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Not my favorite topic . . .

but your writing continues to be at the top of the group of authors on this site.
Will be watching for your next installment.


Great story. Curious about Bethany's reply. Does she describw it, ask Dani to come over and have a taste, tell her taste her own fingers? Can't wait for Le Chateau club. And How I pegged your father would be as good as anything else in celebrity section. I say do it.


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Hot, but the over-the-top purple prose detracted from the eroticism

too much dialogue, not enough physical description for my liking

I love cum too

When my wife pegged me I too ate my own cum. It really turned her on. Then, after she had me suck on her big dildo she asked me if I wanted to suck on a real cock. The thought made me hard -- she noticed - and I admitted to her that I'd always wondered what it would be like to suck a real cock. The next weekend she set it up and invited a male co-worker of hers to our house. We watched some porn and then I stroked his cock and sucked it until he came in my mouth. My wife watched and it turned her on so much. I was so horny that I asked him to fuck me and he did. Now we have regular 3-somes with him and some of my wife's other male friends from work. Please continue this story.

I'm a slut bitch too

I too am a slut bitch for my mistress wife. She fucks me deep and hard. She also feeds me her big strapon dildo and she loves watching me suck it. Next we're going to find a real cock to feed to me and to fuck me man-pussy. I can't wait.

just like me and my wife

My wife and I have had a similar experience. I didn't have my own butt plugs but when she found my porn on my computer (shemale, CD, MMF and gay) we had a long talk. She found out my secret desires of getting pegged by her -- and more. She became interested when she found out about feeldoes because she'd get pleasure too. We then arranged a date (just like in your story) and she took my anal cherry. We've done it numerous times and I always suck her dildo before and after she fucks me. I also clean up my own cum. She now knows that I want to suck a real cock and get fucked by a real man. We just have to find the right man. She's going to watch and I can't wait to suck a real cock with her watching and playing with herself. Please continue this story. I want to read what happens next.

Oh. My. God. She is my dream girl. Such a bitch and so seductive. I LOVE the image of Sophie dripping in second hand cum at the end, really gets me off. Each to their own I suppose.


Hi friends! Thanks for the comments and messages. Really appreciate you taking the time. I know! Who'd have thought Melanie could do something so awful?!

Ending is fucking awfull.


Was unexpected, but very good. Got me pretty damn turned on. Please continue. Take the rude comments as constructive criticism.


I've been reading stories on this site since around 2005 and this is easily in the ten best stories I have ever read. Bravo!

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