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I liked it too, short and to the point. My girlfriend Lorraine and I went through most of the things boyfriend and girlfriend do,kissing, touching, fingering, stroking, she even blew me in the car once but she didn't much like that. No fucking though, not before marriage, her rule, many was the time I went home with blue balls. We went to a friends wedding, Lorraine looked great, she was a country girl who had attended a religious school, dress not too short, pantyhose. After the bride and groom left, we went outside, we walked a bit around the grounds of the venue, we decided to go back past a long hedge and as we turned the corner we saw a couple on one of the 2 table and benches, she was bent over, her dress hitched up and he was fucking her from behind. It wasn't long before he pulled back, they quickly dressed and moved away. My cock had responded but Lorraine said take me home. In the car she removed her pantyhose and as I drove she put my left hand between her legs, her pussy was so wet, I ran my fingers along her slit and gently touched her clit causing her to close her legs as she orgasmed. She slumped back, then reached over and grabbed for my cock, taking it out and gently stroking it. We got to her parents place, they were out, she said come in, I went inside with her, quiet , but George her brother was out. Quickly, come in, I went to her bedroom, she sat on the bed and surprisingly reached for my cock and began sucking me, she stopped, I want you to put it in me, what, you know, I wasn't going to argue but because of her not before marriage rule I did not have condoms. I told her this and she surprisingly said, no not in my pussy,i need you in me, in my bottom. She rolled onto the bed and lifted her dress and lay on her front presenting her gorgeous bottom to me. I took my trousers off and lay on top of her my cock going to her very wet pussy, I moved it up against her anus which was also very wet and pushed gently against her and I felt her open, my cock entering her. She yelped, squeezed her anus which caused my cum to shoot into her ass. I heard her, don't move, then her ass opened more and with my cum as lubricant I slid all the way into her. The most exquisite feeling I had felt in my life, warm, tight around my cock I heard her do it so I began moving in her, she made strange noises as I fucked her and again I didn't last long, before I could feel my cum rising again and I heard her say now, oh big, now, now and I shot my second load into her as she bucked up and down. Throughout our married life, anal sex was always an integral part of our sex life.

I like this woman!

This is an outstanding tale and I enjoyed reading it too. Hopefully, there will be more to be said, Christi deserves this guy on a permanent basis.

Beautifully Written

Well written and very good story. As others have said, I wish it was longer.

I hope you post another chapter.

Thank you for writing and posting here.

Needs improvement

Way to much infasis on ass and describing lost my attention


When you wrote this, were you high and watching Family Guy & Alice in Wonderland?


It's giving me some good chuckles.

With that little preparation

And that big a strap on, she tore his sphincter muscle to shreds and had to take him to the hospital for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. The hospital documented the damage and his lawyer sued for divorce, using her sexual assault against her. He kept 90% of the marital assets and never spoke to her again. What a complete bitch.

Really bad idea

It's one thing to want to ass fuck your wife. It's another thing for your wife to want to peg you with a strap on. BUT it's a totally different kettle of fish for the bitch to want to bring a third party into the relationship and expose her husband to Aids and whatever other nasty STD's her boyfriend might have. His answer was HELL NO! Then he went out and found a woman that liked anal sex, was better in the sack than his wife, better looking than his wife and made more money than his wife did. He divorced his wife and married the new woman. That's what she gets for trying to kill her husband.
Dumb story.

Loved the idea loved the idea

Loved the idea and i know of someone who would suit the character of emily very well. Hope you write more and tell us what happens at the mall.

Wrong catagory

This disgustingly sad story belongs in Incest / Taboo catagory

There's nothing sexy about this, since your characters seem to have no feelings or emotions about anything. Anal sex is risky even with lubrication, since the anus is not like the vagina, and dangerous without not to mention that anus to mouth is a good way to subject a person to all kinds of bacteria if a person wants to lick her own shit off someone's dick.

Chapter 2

Defintely need to go with anal on him. Maybe a visit to a toy store. Actually I thought it was going to happen on page 4.

Gross? Not really.

Started out pretty nasty but ended up as a really nice relationship .
It's a loving grandson who devotes himself to satisfying the kinky desires of his grandparents And it's really admirable of a pair of 70 year olds to be so sexually active and with such great imaginations. A 5 star threesome.

More than a little gross...

Your story needs some editing. I reads as if a six year old was trying to tell something from when they were two. And the image given was disturbing as well. Showers once a month? The cum stunk? Eeeeew

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