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really enjoyed your descriptions of Gilly.. she sounds like a dream submissive. hope there is more to this. your writing style is direct but effective and hot.


Well-written amazingly erotic story.
Every man's dream.

Your Math is Off

I'm assuming this couple was youngish - say 30? In order to live the rest of their lives off of $900K, they are going to have to live a fairly meager existence for the next 40 or 50 years...

Ooooh Yeah

Sounds like the kind of tension relief I need. I've had a few large cocks in my ass, but probably never anything as big as you describe. I'd love to find a chiropractor like that to see if I could take it. Makes my cock throb just thinking about it.

True story? Eugh dude. I hope you got checked. Sounds like she picked up a disease or two. Never sleep bareback with someone like that. Never.


Super exciting and hot. I really enjoyed it.


Such a naughty girl...


Tiffany is an unusual woman desiring anal, but since Gilbert is okay with it, they can pleasure each other. Hot story!


The very BEST highly detailed and sensitive description of two peoples journey to a lifetime of bliss. Each sex act and the lead up foreplay was so beautifully described that they could and perhaps should, be incorporated into a "manual" for all who want to make such a journey. Both Male and female.

It would become MUST READING for so called sex-ed classes.

It would undoubtedly lead to many more couples embracing those techniques and restraint. And developing true long term commitments


This is the best anal story on Literotica. Please, continue.


I was hoping for an ending, but it looks like it will never come.

Muslim asses are cleaner and way better than any Agly and white dirty pussies, trust me, I fucked a Muslim ass too, it was something in heaven to lick and fuck a Muslim ass like Maimuna’s.
Good for u man, I fucked nine white pussies and two Muslim asses. And I know how it feels, could u please send me Maimuna’s e mail or phone number?

Make Up Your Mind!

Either she's a temporary company whore or she's a slut or she's being raped.
You've described elements of each in this story. That kind of confusion and indecision just ruins it. Half way through and I couldn't give a shit what was going on.

Get yourself a decent editor to help you - you really need it.

Took me long enough to find it but well worth the read and the wait. I would love to see more from you.

Great writing

This was really visual. I enjoyed it and hope this is not your only offering here.

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