byChile Peeler©

Part 1

The Lufthansa 747 touched down at Logan International Airport at 1:30 p.m.. Waves of heat simmered from the runway as the plane taxied into the terminal. In the first class section, the passengers prepared to disembark.

Dr. Alec Thornton sat quietly in thought. It was good to be home after his extended stay in Europe. He was a respected psychiatrist with a thriving practice in Boston. His beautiful new wife and stepdaughter were waiting for him at home. And his own daughter from his first marriage, the light of his life, would be coming home in a week for Summer break from Duke University.

He should have been immensely happy with his lot in life. And yet his mind kept going over his plan. A plan that had to point out a serious character flaw in himself; he was able to diagnose that himself. He knew what he planned was wrong but he was going to do it. He had to do it.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Dr. Thornton, welcome back, sir," Charles said as he collected the baggage claim tickets from his employer.

"Thank you, Charles. Two suitcases and a suit bag."

His chauffeur scurried over to the revolving carousel to collect his suitcases as Thornton pulled off his suit jacket, surveying the baggage area and the summer scene outside. His limousine was parked at the curb; the airport parking officer ignoring it as a $50 bill from Charles resided in his pants pocket.

Looking back around he saw two of the stewardesses from his flight heading toward him and the doorway beyond. They saw him as well and smiles snapped onto their faces. He knew they saw him as a good catch, even if he was wearing a wedding ring. He obviously had money and he was rather handsome to boot. He'd played tight end at Harvard twenty years ago and he'd kept up a steady workout program to keep his 6' 2" frame in a toned state.

"Good-bye, Dr. Thornton. I hope you'll be flying with us again soon," the perky brunette said as they went past.

Charles came toward him loaded down with his heavy suitcases. He let Charles precede him out into the hot humid air. The door of the limo was opened for him and he sank down into the comfortably cool interior.

During the ride into downtown Boston, he phoned his wife to let her know he had arrived back safely and he was going to stop in at his office for a while but he'd be home for dinner that night.

His wife, his second wife, went on to tell him that her daughter, Lisa, had gotten into more trouble at school. He promised to talk to her later that night. He told her not to worry; it was just a natural rebellious phase that all teenagers go through. He rang off as his limousine pulled in front of the tall bronze skyscraper that contained his office.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dr. Thornton pushed open the door to his office suite and saw he had a visitor. A distinguished gentleman was sitting on the edge of his secretary's desk, speaking with her. Both looked up as he entered.

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise! How are you, Dr. Heimler?" Alec said as he walked over with his hand extended.

Dr. Heimler rose to his 6' 4" height, his black eyes twinkling in his craggy, weathered face and extended his hand to Alec.

"Ah, my boy, I see you have returned safely from your little European 'vacation'!" Dr. Heimler said in his thick German accent as he gripped Alec's hand in a strong handshake.

The white-haired Dr. Heimler was Alec's mentor; he'd helped Alec along with his career the last ten years. It was always good to see him but it also brought up bad memories.

Alec had dated Dr. Heimler's daughter during college. One night, the poor girl had taken her own life during her junior year, leaving no note. Heimler had been devastated and for a time had even tried to lay the blame at Alec's feet. This was ridiculous of course and Dr. Heimler had soon apologized.

After that they sort of bonded together. It was on Dr. Heimler's recommendation that he had been able to go to Europe to study at a prestigious clinic in Bern, Switzerland. Call it a working 'vacation'.

"Come on in, Doctor, I'll fill you in on my trip. I'm sorry, Nicole, I didn't mean to leave you out. How have you been? Able to hold everything together?"

"Yes, Dr. Thornton, everything's pretty much under control. Welcome back."

The two doctors went into Alec's office. Alec placed his coat on a coat rack in the corner and took up a position behind his desk. Dr. Heimler sank down into a chair in front of the desk and took out an ornate watch from his vest fob pocket.

"I don't have much time, Alec, but tell me briefly how your trip was?"

"Fascinating, Dr. Heimler, just fascinating. You were correct. The applications are far greater than I would have thought. I think it will be an invaluable tool, especially in the treatment of schizophrenics."

"Yes, yes, as I have told you, the unconscious mind is the battleground where the quickest and profoundest cures can be won." Alec thought the war analogy sounded ironic coming from the German. Although, Dr. Heimler couldn't have been involved in any of the events in the 1940's; he was perhaps sixty-five years old. "You have mastered the hypnotic induction sequence?"

"Yes, I believe so. Of course a patient can resist indefinitely if the will is strong. But, yes, I had many, many sessions with patients at the Bern Institute. Thank you again for the introductions. They were most helpful."

"Good, good, I must take my leave now." Dr. Heimler stood and replaced the watch into his vest pocket. "Say, is this a new picture, Alec?" The Doctor reached over and picked up a framed photo that sat on Alec's desk.

"Yes, my wife had it taken this summer when Jennifer was home for the summer."

"Jennifer is a beautiful young woman. This is the stepdaughter, yes?"

"Yes, that's Lisa. She's a senior at St. Andrew's."

"She certainly resembles her mother." Dr. Heimler placed the picture back on the desk. "I must be off now. I know you and Nicole must have much to do. The work does not stop when you are away. Please let me know how the new technique works."

Dr. Thornton walked his mentor to the door and bid him farewell. Walking back into his office, he loosened his tie and looked out the window at the Boston skyline.

It was to begin here, he thought. I must do this.

He turned and pressed the button on his intercom.

"Nicole, come in here and let's go over some of these items on my desk."

* * * * * * * * * *

"...and Dr. Fitzgerald wanted to know if you could attend the dinner on Thursday for the Society of Psychiatrists. It's at the Bradley." Nicole continued on her list of items to go over with her employer.

Dr. Thornton didn't answer right away so she looked up at him, brushing her hair away from her face. He was staring at her but seemed not to have heard her question.

Dr. Thornton hadn't heard her question. He was focusing on his secretary, running through his mind the way he would construct their session.

Nicole had been working for him for a year and a half. He'd hired her because she was qualified for the job but also because she was a beautiful woman. Slender, refined, perky. A long mane of straight red-brown hair that reached down to the swell of her buttocks, sparkling green eyes, olive skin that was rare for one with red hair, shapely legs that she showed off wearing skirts and hose. She was really stunning.

Alec had made overtures to her near the beginning of her employment, that maybe they could be more than employer and employee. She was married and faithful and it had died there on the vine. But now he had the power to make things right!

"Oh, I'm sorry, Nicole. I was lost in thought. Let's go over the rest of this tomorrow. It's getting late. I'm sorry to dump all this typing on you." He'd given her the task of typing the journals that he'd kept in Europe. It would probably be almost a hundred typed pages by the time she was finished.

Nicole stood up and picked up the stack of documents.

"That's okay, Dr. Thornton. What I don't get done tomorrow, I can do over the weekend."

"Nicole, what would you say if I told you that you could do all that typing tomorrow morning before noon?"

"Dr. Thornton, I couldn't possibly get all this done. Even if I didn't have to answer the phones and do the other things required."

"Ah, but you could! How many words per minute do you type? About 75?"

"Yeah, about 75," Nicole said hesitantly. It was probably a little less. Typing wasn't her strong suit.

"Well, Nicole, I learned some fascinating things about hypnosis while in Europe. It's your subconscious mind that interferes with your typing speed. And it's not just you, I'm speaking for everyone. All of us could do things better with a little fine tuning. Your brain is unable to focus entirely on the typing." Dr. Thornton paused before going ahead. "I could put you under and make you be able to type like the wind."

"Dr. Thornton, that's an awfully nice offer," Nicole began, "but I'm not sure...." she trailed off looking for the words she wanted to use.

"And Nicole, if you were able to type faster, it would of course mean more money. After all you'd be doing more work."

Nicole thought about the extra money. She and her husband of two years could certainly use the extra income. They hoped to start a family soon. Dr. Thornton's offer was so generous, she didn't think she should turn it down.

"The extra money would be great," Nicole gushed.

"Great, we could do it now if you'd like. It should only take about fifteen minutes. Why don't you put on the answering machine and lock the outer office door. I don't want to be disturbed during the process."

Nicole headed out to do as he requested and Dr. Thornton watched her bottom grind underneath her skirt. It had gone just as he had imagined. The extra money was what he knew would break down her initial resistance.

He knew he could probably improve her typing at least slightly. But once he got into her subconscious mind, he could make changes to her value systems, manipulate her thought processes, make things that would have been unthinkable actually desirable, he could make her do almost anything he wanted.

And, he'd been imagining things to do with her for months!

* * * * * * * * * *

"Oooooooh, Alec, that feels so good," Nicole cooed as Dr. Thornton nibbled on her slender neck and a strong hand squeezed her left breast.

Their clothes were in piles on the floor near the lounger chair, the psychiatric couch, that they reclined on. The room was growing dim as the sun had set outside the glazed windows.

Thornton lifted his mouth from her neck and looked at her flushed face. It had been so simple! She'd offered no resistance to the careful programming he had installed in her. He'd installed a keyword to take her into future trance states in case he had to make other changes, he had implanted an intense physical attraction for himself and the need for complete secrecy about their activities.

She'd feel no guilt about cheating on her husband.

She'd obey any commands he gave her.

He'd molded her into the perfect mistress in a half hour!

Thornton brought his mouth down on hers, felt her tongue worm up between his lips, her shapely leg move up over his. She was giving herself to him totally. His erection was pressed into her right thigh, harder than he'd ever felt it.

His hand left her soft apple-sized tit and moved down her soft flanks. Her skin was like silk, smooth as a baby's bottom. He ran his fingers down her flat tummy and into the shaved auburn strip of pubic hair above her sweet sex. Nicole broke their kiss when his fingers traveled over her clitoris and delved onto the delicate folds of her pussy.

"Yes, yes......feel me, Alec! Feel how wet I am!" Nicole cried as her head tossed in pleasure. She wasn't lying. Her slit was slick with her juices. Dr. Thornton wanted very badly to fuck her pussy but he also wanted to feel her sexy mouth on his dick, if only briefly this first time. He'd waited so long for this moment.

"Nicole, I want you to put your hands up above your head.....that's it."

Nicole brought her hands off his back and slid them up the slight incline of the sofa until they were about five inches above her head, her wrists crossed.

"Nicole, you are unable to move your hands from the sofa. Try to move them." Her upper arms moved but her hands stayed planted as if nailed to the couch.

"I can't move them, Alec!" Nicole gasped at her inability to perform so simple a task. Her voice had a hint of fright in it.

"Nicole, the fact that you can not move your hands does not worry you. Your fear is gone, do you understand? It excites you instead."

Nicole's face took on that simmering look that signified her renewed sexual excitement.

Thornton kissed her again before moving up over her lithe body to straddle her chest with his knees.

Nicole got her first good look at her employer's turgid manhood. It was over nine inches long and thick, much bigger than her husband's. He was going to let her suck it. God, she wanted to suck it for him.

"I want you to suck me for awhile, Nicole," Thornton said as he gripped it at the base with his right hand. "It may not be for long; I don't want to cum in your mouth. If I tell you to stop, I want you to open your mouth wide so I can pull it out quickly. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Alec, I'll suck you," Nicole promised as her eyes zeroed in again on his cockhead that hovered inches away. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips in anticipation.

"Yes, you'll be doing a lot of sucking around here from now on.....I want you to stick out your tongue as far as you can," Thornton instructed his secretary as he inched his knees under her armpits.

Nicole's long pink tongue rolled out like a welcome mat and Thornton laid his cockhead on it. Like a butterfly it flicked around the bottom side of his glans, sending thrills throughout the man's body. Thornton used his hand to smack his dick on her tongue several times, enjoying the sight of his secretary doing a fine impersonation of a baby bird waiting to get fed.

Unable to wait longer, Thornton leaned forward and let his weight be supported on his left hand on the couch near her frozen wrists. A quick hunch of his hips sent his dick down into Nicole's receptive mouth.

Nicole immediately began sucking and licking the three inches he put in her mouth. Her hot tongue was seemingly everywhere at once; wrapping around the head, sliding along the bottom of his shaft in a swirling motion. She was quite good. Then she lifted and lowered her head from the couch as she worked her lips farther and farther up his shaft.

"Aaaah, Nicole, you suck cock like a pro!" Thornton said down to her as he watched his usually demure secretary try to devour more of his manhood. "That's it......Aaaah, yes....use your tongue. Christ, that feels good!"

Too good, Thornton realized as he felt an incredible urge to flood her mouth with his sperm. He had several weeks of sperm waiting in his heavy balls.

"Stop, Nicole! Open your mouth!" Thornton pulled his spit slick phallus from her lovely mouth and squeezed the head tightly as he killed the eruption that threatened to end his fun. After a minute he relaxed his grip and a spoonful of clear pre-cum oozed from his piss slit and fell on Nicole's neck. "Oh, Christ that was close. You almost made me cum, darling."

Thornton got off the couch and walked to the end of the recliner, giving himself some time to cool off before preceding. Nicole lay as she had been, her arms above her head, her long hair fanning underneath her body, her breathing heavy. Thornton loved the lines of her ribcage, the sloping conical breasts on either side of her sternum, her sleek legs which were slowly rubbing against each other. He wanted to be inside her, to take what he couldn't have before his trip to Europe.

Thornton began to crawl up over her body and Nicole spread her legs in anticipation. Thornton dipped his head down into her crotch and began blowing air across her clit and she squirmed under him, wanting actual physical contact.

"Oh, Alec! Aaaahhh, lick it. . Eat me!" she whimpered, looking down at him.

Thornton lapped his tongue over her clit and Nicole groaned in pleasure. He'd supercharged her sexual responsiveness and she was like a firecracker waiting to go off. Thornton wanted to be riding her when she went off.

"I've got to fuck you, Nicole," Thornton said almost apologetically as he rose up and moved his knees forward until they met the back of her thighs. His cockhead fell into her trimmed pubic patch as he once again leaned over the lovely woman.

"Oooh, yes, Alec, I want you inside me. I want you to make love to me," Nicole encouraged as she looked down to see him move his solid member to the opening of her pussy. "I want it all, Alec, please, give it all to me."

The woman's unconditional love, albeit it programmed, made Thornton's prick jerk. He wanted to ram all nine inches up into her belly in one thrust. But he didn't want to hurt her or leave any physical evidence of his illicit act.

Instead, he slowly thrust into Nicole and felt her vagina begrudgingly open up before his cock-knob. She was tighter than he thought she might be. But it was a tightness that he enjoyed.

He felt the extremity of his penis press against her cervix. Two inches of his stiff lance still remained to go. Thornton was used to being too much man for most of the woman he dicked.

"Oooooo, I'm so full!" Nicole whined up at her new lover.

"Baby, your husband's left me a nice tight pussy. Time to open it up a little." Thornton grabbed Nicole's sides just under her breasts and he began thrusting in and out of her delicious pussy. Her cute tits began swaying in rhythm with his thrusts and her legs wrapped around his pumping ass.

Nicole was lost in a world of pleasure she had never known. The doctor's erection filled her like her husband could not, his strong hands held her sides like a vise. She'd never felt the passion that her body sang with at that moment.

Why was it never like this before? she wondered as she felt an orgasm building up in her stuffed loins.

"Ooooooh, Alec, Alec, sooo good....oh, oh, oh....oohh .....Ohhhhhhh, OOOOOOOH!" Nicole cried up at Thornton as her pussy began quaking around his cock, sending tendrils of ecstasy coursing through her body. Her hips bucked up against his thrusting lance as her orgasm filled her body. "OOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOH, oooooooh, oooooooh, mmmmm, mmm!"

Thornton stopped his thrusting and let his new mistress ride out the storm of her orgasm. Her cunt gripped and relaxed around his cock like a man milking a cow. Thornton was barely able to hold back his own climax. He didn't want to it to end that way; he wanted to build up a hard fast rhythm and hold off until the last possible moment before losing himself in her.

Nicole lay still beneath him finally and he relaxed his grip on her torso. His hands reached back and gripped her legs above the knees and he brought them forward, pushing them up and back toward her arms. He shifted his feet onto the floor on each side of the narrow couch and walked himself forward, all the time keeping himself inside her. His hands let her legs rest on his upper arms as he gripped the sides of the couch near her head. In this new position, Thornton could fuck downward into her raised hips.

Nicole's eyes remained closed, wrists still firmly tacked above her, face turned to the side as her employer began driving into her again. The delicious pounding had resumed and she worked her pussy muscles around the doctor's shaft without really thinking about it.

Thornton looked down at his big cock as it plunged into her petite pussy lips, her clit exposed as his girth forced her lips wide, her flat tummy now crisscrossed with lines of wrinkles due to the way her body was pretzeled. Gasps escaped Nicole's slack mouth as he hammered his hard-on down into her juicy quim, his cockhead bottoming out with each stroke.

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