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Good story

Must persuade my netball playing girlfriend to keep her kit on sometime :-)

writer needs to edit story

story needs editing. Awful use of the English language. Weird POV too.

Too technical

There was too many technical words in this story, it made it less sexy. Describing the guys hairy balls made me feel sick. There was too much build up to a quick anal sex scene.


That guy would get my vote for 'the dumbest guy in human history' if he lets that girl get away

Re: Wrong category

hmmmm, I thought this category was for readers into anal sex, not anal behavior ;-)

Amazing story

If she loves sucking cock, she would've cleaned him off after cumming in her ass. But even then, hot fucking story. She's turning into an anal whore.

You're not alone in that. Even Sandy disagreed with that ending, but I insisted on it.

Ali allows herself to be sold, partly out of guilt, partly out of curiosity, but she's not naturally submissive. Guilt assuaged and curiosity satisfied, she makes a clear statement that she isn't a possession for men to use.

Loved the story, hated the end. Would have liked to see them share her again and again.

part two, please!

Come on we need more of these chapters! The way you right and the story are both awesome!!

Loved It

What a fantasy fulfilled! I am hot, wet and ready to take it all!


Thank you all for your comments. I have submitted an edited version. It is the same story with a correction and less abrupt ending.

Part two should be out soon.

Well, to be honest the idea came from the simple idea of "if I could be a girl." But with a twist. The lesbian possessing her body comes from the site she may still be apart of, it isn't pornographic but she admitted she'd be intrigued with the idea of a lesbian using her body. Would be nice to see her do a censored version.

Hard to find women that are into thia kinda thing.

Good Story

Characters and sex play were well described, dialog realistic and all in all a well written story.

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