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Two Cocks

I would have like to have had both cocks in her simultaneously.


You write well and very hot Brittni. Loved how she got into the anal sex with the cousin's. Nice touch. And I loved how she came from the anal sex.


Written like a typical dude with a comprehensive complex. Yours is the type which gives the really good guys a bad rep. (and is precisely the reason I spend little time with men). Ugh!

You sir are a fucking creeper

And I truly hope you are not in the education business. Probably are though.. Ugh.


Good story, but too many typos.

Oh hell no!

Even for fiction this was ludicrous. Sex with a complete stranger? She's lucky she's not dead. I wonder how many diseases she has? Just plain stupid.


More pages per chapter, please! Your writing is nearly volcanic, but only 1 page per chapter keeps it from going to the top! Still, 5***** per chapter please, because you write well, & erotically too!

Why would anyone be horny over a rape?

It's called DNA and as evidence it works great. The asshole is going to prison for the next 20 years where he will become Bubba's Bitch everyday in prison. Have fun. How do you like the plan now?


I liked it very much. Some stories are too long. Sometimes I fall asleep before the first sexual activity.

loved the story

one was for the trust hubby had in his wife/girlfriend, two, was her willingness to explore her fantasies with him. you don't see this kind of behavior too often, (not that you would).

Needs editing

I think the story line is worthy but needs a little more of a build, a little slower pace, and a little more attention to grammar. I don't know what this sentence means, for example.
"I don't think anyone could every describe what you just did as why or quiet."

I have an eye for older ladies, I am 41. I go to nightclub dances, not interested in the younger ones, nor they in me. I am tall, average looking, slim, athletic and I look for a certain type of lady, 50+, looks don't matter but I like them on the plump side, especially round the ass because that's where my cock is going to end up. I dress well, smell good, neat hair. I watch for a while, pick my target. 2 nights ago, medium height, black well done hair, black just above the knee length dress, nylons, a slight bulge at the tummy, bigger hips and legs, my guess over 55 nearer 60. I watched her dance, she was with 2 other women, they mostly danced together. I made my move, I walked over to their table, good evening, would one of you beautiful ladies do me the pleasure of dancing with me, eye contact with my target, perhaps you. They smiled, go on Gloria, she stood, thank you Gloria, I led her to the dance floor, my name is Robert. I held her and we danced, yes, 60ish, make up hides a bit. I am a very good dancer, she was good, We danced for about 10 minutes, the music stopped, I took her back to her table, thank you, you are an excellent dancer Gloria, that was way too short , perhaps we can dance again, squeezing her hand. She looked at me, yes, I would like that. I waited, had a drink, the dancing had started, I saw her glancing over at me 3 or 4 times, waiting, now was the time. I walked over, she was standing up as I got there, Gloria, would you like to honor me again with your excellent dancing. She practically led me to the floor. This time as we danced, I held her a bit closer, my hand lower just on her bottom. She did not move it. When the dance finished, I made my move, Such a wonderful dancer, thank you, would you join me for a drink, she looked over at the other women,yes, that would be nice, let me get my bag, I led her to her table, she grabbed a black clutch and coat, smiled, said goodbye to the other women and sat with me at my table. I ordered for her, champagne cocktail, talked about her, where she learned to dance like that, another cocktail, my fingers gently on her nyloned knee. The music again please Gloria, dance with me again, this time my hand was on her plump bottom, not moved. We sat back, another cocktail, my hand higher up on her nyloned leg, my fingers moving slowly. I leaned over, Gloria, whispering in her ear, my tongue just contacting her lobe, would you like to come back to my apartment for a cocktail. Thankyou, yes, I escorted her to my car, gentle music, more talk about her, my hand on her leg. Into my car park, up to my apartment, I get it cleaned every Thursday. Nice view over parkland, low lights, dance music, a cocktail, I dance with her, I start to unzip her dress, stop, then I continue, she steps out of it. I continue to dance, un clipping her bra, turning her around, one hand around her the other slowly massaging a breast, now both on her breasts, her head back on my shoulder. I take her glass and kiss her lightly on the lips, look into her eyes and lead her slowly to my bedroom. I sit her down, take off my tie, coat, shirt, then lower my pants, I notice her eyes, lower to my boxers, I move towards her, place her hands on them, she pulls them down, my semi hard cock springs out. I wait, she touches it, I move closer, she handles it, I move back, I ease her onto the bed, kneel between her legs, I remove her panties, move them to my face, smell them, beautiful, I lean over her, she can feel my cock, my mouth touches her lips, she responds, but I move to her breasts, sucking, teasing, they are erect, my tongue down over her stomach, moving lightly over and rimming her navel, I feel her push up, I move further down, mm the aroma, a women ready for sex, my tongue flicks lightly along her wet pussy, back up, lightly on her erect clit, she moans, back down, right down this time, my tongue flicking her anus, she tensed, then relaxed as I gently rimmed her then moved back up, my tongue slowly, oh so slowly teasing her clit, her legs moving, then she spasmed as she orgasmed, as I lightly licked her, moving up over her, my hard cock sliding easily into her pussy, oh my god, oh my god, I move in and out of her, slowly but she bucks against me, I go a little faster, she spasms again, very wet, I put my lips gently to hers, you are beautiful,, I move back down, my cock leaving her, no put it back, my tongue goes back to her pussy and down to her anus, rimming, spitting, I move back up, slide my cock back into her pussy, then move it down,she realises now what all the other women I have brought back realize, my cock is going into her ass. I hear her, no, no, not there as I position it and move up over her, gripping her legs as I push down and up sharply, she opens I am in, no, oh no, slow, slow as I ease up into her tight hole and move my body up so I am kissing her mouth as I move in her ass. Like most, she is tight, I go slow at first, I felt her relax but then faster until literally I am making love to her ass, I am getting close, I l move back, lift her legs onto my shoulders and lean forward, now pounding her ass, deep, long , hard, some scream, Gloria groaned, kicked her legs against my shoulder and I let them go, thrusting hard, my tongue in her mouth as my cum coated the insides of her ass, getting what I was originally after,a tight, plump mature female ass.

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