tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16f

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16f


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16f: Spanish Honeymoon Part 6

(Copyright 2001 by Paul C. All rights reserved}.

All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *

I opened my eyes. Somewhere in the villa a telephone was ringing. Jenny's head was resting on my arm so I couldn't see my wrist watch. It was full daylight that would mean it would have to be after six am. I could feel my prick growing as I turned onto my back behind Jenny's sleeping body. She shifted slightly as its tip touched her ass cheeks.

I leaned over her shoulder and twisted my wrist to see the face of my watch. Six-fifteen. Who would be ringing at that time? I was about to lie on my back when I felt Jenny pushing her ass cheeks back against me. I had to get some Vaseline or at least some olive oil. It must have been a year since I had last had her up there. She had helped me to ass fuck Linda and Michelle when we had been in Egypt the previous Christmas but I never got to do her.

I smiled when I thought back to that little orgy. Just the three girls and me. Michelle, the red headed CIA agent, Linda, whom we had rescued from being kidnapped and Jenny. It had been totally unplanned, totally unexpected and totally wonderful. I'd never fucked anybody in front of Jenny before but there she was holding opening fanny lips and ass cheeks for me to enter. In between a lot of licking of the other girls fannies and ass holes and vice versa. We had never talked about it. It had seemed so natural at the time. We had been through a lot. It was probably just a reaction to the events of the previous week. But it had been great.

Jenny was pushing her ass cheeks back towards me again. I pushed back. Her ass cheeks opened and I could feel my prick against her anus. I knew she liked to have it rubbed up and down against it so I moved slowly in and out. Not hard enough to open and enter her but enough to feel it.

"Hmm." She said dreamily. "That's nice. I thought I could hear bells."

"Phone was ringing."

I moved my hand to her breast and felt it. The nipple was already hardening.

"Oh." She turned her head for a kiss. "Who was it."

"I don't know."

I continued feeling her breast.

"I was thinking of going into Malaga." I said moving my prick from her anus and prodding at her fanny lips.

"Oh." She sounded disappointed. "Why?"

I helped her lift her leg and pushed with my prick.

"Hang on." She said reaching back between her legs and holding herself open for me.

I pushed inside her then lowered her leg. She adjusted her position slightly and I started moving in and out of her.

"Why do you want to go into Malaga?" She asked, returning my hand to her breast.

"I want to buy something."

This was nice. Tight yet wet.


"Some Vaseline."


This was nice.

"Do you mind?"

She was silent for a few seconds then shuddered slightly.

"You okay?" I asked, stopping my movements.

"Yes." She squeezed my hand on her breast. "That was a nice bit."

I resumed my slow thrusting.

"Now." She gave a sigh. "About the Vaseline."

"I won't get any if you don't want me to."

"I think you should."

"You. You don't mind?"

"It would be best. It might hurt otherwise."

"Then I can?"

"Well. It is our honeymoon."

I could feel her fanny tightening around me each time I entered her and release me each time I pulled back. I quickened.

"Ah." She gasped lifting her leg slightly and pushing her ass back against me.

I tried to get closer to her, get more of my prick inside her.

She was pulling away from me. I followed her with my prick still moving in and out. She was turning to lie on her front. I followed her, still joined. I had a breast in either hand, my legs were between hers and I could feel my pubic hairs against her ass cheeks.

This was great. I moved faster, then faster still. I could feel my balls tightening. My prick was swelling. Two more thrusts and I was there. I kept moving my prick in and out whilst I shot inside her. Then I collapsed forward still holding her breasts.

"You alright?" I asked one of her ears.

"I'll let you know when I can breathe." She gasped.

Releasing her breasts I sat back on my heels, my prick pulling from her and looked down at her back.

We had used the swimming pool the previous afternoon after Siesta and the effects of the sun could already be seen in the white stripes on her shoulders and the red 'v' on her back that pointed to her ass.

"How's your back?" I asked, holding her ass cheeks apart and looking down at her anus.

"It's a bit sore. That's why I didn't want to lie on my back."

I could hear a car engine starting outside so, curiosity getting the better of me, I allowed Jenny's ass cheeks to close and walked to the balcony doors. I looked through the slats of the blinds and saw Herto opening the gates then climbing into the van.

"It's Herto." I said over my shoulder to Jenny but she was closing the bathroom door behind herself.

Must be going down to the markets in Malaga. I thought to myself and was about to turn away when I saw the van stop outside the gates to the contessa's villa. Two men in black trousers and white shirts carried two boxes from inside the villa's grounds and, with Herto's help, placed them in the back of the van. Strange, I thought. Then again was it. He was probably just taking something somewhere for them.

The van doors closed and Herto drove off out of sight.

One of the men walked up the flight of stone steps to the swimming pool, knelt and placed his hand in the water as if to check the temperature.

Something behind him attracted his attention and he stood up and turned.

The younger of the two women from the previous day was talking to him. She was wearing her bathrobe. They both looked about them then they embraced and kissed. His hands were straight onto her ass cheeks, feeling them through her bathrobe.

The man wanted to go into the building but the woman seemed to be against this. Instead she led him around to the side of the building in my direction. They were in shadow there.

They stopped with the man close behind her. He had her robe open and his hands on her breasts. It looked as if he was trying to get her to bend over a round table but she was resisting. His hand was on her fanny. His fingers were rubbing furiously over her clit. She rested her hands on the tabletop. Still rubbing her fanny the man lifted her robe with his other hand to expose her ass cheeks. I could almost hear her gasp as she threw back her head. Had she come? The man was unfastening his trousers. He was holding his prick. It looked long from here. He moved forward behind the woman. She leaned forward, spreading her legs wide. She lifted from the table as if she had been shot which I took to be a sign he was inside her then collapsed forward again as he moved swiftly in and out. The man suddenly stopped moving and pulled hard upon the woman's hips. I could imagine how he felt, shooting his come inside her.

The bathroom door opened and Jenny re-appeared drying her hair from the shower.

My prick was hard.

"What shall we do today." Jenny asked, then continued as I turned to face her. "Oh. More?"

She was looking down at my prick and licking her lips.

"I've just had a shower." She continued sitting on the edge of the bed and guiding my prick between her lips.

I made a sound as her tongue rubbed against the underside of my pick. I placed my hands on the sides of her head partly covering her ears. Her fingers stroked the base of my prick as her lips worked on its head. I thought of that woman bent over the table and the man with the long prick thrusting in and out of her fanny. I was thrusting myself. Holding Jenny's head still and using her mouth as I would her fanny. Her head jerked backwards at the force of my first load as I shot against the back of her throat. I came, again and again. Her head and fingers moved. Her lips sucked.

"I liked that."

I finally managed to say when I had control of my breathing.

"I'm am glad." Jenny stood up and kissed me. "I do my best."

I returned her kiss and felt her ass cheeks. We needed some Vaseline.

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