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Hot, but shrinking

Stick with the 6" and you've never seen 2.5" wide unless you're naturally loose - a guy's first time would be wrecked by something that thick. Since you have to go back and correct the size anyways (Obviously it's distracting!) go ahead and fix the width.
That critique aside, I'd love to see if they move on to more.

Love it

Absolutely loved this story. Can't wait for part 2.


I agree...it seems to me that's where this is headed..Her libido is up and he's taking cialis, it says it all. Too bad, I would prefer to have stopped the story right here. I would have put this in the 'Loving Wife' category. Gotta really love your man lots to have that much anal activity. So part two, she becomes an anal slut?

it's a real shame you stopped posting new stories, you really have a talent for writing hot stuff

Like it

I like it alot

public secret liason

Very hot and intense love the fact it was in a public place but yet has the delicious secrecy of it being late at night in the ballroom, the illicit liaison, that made the story much more sexually heated...

ENjoyed your story

Are you planning the follow up?


Don't stop now! Vivid fantasy.


She never stopped. Will she need others?

held together

Very consistent, clear sense of character, and .... anal passage! Go for it, folks!


The description was good, but the ending left me high and dry

5 stars

Interesting, enjoyable and well written story.

Very Skillfull

I loved reading this this story, you seemed to have took some time in thought about this story. I really enjoyed it from the beginning to end and i look forward to reading more of your stories. Keep up the great work and I look to reading more of your stories soon.

To many recaps

As I was reading this I kept thinking I had lost my place and was reading the same thing over again.

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