tagSci-Fi & FantasySergeant's Concubines Ch. 03

Sergeant's Concubines Ch. 03


His abrupt promotion to lieutenant in the Nevada DPS got Roger Bertram thinking. If he played things right, he could have a couple of concubines, but no more than that. Well, he could put them to work in some way to help earn their keep, or at least one of them. Actually, having one around to clean the house would be nice as well. Since his wife Alice had left him for a casino manager in Vegas (she regretted marrying a man who wasn't rich), Roger hadn't had anyone to take care of the house. He did it himself, but that was a hassle that he tended to delay as long as he could.

Of course, that didn't mean that Alice actually did any of the housework herself. She apparently paid gullible college guys and gals to do it for her with sex. Cheating to get unpaid labor was easier than being faithful and having to do it herself, or getting a job and hiring a maid with their combined income. Infidelity wasn't a release from deprivation, as it was for Roger. It was an exchange of services, a matter of convenience.

Sadly, Roger didn't learn that until later. If he had, he would have been free of her sooner. Not that he was a hypocrite, but it just confirmed that sex to his wife was nothing more than a business transaction. She never actually seemed to relax and make an effort to enjoy it. It was all about what she could get for her pussy.

Before that point, he just assumed that she was a good homemaker, if nothing else. She had to be good for something, since she seemed to view sex as a chore that was necessary to have a man pay her way in life. When he had been young and naïve, he didn't know any better. He never found out just how great sex really could be until he broke down and had a few affairs with female friends that proved to be at least modest improvements over Alice.

In a manner of speaking, Roger felt almost grateful to the man who took that shrew off his hands and gave him back the chance to have some great sex for a change. Marriage to Alice was every bit as exasperating as he had been warned that it would be, back when he was a rash young man straight out of the Academy, and thought that she was the most fun-loving gal that he had ever met.

Even though she made him wait until marriage for sex, she at least gave him head before that stage. He foolishly thought that her decision to abstain was for religious or philosophical reasons. The truth was that she wanted to have a guaranteed return on her physical investment. She feared that if she put out, as she later confessed, they might break up at some point and she wouldn't be entitled to a red cent. Once she safely had him, she would be free to act as she pleased, since she could always get half of his possessions.

Roger spent most of his marriage trying to treat Alice as an equal and respect her, only to have her show him nothing but disdain. Dating a policeman wasn't good enough for her after a while, and she made it plain to him. He honestly tried to be a good husband, although it proved to be more frustrating than it was worth. He eventually lost any real interest in sex with her, as it was always based on a trade of sorts. Marriage to her was like prostitution, except that most whores turned out to be better in the sack.

His first extramarital fling was with Sue, a fifty year old widow who lived across the street from him. It happened when he was 38, two years before his divorce. Despite a dozen years of an age gap, she was still more active in bed than Alice. She wasn't doing it for money, after all.

So soon after her husband's death, she didn't want a new spouse yet. She just wanted some fun for once, and she looked for an unhappily married man. She wanted someone not ready to leave his wife, but hungry for pleasure, just like her. When Roger bedded her, she reveled in the fact that she pleased him better than his wife, but she also warned him that she wouldn't want anything serious. Since he wasn't eager for a new spouse, this was good news to the detective.

That was 5 years ago, of course. Since then, Roger had slept with some more ladies, none of them at work. He also tested himself to see if he was sterile, out of idle curiosity. It turned out that he was quite potent, so he examined some of his wife's records and learned that she had her tubes tied a couple of years into their marriage.

Before then, she had taken the pill religiously, even when she claimed that she wanted to try to conceive by him. She had no intention of getting pregnant, which meant a major lie on her part. Since he had been unfaithful and didn't know about her cheating, however, he didn't feel right about leaving her over that. It also didn't occur to him that she might be up to more than simply freeing up cash for shopping and gambling (she had a distinct fondness for slot machines).

Nevertheless, the incident had caused a major argument when he confronted her over the question. In the long run, her sterilization benefited him, but it was still a deception. He let it go after a while, since he realized that he had quit being totally honest with her, particularly about his sex life. The fight was one more step in the disintegration of their union, adding to their mutual animosity.

The final two years of Roger's marriage were enough to guarantee that he was jaundiced on the institution. It was mostly a sexless hell on his part, since the number of extramarital liaisons was small in number and none of them lasted for more than a few months. He also had a one-night stand with a bank teller, but that wasn't much more than a drunken romp that he could barely recall. He certainly didn't remember it being a life-altering experience, or even a significant one.

In all probability, Alice ironically fooled around on a nearly constant basis by this point. It was a good thing that she kept it (mostly) to a small clique of college frat boys and sorority girls, because she might have otherwise infected Roger on those rare nights that he succumbed to the urge to bribe his wife for sex. It was odd that Alice got more action than Roger, and she actually liked it less.

The end began to be undeniable when Alice gave Roger a "Dear John" postcard with a photo of her new beau. Evidently, she had met him a few weeks before at the same casino and found out that he was the manager. Realizing that he was rich and somewhat influential, Mrs. Bertram decided that he was Mr. Right. Naturally, her thighs were opened for him on the first date, and he asked her to leave her man for him. He hadn't proposed marriage yet, but Alice didn't dare to risk losing her golden goose. The prize was worth taking her chances with him.

"So, that's it, huh? You want to leave me for him because he runs a casino? Well, you gamble enough that it could come in handy, I guess. You have a sick sense of humor, Alice. 'Dear John' letters are supposed to express some sorrow that the marriage didn't work out, while acknowledging the hard reality of these things. You're just rubbing my smaller finances in my face, making it obvious that you have no class.

"Well, that's typical of your attitude, so I am not really going to shed tears, either. Our marriage has been something of a joke for years now. There is no reason to put off dissolving it anymore. This is as good a time as any. Sooner or later, one of us would have used the escape clause, namely divorce.

"At least we don't have kids. This should be as simple as basic math, don't you think? I don't give a damn about getting everything, but if you're moving to Vegas, there is no reason for you to need the house here. You can have your Civic and two-thirds of our joint-savings. Sound fair? That's 2 grand for you, one for me. I'll keep the Vulcan, since you hate bikes, anyway.

"Don't expect alimony, however. You have your wealthy lover, so the only point to asking for spousal support would be to fleece me, and you know it. I doubt that you'll ever have to lift a finger for the rest of your life. There's no purpose to spite and malice here, especially if you want a clean and easy break.

"We want rid of each other, right? Frankly, I haven't enjoyed this marriage for a long time, and I doubt that you have gotten much from it, either. Let's just admit that we don't love each other, and part as something less than enemies, if not as friends," Roger urged his estranged wife.

"Roger, since I'm leaving you, I think that you deserve to know that it was never about love. It was about financial security, plain and simple. I married you for money, so that I wouldn't have to work at all. As long as I get my fair share of the assets, I won't harass you for the rest of our lives. You'll probably see me again, but only in Vegas, and I'll be civil, unless I'm drunk. If I'm tipsy enough, I might boast a bit or taunt you, but not to be hurtful. It would just be to get a laugh or two from your reaction. It's not spite on my part.

"You were okay in bed, as men go in that department. I just long ago accepted that I care more about possessions than about sexual intercourse. I like comfort and ease, whatever it costs. I fake orgasms when I need to, and I'm not ashamed of it. I don't think that any man will ever get me off. I doubt that any woman would, either, in case you're wondering. I don't think that I'm gay. I can swap one man out for another without noticing any difference. Good luck, Roger," Alice answered, before walking out without even seeking a goodbye kiss. She was an authentic cold fish.

Roger never did tell his ex about his own trysts, mainly because he wanted to save that knowledge for if or when she really rubbed her own infidelity in his face. He wanted to see the shock on her face, after a lifetime of thinking that she put one over her first husband. Let her think that he resorted purely to Rosie Redpalm and her five daughters, he laughed to himself as he stopped remembering the events of his 22 year old marriage.

Those memories drifted from the cop's mind, as he called up Tim Lansing to look into the idea of an indentured servant or two. He just hoped that they were sexy, adventurous, and reasonably submissive in nature. He didn't mind a little sass from his concubines, but not a ton of insubordination. That would defeat the point of kept women. He liked what Tim did for Jeff, at least with Tabitha. That in itself recommended his services.

"Hello, Lansing Indentures, Flora speaking," a lovely accent got Roger's attention. It was clearly South American in some way, but he couldn't be sure from where.

"Hi, my name is Roger Bertram. My friend Jeff and his concubine suggested that I try your services," the lieutenant explained with an anticipatory grin on his face.

"Well, as a concubine myself, let me assure you that this is a wonderful choice that you are making here. If all masters are like Tim, the servants are lucky and grateful, too. Do you have any preferences in concubines? Male or female?" Flora responded with enthusiasm.

"I want women. I'm looking for two, to be exact. No more, no less. Do you think that you can find me two ladies willing to please a forty something man and make it unnecessary for him to ever date again?" Roger inquired, gaining some hope with each minute.

"Two girls, but how old? What nationality, or do you not care?" the secretary probed, following protocol.

"I don't care about that, so much as I want women who are into bondage, anal sex, threesomes, and pregnancy. Bisexual women are a major plus, as are girls who like golden showers. A little sassiness is okay, but no defiant attitudes, of course. I want them to appreciate living with me. Jealousy should be minimal at most.

"One of them should be career-oriented, but not extremely so. The other one should like domestic chores, such as cooking and cleaning. I understand that your indentured servants are all tested for HIV and STDs, right? Those aside, age and race don't matter," the DPS officer clarified with excitement at the idea of actually getting his ideal women at 43.

"Yes, we screen for such things as social diseases, guaranteed. Very well, thank you, Mr. Bertram. We have your number on caller ID, so we'll mark it down under your name, and contact you when we have the women that we think you'll prefer to the others. At that point, you can pay with cash, credit, or debit, if you decide that you like them.

"I must warn you that there is no refund, but you can, of course, always put them back on the market if you change your mind. Contracts can be sold, as you know. In many cases, they're sold to the servant when enough money is earned, freeing him or her from indenture.

"That's best to avoid until we concubines are more financial independent, however, and even then many of us don't relish a return to being responsible for our own lives. Some of us actually enjoy the kinkier aspects of being in bondage to someone else, speaking from experience. I didn't know that about myself until a while after I came here from Venezuela," Flora commented with some of her own background to illuminate the facts for him.

"So, you consider it fun, to belong to Tim?" Roger observed with curiosity.

"Si, Senor Bertram! Maybe it's because I just like being controlled by someone in principle, you know. So, there you go, sir. You're on record, and we'll be calling you soon, I promise," Flora's sultry voice assured him.

That was done now. Roger would have concubines soon, and he had every reason to think that they would be very great for him. If he was right, then his dating and frustrating days were over. So was chasing women in the bars. With not one but two sexy gals at home, he'd be satisfied and stay home a lot more often. Though, of course, he would still visit Jeff's a lot, only with his women present.

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