Wicked Games: The Stories

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Read the tales of falling in love with someone you shouldn't.
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Wicked Games: An Author Challenge Invitational

From event organizer blackrandl1958:

What if you found yourself falling in love with someone you feel you shouldn’t? What if you were the person who was a risk to love? How would that play out? Would you be ships passing in the night, always a what might have been, heartbreak and treachery, or the love of a lifetime?

And now, the stories:

A Bump in the Night by laptopwriter

A Virtual Affair by sbrooks103x

Beauty and the Beast by Bh76

Because He Could by Hooked1957

Crossed Paths by SouthernCrossfire

Got To Get You Into My Life by Harddaysknight

He Loved Lucy by MattblackUK

His World was On Fire by Tnicoll

I Never Liked by qhml1

It Takes Two to Tango by Justplainjeff

Logan's Mistake by PAPATOAD

Milf Tails: Get Lucky by lovecraft68

Playing the Game by Fredoberto

The Best-Laid Schemes by stev2244

The Other Side of Paradise by dtiverson

Vigilante Shit by blackrandl1958

What Wicked Games We Play by Cagivagurl

Wicked Game by amyyum

If you've got an idea for a themed writing challenge, feel free to contact us anytime.

If you're looking for a fun way to stretch your skills, check out our list of current author-organized challenges.

A special thank-you to blackrandl1958 for creating and organizing this awesome mini-event, and to all the authors and readers of Literotica who make up the Lit community.

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Simon_MastersSimon_Masters21 days ago

Lovely collection, well done everyone.

AnonymousAnonymous26 days ago

I enjoyed this collection very much. My thanks to all the authors who took up the challenge and to the inimitable Randi for proposing and shepherding (wrangling?) the set to completion.

UnassignedUnassigned27 days ago

Guess I'm an outlier, I really liked Tnicoll's story. Sure, maybe I didn't *like* Holly but she had some depth, unlike the typical cheating wife with an IQ of 20 and no motivation other than "I could". Her motivation was reasonable, the fault was her execution, i.e. she should have divorced Parker when she realized how incompatible they were, before finding another partner.

AnonymousAnonymous28 days ago

Harry has a point. The over used trope of a wife who appears at the onset to be able get away with anything and her husband can't do anything about it... makes for an easy set up for dramatic tension but it's so overused that it no longer commands the same power it once did. I realize that there's only so many story plots and they get re-hashed but creating fleshed out characters and treating them with respect instead of two dimensional cut-outs makes all the difference when using these tropes. The other much more dificult answer is to try find either unique set-up's or at least enough of a difference to make it fresh and interesting. Lastly the trope of the clever, strong male suddenly unable to think for himself and then behaving in destructive ways is so unlike most men out there and it's the opposite of the Martian Slut Ray

Let's call it the Venus Wimp Cloud that hits strong brave inteligent men who then fall apart in the way writers who have no concept of what or who real men are - describe.

WargamerWargamer28 days ago

I’ve read them all and what a great set of stories

The one l really didn’t like was Tnicoll’s it has the lowest score

All the other rated mainly 5s.

Thank you for a great writing event.

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