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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 2

The Calendar Shoot, an afternoon Tryst, and Ari's Welcome Aboard Party


- Grace 162cm tall, 81B(B)x53(W)x84(H)cm, 49kg, Brn eyes, Short Blk Hair

- Emy 168cm tall, 89B(B)x56(W)x89(H)cm, 52kg, Brn eyes, Long Brn Hair

- Carmen 155cm tall, 86C(B)x58(W)x89(H)cm, 48kg, Blu eyes, Long Aub Hair

- Ellie 162cm tall, 86B(B)x61(W)x86(H)cm, 50kg, Brn eyes, Med Brn Hair

- Liberty 150cm tall, 81A(B)x53(W)x84(H)cm, 46kg, Brn eyes, Long Brn Hair

- Carlina 160cm tall, 86B(B)x58(W)x89(H)cm, 49kg, Hzl eyes, Med Blk Hair

- MaryAnn 155cm tall, 84B(B)x56(W)x84(H)cm, 48kg, Brn eyes, Long Brn Hair

- Becky 160cm tall, 84B(B)x61(W)x86(H)cm, 50kg, Brn eyes, Long Blk Hair

- Ronni 170cm tall, 89C(B)x56(W)x91(H)cm, 54kg, Brn eyes, Long Brn Hair

- Ari 165cm tall, 87C(B)x55(W)x88(H)cm, 51kg, Brn eyes, Long Brn Hair

- Lily 157cm tall, 81A(B)x56(W)x86(H)cm, 49kg, Brn eyes, Med Blk Hair *

- Amber 162cm tall, 86B(B)x56(W)x86(H)cm, 50kg, Hzl eyes, Long Blk Hair *

* Lily and Amber are on temporary assignment in Singapore


- Walton Garcia, CEO at the Reflection (magazine editor)

- Randolph Montrez, Sr. Legislator in the Philippines senate (politician)

- Wilson Gomez, COO, PHT Industries (high-tech executive)

- Gregorio Baltazar, Group VP, Carlsberg Brewing, LTD.

- Lucas Guno, Chairman, Intercontinental Hotels, LTD.

- Ricardo Guzman, Sr. Partner, Guzman/Rodriguez (attorney)

The girls had returned from their shopping trip with a completely new wardrobe for Ari, as well as a few new things for themselves. Christina and Karla had chaperoned the voyage, with Karla driving the Bentley. Grace and Carlina accompanied Ari, showing her the best stores and introducing her to some of the designers. Ari's new closet now included more than a dozen lingerie outfits, a half-dozen skimpy bikini bathing suits, another half-dozen evening dresses with appropriate undergarments, garter belts, and hose. Then they had gone shopping for shoes (do all Filipino women crave shoes?). Four pairs of 'fuckme boots' in a variety of materials and colors, ten pairs of open-toed high heels and four pairs of high-heeled pumps rounded out the collection. All manner of accessories and costume jewelry was a necessary compliment. It took all five ladies just to carry things up to Ari's room, plus two of the grounds keepers and a maid.

"Gawd, I have never seen this much stuff!" Ari exclaimed, her eyes wide as she perused all of the packages, boxes, and bags.

"Let's help her get these things put away girls." Christina told them. "We only have a couple of hours before pool time." she added, referring to the four o'clock 'bikini shoot' in the courtyard. Rocky had a very high-priced photographer coming to shoot the pictures for the annual 'Kingdom Kalendar', and would be very displeased if the girls weren't ready on time. "Hang the dresses; but leave them out. I will have them pressed before they go into the wardrobe." Christina said. "Make sure all the tags are off of everything before it goes anywhere. We don't want any surprises!" she added, recalling the last Welcome Party -- for Liberty -- where a tag was left hanging from the armpit of her otherwise stunning dress.

Ari looked worried. "I'm not sure I'm ready for this." she stammered.

"Nonsense dear. You've done plenty of modeling, that's all this is." Christina replied, brushing Ari's cheek with the back of her hand. "You'll be fine." she added "But let's pick out a bikini and coverup that will look good out there!" This seemed to perk the new girl up, and she followed Christina over to the pile of bathing suits.

"I like this one." Ari said, holding up a thong suit with tiny patches that would barely cover her nipples. It was leopard print; but with gold lame where there would otherwise have been a light beige. The strings that held it up were basic black. "And this coverup." she said, holding up a sheer brown shorty kimono with a fine black fringe. It was almost completely transparent, and would only cover her hips if she held her arms down at her sides. Any breeze at all and any semblance of covering would be gone.

"Oh my girl, I love your taste!" Christina told her. "Don't forget the shoes; but I think you can handle that."

"Wear these Ari!" Carlina shouted excitedly, holding up a pair of black patent open-toed heels with gold buckles. "I think they're perfect!" she added.

"Done!" Ari replied, taking the shoes and placing them with the rest of the selections.

Christina stood in the middle of the room. "Okay girls, I need a few minutes with Ari please." she told them. "Thank you so much for your help today, and we'll see you in the courtyard in an hour or so." Karla shooed the other girls out the door and closed it behind her. Without a word, Ari sat on the edge of her bed looking anxiously at Christina.

"Okay doll." Christina began. "I just need to fill you in on some of the details about your party on Saturday evening, okay?" she said, sitting next to Ari and resting her hand on the young woman's thigh. Ari nodded her acknowledgement. "I don't want you to worry about anything. It really is a party to welcome you and introduce you to Rocky's most elite customers. We will be serving a fabulous meal right here in the dining hall, and we'll even have live music. After dinner the parties usually turn into something more like an orgy; but keep in mind dear, there will be ten girls and only six men. How bad could that be?" she laughed. "There will probably be three or four of them that want to give you some attention, and maybe even two of them that want to take you at the same time; but we will all be there to make sure they stay in line -- and Rocky doesn't take kindly to any sort of funny stuff with his homegirls." Christina told her.

"What about you and Rocky?" Ari asked.

"Ah... well, I'm off limits, and Rocky is with me." Christina laughed again. "And I will have a hair and makeup gal here three hours before the party starts, just to give you looks that kill honey." she added, brushing Ari's hair back from her face. "Relax dear. You've made it to the top." A knock came at the door. "One minute please!" Christina said loudly enough so the knocker could hear, then she took Ari's hand in hers and squeezed. "Any questions sweetie?" she asked. Ari shook her head no and returned the smile. "Okay then. We should let Mary Ann back in so she can get ready!" Christina told her, getting up and walking to the door. She opened it, and Mary Ann Garcia beamed her incredible smile at them both.

"Hey new girl, how was your shopping trip?" Mary Ann asked, bouncing into the room and giving Ari a hug. They had been introduced; but hadn't had much time together since Ari arrived. Mary Ann was a very busy lady, with numerous clients who would accept nobody else. Looking at her, it was easy to see why. "Lemme see some of your stuff!" she said, walking straight to Ari's wardrobe. She pulled a beautiful forest green silk pantsuit from the rack, holding it up in the natural light from the windows. The afternoon sun made the exotic fabric shimmer in the breeze. "Oh gawd Ari, this is absolutely gorgeous!" she said. Mary Ann waved one hand, getting Ari to stand up, then held the garment up in front of her. "Oh yeah girl, this is the one."

Ari giggled. "The one for what?" she asked.

"To pick up guys, of course!" Mary Ann laughed. "They see your tits and butt in this and they won't be able to resist you." she said. "Did you get green pumps to go with it?" she asked.

Ari walked quickly to the wardrobe and picked up the forest green high-heeled pumps. "You mean these?" she asked.

Mary Ann pouted. "Oh man... I need to go shopping!" she exclaimed. "Too many men, too little time!" she laughed.

Ari glanced at the clock. ONLY TWENTY FIVE MINUTES! "Hey girl, we gotta get going! Pool time in twenty-five minutes!" she said.

The two girls ran around each other for the next twenty minutes, showering, adding basic makeup, drying their hair, then finally donning the suits they'd chosen. Ari was in the gold lame leopard thong with the matching nipple patches and sheer beige/fringe coverup. Mary Ann wore a deep red satin thong with a matching pushup to help her smallish boobs and a black lace coverup. They both ended up in front of the full-length mirror at the same time. Without a word, they nodded their mutual approval and headed down stairs to join the group.

*** Bikini Calendar Photo Shoot ***

Ari strode proudly out into the courtyard and was greeted by Rocky himself. He saw her and broke out in a big smile. "Oh my yes. You look absolutely marvelous Ari!" he told her, wrapping his strong arms around her and giving her a bear hug. "You're going to love this!" he said. "We have Montinegro himself coming to shoot the calendar." Rocky added, clearly proud that they had contracted the most prominent fashion photographer in all of south Asia. Rocky caught a gesture from Jorge. "Excuse me dear. I'll be out and about the whole time." Then he walked into the clubhouse and out of sight.

Emy Martinez walked up to Ari, looking her usual sensual self in a pale blue mesh thong that hid absolutely nothing, along with a royal blue satin coverup that hung open all the time. "Hi Ari, I'm Emy." Emy said, holding out her hand. The girls shook hands. Emy was a really beautiful woman, a bit taller than Ari with a similar build. Although she was twenty-three, her facial features gave her a very young look, something men found nearly irresistible. "I've heard you were coming, it's good to finally meet you. If you need anything or have any questions you can ask me any time." Emy told her, a soft smile crossing her face. "We're all one big happy family hun!" she added, giving Ari's shoulder a quick squeeze. "Let's get some munchies!" Then she walked over to the buffet table, picking up a plate and placing a cucumber sandwich, a couple of lumpia, and a piece of crispy pata on it.

Ari followed suit, then joined some of the other girls who had gathered around Karla. She was in awe of all the girls in their sexy outfits, every one in a thong bikini. Karla even looked the part in a somewhat less revealing black two-piece that showed off her curves. She gathered the girls around her. "Ladies, this should be a fun shoot. Montinegro and his assistant will guide you through your poses; but feel free to add your own flair." she told them. "Most of the calendar shots will be taken over at the grotto; but please allow our guest to provide guidance." she added. "I think he just arrived, so let's get ready!"

Karla led the girls to the grotto, a small pool with a waterfall surrounded by lush green vegetation. The pool itself was the source of water for the main swimming pool, with the waterfall fed by the main pump. Surrounding three sides of the pool was a stone bench where the girls would be posing. "I believe the first thing we want is some group shots, so let's have the shorter girls - Lib, Mary Ann, Carmen, Carlina -- please stand on the bench. Everyone else line up in front of them, with Ari in the center please." Karla directed, shifting right or left to get sizes and colors aligned.

The girls followed her instructions, and just as they got the order right Rocky came out with the photographer and assistant. "Okay ladies, allow me to introduce Montinegro. He will be guiding us through today's shoot. We want this to be our best-ever Kingdom Kalendar, and I am sure you girls will be proud." Rocky told them. "Montinegro?" he gave up control.

"Well ladies, I must say you look marvelous today. I am confident we will get beautiful, sexy, and glamorous photos for your calendar. I will also be capturing some candid shots for your portfolios, so stay on your toes!" he said, laughing softly. "Enough small talk. Let's get started." he added, his assistant setting up the tripods and preparing the Hasselblad. He spoke softly to Karla, and she switched the positions of two of the girls. "Okay girls, think sexy!" he said with a smile. He captured several images as the girls moved slowly, their eyes never leaving the lens.

Ari had done a number of photo shoots before; but never in a group. She was a little unsure of how to pose and had to take the lead of the other girls. She noticed Christina had joined Rocky, and was watching her closely. She smiled, at just the right time.

"Beautiful my ladies!" Montinegro exclaimed. "Now please may I have just the new girl -- Ari is it?" he asked. The other girls quickly moved away from the set, leaving Ari alone in front of the camera -- the way she liked it. The photographer smiled, took her hand, and gave it light kiss as he bowed. "Charmed, my dear." he said. "Let's start with a classic pose then. Run your hands through that beautiful hair and let us have a look at that sensual side." Ari knew how to give him exactly what he wanted, moving gracefully for the camera, squeezing her lush breasts with her arms so her cleavage teased the lens. He had her turn around and thrust her backside toward him, capturing the firm curves of her sexy bottom, her hair cascading down toward the enticing crevice. "Just perfect, Ari. Perfection indeed." he told her.

The remainder of the shoot posed each of the girls in turn, with similar images of each. Montinegro was quick about his business, and his assistant, although nearly invisible, handled all of the small details as the girls were moved about. Another assistant, one with a smaller digital SLR, was busy taking the candid pictures. The whole thing consumed about ninety minutes; but seemed much quicker. Several pictures were taken with two girls posing, some in sensual poses that suggested more than 'just' modeling. The Montinegro gathered the girls for one final set of shots -- these would be 'butt' shots. Same alignment as the first group shots; but facing away from the camera. He had them bend slightly to thrust their tasty backsides toward the camera, the thongs only partially concealing the delicious bits between the legs and cheeks.

Rocky and Christina joined the photographer at the grotto. "Ladies, this was a most pleasurable photo session for me and for my staff. I am certain you will love the results, and we will return in about two weeks to go over the final proofs. Thank you so much for your cooperation, and I salute your beauty!" Montinegro said.

"Thanks girls, your time is your own the rest of the day; but please feel free to remain around the courtyard and enjoy the buffet." Christina told them.

"Great job, ladies. I can't wait to see the new calendar!" Rocky said. "By all means, enjoy yourselves and relax." he added. Then he and Christina escorted the photographer back into the house, ultimately bidding him farewell. He was pleased with the spirit of cooperation shown by his girls.

The afternoon passed, giving way to the cool of the evening. Soft lighting automatically switched on to illuminate the courtyard in sensual greens and yellows. Some of the girls had retired to their rooms, most were out on the shared balconies, sipping their favorite beverages and talking energetically about the calendar shoot. Ari and Mary Ann were on their balcony, joined by Liberty and Emy who shared the room next door.

Those two were quite a contrast, Lib the most petite of the homegirls and Emy the second-tallest with lush curves. Lib had never been a model; but had come to Rocky's attention thanks to one of his business partners. He had seen her in a restaurant in Quezon City and asked if she would like to have some portfolio pictures done. He personally did the photos, and as payment she gave him a night of sex -- the likes of which he'd never had. Edison called her two days later. Lib didn't have a love for fellatio; but most men were after her incredibly small bottom anyway. She loved having her pussy sucked, and enjoyed analingus even more.

Emy was a statuesque beauty with the face of a child and the body of a goddess. Her modeling career had been somewhat brief -- only a year -- because her love for the combination of pleasure and money pushed her into Rocky's fold at the tender age of eighteen. Still young at twenty-one, Emy was a favorite among the Expat clientele. Like Lib, she didn't much care for fellatio, preferring to use her slender fingers to get her partner ready for her hot pussy and snug backside.

Ari's roomie Mary Ann had the nickname 'Fireball', given to her by Walton Garcia, one of Rocky's elite customers. He generally preferred more than one girl; but said that Mary Ann was more than enough for him! She was sleek and saucy, with beautiful olive-hued skin that looked wet even when she was dry. Mary Ann liked every kind of sex imaginable, and could take all the cock she could get. Girls were even okay -- if there were toys involved. She needed her openings filled or there was something missing. She had the distinction of recording the best month ever in earnings -- at more than forty thousand US dollars -- and she spent two weeks of that month on a luxury yacht cruising around the islands with a very wealthy patron, his wife and their two sons.

Mary Ann jumped up from her lounge, padding back into the room. "Be right back!" she told them. She returned a few minutes later with a cart, on top was a tray of food from the buffet, kept warm by the built-in heating element. In the cooler beneath was a pitcher of Margaritas and four glasses. "Goodies!" she exclaimed, setting the glasses up after applying the obligatory salt and pouring the delicious green liquid for each of them.

Lib held her glass up. "To Ari, may she enjoy many years of suck-sex here with us!" she giggled. The other three clinked their glasses before taking a drink. "So... between us girls.... what do you want from this -- um -- engagement Ari?" she asked.

"Same thing we all want silly -- sex and money!" Emy replied.

Ari thought about it for a minute before responding. "I think I would just like an opportunity to make people happy." she replied, garnering applause and giggles from the other girls. "I mean, sex is always good, right?"

"Yeah, and fun sex with lots of money is the best!" Mary Ann said.

"So how do you go about getting as much of the money as you can?" Ari asked, never having sold her body before.

Emy was the first to speak up. "Oh that's pretty easy." she began, spreading her long legs in an obvious gesture. "Show it to them, then tease a bit." she continued. "And when they're too hot for your bod to stop, you give them what they want." Emy finished, half-rolling to show her firm backside and giving her cheek a slap.

"Well... I prefer to get 'em going with my lips and tongue." Mary Ann said, licking her lips. "Then I let 'em sniff it." she continued, slipping a finger under the crotch of her bikini and pulling it aside to expose her pink vulva. "Then I give 'em a ride they'll never forget!" she laughed.

"You see Ari, if you have fun getting laid you'll never have to worry about the money." Liberty said. "Of course, having a really tight ass helps too!" she added, rolling onto her stomach on the lounge chair.

"Damn girl, you really do have a tiny butt!" Ari told her. "How on earth do you take cock in there?" she asked.

Mary Ann laughed, slapping Lib's taut cheeks. "Lots of tongue, fingers, and astrolube!" she said. "Me, I have so much fucking juice coming out of my pussy that my men don't need anything artificial. Fuck my cunt for a few minutes, then pop that sucker up my asshole." she added.

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