tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Real World: SD Ch. 02

The Real World: SD Ch. 02


The Real World: San Diego Ch. 2: The HotTub Episode.

Last time on the Real World, the three remaining cast members, Robin, Randy, and Cameran, have just arrived at the docks, heading towards the beach house. They got to know each other very well while sailing to shore. Randy got a fanatic blow job from the southern bell Cameran and got to suck the deilious big hooters of Robin. Randy is hoping that the fun will continue once they arrive. Now its time to meet the cast members who already are in the house in this very special episode titled, The Hot Tub...

There was a knock on the beach house door. Robin, Randy, and Cameran were waiting patiently for the door to be answered.

“I wonder if there be anymore hot guys in their,” Cameran thought to herself with a yummy look on her face.

“I hope no one can match my busty teats,” said Robin to herself, glad to be a big breasted female. She looked over at Randy who was just staring and drooling at her enormous tits, swaying back and forth under her tight shirt as she moved about.

The door opened and standing in front of the trio was a beautiful Asian girl with shoulder high black hair, blue gorgeous eyes and wearing a tiny baby blue bikini. The top was perfect for her perky and round B cup tits which were peaking out of the sides just a little bit. She has a nice flat and sexy tummy which led down to her thick thighs and long brown legs and the prettiest small feet you ever seen. Randy was in awe as 2 hot girls stand beside him and one stand in front of him.

“Hi. I’m Jamie. Welcome to the beach house. We have been expecting you guys to arrive,” said the Asian girl.

The trio step in and Jamie was already sizing them up. She saw Randy was handsome and had very big arms. She was wondering if he had anything else big on him too. Then she sized up Cameran and saw a beautiful southern girl with a nice size chest, long sexy legs and some really huge feet but they were pretty sexy to her. And then, the spotted Robin’s massive melons. That was the first thing she saw out of the trio was Robin’s huge tits. Her eyes bugged out at the size. She knew in her mind that she would want to fuck those big puppies like crazy.

The Trio introduced themselves to Jamie and she told them that the others were in the hot tub, waiting for them to join.

“Follow me please,” said the sexy Asian.

As she led them to the hot tub, Randy kept his eyes on her wiggling, round and firm ass which was trying to pop out of her bikini bottom. He had an instant hard on which caught Cameran’s eyes as soon as it sprung up in his shorts.

“God damn that boy who is horny toad,” Cameran said to herself. “But I like that.”

They arrive to the hot tub area and saw two hunky guys, one white, the other black, sitting in their shorts, staring at them as they came in.

“Man that white chick got some big ass breasts,” said the black guy in his head, instantly grabbing his penis secretly to keep it down.

“Brad, Jacquese. This is Robin, Cameran, and Randy. Our new housemates,” Jamie explained.

The Two girls had their eyes fixed on the hot guys in the Tub.

“Hi. I’m Brad,” said the white male.

He sat up and showed off his huge chest and sexy ads as he wanted to shake the girls’ hand and Randy’s.

“Damn baby. Come to mama,” said Robin to herself. She caught Brad staring at her tits which made her blush.

“I’m Jacquese,” the black male said.

He stood up and showed off his nice body. He ain’t have that much of a good looking face, especially with the glasses, but the girls are hopping that what is in his shorts will make up for it.

“Why don’t you ladies join us,” said Brad, grinning at Cameran who was flirting back.

“We’ll love too,” Cameran replied. “But first we have to change.”

With saying that, Jamie took the girls to their rooms, where they met their weirdest roommate of them all. Frankie. She was a gothic girl yet very pretty. Long pink and blond. Piercing in her eyebrows, ears, one in her nose and one on her lip. She was dress in all black, wearing a black sweater which did little to hide her amazing C cups and tight black jeans which showed off her amazing looking ass Robin thought.

“This is Frankie. Our other roommate. She doesn’t hang out with us that much but she’s cool,” Jamie explained.

Frankie didn’t say much and just walked right by them and headed out the front door.

“She was in a hurry to meet her once in a lifetime visiting boyfriend Dave,” Jamie said. “ So get dress and I’ll meet you guys in the hot tub.”

As Jamie walked out of the room, she ain’t go very far as she wanted to get a sneak peak at the goods these girls were packing. Cameran took off her top. The bra did little to the imagination to hide her large C cup tits. Then she stripped out of her short shorts and reveal her green thong.

Then Jamie’s eyes shot straight over to Robin who has just finished undoing her shorts and sliding them off to the floor. She was wearing black Victoria Secret panties. Then to Jamie’s eyes, Robin unveiled her massive eight wonders of the world. Her extremely huge 38 Double D’s. She nipples were pointing out of her pancake size areolas.

“Oh god!” said Jamie who just by looking at those tits, wetted herself. She felt her pussy was really moist, warm, and ready to leak. Jamie quickly headed back to the hot tub as the girls were leaving the room.

Jamie had bumped into Randy who was in his shorts and she felt something massive hit her leg. Randy turned red. Jamie just smiled at him and together, they enter the hot tub.

Robin and Cameran arrive at the hot tub with stunning bikinis on which did very little to hide their assets, especially Robin. The bikini top just barely covered her areolas and nipples. Must of her tit meat was bare and hanging out the sizes. Jacquese thought he was going to bust a nut as soon as he saw Robin standing in front of him and her huge tits hanging out, bouncing in her every movement.

They stepped into the hot tub and joined the others. Brad and Cameran were flirting with each other. He was whispering naughty things in her ear and she would have a surprise look on her face. But she was liking it. Robin was sitting next to Jacquese who couldnt take his eyes off her big tits. Robin’s hand accidentally brushed Jacquese’s thigh and she felt his enormous hard on and was getting turned on by it. Randy had already begun to kiss Jamie as he couldn’t get enough of her out of his mind. Just then, Robin had a thought and said something.

“Have any of your guys ever an orgy before?” Robin said.

Everyone was kind of quiet and yet, amazed that she brought something like that up.

“ I have,” said Brad.

“I have had a 3 some,” replied Randy.

“I’m still a virgin,” said Jamie, embarrasses, turning her head away from the others.

“Its ok Jamie. Relax. I’m sure Randy or any of these guys would be more then happy to change that or perhaps me and Cameran,” said a very cheery Robin.

She floated over to Jamie and begin to kiss her on the lips. They embraced each other as they locked lips and sliding each others tongues down one another throats. Robin proceed to suck on Jamie’s tongue and treat it like a small cock. Giving it a mini blow job. Jamie was getting hotter, not only by Robin sucking her tongue, but the feel of Robin’s enormous bikini cased tits on her own B cup boobs.

Randy ain’t waste no time and begun kissing Jamie’s neck while undoing her bikini top. Jacquese got the same idea and floated behind Robin and felt her on her very nice and firm bubble butt. Then proceeded to move his hands farther up north until they were squeezing her big tits like big soft pillows. He couldn’t believe how big and soft they were. They barely fit in his hands but he ain’t give a shit. His big and now hard black dick was pointing Robin in the ass, which turned her on more and she was sucking on Jamie’s tongue fasters and harder.

Across the tub, Camaran took off Brad’s shorts to reveal his 10 1/2 inch hard and thick cock.

“Hmmmm,” Camaran said, licking her lips. She proceeded to lick his dick up and down the shaft and licked between his set of plum size balls.

“Oh GOD!” moaned Brad.

Randy had Jamie’s bikini top off and his hands were smashed between Jamie’s bare tits and Robin’s still bikini cased huge hooters. He was loving it. Jamie was too as she felt his fingers, pinch and tease at her now hard, large, red nipples. Rolling them between his fingers.

Robin stepped back and let Jacquese take off her bikini top, causing her huge boobs to bounce free and jiggle and wobble a bit until finally settling down on her chest. He quickly maul her big tits from behind. Leaving no inch of her bare jugs untouched. He played with her nipples a bit. Pulling them and making them jiggle her fat tits in front Jamie and Randy.

Jamie couldn’t take it anymore and dove into Robin’s cleavage, licking between her massive tits and then sucking on the sides, licking under them and around each whole tit. Then lashing out at the surface of first her right tit and then her left. Loving the feel of her hands and tongue on large tits for the first time in her life. Robin was enjoying it too. So much that she signal for Randy to suck a tit while Jamie feasted on one. And so he did.

Taking her left tit in his hands,Randy bounced it and pulled the nipple before sucking it into his mouth. Chewing then nipple before using his tongue to pull on it and flicker it. Jamie had her mouth stuffed with tit flesh, trying to fit as much of it as she could in her mouth.

“Oh YESSSSS!!!!! Suck my tits.... please!!!!!” Robin moaned.

Meanwhile, Brad had Cameran’s back facing him while she was riding his hard cock. Pouncing harder and harder on it, making it go deeper and deeper inside her tight pussy. Brad felt her pussy tighten around his cock. The warm juices flowing from her pussy, down his cock and balls, to the tub was making Brad harder then he has ever been.

“FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME BRAD!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!” yelled Cameran, feeling Brad’s big hands wrap around her bouncing tits. Squeezing them and pinching the fat nipples.


The others were having their way with Robin. Jacquese had unleashed his huge 12 1/2 inch cock and as been feeding it to Robin’s bare pussy from behind. Getting a good 5 inches in her pussy. She knew he was way to big to enter but she was willing to fit most of him in. Randy and Jamie were both nursing from Robin’s now red and sore tits, which were bouncing and slapping in their faces while Jacquese was thrusting his big cock harder and deeper into Robin’s wet pussy.

“OOOOH GOD!! OOOOOOH,” moaned Robin in pain from the big black dick. His big orange size balls were beating against her pussy and ass.

Soon Randy got tired of sucking Robin’s tit for now n e ways and wanted to fuck Jamie. So while Jamie was still nursing her nipple, Randy started pounding away at her pussy from behind just like Jacquese has Robin. Randy was holding Jamie’s shoulders while sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Feeling it tighten around his hard dick. The two girls were now kissing each other to ease their pains of the big dicks in their pussies.

Brad had Cameran laying sideways and holding her legs spread out, fucking the shit out of her pussy. Cameran stuck two fingers into her pussy to ease more of Brad’s cock in. She found her swollen clit and begun to rub it faster and faster as Brad was picking up the pace. pumping his cock harder and faster in her cunt. Her tits ain’t know which way to bounce to they bounced all over the place.

Robin was now sitting on Jacquese’s big hard cock, impaling it into her pussy.

“OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS BIG COCK HURTS LIKE HELL!” shouted Robin as she begun to bounce up and down on his dick. She never had a black dick in her before and Jacquese was more then welcome to be her first.

Jacquese couldn’t get enough of Robin’s pussy but also wanted the pleasure of feasting on her now bouncing and jiggling big tits. He cupped them in his hand and massaged them. Her tit meat flowed out of his fingers. Robin was forcing herself to ride him harder. Jacquese helped his mouth to some tit meat and sucked her tits. Back and forth, leaving two huge hickie marks below her nipples.

“OOOOOOOOOO. FUCK ME JACQUESE. FUCK ME HARD!” Robin said in an aggressive voice. Riding Jacquese like no tomorrow.

Randy had Jamie bouncing up and down on his hard dick. Screaming for mercy.

“DON’T STOP! PLEASE RANDY! KEEP GOING! I’M CUMMIN!!!!!” Jamie shouted as she came all over Randy’s cock and down his legs.

Randy himself finally blew his load into Jamie’s pussy but she quickly got off of him and took the massive cock in her mouth and sucked the cum out of his dick and swallowed what she could. The rest fell on her chin, chest, stomach, and in the tub.

Brad was fucking Cameran’s asshole with his big dick. She never had her anus fucked before. He was squeezing her ass to a redness while his balls smacked the bottom of her pussy. Cameran was screaming in pain as Brad got half of his dick in her ass.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD BRAD! DEEPER!!!!!! HARDER!!!!..............YESSSSSSSSS! MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM!” Cameran shouted out.

As Robin was riding Jacquese, she grabbed Cameran’s large feet and begun to suck on the bottom. Licking up and down the sole to the arch. Sucking the arch. Then stuck her tongue between each toe before sucking on the big toe. Cameran though she has died and went to heaven. She was ready to pass out and came at the same time.

To make everyone finally climax, Robin rubbed her big tits on Cameran’s feet. Rubbing the nipples between Cameran’s toes. Jacquese was watching and had enough as he blasted his load into Robin’s hot, juicy cunt. Robin herself came on Jacquese’s hard cock and balls from the feet massage she was giving with her big tits. Both Cameran and Brad gave in and came at the same time.

The orgy was over and everyone laid in their positions for a while before getting enough energy to move.

“That was fucking awesome!” said Brad.

“Perhaps next time we can switch partners,” said Jamie, laying on Randy’s chest.

“Maybe next time, Frankie will be here to join us,” said Jaquese...

To Be Continued.... Ch.3 Frankie’s Night Out.

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