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Try Again

This story should have been told in one submission, about two pages worth. No way it should have been three separate installments. If you have another story banging around in your head, try to tell the whole thing in one go. Oh, and PROOFREAD. You are not the worst writer here on Lit, but there are quite a few annoying grammar and construction mistakes. A well told story is also well written and readable.

That feels real

So many stories don’t involve lube and it just isn’t real.

Great little quickie!

Hot and we'll done! I look forward to more of your writing.

Great Read

Very built up storyline with details...

Loved it....

Wait what?

Did he only last like 10 seconds? Or did the author just decide to skip over the sex for some reason?

Jim's jism

The only way to describe your writing style is: seductive.

Enjoyed reading about the ass rape

Suspect Marie will show interested only in wife’s pussy and raping husban’s ass. Husband of course will be so conditioned to taking the dildo that he will go along. Marie will just happen to know a couple of bi-guys to use hubby as he goes bi.

VitalWalt wrote wife as discovering her dominant side and hubby submissive if he gets his cock stroked.


Amazing. Keep writing.

Good story!

I love your storytelling and I hope you revisit these characters soon!

I enjoyed all that pulsing thrill.

Exciting but needs a better ending I feel.

So glad he didn't end up with Lacey

Her character flaws were improved upon ,but you don't do vicious things to those you claim to love deeply without them being ingrained.
All she could ever hope for is an overlay of decency.


All I can say is "damn, please publish anything 4 all to read"!


Really well written and easy to read, and incredibly detailed. Seriously, wish I could find this as a legit service. Nice work :)

Spit roasting

I definitely want to read about what happens the next day.

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