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I could think of better punishments.


Thanks for the feedback! My first story and I may make some changes.

excellent story!

A very good story!
couple of minor details that can make it better ---
-- Literotica has editors who'll help with some of the finer points of your writings -
-- verb tense shifted a couple of times ("suggested we get in bed, and it is then I see she has a tube of KY jelly with her.")
-- word usage can be distracting ("The shear excitement of this" - sheer, not shear)

Also recommend changing the tag line for the story -- "she takes my anal cherry" sounds like he's gonna take it in the butt, but thankfully that's not what happened.

Again, a very enjoyable story! Keep them coming!

We have been married for 37 years, my wife is very sexy still at 66. I always wanted to get into her ass, if you saw her you would want to as well. Lately, I do not know why, she has wanted more sex , she certainly seems wetter, anal was always off the agenda until the other night. I was fucking her from behind, so wet, when I gently fingered her ass, she told me to push my finger in, no surprise when I didn't hesitate. She started to moan, still fucking her she said put it in my ass, I couldn't believe it, I said what, fuck my ass, I didn't need another invite as my cock slid slowly past her open anus into the place where I had wanted to fuck her for years. I love my wife and I loved fucking her ass, my cum spurting deep into her tight anus. I don't know what changed but know she teases me, see through panties, telling me to lick her ass and actually wanting me to fuck her ass even when I came home, she had nylons on, bent over the kitchen bench, her ass lubed ready for me. I am in heaven.

You've kept it going nicely and still hot. Please continue with ch. 4

Nice! Sweet and hot....!

Very likable characters, good intro to newbie booty pirating..
..and no needless concern about age difference, or likely reaction from co-workers...it's fiction...!

tho ATM squicks me out...

hopefully you'll be writing a lot more...

A nice tasty ass fuck

Efficient story telling, raunchy and earthy. Found this through Naoko' s blog - bless her wicked heart.

Christian College Sex Comedy ...

Mainly the name comes from the flow of the words. To be fair to the theme, the majority of the action happens on the campus of a Christian College for Women, involves women from that Christian College and, as time progresses does include issues involving modern Christianity. The last bit takes over a dozen chapters to truly come into play. I also hope there is a fair bit of comedy in the story, making the last word in the title equally truthful. There are indeed some dark moments in this tale, but bright, lighthearted moments too and I feel they dominate.

James aka FinalStand


I read a few of the comments ..... Well each to their own ... I loved the series as much as I love fucking my womans butt ... keep up the good work ...
write more and you will get better and better


Yeah, an interesting story but,

I just don't get why this is called a Christian college/school where everybody is pervert, has a sorority, the seniors can bully the freshmen, and the good guys were the ones who were not Christians. Maybe this is a cult school where sex is allowed. You could have made it just a normal all girls school. But this is your story and this is just a fantasy. But I'm enjoying the story alright. :-D

Good Tale. TY

Short and sweet, what more needs to be said. Well done.

Great story

Please make a sequel where he finds a key holder who actually keeps him locked up permanently...

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