A.I.: A New Era 2023 - The Stories

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3rd annual story event: artificial intelligence meets the human libido.
249 words

Part 6 of the 6 part series

Updated 09/06/2023
Created 09/09/2021
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Please see this announcement for full details about this author-created story event.

And now, the stories!!

AI Era: A Purpose Met by kaite0117

AI Era: Breeding Towers - Discipline by Apophenia

AI Era: Breeding Towers - Seduction by Apophenia

AI Era: I Smell Trouble by UpperNorthLeft

AI Era: Medusa by AlTend

AI Era: Medusa's Daughter by NoTalentHack

AI Era: My Writing Assistant by Heartstrings

AI Era: Rodgering by bettiezyx

AI Era: Scout and Jules by kaite0117

AI Era: Submissive Circuitry Love by dirtywifeannu

AI Era: Superstimulus by moofioo

AI Era: The C Word by thegreenewave

AI Era:The Grlzfrnd by Trionyx

AI Era: The Virgin Programmer by knowsbetterxx

AI Era: Vixen Life by javmor79

'AI Era' Yes Mistress by wildflower2176

To find out more on Author-Organized Challenges – either to participate in current ones or create a themed writing challenge - see this thread.

A special thank-you to bettiezyx for creating and organizing this awesome event for two years straight!

We extend another huge thanks to all the authors who contribute both to this themed challenge and to Lit readers for their support via votes and comments. Without the readers, there could be no writers.

Thank you for reading these tales of The A.I. Era!

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