering, "Geezus but we're a fucking sexy couple aren't we?"

"Yes we are," she relied. The doors opened, and she took his hand, leading him past the concierge, beyond the doors of the hotel, and into the circular driveway of the hotel. Julian waved his hand hailing a cab, the yellow vehicle stopping next to them. They slid into the seat, Starr snuggling up against the older man, letting her head fall atop his shoulder, kissing his chin, then looking at the driver.

"Where you'se two wanna go?" His voice was gruff but professional. His head was balding, and he was thick necked and had arms like a seaman, built for heavy weights and hard work.

"Take us to Pico Street," Julian said, his arm around Starr, stroking her chin, touching her neck, bringing her young, giggling body against his own. She smiled, laughed, the moved closer, snuggling and squeezing her friend and lover.

The driver shook his head, then said, "Okay'z, but it's a bit of a diztense."

"We're good for it," Starr replied. "You'll get yours'."

The cab began moving, taking them from the lights of the hotel and into the dimmed streetlights of Los Angeles. Starr turned, arms around his neck, kissing Julian from moment to moment, licking his lips, peppering his face with a series of affectionate, soft, endearing kisses, feeling his hands on her body, holding her close. His lips returned every kiss, his hands responded to every touch, and his reflexes were sharp and loving to the young woman he promised a hedonistic weekend. Both could feel their eyes closing, their embrace deepening, their mutual admiration and lust a connection even deeper than they could have hoped or considered before. Now they were deeper into the connection so many cyber-nights and orgasm filling phone calls had started.

And they weren't sure if it would stop after that weekend.

Slowly, the cab rolled to a stop at a light. Starr slid out of the back seat, kissing Julian quickly, then moved slowly into the passenger seat. She saw the driver watching her knee, seeing the slice of her long, toned leg moving into the space, and sat down next to the driver.

"What'cha want mizz?"

Starr didn't say anything, but instead moved her hands down along his potbelly, stroking the roundness, and reaching under it to undo the belt buckle holding the pants in place. Wordlessly, she smiled, her teeth shining in the streetlights, her long hair moving like a distant flag. The driver glanced back at Julian, who leaned into the seat in the back, and braced his hands behind his head, saying softly, "Drive. It's still a long way to Pico Street."

He chuckled deep, relaxing, accelerating, the cab gliding into the night, moving like a yellow panther along the narrow streets. Her fingers deftly slid down the zipper, opening and revealing the thick, hairy, uncircumcised cock. Starr looked at the narrowing tip covering the head of the cock, feeling its natural girth, wondering if it would fit in her tiny, manicured hand. She smiled, thinking about Julian in the back seat listening to her touching the man, fucking his cock with her fist, massaging the balls, making him cum in her hands.

"Do you mind me jacking you off mister?" She purred with the delicacy of a kitten toying with a mouse, making her prey sweat, wondering what's going to happen next. "Does it turn you on such a young cunt like me makes you shake down to your teeth? Making you harder than the bumper in my hands?"

"Sheeiit baby," he slurred, the excitement of her touch already making him happier than usual. "You'se can do anyt'ing, jes' don't stop."

The cabbie could feel how soft her hands were, wrapped up, squeezing him, making him moan as she stroked the length, the dickmeat inflating in her fingers as she rhythmically pumped and fucked the cock with her hands. She blew in his hairy ear, touching off his nerves, making him shake, smile and groan, the dick easily in sight of a larger passing vehicle. A gentle thumb caressed the head, slathering the precum like lube, moving him quicker as they continued through the streets of Los Angeles.

Starr opened her fingers, releasing the cockhead, lifting the thumb, and slipping the digit into her mouth, sucking it like a small girl, eyes aflutter with innocence as she licked the precum off her print and smiled, keeping her eyes on the cabbie. He smiled back, watching her suck her own thumb, then kept his eyes on the road, feeling her long hair moving over his body, her hot, moist breath hovering over the cockhead, her slick, fast tongue slurping down, tasting him, wrapping around his length, drawing him inside her mouth. Starr swallowed the length, inhaling him, pumping her mouth fast and deep on the thick, fat cock, driving down, mouthing him deeper inside her throat. She didn't gag, having had Julian earlier, and knowing this cock was smaller but thicker, and fucking her own face with his length and stretching her lips with his girth. The cabbie kept an eye out, watching for the cops, and for the lights, knowing at some traffic stops there were video camera units taking photos of speeders.

Starr kept licking and sucking him; somehow his pants went lower, closer to his knees, and she was able to fondle and stroke his testicles, moving them in her able fingers, feeling him shaking in his seat. With a turn of her head, Starr looked up, mouth filled with cock, and smiled at the driver. She could see his distress from the intense pleasure, and lifted her mouth, replacing it with her hand, jacking him off again and faster. She snarled, the cock snaked into her fingers and palm, making it dance to her tune, teasing and pleasing, feeling his body shaking in delight.

Suddenly, violently, the cock spat upward, an arc of white jism flying onto the steering wheel. The driver groaned a long, satisfied exhalation of delight, his chubby body shaking in the seat. Starr watched him shake, almost nervously, then regain his composure as they slowed to a stop at a cross section under the street lights. A nervous glance, and Starr slyly moved her mouth over the steering wheel, licking the cum from the machine, off his knuckles, and squeezing the length of cock from the balls to the head, helping the vein empty the last of the man-juices out and into her waiting palm. She lapped the puddle of stickiness like a cat with a sprinkling of milk, smiling at the driver, then kissing his cheek.

The cab pulled closer to the curb, and breathlessly, the driver said, "Pico Street. Shit but that was fuckin' good, little goil."

Starr made sure she left her lipstick and his cum on the unshaven cheek, and opened her door, rushing out into the street at night. Julian leaned over, dropping a few twenty-dollar bills and said, "Keep the change. And thank you; you've made her trip here an exciting one."

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