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I remember fucking a couple fat chicks in the ass the best part is when they suck you off after cumming in there ass


So different from the LW crowd, isn't it? Your writing is simply superb. Sorry I took so long to read it. Real world responsibility trumps literotica. So glad I read this.

What an incredible beginning

This was, in one chapter, a more impressive story than most complete works I've read. The characters, emotions, motivations and even the smut were all satisfying and impressively detailed.
Easily favorited, never done that in ch1 before.


This a raunchy "Mrs Robinson" romp with witty, pithy dialogue. Much to admire in the writing style (nit pick: excessive use of moaned) and is obviously ripe for continuation.

I loved it

Keep up the good work!!!!

Short and VERY hot!!

Way lucky hubby!
I presume personal experience?
Would like to read more....

How great

I love the story and can feel my own body being penetrated as I read on. I'd love to have your experience as you've described it. Thank you.


Rampe, reading your account of this experience was like hearing it spoken by someone with a Scandinavian accent. Very nice to imagine, and not badly written for someone dealing in a second language. Keep on keeping on, with time things improve, so will you. I enjoyed it!

Oh god, I can hardly write my fingers are so slippery, that was awesome. Thanks x

Spank fiction and not much else.

For anyone looking to get off, this is fine, but once it regresses to pure gonzo spank fiction, that's all you're left with. Anyone looking for some sort of engaging story... is reading something else by now.

But this is an erotic fiction website, and you'll never "go broke" playing to the cheap seats.


I loved the story.
A sequel? Or more like this?

Holy Fuck Kay, that was amazing.,.

GREAT Job Kay, I felt like I was right there..

What a great morning read!

I really do enjoy your submissions. I never really thought about submissive sex until I started reading your stories. Now I'm kind of intrigued. This story should really be continued.

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