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I wanna be the girl you think of each time that you wake, One who might even cause such a tender heart to break. I wanna be a girl that you'll forever call your own, The girl whose number's...

I Don’t Wanna Be Me by Joscelyn2tg

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I can't call in sick for a heart break, There's no prescription for a heartache. I just want to crawl back into my bed, Fall asleep to try and shove you out of my head. What's the point of this...

The Me that I Used to Be by yourbabygirl7

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Ode to a Squirter As heaven sends its waters to green fields And fallow lands across the globing dome, Where plowmen grip their plows toward harvest home And scattered seed becomes autumnal...

Ode to a Squirter by pegleghegel

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.I Don’t Wanna Be Me by Joscelyn2tg (07/03/14)4.91 (11)
2.The Me that I Used to Be by yourbabygirl7 (10/30/14)4.85 (13)
3.Ode to a Squirter by pegleghegel (05/05/14)4.83 (12)
4.Fleeting Moments by MzFly (01/02/14)4.82 (22)
5.Her Man's Shirt by Oldbear63 (01/13/14)4.82 (11)
6.Would You Like to Sneak a Peek? by SusanJillParker (01/18/14)4.82 (11)
7.Singing the Valedictorian Blues by greenmountaineer (05/01/14)4.82 (11)
8.The Two Sides of Me by Welshdreamer42 (07/20/14)4.82 (11)
9.I'm Going to Dance by avrgblkgrl (10/20/14)4.82 (11)
10.A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl (08/05/14)4.81 (16)
11.Disguise by dr_mabeuse (07/21/14)4.78 (18)
12.Metamorphoses by Seanathon (01/26/14)4.77 (13)
13.On the Origin of Language by greenmountaineer (12/27/13)4.75 (12)
14.Depression house by todski28 (08/05/14)4.75 (12)
15.But Then You Came by karaline (09/17/14)4.75 (12)
16.So Completely by MzFly (01/02/14)4.73 (15)
17.The Muse's Poem by avrgblkgrl (07/03/14)4.73 (15)
18.Susan Jill Parker Congrats by SusanJillParker (01/18/14)4.73 (11)
19.Snail Tale by Oldbear63 (05/07/14)4.73 (11)
20.The Edge of Loneliness by DonnaBeck (08/31/14)4.73 (11)
21.Jack and Jill: The Truth by rexspaulding (05/14/14)4.71 (14)
22.The Problem with Nuts by normal jean (05/01/14)4.71 (17)
23.You and me by Tsotha (05/05/14)4.70 (23)
24.Down and Under Your Spell by HoneyAdored (05/14/14)4.69 (13)
25.It's All About Eve by HoneyAdored (06/03/14)4.67 (18)
26.The New National Pastime… by Oedipus_Sex (07/31/14)4.67 (15)
27.ripe by butters (02/27/14)4.64 (14)
28.Her Curves by Tx Tall Tales (12/27/13)4.59 (51)
29.Out of the Darkness by lovecraft68 (06/16/14)4.59 (17)
30.The Monster Under My Bed by AMoveableBeast (04/08/14)4.55 (11)
31.Prophecy by xelliebabex (02/26/14)4.50 (18)
32.on the eating of soft fruit by butters (05/06/14)4.50 (18)
33.Would You Mind It? by patientlee (08/27/14)4.50 (12)
34.Trembling and Bound by bethanie155 (01/21/14)4.46 (13)
35.Wild Mustache Ride by SusanJillParker (01/01/14)4.44 (18)
36.Tell Me by DonnaBeck (07/30/14)4.40 (20)
37.'O'logy by HoneyAdored (09/04/14)4.40 (15)
38.Cherry Pop by HoneyAdored (05/15/14)4.38 (13)
39.How come by JWren (08/06/14)4.38 (16)
40.A Day at the Zoo by oneiria (12/22/13)4.36 (11)
41.Perfect Weather by HarryHill (12/23/13)4.36 (11)
42.You want some? by Lucy1970Harker (02/18/14)4.36 (11)
43.Mustaches by SweetPrettyAss (05/05/14)4.36 (14)
44.On a Blood-red moon night by hornyzombie (04/20/14)4.33 (24)
45.melt by butters (12/23/13)4.33 (12)
46.For the Master's Pleasure by HoneyAdored (05/27/14)4.31 (13)
47.Slave by FragileUnbroken (03/16/14)4.27 (11)
48.Design Brief by HoneyAdored (06/20/14)4.22 (23)
49.nature study by butters (03/02/14)4.20 (15)
50.A Sweet Fuck by Hypoxia (08/05/14)4.18 (11)
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