tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 14

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 14


Chapter 14

10th July

Slut abroad

I love holidays and this year was no exception. I was anticipating sun, sea and sex. Alex and Dani were taking me. I promised Mum to be on my best behaviour, lying smoothly.

Although we were up at sparrow fart I did not mind. Alex had decided what I should wear. Dani and her were dressed almost identically in white crop tops, ripped jeans and white trainers. They looked fantastic and had been to the tanning shop. Alex's piercings make her nipples permanently erect. Dani had hers switched off but no doubt they would appear later.

In contrast I was wearing a lime green halter neck summer dress with matching heels. The dress was obscenely short and the back only just covered the top of my bum crack. I had been forbidden to wear knickers. The cotton was thin and the slightest puff of wind had the dress up around my waist. I had only been permitted a single session under the sun bed so I was conspicuously pale compared to my siblings.

I was conspicuous full stop which was Alex's intention. I protested which just ended up with me over her knee for a well-deserved spanking. I was sat in the back of the taxi between Alex and Dani. Alex kept forcing my knees apart until Dani decided that the South London traffic was too dangerous for a distracted driver.

I had to pull Alex's suitcase as well as my own and my continuing difficulty in balancing on six inch heels just drew more attention. Once we had dropped off our bags, more embarrassment ensued on the escalators. I was sent to get coffee and carrying the tray back to the table caused more than one seated customer to choke. Once I was sat down, Alex started touching me up. I had to get back up and grab a handful of napkins to soak up my cum as I climaxed silently. Dani pretended not to notice.

I had been worried about my piercings setting of the metal detectors when we went through security. Alex assured me that because they were gold it would be fine. I went through last and it was not fine. I was pulled to one side by a butch member of the Border Force. I looked around for help but my sisters had disappeared. I had to lift my arms as the woman patted me down far too thoroughly.

She was not happy and accused me of smuggling drugs. I replied unwisely.

"Why would I be smuggling drugs out of the country? And where could I possibly hide them."

The woman's smile was not at all pleasant. Two men joined her and they leered at me. The woman pointed out the flaw in my logic.

"We know exactly where sluts like you hide drugs. Now you can come quietly or these gentlemen will help you. You don't want that, believe me"

Meekly I fell in behind me with the two men uncomfortably behind me. Then we stopped. The woman opened one door and the men opened a second and disappeared. She pushed me into a room with battleship grey walls and little furniture. One wall was replaced by a full length mirror and there were several small cameras which seemed to cover every angle. I was a little bit miffed to be suspected of being a mule. I had never broken the law in my life. Except when I had. I tried my poshest most imperious voice which came out as a high pitched squeak.

"Excuse me. Shouldn't I have a chaperone?"

The Border Force officer did that horrible smile again.

"Oh, there's no need for that. The cameras are here for your own protection and my colleagues would not let you come to any harm. Again, we can do this the hard way if you like. Now strip."

I just looked at her. She slapped me hard and I started to cry but reached up and undid the bow behind my neck. The dress pooled around my ankles. I instinctively covered myself as much as I could with my hands and bent my knees. My shoes were still in the black box thing with the rest of my hand luggage, back at the x ray scanners.

"Stand up straight girl. Hand me your dress. Yes you can bend down to pick it up, stupid child."

The inspection of the flimsy garment took far longer than was necessary. Eventually the woman gave it a long sniff and handed it back to me. I had to turn around and walk to the door to hang the dress up and then walk back under the dyke's lecherous glare.

I was made to stop and stand looking at the mirror. I was warned not to make a sound. I was a good eight inches taller than her but she had a sinister power over me. She kept getting really close and sniffing my skin. I was not sure what she was sniffing for. Illegal drugs, perhaps. Or maybe she disapproved of my perfume. I felt even more humiliated when she made me lift my arms and she sniffed under them. I was then made to knee and lean my head right back.

"Open your mouth, bitch."

I was certainly going to make a complaint about her manners. She produced a torch from her belt and shone it inside and made me put my tongue out. She then thrust an ungloved finger inside. At least it tasted of soap. Next I had to take off my hairband so she could rummage about in my hair like a nit nurse. I let out a little yelp of surprise when she pulled a few strands out.

"I like blondes, but rarely do the curtains and carpet match. You of course have laminate flooring so it is even harder. Now stand up. Go over to the table. Stop. Put your hands on the table. Feet apart. Don't move. Let's see what's in Victoria's secret compartments. I looked at myself in the mirror with no idea how many eyes were looking back at me.

I heard a couple of loud sniffs behind me and felt the woman's hot breath on my vulva. Then my labia were parted and she pulled hard on each of my piercings. More embarrassment was added.

"Doesn't look like I need any KY with you."

I was unfortunately as wet as an otter's pocket. More fingers than were absolutely necessary were thrust roughly into my vagina and I started crying again. What must have been her thumb wormed its way into my anus. The vaginal examination seemed to go on forever before she withdrew and rammed her no doubt very slippery fingers up my arse. Fortunately this cavity was also empty but if anything had been there the security officer would have found it.

Then it was over.

"Thank you, miss. Everything appears to be in order. You can go. Next time you travel you might like to wear knickers."

I found my own way back to the main security area. Alex was smiling and holding my shoes. I was suddenly a disobedient slut.

"You fucking bitch," I hissed. "You know her, don't you?"

"Yes, Cat. Quite an expensive twenty minutes all in all."

"You actually paid her?"

"No, stupid. She paid me. Don't worry. Dan knows exactly how much. You get 80% 'cos you did the work."

It was all a bit too much and I had to rush to the toilet and wank myself to a very quick adrenaline fuelled orgasm.

I thought that we were done but getting on the actual plane proved challenging. Alex made me put the hand luggage in the overhead locker which had a predictable effect upon my dress. The old man in the seat behind me went a very strange colour. I briefly imagined having to perform CPR on him with my bare bum in the air.

Alex surprised me by allowing me to take the middle seat. I quickly dozed off and was vaguely aware of my knees being apart whereas they had definitely been together when I fell asleep. I was also being interfered with. I opened my eyes slightly and looked down at the uniform sleeve of one of the trolley dollies. Two of her fingers were pumping in and out of my vagina whilst her thumb ground my clitoris painfully. I heard Alex speaking matter of factly.

"Oh, yes they are rather good, if I do say so myself. Take my card. I will give you a discount if you want any piercings done yourself. Don't worry about her, she is a total slut. She probably won't even wake up. Dan hand me some tissues. Your sister is going to make a mess."

I came and gushed but kept my eyes closed. How could Alex treat me so badly? I knew the answer and that was why I came so quickly. The stewardess stood up and addressed me primly.

"That's OK, miss. I am glad I could help."

I opened my eyes and pretended to look confused. Then I put my head on Dani's shoulder and drifted off to sleep again. When the plane landed the old man behind was probably as relieved as me that Alex took the bags down. As she stretched though, he got a great view of her magnificent underboob.

Baggage reclaim is always boring and Alex amused herself by making me stand where I could be stared at the most. Dani eventually saved me by going to the toilet and emerging in a pair of Daisy Dukes and white stilettoes. She had turned her nipples up to full and sashayed slowly across the concourse like she was on a catwalk before stopping next to me and leaning her hip into mine.

We were collected by a dirty old man in a large clean taxi. The day was warm but windy and my private parts were viewed by scores of people despite my best efforts at modesty. Alex got in the front and Dani and I in the back. We were ordered to spread our legs but I managed to strategically place my handbag in front of my bare pussy.

Alex explained to me that we were here to work. As we passed along the coast road and through a couple of resorts, the number of scantily clad women made me think that we were bringing coals to Newcastle. Our destination was a small village at the very end of the road. It was much quieter than its mega resort neighbour and contained two fairly large hotels built in to the hillside overlooking an azure bay dotted with yachts and fringed with a golden beach.

Before the invention of cheap air travel the only income in the village had come from the sea; poor catches of fish and big catches of contraband. My grandfather came from the largest smuggling family in the village which was still somewhat of a 'company town'. The family owned the two large hotels and a handful of smaller ones plus bars, boat hire, the local police and town hall. Like the northern part of my family my cousins operated under the radar. There were no super yachts or Lamborghinis to be seen.

Alex went on to explain that every summer the village hosted a 'ladies' week," with massive discounts for women staying alone or in pairs. Started at a time when the country had strict discrimination against most minorities, this event became popular with lesbians, principally from Germany and the Low Countries. It had continued in a discreet manner and was particularly aimed at those still in the closet or just bi-curious. It was also popular with women prepared to show the first group a good time. That included us, apparently. That was OK with me but I had not yet discovered how we were going to make money.

We were dropped off at a white apartment block a little way back from the sea front on a steep hill. I was not further humiliated and once we had carried our luggage up three flights of stairs, Alex took Dani and I to lunch. It turned into a proper relaxed lunch and Dani flirted with the waiters who certainly gave us great service.

Alex took her leave and went off to see a woman about a dog. Dani and I were ordered to get some tanning in and have a nap. The apartment had two large bedrooms. I pointed out that there were three of us. Dani smiled.

"Alex will expect you to share with her. I know what you two get up to. I do not really approve, mind you."

I blushed, caught out. I was quite used to sharing a room with Dani and we had never got up to anything naughty. I was slightly torn but not much. I unpacked and asked Dani's advice about what swimsuit to wear. She came into my room naked and stunning and announced that there were sunbeds on the flat roof and an even tan was guaranteed. She handed me a beach towel and I followed her up the stairs, admiring her buttocks and thighs and sorely tempted to push the boundaries of sisterly love.

It was only when we emerged onto the roof of the apartment building that I realised how close the two hotels were. We were totally over looked and a number of women were on the hotel balconies looking down at us. Dani waved and they waved back. I suddenly became shy and covered my nakedness with the large towel. Dani laughed at me again.

"Don't worry, Cat. They aren't interested in your bee stings. They want to see these puppies and who am I to deny them. Tell you what. Go back downstairs; put on a pair of shorts and tuck your hair into a baseball cap. Then everybody will think you're my brother."

I counterattacked.

"You bitch. So you think I should have implants as well. It's a lot of money."

"These beauties paid for themselves in a month."

I dropped my towel and sidled over to my dear sister. She had her back to me and let me apply sun cream from top to bottom. She had already been on the sunbeds at home and her skin was like honey but she burns easily. Then I turned her around and took her right breast in both hands and had a good old feel. It was magnificently lumpy and squishy at the same time. Then I did the same with the left breast and leant forward and sucked her nipple gently. It sprang into action almost instantly as did its sister. Releasing her I gently took her dry right nipple between thumb and forefinger.

I squeezed, twisted and yanked down. Dani screamed and grabbed her injured mammary. I turned to the assembled audience and did a little bow to much applause. I then lowered myself on to my back, spread my legs a little and absorbed the UV. I was asleep in seconds. I wondered if Dani would retaliate but I am quite a bit stronger than her. I tan pretty well as long as I do not overdo it. I had put my phone under the bed and set the alarm so that I got forty minutes on each side.

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