tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally Likes Showing It Ch. 05

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 05


Mark and I stood looking out at our wives as they laid in the sun talking. Sally said something and Tina started to laugh as both girls stood and dove into the cool lake water. We watched them as they swam to shore and then walked up to our camp. My cock lengthened as I watched how Sally’s breasts moved on her chest as she came to me and when I looked at Mark it was plan to see his eyes were on my wife not his own! I flipped the burgers as I looked at Tina, she was hot I had to say that and I loved how tight her nipples puckered up from the cool water of the lake! “Yes Sam my friend that is a fine piece of ass!” I told my self.

They both grabbed towels and dried them selves off Tina watched me as she lifted her breasts to dry under them and gave her nipples a little pull before moving over to set in a folding lawn chair. Sally moved to the blanket and lay down with her leg to Mark and me as she leaned back on her elbows and let her legs open just enough to give Mark and I both a good long look at her hairless slit! We could see how puffy and soft looking her nether lips were as she leaned her head to one side letting her hair fall back as she smiled at me. Like Tina her nipples were still hard from the lake water and here breasts moved like Jell-o shaking in a bowl as she pushed her wet hair back from her face.

Tina was the first to speak. “You know we have both been naked around her for most of the day and you two still have on your shorts!” She pointed to Sally. “We kind of think that’s what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and both of you need to drop em!”

I looked at Mark who got a big smile on his face as I pushed my shorts down letting them drop at my feet! Both girls looked right at our dicks smiling as I flipped the burgers again. Sally smiled at Mark as Tina let her eyes run over my half hard dick!

“Umm, Sam.” She said, “You might want to slip on an apron! I would hate to see you burn that sweet peace of meat!”

I looked at Mark realizing I was a little longer than him as well as bigger around but not by much. In fact after I looked again we were very similar to each other in size. I looked up to see he was still looking at Sally’s exposed pussy as she pulled her foot up under her bottom bending one knee and let it fall to the side fully opening her self to his eyes! He was becoming fully erect looking at her as she rolled onto her tummy.

Tina was looking at me as she put some cream on her legs smiling as she watched me move just enough to get a good look at her open crotch! She ran her hand up her thigh watching me react as she cupped her pussy putting cream on her full lips! “Don’t burn my burger!” she said with a slight smile and then she laughed as she said. “I can’t help but think about all the times you have tried to get a look up my dress and I wouldn’t let you and now here I am naked applying sun screen to my pussy while you watch!” she pointed to Mark. “While my husband is standing they’re, with a hard on I might add, letting you look!” she slipped down onto the blanket resting on her knees so that her bottom and pussy became fully exposed to Mark and I. Her breast hung down swinging slowly as she bent at the waist next to Sally and began to put some sunscreen on her back. “I just never thought I could become so relaxed being nude with other people!” she said as she worked her hands over Sally’s naked bottom and when she reached her thighs Sally opened them as Tina let her hands slip between them applying more of the lotion. “And there is no way I ever thought I would be naked out side like this with the two of you!” she worked her hands down Sally’s legs and finished with her feet. “Ok lady my turn!” she said as she lay down next to Sally.

Sally moved to take the cream from Tina and looked at me as I put the burgers on a plate. Her eyes went to Mark’s hard cock as he watched her rubbing Tina’s back and a soft sound came from him when Tina let her thighs open just as Sally had when she started putting the cream on her bottom and then between here thighs.

“Well I don’t think we expected to nude with the two of you here either!” Sally worked down Tina’s legs and finished with her feet. “And as long as what we do just stays with us,” she patted Tina on the butt indicating she was done. “I don’t see a problem.” She looked at me smiling again. “I think our dinner is ready and I want another glass of wine.” She got to her feet talking as she walked to the ice chest. “I mean it’s not like we are having wild sex or anything!”

We ate dinner and then as the evening slipped into night spent time setting and enjoying the cool of the night as we drank some wine and talked. The sight of the two girl’s putting sunscreen on each other was still in my head every time I closed my eyes. Sally stood and moved over to me as she picked up a short blanket and put it around her shoulders.

“Put your knees together.” She said as she turned her back to me and straddled my legs so she could set in my lap.

I knew that even though it was dark both Tina and mark were getting a good look at her now open pussy in the firelight! Sally just moved a little this was and a little that way and suddenly I was cupping her breasts under her wrap! I opened my legs enough to let my hardening dick grow up and push into her vagina lips as I looked at the other couple. Both of them kept letting their eyes roam down, down to see my now hard cock slipping in between Sally’s slipper wet pussy lips! I felt Sally start to tremble under my touch and knew she was getting hot letting our friends look at us like this!

With out saying any thing she moved to one side and then back lifting just a little and I slipped deep into her! Her hot wet pussy opened to me like a flower in spring as I put my hands on her hips pulling her down tight onto my cock! I opened my legs just enough to let Tina look at my balls as I pushed up and then pulled out of Sally!

Tina moved onto he knees in front of us pulling Mark down with her! I watched as he moved behind her and holding his now hard dick put it up to her opening and pushed into her! She let out a gasp as he hit bottom pulling her to him as he looked at how Sally and I were joined!

Sally began moving on me sliding back and fourth as I slipped my hand around to finger her clit! “Don’t cum! Oh Sammy hold it for me baby!” I move my finger over her clit like a little vibrate making her grunt as she watched the other to fucking!

Tina had been looking at my dick sliding in and out of Sally from just a foot or so away pulled away from Mark! And stood up in front of Sally, “I want to see it Sally! Oh god let me look at your pussy!” she pulled Sally off of me and over to the blanket. “Lay down baby! Please!”

Sally looked at me as she did what Tina wanted and I moved onto the blanket as Mark moved with us! As Tina touched Sally’s pussy for the first time I looked at Mark. “Are you both sure we want to go here?”

He moved to Sally’s head pointing his dick at her mouth. Sally let out a groan as Tina slipped her fingers into her pussy. Sally looked at me in the dim firelight as she took his dick in her hand and pulled it to her mouth! I moved behind Tina and as she bent to kiss Sally’s clit I slipped into the hottest pussy I had ever felt! I reached up pulling on her breasts as I began to pump deep into her pussy trying to get into her womb with each thrust!

Mark let out a moan as he came in my wife’s mouth! “Unum! Oh god Sally oh yessss!” he pulled away from her letting his seed shoot out over her lips and cheeks! Mark rocked back on his heals pumping his cock with his hand as he finished shooting in Tina’s hair as she licked and ate Sally’s pussy! Sally looked at me as she pulled Tina’s face into her wet opening lifting, pushing her hips to her friends licking tongue!

She came next, grunting as she pumped her ass fast into Tina’s face! “OH Unnnnggg oh my god oh, oh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” suddenly she fell back letting her arms fall to her side as she shook through her cum!

Tina pulled off of me and rolled onto her back holding her arms up welcoming me to her. “Our turn baby!” she said as I move over her and slipped balls deep into her wet hole! I started slow. “Umm, no baby fuck me hard! I’m so close! I need it hard please!”

I rose up onto my elbows and began to pump her as hard as I could! Slamming deep into her pussy as I watched a still hard Mark slip his dick back into Sally! I went faster!

“That’s it! Oahu yes ho Ho HOOOOOoooooo YESSSSSSSSS AAAAAAAAA!” Tina dug her nails into my back so hard I knew I would be bleeding later! It pushed me over the top!

“Cumming Tina ohhhhhhhhhh!”

“I’m ready! Push it into me oooOOOOOoooo cuming again OHHHHhhhhh ye, yessssssss!”

We held each other tightly as I kissed her deeply letting my tongue move between her soft lips just as I heard our spouses finishing another cum!

We lay like that for a while not any one saying anything just holding each other. My cock grew soft and slipped out of Tina as I moved off of her.

She held me close to her looking into my face. “Want to go for a swim and cool off?”

“Sure.” I said as I rose to my knees and pulled her up into my arms as I looked at Sally kissing Mark.

“You ok?” I asked Tina, as she looked at her husbands naked as laying between the legs of my wife.

She took my hand in hers pulling me to the water. “Yes I’m ok.” She started to giggle. “I guess we really are best friends!” she stopped and turned to stand in front of me in the dark. She moved into my arms kissing me. “I’m very glad this happened! I liked the way your cock felt in me.” She took it in her hand. “You think you might be up for another round out on the swim dock?”

“I think I might just be able to make that happen!” I started to laugh!” Now when one of us says, oh there fucking around at the neighbors it could be very true!” we both started to laugh as we ran out into the water!

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