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Great story please write another part soon! ! !

Art imitating life...

My wife and I have been married for 14 years, and known each other for over 23.
It's weird how much of this story mirrors our lives. We both enjoy anal sex and stimulation routinely and it really is a whole new level of pleasure and intimacy for a commttited couple. If you have someone with whom you can share this, it is truly amazing for both.

Well done.

great story

great story - hope for more :)

To: Anon 11/11

I am sorry you didn't dig it. Was there anything in particular that you did not like?

Sorry, lets give credit where credit is due

WTF, MichaelBradley, what do you think the author should have used instead of schlong.

Really enjoyed it-VERY hot

Regrettably women like Jenny are rare, but such a treat when one is found...!


Can't wait for the Ch. 02!
Very well described.

You get bent about Schlong? Seriously?

Anonyrat, you are a fool. It is not even a euphemism, when you say schlong for penis, you're using the correct word, because it MEANS penis. What next, are going to snivel that the story used "tits" instead on knocker, boobs, or breasts? Were you dropped on your head as a child? Repeatedly? From a height?

Great Writing

I'm single right now and this really helped get through the night ;)

Got as far as the 10" cock. 1*

The Dickens you say

You captured the true holiday spirit of what real giving means. But what I loved most was your homage to “A Christmas Carol.” Did anyone else see it? Christmas past: poor, no gifts. Christmas present: surprise butt plug. Christmas future: a three-holey tradition of seasonal pleasure.

Great story

The best and sexiest stories always have a basis in truth. I really liked this one. If only one quarter of this is true you are a truly lucky woman.

Thank you

Thanks for this story. It brings back a lot of memories.

Only downside was lack of description on both orgasams

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