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Fantastic story! I love these... best one I've read in a long time!

Sizzling Hot!

Love the detail and subject matter :D

Hope nobody is going to try that...

very nice

Playful, a little kinky, erotic. Very nice story.


The one about 12 friends ? Sorry I lost count after my first one

Just call her...

Peggin' Megan. ;-)

This would make a great series. Either continued with Steve, or a different guy each time.

Jury is still out

The voting has tailed off signaling less interest. Chapter three will be published soon and I'll see how that is received. If the pattern continues to decline, I'll bring it to a close. Thanks to those who like it..


This was hot! Really hot! How about a little prostate massage action where she makes him her bitch?

Sorry. My first work.

I have never done this before.


I was going to leave it at that but you make an interesting point. Our guy is now surrounded by naked women and he does have a return trip... I will think about it. Let's face it, given the situation he was probably going to be OK. It would have been better if he could have held on for just a little bit longer...

Even as she is stretched and...

...plumbed to her depths, the writer takes her readers on an erotic journey through her own anal experience. We get to partake in her journey and she leaves us wondering where she will take us next!


That was all over the map!

I love your stories and your writing. This one went in every direction imaginable, but you ended up in a place very dear to my heart. My wife and I both fuck each other's asses; Beth is so familiar and hot to me! We don't do the submissive stuff; it's just never been a thing for us, but who knows? I'm sending her the link to this story, and I guarantee you, one of us will be in the other's ass tonight! Or with a story this hot, maybe we'll go both ways...

Thank you so much for your work. I have stories I want to tell here, but fear that I won't write well enough...


Great writing. More like this.

The story line does not serve the nice writing style. The term “ass pussy” is silly and distracting, and the stark transition to the problem vet is one of those “huh?” aspects that undermines the story. At that point the story was screaming for further development of the relationship of the central characters. Oh, and get rid of the five inch heels unless the story includes a twisted ankle and scrapped knees.

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