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"What's the matter? Can't you find the hole?" Sarah teased Ben from the office across the hall. He wadded up a piece of paper and made another attempt at her wastepaper basket. It was short again by...

Tech Support by DoctorHook

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Chapter 1 Mary Ellen Jakowski sat in her kitchen with her good friend Dana Carter having their usual morning coffee. The two women had been friends since the Carters moved into the neighborhood...

Hindsight by rgjohn

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Can there be a fun, romantic, and relaxed way to push the sexual boundaries? Sure there can! You just need the right partner and a lot of time... * "I bet he wants your ass, too. Men always...

Adult Education by Antonio_y_Cleopatra

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1.Tech Support
A poorly timed phone call leads a couple to amazing sex. by DoctorHook (08/14/14)
4.79 (473)
Mary Ellen is seduced into Anal sex by her loving neighbors. by rgjohn (07/03/03)
4.77 (12527)
3.Adult Education
Amy asks Eric to teach her a thing or two. He learns. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra (09/09/12)
4.77 (1174)
4.Joel and Carrie Ch. 07
The day after the prom. New friends. by JoeDreamer (09/05/08)
4.75 (565)
His shrewd wife taps ready young coed for booty duty. by PacoFear (09/21/09)
4.74 (6301)
6.Abbie's Summer
Inexperienced student finds passionate fulfillment. by abigailc (06/07/12)
4.74 (1282)
7.Unfolding Ch. 05
Jack surprises Shawn in the tub with something new. by Selena_Kitt (10/10/06)
4.73 (2931)
8.Extra Credit Club
Virgin meets two wild college girls. by slowMINE (05/27/06)
4.73 (2807)
9.Brad's Road Trip Ch. 13
Brad gets the truth - and an unexpected midnight hookup. by SpotInTheSand (04/12/14)
4.73 (219)
10.Joel and Carrie Ch. 01
Joel does the right thing & is rewarded by the in crowd. by JoeDreamer (09/04/06)
4.72 (1829)
11.CvsN 25: Tour de Spain
Jack sees more of both Spain and his Spanish Beauty. by Tx Tall Tales (10/29/10)
4.72 (1113)
12.A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 06
They enjoy their roller coster ride of a summer together. by johnwhoknew (05/03/13)
4.72 (608)
13.The Cabo Connection
What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo... doesn't it? by Dancing_Doll (08/08/10)
4.72 (425)
14.A Boss, A Mentor, A Lover Ch. 05
A climax to their affair, tender and bittersweet. by johnwhoknew (08/16/11)
4.72 (373)
15.Bundle of Joy
Alan and Lynn continue to grow sexually. by LittleHenry (03/16/09)
4.72 (164)
16.My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 03
Joe and Nicky's relationship blossoms in the fall. by Dolma Kalem (04/19/04)
4.71 (1417)
17.Back in the Saddle Ch. 09
The weekend comes to an end. by WhatIKnow (09/14/10)
4.71 (317)
18.Fantasy Sex Cruise 02
Kealani teaches Eddy about anal sex. by mountaincat4 (12/06/13)
4.71 (298)
19.Pushover Ch. 05
Making up is fun to do. Esp. when you're dating a porn star. by svenjolly (10/16/10)
4.71 (294)
20.CvsN 16: Beth's Last Virgin Hole
Sisters, Amie, and Beth's last hole - what a night. by Tx Tall Tales (07/01/10)
4.70 (1403)
21.Sneaking a Quickie Ch. 02
Consequences. by bluedragonauthor (11/09/06)
4.70 (921)
22.A Class In Psychology
An undergrad learns a few things about his teacher. by AmberLion (09/02/13)
4.70 (737)
23.Fantasising About Emma - Donor Ch. 02
She still wants to get pregnant. by ArrowThroughTheHeart (09/23/13)
4.70 (364)
24.Single Again Ch. 07
Things get hotter with the various woman. by WhatIKnow (03/17/12)
4.70 (335)
25.Mental Manipulations Ch. 04
A revealing talk, and Roxy returns. by cuninglinguist61 (01/07/14)
4.70 (263)
26.Pinch Hitter Ch. 01
His deepest desires fulfilled by his "pinch hitting" lovers. by npanxx (12/16/13)
4.70 (158)
27.AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 04
The popular beach resort yields some wid women. by walterio (11/26/09)
4.70 (115)
28.Paint Ch. 02
Horizons are broadened. by magicalmouse (06/21/04)
4.70 (112)
29.Who's Your Daddy?
Couple meet and have wild sex at sci-fi convention. by Bacomicfan (12/07/02)
4.69 (1259)
30.Jennie's "Nightmare" Ch. 02
The truth comes out about the "nightmare" during vacation. by JoeDreamer (05/11/07)
4.69 (783)
31.The Cornhole Championship
Love at first frotteur, with a cameo by Dr. Lowenstein. by Charles Petersunn (04/01/09)
4.69 (721)
32.Extra Credit Club Ch. 06
She craves wild anal sex. by slowMINE (04/25/08)
4.69 (383)
33.Hero's Life Ch. 14
Troubled Samantha shares some special things. by PacoFear (05/29/09)
4.69 (379)
34.Cheyenne's Revenge Ch. 05
Cheyenne, Sierra, and Taylor have some explaining to do. by FinalStand (05/22/12)
4.69 (237)
35.Anal At Last Ch. 09
A fashion show, some teasing, then sofa sex. by scottishmeat (06/23/07)
4.69 (215)
36.Sacred Ice Bucket Quest
A man, a girl, two empty ice buckets. by Lost-Boy (01/07/13)
4.69 (166)
37.Satisfying Samantha Ch. 03
Sammy enjoys Michael during day at her house. by grafexguy (07/16/05)
4.69 (147)
38.Winter Vacation
Young couple help their best friend out of depression. by randomencounter2003 (02/03/04)
4.68 (2144)
39.Pool Payments Ch. 09
Oops. Lisa missed a payment. She'll pay. by Tx Tall Tales (09/05/10)
4.68 (1080)
40.Joel and Carrie Ch. 02
Joel and Carrie seduce Joel's best friends Tina and Robbie. by JoeDreamer (09/11/06)
4.68 (1062)
41.Unfolding Ch. 06
Jack and Shawn go out to dinner. by Selena_Kitt (09/05/07)
4.68 (906)
42.Posie's Plan
An elaborate scheme to get what she needs from her man. by bienheureuse (10/14/12)
4.68 (463)
43.HS Sweetheart Ch. 04
Mary Jane opens up her back door. by painter0987 (02/18/04)
4.68 (433)
44.First Night
A first night/weekend in a new apartment. by nuum (10/26/10)
4.68 (418)
45.Birthday Girl Ch. 02
Damon and Krista sneak off for some fun at a party. by damonX (03/04/10)
4.68 (381)
46.An Afternoon With Denise Ch. 02
The lovers meet the next morning. by SomeOneNew (02/26/04)
4.68 (263)
47.Anal At Last Ch. 06
Some mutual wanking and more anal. by scottishmeat (04/19/07)
4.68 (245)
48.Fantasy Sex Cruise 04
Fun in Jamaica. Lauren learns some new games. by mountaincat4 (12/31/13)
4.68 (190)
49.Something In Her Eyes Ch. 02
Stakes are raised in this continued tale of forbidden love. by Jayded_Lust (01/01/09)
4.68 (187)
50.The Case of the ‘Flexible’ Schedule Ch. 02
His afternoon with Audrey - and her ass. by Mike Franklin (08/06/07)
4.68 (179)
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