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Love it!

As a bi male, I've had both strapons and cocks in my ass and the way you described the scene in these stories brought back some great memories. Keep writing!

Very realistic!

Don't know why but getting ass fucked almost always caused my hardon to go away, probably just the distraction of the whole different, but wonderful feelings produced by a cock or dildo rubbing the prostate. The precum always pours out though. The one time I was fucked with a strapon was memorable though because I was so hard it seemed my cock throbbed with every heartbeat. Love it!

Fantastic story. Intensely erotic. Thanks.

Looking Forward

To the next chapter.

Nice Short Story

I wish my wife would do this for me. I've asked she's not into it.

One of the best I've read...

A perfect and, more importantly, accurate description of what anal sex really is. I get tired of reading stories where the man just shoves his 12" dick into a woman's ass with no prep and no lube and the woman screams in ecstasy. She'd be screaming all right but it wouldn't be from enjoyment. Thanks for this beautiful touch of anal reality.


Again, apologies, have resubmitted, waiting for the corrected version to appear.

Further parts?

Please continue writing further parts. My girlfriend has pegged me recently for the first time and I loved it.

Of course I wish the story continues

Many things to come, many ideas and all of them turn me on


Good job not just ripping off what you'd seen happen on Web. Added to it nicely

Great story line, lousy writing

Nurse or doctor, him or her, yours or mine, had a hard time following. At the very least h read it yourself before submitting, better yet find someone else to read it first. Love the story line, hated the writing. Good luck with the next installment.

Good idea, jwoodie

And both, Dani and Chris, become Bethany´s pets being used by her and her oldest sister and her husband, who is a very experienced cocksucker and drives crazy Chris.
I think the Barney´s story, "I pegged your father" deserves its own story but ... don´t you think you have to continue too many stories? Let me remind you some of your stories that we expect: Cheerleader´s Mom, Shemale submission, Pet teacher and more. Please, continue them. i pray for it.


How is titled the continuation of this story? Please, don´t tell me it finished

Good First Attempt

Overall good and well written. Since you asked for suggestions:
- Always the subject of debate but this is probably more BDSM than anal.
- A bit more focus on feelings and emotions. I didn't really feel how she felt about being handcuffed. Was there hesitation on her part? Fear she had gone too far?
- How did she feel when she was being ass fucked for the first time? Spend more time on what she was feeling, physically and emotionally.

Overall a really good first attempt. Keep it up! You have a lot of potential.

Pegger In the closet

I am a straight male who has enjoyed sticking things in my ass since I was 12.
I now enjoy selfies, pegging in the shower with a rather large suction dildo. Hmm, I suspect I am not the Lone Ranger.

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