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Hello my name is Aimee I want a passionate man =) a meeting on a neutral territory write in https://bit.ly/2tVEoL3 username Aimee23)Phone number is listed in the pros!


Really enjoyed this sexy, funny romp x


Best story ever. Congratulations


Like the stories! Really like one pagers. Keep them coming. I am guessing Miranda is going to go along and then gets it twice.

Very hot

Loved pt one - very hot, well written and looking forward to the next part ....

Interestingly, my gf had a similar experience when she was this age - not anal but her maths teacher and caretaker both fucked her ragged over about an hour or so. She loved every second and still gets off heavily on it ....we both do lol

Loved your story, great starter

Hope we see more of Jenna and her classmates developing more school spirit like this, building closer relationships with each other's fathers, coaches, college admissions officers, all the men who will be more important to help them in their careers.

Mostly good

Just got a little rapey for my tastes


Great story. Maybe she’ll get double teamed in the next chapter? Fingers crossed...

Sexy & beautiful

You are a beautiful writer! Please keep up the amazing, delicious work.


I love eating ass as well. I have a lover at work and one time after we went cowgirl I asked her to turn around for some 69. I had just cum in her so her pussy was counted with cum. She let me snap a couple of pictures. I grabbed her hips and eased her back until I could lick her pussy. As soon as I started licking her she opened up and a blob of cum squirted out on my tongue. After I licked Hess pussy clean I asked he to sit up so I could tongue her ass. It is still so vivid in my mind. She has light skin so there is a big transition from her cheeks to the color of her hole. It is such a turn on. I love to push my tongue in as far as I can so I can feel her squeeze my tongue with her ass. I hope I get to tongue her ass tomorrow.

Five * at a well written story

I enjoyed your buildup to the anal sex and the realization of Tiffany's annoyance to Kevin's 6 minutes of sex. Us men that like to make sure our women enjoy our loving attentions, deserve more than 'Slam Bam, Thank You Maam'. I am a man that enjoys sex even into my senior years, and pleasing my lover is very important to me, so your keeping in that mental attitude has pleased me too! Would you consider a 2nd chapter or more?

First ever comment.

I had no idea what i was getting into. Marvelous sir, simply marvelous.

Wow, I wish I was in your place. I need to be some stud’s cock whore!

Still good!

I like what you’ve written!! I really enjoy non-consensual stories so I wish she could have resisted anal a little more.
Humanizing Omar makes him seem like a different person but I didn’t hate it, it just seemed a little out of character. I excited to read more and to see more non-con ;).
Keep up the good work!

-Innocent Venus

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