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as usual, but i miss the degradation of the first chapters

please write more to this story

Ass play...

I liked this story very much. Unfortunately, it was too short. Will there be any more additions to this?

Great job

You did a great job of writing from a man's perspective.

I enjoy your work.


while I "get" this ishot for some, even many.. Deeper stories are turned away? who does someone have to blow/lick to get a fucking post approved?

Love It!

Write a second part! Nice!

Thank you!

I agree! I wanted to write a story with a man's POV. I enjoyed writing this story very much. So glad you enjoyed it.

Yes!!! Such a great read!! More ass to mouth!!!!

A change of cloths

"...bring a change of cloths."

What were the cloths for? Were they going to wash some windows...?

There will be more dicks

You're welcome Chytown. Thanks for reading and commenting!

First Anon, this site hasn't been pumped full enough yet. I'm gonna be shooting more stories into it, don't worry. Thanks for the comment.

Second anon, that's the plan. There's going to be a lot more dicks coming all over the place. Now, I don't know how fast the stories will come out, especially since I have ideas for more than one storyline, but there WILL be more Brod. Thanks for commenting.

Stuff that's genuinely dangerous is just never going to stop turning me off. You can do this story with line and not in a way that suggests that people do something to injure someone else or themselves.


What an amazing slut. Love to see the story continue. She loves to be throat fucked AND okay with doing a2m. Wow.


She said there would be a second time. I am looking forward to it.

Well written

Great descriptions of how you felt.Your nervousness really came through.

very hot

really got me going. i can picture the scene, you in the living room waiting for him to show up and knowing what you wanted to do.

i could read more.

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