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love it

I love this story. makes me so hot. id love to have a dick at least 9 inches

Well written

So, even though anal is not my favorite form of sexual activity, I give it a 5 because it is a very well written story

Rock hard asses are shit. Tongue sticking out while in pleasure? While it is an excellent story and situation is close to my own reality but still the writer is clearly a Virgin or doesn't know what he's missing out. The tongue thing is adopted from Japanese hentai which is also shit. Girls don't do that. Back on the topic of rock hard butts, that's just for girls with flat asses who squat every day to change the shape. Natural bubble butts is what you want. Soft > hard. Male = hard, female = soft.

Hot Bum...

Enjoyed the story.. buttfucking is a great way you get off..

Top Shelf!

A story worth every moment and worth every page! I loved it!

You did it!!!

Well Jenn your build like a wet dream and can now write story's that cause them!
Well done and here's looking forward to next one.
Now I have to look at your pics and get some relief for all this swelling you've caused me you sexy woman!

Not my turn on

I have never understood the pleasure of beeing humiliated or spoken to in a degrading and demeaning way. This story also described just the pain she recived from anal penetration, not real
sexual excitement and satisfaction. I can fantasize about anal sex, but not in this manner. But each to his own.

Excellent Story

Wonderful story telling and great build up. Looking forward to more.

So glad to find your story again

I read the first part years ago on another site and was afraid I would never see another chapter. It's great to catch up with one of the most original erotic story ideas ever. Please break the writer's block and post more chapters. I really like the reduced lung capacity problem of long plugs and corsets and I really want to see what Amanda has in store for the family. Will you also have more doctor visits? Emily's treatment and Nurse Lana's comeuppance are 2 more hanging threads.
Thanks for the great story.

Great start

Great first story. Hope you keep it up


I'm not really sure why this was in the "Anal" category. You should inquire about that, because, well, there is no Anal sex in the story at all!

A GREAT start!

Love the idea, and the fire! You have a gift for this kind of story telling!
But the story would be MUCH stronger with some editing to smooth it out - fix the verb tenses and some other mechanics.
Looking forward to reading more from you!

need more of this story

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