tagMind ControlThe Class Ring Ch. 02

The Class Ring Ch. 02


It had been about two weeks since Tim had told me his story about the ring. I was beginning to wonder if it had been a dream. We hadn't crossed paths much since that day, and it was never brought up during the brief times we did see each other. As I came in to work that Friday morning, I got a soda from the machine and went to my mailbox as usual. I picked up my attendance cards, a flyer from the local union rep, and a handwritten note from Tim. Please stop by my office after school today, around 2:45, it said. Curious, as notes from administrators always scared the crap out of me. I've always been the eternal pessimist, expecting the worst out of every situation. Even worse, it was a quiz day, one in which I gave quizzes to students in all my classes. That meant I didn't have the distraction of actually teaching, and got to dwell on all the bad things that he could possibly want to see me about.

At the end of the day, I wandered a bit around the school running minor errands. Tim didn't want me to his office until about half hour after school was over, but I didn't want to get wrapped up in anything time consuming. I saw Mrs. Lawson, who was my biology teacher many years ago. I said, "Hi, Mrs. Lawson" as I always do, and she giggled and reminded me that I hadn't been her student in a long time, and I should call her Jenny. Except for the giggling part, it was a typical exchange between us. She seemed much happier than usual, and I smiled, thinking she needed some happiness after having to deal with the disruptive pinheads she deals with day in and day out. I also thought how cute she looked for being in her early 50s.

I went back to my room, put my copies away, gathered up my stuff for the weekend and headed down to Mr. Wilkinson's office. Nervously, I knocked on the door. I was surprised to hear that same giggly voice say "I'll get it!" followed by a click of the lock and an opening of the door. I walked in, a bit confused as Jenny closed and locked the door behind me. I was even more confused when I watched Jenny walk over and kneel in front of Tim and start to suck his cock again.

Tim looked down at Jenny, stroking her hair as she bobbed up and down on his dick, then looked up at me and said, "You remember Jenny Lawson, don't you Bruce? She always was a cute one, that's why I convinced her to stay around all these years." He then tapped the ring on his finger and winked at me. I understood. He used the power of the ring to make her happy as a teacher, and to keep her around so he could play with her. "Doesn't her skirt look nice today?" he continued. "I like the faculty dress code. Gives me something to look forward to." He then looked down at Jenny. "Do you have something to say to Bruce?"

"Oh yes I do," she replied excitedly, gently stroking Tim's cock while she turned to talk to me. "I've always thought you were a handsome man, even back when you were in my biology class. Tim always let me pick some of the students I wanted to have in my class, and I wanted you because you were bright and nice to look at." I knew I was blushing, and my voice evaded me for a bit, so I just looked down at the floor a bit before looking back at her. "Come here, Bruce. Come and lift my skirt and let me show you how much I think of you."

I walked over, knelt down behind her, and placed my fingertips on the inside of her left thigh. She moaned at the touch as she went back to sucking Tim's dick, giving it little licks and kisses up and down the shaft. I ran my fingers higher up the smooth skin, under her skirt, listening to her moans get ever so louder the higher my fingers traveled. I reached up to feel her panties, and was surprised to find only wet skin. She groaned loudly as I ran first one finger, and then a second, up and down her moist slit. "Please put it in, I need it inside" she pleaded, then started sucking harder on Tim's cock. She started taking him all the way in her mouth, up and down, more and more each time. She growled as I sunk two fingers into her cunt, but didn't stop sucking this time. More groans followed as I fucked her dripping cunt with my fingers, lifting her skirt over her hips with my other hand. I slid my fingers out and replaced them with my thumb, letting me rub her clit at the same time. I heard an "oh, yes" escape from her mouth, then as she began to twitch I saw Tim grab both sides of her head.

Tim said to me, "Make her cum. I want her to be cumming when she swallows me." Not wanting to disobey the principal, I reached under her and grabbed a breast with my free hand while slamming my thumb into her dripping cunt, trying as best as I could to keep those two fingers on her clit. It was difficult to do as she bounced her hips around, but I was giving it my best effort. Then, she started shaking, and she stiffened a bit, then started shaking some more. I knew she was coming when I could feel her clamp down on my thumb. Tim noticed it too, and held her head steady as he shoved his cock as far into her mouth as he could and let go with his own orgasm. Jenny's cheeks hollowed as she sucked down as much of his cum as she could. Most of it stayed inside her mouth, and she was quick to wipe off the excess with her finger and suck it down.

I sat back on my heels with a smile on my face. I always enjoyed making women orgasm, and this was no exception. Jenny looked back at me with a huge grin on her face, and then looked up to Tim. "Can I fuck him now?" she asked.

Tim looked down at me and laughed. "Sure, sweetie. Knock yourself out."

She literally pounced on me, knocking me to the floor when she landed on top of me. She kissed me hard, hard enough that I could taste Tim's cum in her mouth. Ordinarily I would have objected, but in this situation I wasn't going to say anything that could ruin the moment. She slid down my legs, unbuckled and unzipped my pants and shoved them down around my ankles. She fished out my hard cock from my underwear and climbed on top, sinking quickly down onto it. Then she looked at me and giggled again. "God, I never thought I'd get the chance to fuck you, Bruce. I've always wanted to, you know, all the way back in biology class." She rode my dick hard, her hands on my chest for support as she bounced her ass up and down, slamming her pussy onto my dick. "Grab my tits, will ya? Yeah, that's it. Pinch those nipples. Oh, yes, like that. Mmmmm. So when you joined the faculty, I asked Tim if there was a way... oh, damn your cock feels good... a way to include you... oh, god, so close... for me to get to fuck you... and here I am... fucking... your... oh... hard... cock... yes..." and then she sat straight up on my cock, arching her back and grabbing her tits roughly as she came. Her pussy squeezed my cock while she sat there, and after a few moments I could feel her wetness as it dampened my pubic hair. Thirty or forty seconds later, she leaned forward, resting on my chest with my dick still inside her. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug and kiss, gently thrusting up inside her as she lay on me.

I looked past her shoulder to see Tim coming up behind her, his dick hard in his hand. He kneeled down behind her, and I could tell he was getting his finger wet with some of her cum that had dribbled down her leg (and mine). I held Jenny tight so she couldn't look behind her, and I laughed when she squeaked in response to Tim's wet finger probing her ass. When he slipped two fingers inside her, I could feel it on my cock through the anal and vaginal walls separating them. When I knew that Tim was going to plunge into her ass, I held Jenny's head tightly between my hands and looked her straight in the eyes. When he popped the head of his cock into her back door, she flinched a bit, but still looked at me. She was used to somebody being back there regularly, as it didn't take long to get used to him. As he slowly sank into her tight, warm ass her eyes fluttered, then rolled back into her head a bit.

Once he started thrusting into her from behind, I started thrusting up into her pussy from underneath. I worked out the timing so we were going in and out at opposite times, so Jenny had no time where she wasn't filled somewhere. She started whimpering softly, then randomly spitting out comments about how good it felt, then getting a bit louder and babbling incoherently with a few "oh, yes" and "oh, God" comments thrown in for good measure. She was obviously enjoying the tag team. I have to admit I enjoyed her reactions as much as I did the feeling of her wet snatch hugging my cock.

I didn't know how much longer we could go on, and I was starting to feel the urge to spew. Tim had already come once, so he could take longer, but I knew ass fucking always made me come much quicker than the pussy or the mouth did, so maybe he'd be on time too. Jenny was on Neptune, floating in and out of orgasms for the ten minutes or so the three of us had been at it. I whispered into her ear "I'm gonna cum into my hot teacher's pussy now", then reached between us and pinched her nipples hard as I spewed. She screamed out some unintelligible sound, and her whole body clenched. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock, I could feel the muscle tension in her body, and I guessed the way Tim was grunting as he was slamming her ass that it was clamping down on his dick, too. He came quickly after that, holding her hips and sinking his cock as deep into her bowels as he could while he unloaded. When Jenny relaxed enough to let the two of us out of her, he sat back on the floor while I just held her for a little while longer before she rolled off of me.

Jenny went for the towels in his closet, and the three of us cleaned up a bit. I was concerned with my clothes showing wet spots I'd missed, so I asked Jenny to see if I missed any. She giggled, ran her hands up my thighs, and kissed the head of my cock, saying "I think that was the only one."

I got dressed, and went over to Tim to speak to him softly enough that Jenny couldn't hear. "Tim", I said, "I've got a meeting with a parent on Tuesday, and it could be problematic. It's Jack Johnson's mom, and you know how she gets when he lies to her and tells her that he hasn't done anything wrong, that his teacher's just don't like him because he speaks his mind." I tapped my ring finger discreetly and said, "Can I borrow it that afternoon? She's coming at 3:00."

He looked pleased, as if I was beginning to understand the true power of the ring and how it could make running the school easier. "Sure, come after school and pick it up. Remember the good of the school, and how nice it would be for us as a faculty if she could be persuaded that her son is a conniving liar and that we try our best with him. While you have the chance, you also might want to schedule a quick two minute meeting with him to try and convince him to change his behavior."

I nodded and said, "I understand. I will most definitely do that too. Perhaps I'll meet with him first, then have him sit in with me and his mother for a while. Then I'll send him off and his mother and I will meet and discuss together how we can best deal with him. I'll be by Tuesday around 2:30."

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