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30 Silver Coins (4.13)Rich man and his money gives pretty wife serious temptations. Loving Wives 03/14/07
A Simple Trap (3.91)An affair is brought up to daylight. Loving Wives 08/27/10
Absent Friend (3.62)Wife plays with a toy boy. Loving Wives 07/31/04
Accidental Confession (3.99)A confession means consequences. Loving Wives 03/23/12
Action (4.24)Testing a new smart-phone got the big ball rolling. Loving Wives 06/01/12
Adultery (4.11)A new solution to an ancient problem. Loving Wives 05/09/06
An Eye For an Eye. (4.27)Sharing a serious problem with several other couples. Loving Wives 05/07/11
Ankle Bracelet (4.10)Cheating wife is borbidden to take off her lover's gift. Loving Wives 12/14/04
Assistance Appreciated (3.86)Hummiliated husband wants help and get it in unusal way. Loving Wives 03/13/06
Barbed Dart (4.19)Modern husband used experiences from the old west. Loving Wives 08/24/12
Battle Without a Winner (4.29)There is a snake in every Paradise. Loving Wives 05/06/05
Beautiful Girls Likes Naughty Boys (4.19)This old truth is still valid. Loving Wives 05/31/09
Blackmailed Pretty Wife (4.02)Anonymous letter puts her man on the warpath. Loving Wives 02/04/05
Bought Intercourse isn't Real Love (4.32)Wife refused to stay away from playing with fire. Loving Wives 03/16/11
Cheated Cheaters (3.90)Even cheaters can be victims of strong temptations. Loving Wives 04/04/07
Cheating at a Political Meeting (3.95)Jilted man gets the upper hand. Loving Wives 02/19/05
Cheating Doesn't Pay (4.31)Many regrets after limited pleasures. Loving Wives 11/18/08
Cheating With a Pimp (3.89)Naive wife gets her into a dangerous mess. Loving Wives 02/02/05
Chicken Race (4.22)Winner fears that he won the race, but lost his wife. Loving Wives 01/14/08
Cupid's Forklift (4.09)A cheater's love and faith are fragile gifts. Loving Wives 04/21/08
Dangerous Temptations (3.92)It's difficult to choose between strong feelings & sense. Loving Wives 07/17/05
Delaware: 3 Part Series
Delaware Ch. 01 (4.17)Adultery in the past causes adultery in our time. Loving Wives 09/23/07
Delaware Ch. 02 (4.40)Historic society members are cheating and divorced. Loving Wives 10/04/07
Delaware Ch. 03 (4.32)Remorse, tears and several divorces. Loving Wives 10/26/07
Demands (3.97)Wife demands eight free secret nights out. Loving Wives 05/17/10
Divorce Celebrating Party (4.11)Wife envied her newly divorced friend and did stupid things. Loving Wives 11/24/09
Dogging (4.14)New times. New habits. New problems. Loving Wives 09/08/06
Doomsday (4.07)Words might be sharper than swords. Loving Wives 06/30/12
Evening Class (4.14)Romance, love and consequences. Loving Wives 11/13/09
Faith, Hope, Charity, and Cheating (4.41)Husband's revenge. Loving Wives 10/01/05
Falling Down - Climbing Up: 2 Part Series
Falling Down - Climbing Up (4.24)Husband got a flu and found a clue about what the wife did. Loving Wives 03/12/10
Falling Down - Climbing Up Ch. 02 (4.24)Divorced husband tries to find the main road to happiness. Loving Wives 03/15/10
Forbidden Temptations (4.21)Wife demands to spend a night with her boss on a raft. Loving Wives 08/15/06
Forgotten Wows (4.22)A cuckold tries to obtain revenge. Loving Wives 12/05/04
Four Weddings (4.41)Cheating can be a quantum leap for better life. Loving Wives 03/22/08
Gambia, West Africa (3.76)Wife goes to Africa on a secret trip, with cheating included. Loving Wives 09/11/10
Ghost Hunting Husband (4.28)Her lover was as impossible to find as to find a ghost. Loving Wives 02/10/07
Go or Not Go For It? (4.30)Pretty wife tempts fate & goes for an exciting affair. Loving Wives 02/07/08
Gold Plated Lighter (4.09)He found a strange lighter under a bed and took action. Loving Wives 06/24/10
Greed Doesn't Pay (3.96)Lover wanted much more of her than her love. Loving Wives 06/15/06
Hard Action (3.95)Wife in danger; husband forced to perform a rescue action. Loving Wives 08/05/09
Her Horrible Holiday (4.00)She wanted, she bought, and she paid. Loving Wives 05/27/05
Her Secret Conference (4.21)Husband tries to find out the secret. Loving Wives 09/20/04
Her Secret Text Messages (4.25)Something must be wrong, but what? He had to know. Loving Wives 07/04/08
Her Temptations (4.11)Lovely wife's wedding bands are no obstacles for seducers. Loving Wives 08/14/08
Her Total Turnabout (3.70)Divorced friends play with toy-boys. Loving Wives 11/25/04
Her Unexpected Net Dating (4.07)Wife wants to do what her friends says to be doing Loving Wives 02/14/12
How High a Price (Simple Solution) (3.64)A New different ending to a classic good old story. Loving Wives 10/07/12
Hullabaloo Party (4.28)One cancelled wedding & three divorces. Loving Wives 08/28/04
Husband's Awakening (3.85)He found out exactly what he had suspected and feared. Loving Wives 10/02/13
I Did It My Way (4.07)A different love story. Loving Wives 12/04/05
Is it a Wishful Dream? (3.73)What got wife dreaming about sex with her ex? Loving Wives 11/17/06
Isle Of Capri (4.28)Wife and her ex have plans for romantic holiday trip. Loving Wives 07/16/09
It Began With a Mole Mob (4.24)A bad marriage doesn't mean the end of the world Loving Wives 02/21/12
Jolted Consequences (4.37)Revenge isn't always as sweet as it is expected to be. Loving Wives 12/23/06
Kickback (4.29)A real man takes care of creeps. Loving Wives 08/06/07
Love For Sail (3.88)Wife wants go sailing with bad friends, husband objects. Loving Wives 04/27/10
Madeira wine (3.23)Wife is seduced by black basket star. Loving Wives 04/26/04
Marriage Under Attack (4.18)Skilled seducer wants to take his wife and her money. Loving Wives 10/22/06
Mission Impossible (3.93)Are the rumors about his wife true? Loving Wives 06/08/05
Naughty Women Prefer Good Men (4.17)Cheating wives always leave visible clues for their men. Loving Wives 02/24/05
Once in a Lifetime: 2 Part Series
Once in a Lifetime Ch. 01 (4.15)A romantic dream cames true but turns to a terrible mess. Loving Wives 07/08/07
Once in a Lifetime Ch. 02 (3.41)There ought to be a high price to pay for cheating. Loving Wives 07/19/07
Our Glory Night (4.03)Old wows are forgotten & new wows are given. Loving Wives 03/02/05
Overreacting Angry Husband. (3.96)Cheating wife created an anger out of control. Loving Wives 12/18/09
Poor and Proud (4.45)Hubby has problems; trophy wife wants "greener grass". Loving Wives 09/03/07
Problem (4.15)He knows the whole truth, but she doesn't care about it. Loving Wives 10/10/08
Rainy Morning (3.83)Husband is told some bad news Monday morning. Loving Wives 07/23/09
Red Wine On Her Yellow Dress (4.21)A tale told from both sides. Loving Wives 02/13/09
Revenge and Remorse (4.27)Cheating can be a one-way road with no return. Loving Wives 05/15/07
Runaway Monkey (4.36)Skilled seducer forced to accept a strange wager. Loving Wives 06/10/07
She Dares to Play with Her Marriage (4.34)Is she a winner or a loser? Loving Wives 05/27/06
Six Minutes. (4.02)Cheating wife left on the right time on the wrong train. Loving Wives 08/20/09
Swimmer Saves Marriages: 2 Part Series
Swimmer Saves Marriages (3.97)Happy marriages are in danger at conferences. Loving Wives 04/17/05
Swimmer Saves Marriages Ch. 02 (4.03)Once again, the swimmer saves their marriage. Loving Wives 08/04/05
Temptations (3.84)Sometimes it might be difficult to resist temptations. Loving Wives 05/02/12
The Coctail Cabinet Eye Opener (4.01)Cheating is a dirty game with a few winners and many losers. Loving Wives 04/27/13
The Divorce Bank (4.35)Can she resist all temptations at her new job? Loving Wives 02/21/06
The New Road (4.23)Is it a highway to adultery? Loving Wives 12/25/05
The Receipt (4.29)Strange date, time and location made husband suspicious. Loving Wives 09/06/08
The Winner Gets Everything (4.36)Husband tells a story about a loving wife. Loving Wives 07/15/11
Third & Final Courting Of Wife (3.86)What will the poor husband do? Loving Wives 10/08/04
Those Who Cuckold Get Paid Back: 2 Part Series
Those Who Cuckold Get Paid Back (4.13)Her horny admirers have plans for pretty wife. Loving Wives 01/25/11
Those Who Cuckold Get Paid Back Ch. 02 (3.74)A high time for the moment of truth in their marriage. Loving Wives 01/29/11
To Be or Not To Be Dumped? (4.32)Love is an exciting game with many ups and downs. Loving Wives 11/28/07
To Be or Not to Be Unfaithful? (4.02)No problem for seduced wife, but worse for husband. Loving Wives 04/05/06
Toy-Boy Forced to Act as Adult (4.20)Older rich girl + younger average guy = marriage problems. Loving Wives 09/20/10
Ultimate hummiliation Of a Husband (4.06)Wife gave her lover everything she never gave her husband. Loving Wives 10/01/09
Unexpected Surprice (3.89)Home for few days, husband finds a real mess. Loving Wives 11/06/06
Vendetta (4.27)Cheating can be a rough game. Loving Wives 06/07/08
Volvo Shows A Clue (3.89)Husband administers justice for cheating wife. Loving Wives 06/04/04
Wife Gone (4.21)Pretty wife gone without leving a trace for her husband. Loving Wives 02/06/13
Wife's Promotion (3.99)Why isn't husband invited to her promotion party? Loving Wives 02/07/05
Wild West Club (3.90)Black Casanova and feminine politicians cause trouble. Loving Wives 11/07/04
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