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Twisted Tune: Make It Easy

 —  by ZZ_Todd10/21/065.00

Twisted Yearnings

 —  by beverly_luv08/08/034.00

Twister Rider

 —  by chilosahatak09/30/111.00

Twittering Machine

 —  by lubricant06/22/135.00


 —  by astrosleuth12/11/16


 —  by the_butterfly03/14/08

Two and Me Makes Three

 —  by Cub4ucme02/12/104.50

Two as One

 —  by Hudson09/04/015.00

Two As One

 —  by slave naia05/27/034.33

Two as One

 —  by JacksBaby112/28/033.83

Two as One

 —  by Ninja Nookie06/01/044.33

Two Bear Cubs

 — Misguided by susansnow05/08/17

Two become One

 —  by Gracealicious03/07/02

Two Below Honey

 — two below honey by cavu18211/26/17

Two Bodies Remembering

 —  by BrotherBeast04/02/064.75

Two Bodies, One Passion

 —  by Andrewdust01/04/095.00

Two Bodies...

 —  by Knkycatwoman07/13/032.00

Two Bodies...

 —  by Knkycatowman07/16/035.00

Two Can Chew

 —  by Stan4Uwagan06/11/163.00

two dicks for lisa

 —  by lawrobbur05/25/09

Two Dragons One World

 —  by Solar Dragon09/09/015.00

Two Entwined

 —  by Molly Magee08/04/034.77HOT

Two For The Road

 —  by LasciviousSanity08/26/074.33

two for you

 —  by she_is_my_addiction11/14/044.64HOT

Two fucking years

 —  by arrow90907/28/123.50

Two Girls

 —  by ANiceGuy09/01/001.00

Two Goddesses

 — A primal ritual few witness by blondsubles02/05/174.85HOT

Two halves make a whole!

 — A simple poem that doesn't rhyme just flows from the heart! by mick6011/20/171.00

Two Hearts

 —  by Rosebud01/26/014.23

Two Hearts' Tomorrows

 —  by JUDO04/17/024.67

Two Hookers

 —  by Boxlicker10104/06/054.67HOT

Two if by Air

 —  by PandoraGlitters09/28/124.38

Two Inside a Sleeping Bag

 — Friends go camping, get naked, but will they give into lust? by SoldierAtAttention05/02/18

Two Limericks

 —  by Mirandola4501/11/174.00

Two limericks

 — Two limericks from "The Girl Who Lived a Limerick." by JBEdwards10/05/174.47

Two Little Shoes

 —  by Glorious1Goddess11/14/172.33

Two Love Haiku

 —  by Akrasia03/10/092.00

Two Lovers

 — erotic poetry by 1hotmama70605/31/185.00

two lovers dancing

 —  by WriterDom01/13/034.50

Two Lovers On-the-Lam

 — A funny sensual poem with a twist! by Fortbruce03/06/175.00

Two Men and My Hormones

 — Deep daddy by Mailman9607/30/185.00

Two Minute Bio

 —  by Littlemissblair11/30/014.73HOT

Two Months

 —  by CornishBabe01/09/083.00

Two mouths

 —  by LargoKitt06/27/074.80

Two Nights Ago

 —  by pelegrino02/03/15

Two of my fav men

 —  by silvastormcloud12/23/085.00

Two on a Towel

 —  by sweetnpetite01/18/044.00

two out of three

 —  by cavu18210/27/044.50

Two Player Game

 —  by Eldan0111/14/143.00

Two Pussies Agree

 —  by 7thsonoferos07/28/032.67

Two short tales

 —  by JCSTREET04/28/044.00

Two solitudes

 —  by Guerra12/31/004.71HOT

Two Step

 —  by Enithermon11/16/104.70HOT

Two Strangers Meet

 —  by FieryRedhead3007/10/054.14

Two to BANG!

 —  by withlovel05/03/123.40

Two to One

 —  by MedianoxTono08/11/044.00

Two Unite As One

 —  by Exakta6610/30/095.00

Two Warrants

 — Adult conversations. by susansnow07/28/185.00

two way street

 —  by lawrobbur12/06/09

Two Weeks

 —  by CornishBabe07/24/073.50

Two Women

 —  by PositiveThinker11/30/094.00

Two Words

 —  by Unrepentant1308/08/104.50

two words

 —  by hboo08/22/163.75


 —  by darkitude03/21/085.00


 —  by chilosahatak01/31/123.00

Txt on adultery

 —  by emil4701/14/10

Tyburn Poetry

 —  by dirtyjoe6906/12/071.00

Tying The Leather Knot

 —  by Wanton Vixxxen03/10/054.75HOT

U R A Star

 —  by quasar01/11/055.00

U Want Nuts With That?

 —  by sandspike03/13/044.13


 —  by spermanontherun08/15/041.00

ubiquitous lover

 —  by heterotic04/27/024.50


 —  by OpenField08/14/134.86

uh dick shun

 —  by lawrobbur08/23/09

Ultimate Fantasy

 —  by serendipity_lost01/26/074.11

Ultimate Love

 —  by dimndndaruff02/01/074.50

Ultimate Release

 —  by SpicySynAmon05/08/064.40

Ultramarine Ebony

 —  by vrosej1006/27/094.00

Ulú Rú

 —  by The Huntsman05/06/024.50

Umptious Lucy!

 —  by Uncle Pervey05/12/043.00

un petit dejeuner

 —  by sandyb03/26/134.67

Un verre d'amour

 —  by avasogently12/25/11


 —  by pavelpasha08/08/094.00


 —  by Ded Poet02/02/024.71


 —  by SweetOblivion04/10/114.50

Unanswered Questions

 —  by A Desert Rose10/14/025.00


 —  by Luna_lit06/23/044.25

Unbearable Muse At Midnight

 —  by Liar05/23/055.00


 —  by lawrobbur08/01/09


 —  by Weazel-Gecko06/08/094.50

Unbidden Rise

 —  by eroticasaurus04/10/165.00

Unbottled Emotions

 —  by just pet03/16/024.40

Unbound Acceptance

 — Desire sees no gender by LydiaRowans6907/28/18

unbound flesh

 —  by Savannah Skye02/21/043.00

Unbound Restraint

 —  by Liquid_Imagery08/29/143.00

Unbreakable Ugly

 —  by WickedEve08/16/085.00

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