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I'd like to say thanks real quick to all the readers who have waited awhile for this chapter. I apologize not getting it up more quickly - I've been dealing with some issues in my personal life, and...

A Jedi's Training Ch. 13 by AgntSmth

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This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story! ...

Laundry Service by Noj

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Author's note: I'd like to thank Money for coming up with the idea of this story and being patient while I took ages to finally write it, also, I know the title has 'Voyeur' in it, but there isn't...

Kelly Clarkson's Voyeur by Kash_the_priest

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201.A Jedi's Training Ch. 13
Liana goes missing. by AgntSmth (07/06/05)
4.58 (109)
202.Laundry Service
Shakira gets good quality room service. by Noj (11/14/03)
4.58 (101)
203.Kelly Clarkson's Voyeur
Kelly walks around naked in her condo & attracts a visitor. by Kash_the_priest (10/09/07)
4.58 (100)
204.Batman and Gotham Sluts Ch. 01
Batman finds pattern with women in Gotham, including Catwoman. by LoveHugeBoobs (01/29/13)
4.57 (341)
Samantha succumbs to witchcraft. by jamie (07/24/04)
4.57 (179)
206.The Amorous Brady Bunch Ch. 1
The adult Bradys find each other. by j.g.e. powers (12/18/01)
4.57 (151)
207.The Show Ch. 03
Interview from cops Catherine Bell & Jennifer Garner. by musicankane (01/13/05)
4.57 (151)
208.Everybody Loves Debra 2008
Raymond's wife is at it again and then some. by Shake88 (01/10/08)
4.57 (134)
209.Hands Down
Based on the movie 'Labyrinth'. by sintax (11/08/04)
4.57 (131)
210.On the Set of 'Heroes' with Hayden
Hayden Panettiere loses her virginity. by Kash_the_priest (08/23/07)
4.57 (131)
211.Erin Andrews
Who knew Erin Andrews had such a slutty side? by primetime73 (03/29/12)
4.57 (127)
212.Wa'DIch Ghom
A ST:TNG tale of Worf & Troi; 1996. by Sabledrake (01/15/03)
4.57 (125)
213.Child Stars No Longer
Natalie Portman and Christina Ricci lose themselves. by Evil Alpaca (11/15/04)
4.57 (122)
214.The Nanny
Mr. Sheffield surprises Miss Fine by CABONE (09/21/09)
4.57 (122)
215.Playmate of the Year: Love-Match
Guess who just came inside mom? by didier (06/24/04)
4.57 (116)
216.Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 5
Wild interracial orgy comes to an end. by Stardog Champion (02/28/01)
4.57 (111)
217.Wicked Game Ch. 10
Task Number Nine. by velvetpie (06/06/04)
4.57 (107)
218.Chuck! Fuck Ch. 05
Chuck and Sarah find themselves in FULCRUM hands. by Sensa8 (04/05/09)
4.57 (100)
219.Betty and the Cop Ch. 2
Betty tells Wilma about the Cop. by mrwizard67 (04/05/01)
4.56 (272)
220.The Jetsons
Jane persuades Mr. Spacely not to fire George. by philsogood69 (07/14/04)
4.56 (253)
221.Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red with the Big Bad Wolf & the Woodcutter. by Goldeniangel (04/15/06)
4.56 (250)
222.The Hardy Toys Ch. 1
Trish and Jeff's journey into extreme BDSM. by Tyjord (11/07/01)
4.56 (196)
223.Family Reunion Ch. 01
Reuniting with a long lost Aunt, Christina Hendricks. by GPD1984 (09/01/13)
4.56 (177)
224.Remote Control: Channel 03
Jeri Ryan boldly goes where no one has gone before. by clownboy (10/11/01)
4.56 (152)
225.Mad About Her
He makes sweet love to Helen Hunt. by earlniscus (10/23/01)
4.56 (152)
226.My Stepmother the Ten
One night with his stepmother, Bo Derek. by nickybats13 (03/10/06)
4.56 (147)
227.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 4
The Queen gets a helping of just desserts. by The Story Teller (12/06/01)
4.56 (142)
228.Making Scents Ch. 11
Sunny gets it on with Angelina Jolie. by Boratus (02/07/06)
4.56 (131)
229.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 04
Howard gets married & everyone gets Bernadette and more. by baranbrat (06/26/12)
4.56 (116)
230.Did you know I met Kaley Cuoco?
Kaley Cuoco finds an author in an airport and becomes a muse. by MeanBlackjack (05/04/12)
4.56 (116)
231.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 06
Hollywood Jim meets Hilary Duff. by hollywoodjim (09/09/08)
4.56 (115)
232.Rebirth of Krypton
Superman sets out to rebuild his race one heroine at a time. by stormwolf3710 (04/09/14)
4.56 (107)
233.Backstage at the VMA's
What went on after the kisses. by LesbiansBrotherinlaw (09/04/03)
4.56 (100)
He meets an actress on a late flight. by blueboar (01/25/02)
4.55 (323)
235.The Flintstones: Wilma Goes Wild Ch. 02
Betty Rubble joins in on Wilma's fun. by busty_fucker (12/24/07)
4.55 (262)
236.The Flintstones: Wilma Goes Wild Ch. 03
Wilma and Betty take on Barney. by busty_fucker (02/29/08)
4.55 (239)
237.Untamable Hearts Ch. 1
For those who wanted Jubilee & Wolverine to fall in love. by PamperedSteel (04/04/02)
4.55 (233)
238.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 3
Snow White meets Tutor Number 3. by The Story Teller (11/16/01)
4.55 (193)
239.Untamable Hearts Ch. 2
Jubilee's love for Logan has been noticed. by PamperedSteel (12/29/03)
4.55 (173)
240.Lesbian Call Girl - Danica
A delicious evening of pleasuring Danica Patrick. by Milene (05/24/08)
4.55 (159)
241.I Cream of Jeannie
Fantasy lesbian meeting between genie & girl. by jamie (01/04/02)
4.55 (157)
242.Beverly Mitchell Is a Slut?
7th Heaven star is sick of being such a goodie two-shoes. by kjb021784 (05/08/03)
4.55 (153)
243.The Show Ch. 05
The hottest scene yet, with Britney Spears. by musicankane (01/30/05)
4.55 (146)
244.Moore, Moore, Moore!
Demi Moore puts on a show for hard-working chauffeur. by star_driver (09/20/01)
4.55 (144)
245.Caught in the Act
Clark pops the question to Lois. by Croctden (04/09/02)
4.55 (138)
246.Emma's Dilemma
Emma Watson needs practice for a love scene. by eroslit (06/06/11)
4.55 (134)
247.Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 02
Meanwhile, on the other side of the colony... by Et2bruttus (08/17/11)
4.55 (127)
248.Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 02
Jaina licks some pussy & decides that command isn't for her. by HandcuffGirl (09/25/10)
4.55 (120)
249.Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 02
Dorothy meets a very friendly group of Munchkins. by Maguppy Puppy (11/20/04)
4.55 (116)
250.The True Story of Snow White Ch. 6
Snow learns that submitting can be exciting. by The Story Teller (03/08/02)
4.55 (112)
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