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Not Bad

Interesting. 1 page to long but very enjoyable. Ready for the next chapter. Dad Lauren and Gayle maybe?

very well written!

That was hot and exciting. Thanks!


This story got me off more than once. Thank you for being so clear, almost like a movie in my head.

An old codger's fantasy

I've been there watching those young pussies, friends of my kids, all just bursting with the urge to mate. Some you'd like to love and help discover their unknown potential, while others you'd just want to fuck and fuck and fuck until you got tired of each other. The rest didn't matter. But then there was the HS senior who looked like Natalie Wood that all the guys just wanted to protect. Others of note looking like grow up women.
But it was all fantasy because there's wife and kids and community outrage and most important of all your own moral code. It has to stay a fantasy, too! After all, who could you possibly tell?

A fun piece of writing.

A very fun piece. But, seriously; why would any guy withdraw from a woman's ass to orgasm on her cheeks? (You'd have to pay me to "air cum"). Shooting inside her rectum is the climax to having had her anus. Has the video-porn de facto standard to "show that he's cumming" copied itself onto writing? Makes absolutely no sense, but has spread onto this site. Please, write more anal, but let her have the full package - there's no danger of pregnancy.

Here's hoping you'll write more like this

A good outline, a good story and a good subject.
I want some of that.

Hotter that a wedding dicking

This is the first story of yours that I've read. I don't anticipate it will be the last. If nothing else you've demonstrated you're good and familiar with how to write a greeat pegging story.

Wrong tag

Great story, loved the anal and the cum swallowing. But there was no DP.


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Thanks for asking

I had to call my mom who used pliers. I had the zipper replaced.

Dying to hear more

How did you end up getting the skirt off? Was it with the pliers and a four-finger pincer or did you have to find a tool or something? Is the skirt ruined now or can you just throw a new zipper in there?
So many questions!

Love it

I had read this story before. Liked it even better this time.


I was ready for my turn! This story was great! Keep writing! Don't let anyone stop your imagination! Let it run wild!

Me neither

I can't wait for his next chance to fuck Samantha either. Maybe he should bring along his friends and talk plucky Sam into a gangbang.

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