tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 03

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 03


When they woke up the next morning, Tina felt Tom's stiffening cock growing against her butt. She moaned in pleasure and reached between them to play with it. It didn't take her long to make him hard. She rolled over to find that he was still sleeping. She decided he deserved to be woken right, so she slid down the bed and took him in her mouth.

Tom woke to the wonderful sensation of Tina sucking and stroking his cock. He just lay there, winding his fingers through her hair and moaning his approval. Tina moaned in pleasure as Tom played with her hair. She shifted her position so that she was straddling his left leg, then she settled down onto it so that she could rub her pussy against him. She sucked him down her throat a few more times then let his cock flop out of her mouth.

"Mmm, good morning, Lover. I love it when you play with my hair like that." she purred as she continued to slowly stroke and occasionally lick Tom's cock.

"Good morning to you, darling. I love it when you wake me like this. It's even better than breakfast in bed." Tom answered.

"Oh really? Well you should really like this then." Tina said. Then she changed position again so that she could suck his cock and feed him her pussy at the same time. "How about both. A blowjob and breakfast in bed?" she purred again as she lowered her pussy to his lips and tongue.

Tom responded by taking her hips in his hands and pulling her pussy tightly to his mouth. He alternated thrusting his tongue inside her pussy as deeply as he could then pulling away and licking her clit. He did this a few times then he reached up and gently thrust a finger into her ass. Tina gasped and answered with a thrust of her own back against his face and his finger. It didn't take long before Tina could sense Tom was close to coming so she reluctantly pulled away from his face and turned around again. She slowly settled her pussy down onto Tom's cock and sat still with him buried deep inside her. After a few moments enjoyment of the full feeling, she began to rock her hips forward and back and side to side. Tom reached up and began to gently play with her nipples. She leaned down and sucked on his earlobe then whispered to him.

"If you're going to play with my nipples, take off the kid gloves and push those damned buttons!" her whisper turned into a growl as she sat up and grabbed his fingers on her nipples and squeezed them hard. Tom responded by squeezing and rolling her nipples so hard he thought they'd come off in his hands, but the harder he squeezed the harder Tina moaned and the faster she rode his cock, so he didn't back off until they were coming together.

After the orgasm subsided for them both, they lay together until they regained their breath. Tina was first to move. She raised her head and planted a slow and deep kiss on Tom's lips which he gladly returned as he began to play with her nipples again.

"If you want to get any pictures taken today, you better stop that. I am so horny right now I could fuck your cock off, wear out the big dildo I brought, then burn out the batteries in the vibrator and still be looking for more action. I got dibs on the shower." she warned him as she slowly pulled herself out of his grasp. Tom just lay on the bed, watching her walk around the room naked as she gathered her things and headed for the bathroom. Then what she said clicked in his head.

"You brought both the big dildo and the vibrator along?" he asked as she closed the bathroom door. He could hear her laughing as she turned on the shower.

Tom was standing on the balcony in his shorts with a cup of coffee in his hand, admiring the view, when Tina came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a black chiffon blouse which was just short of transparent, buttoned down to reveal just a hint of cleavage, and a denim cut-off skirt which was just short of mid thigh long. She had the blouse tied around her waist to display a playboy bunny belly ring.

"Wow. You look just as beautiful clothed as you are naked. Love the bunny. Is that new or have I been missing it somehow?" he asked, handing her a cup of coffee.

"Don't worry, honey. It's new. I bought it when I went shopping for this trip last week. I'm glad you like it. Now go hit the shower. I want to be out and about shortly after noon." she said.

Tom did as he was ordered, after a nice slow kiss of course. While Tom was in the shower, Tina packed a small bag with an additional outfit, the camera bag, and her favorite vibrator. She was back to lounging on the balcony when Tom came out of the bathroom wearing cut-offs of his own and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Tina turned to him and smiled.

"Mmm. You're looking pretty cute yourself there, buddy. I already packed the bag with a change, the camera, and Mr. Bob. Did I miss anything?" she asked before finishing her coffee and setting the cup in the sink.

"Doesn't sound like it. Have you decided where you want to go today?" he asked as he picked up the bag and grabbed his keys and the room key off the dresser.

"There was a sign about a nature trail with a scenic overlook a couple miles up the road from here. I thought we'd go check that out. I have a couple ideas for what I want to do. I just hope there aren't many people out in the woods today." Tina said as they walked out to the car.

"Well with the heat the way it is, I doubt there will be many people outside today. Most of the people will be doing indoor stuff today." Tom said as he backed out of the parking spot and they headed down the road. Tina settled back and enjoyed the sun on her face as they drove the few miles to the trail she had seen the previous evening.

When they reached the parking lot at the head of the trail, Tina's hopes were answered in that there were only two other cars there. There was a couple leaving the lookout platform and heading toward their car. The couples exchanged polite hellos as they passed. Tina giggled with glee as soon as they were out of hearing range.

"Looks like we have the place to ourselves, baby!" she exclaimed.

"Well there is one more group out here, so keep your ears and eyes open. For starters, you head up to that turn in the trail and look out over the valley. I'll take the picture through some of these branches here. It'll look like I'm a voyeur stalking you through the woods." Tom suggested.

"Mmm, voyeur huh? I like that." Tina purred. Then she walked away and headed for the spot he pointed out, roughly 50 feet ahead of him.

They took a number of photos from that set up, with Tina in various poses. Some with her holding her hair up, like she was enjoying the breeze, some with her hair down but blowing with the breeze. When she was finished posing, she just looked at Tom and blew him a kiss before walking away from him. He followed her down the trail and around a few corners before seeing her standing in the middle of the trail just outside a small group of trees. She smiled at him, then reached under her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down her legs. She left them there on the trail and continued on her way.

Tom stepped to the panties on the trail and took a picture of them in place, then he picked them up and noticed they were damp to the touch within minutes of entering the forest. He smiled as he put them in his pack then continued his pursuit.

He walked the trail for a few minutes before turning a corner and finding her bra hanging from a branch. He looked around very carefully for her but she was nowhere to be found. He took a picture of he bra before he once again picked up a piece of her clothing and placing it in his pack.

He continued on his way down the trail for a few more minutes without seeing Tina. He was about to call out to her when her heard her giggle of to his left. He looked that direction to see her blouse hanging from another branch. He looked beyond the blouse and caught a glimpse of her through the trees. He took another photo, catching her before she disappeared into the trees again. He quickly retrieved the blouse and placed it with the rest of her clothes in the pack, then he headed in her direction. It didn't take him long to locate her the next time. Shortly after stepping into the band of trees he had seen her enter, he found her sitting back against a tree, using her skirt for a seat. Her legs were spread wide and she was openly masturbating, one hand at her pussy with her fingers circling her clit, the other hand massaging her breast, twisting and pulling on her nipple. He immediately proceeded to take as many pictures as the camera would allow him to take as fast as he could. He took close-ups of her fingers on her clit and dipping into her wet pussy. He took pictures capturing her hand on her breast and the pleasure on her face. He took full body photos. He succeeded in capturing her image from beginning to play with herself all the way through an intense orgasm to the post-orgasm relaxation.

"That, my dear, was definitely one of the hottest sequences you have ever done." Tom said.

"You think that was hot? Put that camera on the log over here and turn the video on then get your ass over here so I can show you what hot is." she purred, slowly spreading her legs wide and resuming her pussy play activities.

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