tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 04

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 04


Amanda, who was still stark naked, shivered as she stood in front of the Police Chief's desk. Two male cops were holding Amanda's handcuffed arms and positioned Amanda so she had her back to the open doorway. As the Chief examined the poor girl's breasts and pussy, her bare ass was still on display to all the people in the lobby. Then Christina entered the office and stood next to the Police Chief.

As the Chief gazed at the naked beauty, he said to Christina, "We'll have to detain this young lady until she signs a confession."

Amanda spoke up, "Give me the damn confession. I'll sign it!"

The Chief said, "Oh, I'm sorry. The attorney needs to be here to watch you sign it so it's all legal and everything."

Christina asked, "How long will that take?"

The Chief replied, "Since it's a holiday weekend, you may be here until the middle of next week."

Amanda shrieked, "The middle of next week? It's not even a holiday in Mexico. It's only an American holiday!"

The Chief grinned and said, "Regardless, you're stuck here until the attorney arrives...and you'll be naked the whole time!"

Christina asked, "Isn't there anything we can do?"

The Chief said, "Well, if you pay an additional five-hundred dollars to cover expenses and attorney fees, we might be tempted to drop the charges and release her."

Christina said, "Five-hundred dollars? That's extortion! We're kindergarten teachers for heaven's sake. That's all the money we have!"

The Chief said, "I'm sorry you feel that way," and then he nodded to a cop in the lobby.

The cop came into the office and said, "Ma'am, we need you to come with us and sign a document."

Amanda asked, "Can't you bring it in here?"

The officer said, "Sorry. Rules are rules."

Then Amanda was escorted back into the lobby where everyone could see her. She had to bend over in front of a desk, which left Amanda's bare ass pointed directly at all the men standing behind her. Amanda was so embarrassed that she started to shake, but when she discovered that she couldn't sign the form with her wrists handcuffed behind her back, Amanda's situation quickly went from bad to worse.

Amanda said, "You'll have to un-cuff me if you want me to sign the form."

The cop said, "Sorry. We can't do that."

She asked, "Why not? There are men in here that look like murderers and they're not handcuffed."

The cop said, "Just turn around and sign the form."

Amanda reluctantly turned around. She was now facing the crowd. With her beautiful breasts and reddish-brown bush on full display to all the men in front of her, she leaned back to sign the form. However, she couldn't reach up high enough to sign it because of the handcuffs so she shimmied up onto the desk with her legs held tightly together.

The male cop immediately said, "Please place one foot on the floor ma'am. It's a safety regulation."

Amanda tearfully pleaded, "No...please, no! You can't expect me to put my foot on the floor. It's humiliating enough to sit up here stark naked in front of all these men without spreading my legs, too!"

The two male cops holding Amanda demanded, "Spread your legs or we'll spread them for you!"

The lobby of the Police Station went silent as Amanda placed a foot on the floor. She was now sitting up on a desk with her pink pussy lips fully exposed to everyone in attendance. Then she was humiliated even further when she discovered that the pen was out of ink. The cops laughed and told Amanda to remain seated while they looked for another pen. She tried to close her legs, but the male cops standing beside Amanda held her in place and prevented Amanda from hiding her sweet snatch from the crowd.

Amanda looked out at the crowd and was horrified to see them move closer, which afforded them a better view of the beaver shot she was exhibiting. After ten minutes, a pen finally arrived and Amanda was able to sign the document. Then her bare body was paraded past the crowd again as she was lead back to the Chief's office.

When she got to the doorway of the office, the female cop stopped Amanda as if she was going to search her for weapons again. However, as soon as the cute Mexican girl reached down and touched Amanda's tender pussy, the Chief commanded her to stop. He stated that another cavity search was not necessary. This was a welcomed relief for Amanda.

The Chief asked Christina, "Are you ready to part with the money now or do you want to watch Amanda sign another document?"

Christina looked at Amanda as if they were deciding what to do when the Chief added, "You know, your school district back home may not like finding out that your naked friend here was arrested for indecent exposure and lewd behavior, especially since she's a kindergarten teacher."

The girls looked at the Chief and in unison they said, "You wouldn't!"

The Chief grinned and called out, "Boys, have her sign another form...and photograph her this time!"

Christina said, "Okay, okay. Here's your money."

With that, the handcuffs were removed from Amanda's wrists.

Amanda asked, "What about my clothes?"

The Chief said, "Sorry. We need to keep those for evidence."

Amanda asked, "Even my dress? That shouldn't be considered evidence. You didn't even know I had a dress until Christina brought it to the Police Station!"

The Chief said, "That makes it evidence. And if you try to leave the station without clothes, we'll arrest you again!"

Amanda nervously asked, "What do you expect me to do...stand in the lobby stark naked in front of all those men while Christina goes back to the hotel and gets me some more clothes?"

Christina said to Amanda, "Don't worry. I have a solution. I'll give you my shirt and shorts, and then I'll ride home in my bikini," and then Christina slipped off her T-shirt.

The Chief commanded, "Do that in the lobby, please."

Amanda said, "The lobby? In front of all those men? Haven't they seen enough already?"

Christina said, "Come on, Amanda. Let's just get this over-with," and then she pulled Amanda out amongst the crowd of men.

Amanda quickly pulled the T-shirt down over her head. Without a bra, Amanda's nipples poked out against the front of the thin shirt and the short T-shirt only came down to her bellybutton. However, after all she'd been through, any coverage at all was a welcomed treat.

Then Christina unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. She started working them down, but the denim shorts were so tight that Christina was having trouble taking them off.

Amanda was still bottomless and with all the men looking at her, she urged, "Come on, Christina. Hurry up!"

Christina said, "I'm trying, but..."

Christina was going to say that the shorts were so tight her bikini bottoms were being dragged down, too. Unfortunately for Christina, Amanda didn't wait for her to finish the sentence. She reached her fingers into the waistband of Christina's shorts and yanked them all the way down to her ankles. Christina was mortified because her bikini was pulled down as well, and now both girls were bottomless in front of the large group of men.

Christina screamed, "Amanda, what are you doing? You pulled my bikini off. My butt and bush are showing, and all these men are looking at me! Quick, help me pull it back up."

Realizing her mistake, Amanda tried to pull the bottoms to Christina's suit up, but Christina had stumbled forward and was now standing on it. Amanda yanked hard and both girls cringed when they heard the material rip apart. Christina stepped out of her shorts and what remained of her bikini bottoms.

The bottomless girls looked at each other and said, "Oh, no. Now what do we do?"

There was a roar from the crowd and Christina quickly found out what it felt like to be naked in front of all the men. Her beautiful bare butt and dark hairy triangle were totally exposed to the cops, criminals and locals in attendance, and she almost fainted out of shame. With the denim shorts still in her hands, she quickly slipped them back on, protecting her butt and bush from the crowd.

Amanda slipped what was left of the bikini bottoms up her legs and said, "I'll hold onto the side that's ripped. Let's get out of here!"

After jumping on the motor scooter, the girls zoomed away. Amanda rode on the back of the bike and couldn't hold the torn bikini together and Christina at the same time. She was forced to let go of her panties and allow the ripped side to flap in the wind. With the shredded material whipping around, Amanda's right hip and the top portion of Amanda's butt crack were exposed to anyone following behind their scooter.

The girls heard the honks of a few horns, but they managed to make it back to their hotel without any further incidents. Amanda went directly to the hotel room while Christina returned the scooter. Cortez did not charge the girls for the bike rental after everything that had happened to them. Christina thanked him for his generosity even though she felt that he received more than he deserved earlier on the beach from Amanda.

Once Christina returned to the hotel room, Amanda gave Christina a big hug and said, "Thanks for rescuing me," as the ripped bikini panties gave way and fell to the floor rendering Amanda bottomless once again.

Amanda slipped off her T-shirt and stood naked before Christina. Then Amanda looked into Christina's big brown eyes and stepped forward to give Christina another big hug. Christina didn't back away. In fact, Christina welcomed her totally nude friend into her arms.

Christina didn't understand why, but having Amanda's perky breasts pressed against her own bare flesh made Christina tingle all over. She wanted to reciprocate the feeling so Christina quickly removed her bikini top, but before she could wrap her arms around Amanda again, the naked girl announced that she was going to take a much needed bath. All Christina could do was watch Amanda's smooth firm ass disappear into the bathroom.

Christina moved to the doorway of the bathroom and caught Amanda bending over to turn on the faucet in the bathtub. She was fascinated by the sight of Amanda's bare butt even though she'd seen Amanda in the nude for most of the day. As Amanda lowered herself into the warm water, Christina fixed a couple of drinks. After Christina returned to the bathroom, the two kindergarten teachers quickly downed a few shots of Tequila. Then the girls switched to Mexican beer in an attempt to wash away the terrible memories of their day in the Los Cufrado Police Station.

The alcohol quickly took affect and the girls began to relax. Without asking, Christina took the bar of soap and lathered up her hands. Then she began caressing Amanda's back. Amanda's hand was resting on the side of the tub and when Christina leaned forward to give Amanda a friendly kiss, Christina's bare breast ended up on top of Amanda's hand.

The simple friendly kiss evolved into deep passion and Amanda couldn't resist taking Christina's massive melon in her hand. Their embrace was spontaneous and unexpected for Christina, but for Amanda, it was a dream come true. Although Amanda had never been with a girl before, aside from her humiliating experience with the female cop at the police station, she'd always fantasized about making love to another woman and her fantasies usually revolved around Christina. Now Amanda was close to having her fantasy become reality!

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