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General Hospital: Mia & Jason


I was up early the next day, enjoying the heavenly scents drifting up to my room from the diner below. I had an appointment first thing with Joanne who had been busy looking for places for me to put down PC roots. I stretched with the gracefulness of a cat as I slid out of bed and across the hallway to take a shower. Lovely Elizabeth was warming the hall with her presence and the steamy heat of the bathroom was just what the doctor ordered.

Joanne met me downstairs in the diner proper where we chatted over a light breakfast. I needed my usual two cups of java to get me going. Brain functioning, we took off in her Mercedes to view the properties she had lined up.

She saved the best for last and I made an immediate offer. It had been on the market for awhile, the former home of a notorious gangster. I swear there were bullet holes in the walls. It was rather dark but the history of the place gave it charm. I made a generous offer, knowing it would be accepted since the place had been on the market too long. Joanne left me to lock up and I explored the mobster's former penthouse apartment.

As I stood admiring the view off the balcony, I heard the door slam open. I turned and saw a dark, sinister looking yet handsome blond stud standing before me. "Hello! What have we here?" I asked.

"I'll ask the questions, lady," he barked, blue eyes flashing daggers of lightning at me. "Who are you and what are you doing in the penthouse?"

I smiled, liking his brisk no nonsense approach. "My name is Mia Thyme and I am about to purchase this place. Now, who are you?"

A shadow quickly passed over his face as he let his guard down. "Jason Morgan, I live across the hall. Sorry for the intrusion, I guess I am not used to strangers up here on the Penthouse floor."

My pink lips curled up, amused. "Ah, I see. So we will be neighbors! Good to know there is a strong, tough guy to protect me nearby."

What passed for a smile swept over his lips as he grunted, "In more ways than one, babe. Are you packing?"

My eyebrows lifted in a questioning way, "Packing? As in carrying a weapon?"

"That's what I mean, cupcake. You carry?"

"No, but you can frisk me anyway."

That was all he needed as his hands begin to fondle my form, searching for any concealed weapons. "Too many layers, need to remove some." Then he quickly began to strip me until I stood naked before him.

"Satisfied?" I asked, naked and obviously not concealing.

"Not quite. Cavity search. On your knees, girl."

I did as he asked and his fingers begin to pry open my tight holes, supposedly searching for weapons but you and I both know better. Two long fingers slid into my hot wet cunt and he began to manipulate them in and out, filling me, massaging me, stretching me. "Ohhhh, Jason!" I moaned in ecstasy.

"You like that?" he asked, needlessly, as I began to turn into a piece of spineless flesh, pressing back into his searching fingers and wanting to be filled by him. It felt so good, having those warm long appendages easing me open, my juices quickly began to flow and coat his fingers with my desire.

"Yes, Jason, yes. Please give me more," I begged like the wanton slut I was, needing to be filled with those long hot fingers of his. He slid another in when he heard my request. I could feel his three fingers slipping in and out of my wetness. He knew how to use them, he knew how to please a woman. He knew exactly what I needed and wanted.

His fingers continued to move in and out, fucking me with deep steady strokes as he quietly watched my body respond to him. I was the proverbial putty in his hands as he pulled and pushed and prodded and squeezed me open to accommodate those deliciously wicked fingers of his. Soon I felt him pick up the pace, his fingers began to relentlessly fuck me, pushing in and pulling out, my juices coating him completely now as I moaned, helpless upon the bare floor. He didn't let up, his continued on, acting as if he wanted to bury all of them inside me.

"Do you want to cum, Mia?" he asked me in that hauntingly cruel voice of his.

I purred, slowly. "Please, Jason, yes!"

"Beg," he ordered in a tone that would brook no argument.

And so I did, my body withering beneath his touch like he owned it. I began to plead and beg as if it were the last day on Earth and this was my last chance to ever have an orgasm. Finally I heard his husky whisper as he gave me permission to finally cum and I did, covering his fingers and hand with my juices once more.

He pulled his hand quickly from my sopping cunt and brought it to my mouth where he pushed the three wettest fingers past my lips. I sucked them clean, knowing this is exactly what he wanted. When he was satisfied, he pulled them from my mouth, stood and left the penthouse.

I sat on the floor staring after him for some minutes before reality finally caught up with me and I dressed. After making sure I was all neat and tidy in the bathroom mirror, I walked out of the penthouse, locking it up behind me. I took out one of my business cards and jotted a short note on it before I stuck it in the door jam around Jason's penthouse, so conveniently located right across the hall from what I hoped would soon be my PC residence.


Let your fingers do the walking over to my place anytime.

Kisses, Mia

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