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Just crying out for a sequel

The fragile male ego... Not a perspective very common here on Literotica.

It's a very interesting approach and an intriguing read. Our protagonist for once isn't quite your typical toned good boy with a 10" dick and stamina to rival any god you care to name.

There is a certain beauty here in just that fragility, the problems he encounters and his insecurities.

Beyond Pirouette, you have a tendency for stories that are quite out of the ordinary.

Again, well written, a bittersweet but vast imagination and stories that capture your emotions as well.

Please continue, and if not with this story, I will still eagerly wait for what else you can come up with.

This is a great description.

My wife and I do this a couple times a month. A prostate is soooooo intense

Thank you!

Kudos for a well-done story on getting out of the polite & proper and learning more about awesome sex with a loving partner!

Soul mate or cell mate?

I didn't expect this to end well. Co-conspirators almost always turn out to be untrustworthy eventually. Not to mention that women rarely truly forgive being introduced to anal sex via blackmail, they tend to have long memories and the temptation for revenge is hard to resist. That being said, you managed to let her 'give it to him in the end' without one or both ending up in jail.

You've left enough room for a sequel so there is hope that these two will manage to get themselves into serious trouble. Maybe from a real bitch of a woman auditor who won't stop asking questions and wants to get a little action from him and won't take no for an answer. Or maybe a really cute, smart computer guy could stick his nose into some accounting files that just don't seem to be right and starts snooping around. A good story with potential.

Oh hell...

No verbal comment from Linda on how she felt about her ass being pummeled, other than telling Bill to fuck her hard? I was expecting her to say something after. Maybe I missed it, but I was expecting one so I don't think so. Oh well, this was very hot though. On to the next Chapter.


You are right, they might be able to... if a DNA profile is on record somewhere. Also, the tests take time. The TV shows, and sometimes my own stories :o( have to speed up the timetables of these tests. Good point on your part, though. :o)

Good read...

Like others have said, too short. Best thing about this was the woman didn't treat her lover like a sissy, no humiliation. No calling him pussy or bitch boy. Just, this is what I want to do.

Would love to know if it went from a one night stand to something more.

Blood at the scene

so if the police found blood at the scene of the unknown shooter at the warehouse, I would think they should be able to ID the shooter and get a lead on the third group...

Must write more chapters!

I am not the guy to read who reads Anal stories often. But yours had me riveted to it from chapter one. And now that I really got to know and relate to the characters, I want to hear more of them.

So here I go. Please continue with this series. I love this duo and the scene surrounding them and want more.


This is not appropriate for anyone my god...


The description doesn't really fit the contents. Maybe, "monstrous rape scene"? If the intent of this story was to describe a horrifying sexual experience in detail , then bravo. I'm sure there are readers who are turned on by rape, murder , sexual assault and borderline bestiality ( I don't count myself amongst them today), but for everyone else maybe give a more accurate description of what's in store. With that said, I don't think it was badly written and I like the imagination and imagery . I just would have preferred that creativity be put towards something that was stimulating instead of terrifying .


What goes around cums around

Well-written and Honest

A revealing exploration of the true base nature of men and women. Offer the man enough, and his own greed ensures you can buy anything -- including his wife (and even his daughter)!! And a woman will ALWAYS succumb to the basic biological imperative of mating with the stronger (richer, handsomer, better-endowed, younger, more athletic) male - to ensure a "better" offspring for the continuation of the species -- and NOT to provide any particular man with an heir or a bloodline!! And will do so under the flimsiest premise or pretense or the weakest and wholly unjustified validations... Not to mention satisfying her own hedonistic pleasures despite having professed her undying love and faithfulness to another human!!

That is not to say that only men are greedy - quite realistically not -- almost all of us suffer that weakness/affliction: there is almost always a price that will buy us!

But only a woman can truly betray another human being by surreptitiously bearing a bastard child in wedlock - or at least engaging in the base, deliberately deceptive and heinous activity of extrarelational (extramarital) sex with any and every big dick (richer, handsomer, bigger, etc) that comes along (and NOT take adequate precautions against disease or pregnancy). Only women can be and are the true whores of humanity!! And it only takes one instance, for whatever reason or intention, or simply deliberate inebriation, to slide into the whore lifestyle.

The reality is: the question is never "IS she a whore?", but ALWAYS comes down to "WHEN will she start whoring!!!"

Omg I want to be fucked in the ass!

Best arss

This mad me very terned on thank you good story//.lofther68,

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