tagRomanceJanet's Broken Promise

Janet's Broken Promise


Warning. This story is quite long and takes some time before it really hots up.


Richard stopped his car outside Janet's house. He walked around the brand new BMW 750 to her side and opened her door. Janet got out, consciously keeping her knees together to avoid showing too much thigh, but she did take his hand.

Richard escorted her to her front door.

"Thank you so much Richard, that was a lovely evening."

"I'm glad you liked it, I enjoyed your company."

Janet smiled, kissed him on the cheek. "Please call me soon."

She went into to her kitchen. Each time she came here she felt so happy that she had used Franco Luciani, the fashionable Italian to design her kitchen. All her friends kept telling her how fabulous it was. She poured herself a glass of French champagne and reviewed her first night out with Richard.

He certainly was a bit of a catch. So good looking and at 35, five years older than her, the age was right. A highly successful lawyer, he clearly had the money. The new BMW, the most expensive restaurant in town with the most expensive French wines, immaculate Italian suit, Rolex watch. She hadn't been to his waterfront apartment but her friend Marcie had said must have cost millions.

Perhaps she should have done more than kiss his cheek? Of course not, she wasn't 'easy' and she was sure Richard would respect her more. And, besides, he had to deserve her, he had to earn the right.

She went to her bedroom and through to her ensuite bathroom, also restyled by Franco.

"Not too bad, not too bad at all," Janet thought as she studied her face in the mirror. Few people

would think she was 30. Perhaps the slightest hint of smile lines at the corners of her mouth and eyes. A perfect complexion, straight thin nose and prominent cheekbones. Perfect teeth which had cost her parents a fortune 15 years before.

Janet was glad she had spent a couple of hours with Henri that afternoon. Her cascading blond shoulder length locks had been perfectly waved by Henri's expensive talents. She poured another glass of Veuve Cliquot.

It was about time to become involved with another man.

Two years before Janet had told her husband, Ted that he must go. There was no single reason like infidelity, more the fact that Janet was bored. He, like Richard, was successful and busy and liked German cars.

Their sex life had never been exciting, Ted worked long hours and was often traveling internationally. At first she was lonely when he traveled, but latterly she found she preferred it when she didn't have to make the effort to find something to talk about to him. Certainly they had the money and had overseas holidays most people could only dream about.

During the two years of separation Janet had worked hard on her medical career.

She took off her designer black dress, the her bra and knickers.

"Not too bad, not too bad at all," she again whispered appreciatively to herself.

There was not an ounce of spare flesh on her body. Her 34C breasts were as firm as a teenager's, her stomach was flat and her long legs lightly muscled and shapely. That personal trainer at her exclusive gym certainly knew his job. If only he would stop trying to chat her up. Someone in her position certainly wasn't going to give herself to a toy-boy.


Richard pursued Janet with an urgency. He took her sailing on his 40 foot keeler, took her to dinners where many of the city's movers and shakers were present, they never drank anything except the most expensive French wines.

After two years without sex Janet enjoyed Richard's touch. She did keep control of how fast he was allowed to move. On the third night she let him kiss her properly, on the fifth to caress her beasts through her blouse and bra. After a month she undid her blouse and loved the feeling as he kissed and licked her nipples. But when he put his hand on her thigh she put hers on top. "Soon darling soon."

And Richard was such a gentleman that he never tried to push her boundaries. .


One Thursday evening he turned up at her house with two first-class airline tickets.

"Start packing Janet, tomorrow we are going to Sydney for a couple of days. I have front row tickets for Parvarotti and a penthouse suite at the Hilton."

Parvarotti and a penthouse suite and first class tickets!!!. What could be more romantic? Wouldn't her friends be jealous.

After the Parvarotti concert and in the splendid luxury of their suite Janet willingly let Richard make love to her. His touch was exciting, he was a considerate and gentle lover who adored her beauty.

Janet didn't orgasm, but she never had during sex, and he didn't try to force her to kiss his cock, thank goodness. After their love making Richard had to make some important business calls and Janet lay on the bed thinking how perfect everything was, how her friends would envy her with this handsome, wealthy and charming hunk. How those friends would appreciate that their 'first' was in the penthouse suite at the Hilton.

Their romance flourished. Both were busy professionals but they usually made love twice a week on Wednesday evenings and Saturday evenings after they had eaten at exclusive restaurants. They seemed a perfect match. In the early stages Richard did try oral sex on Janet, but fortunately he wasn't really interested. But she sometimes orgasmed when he explored her clitoris with his fingers.


Richard proposed marriage on his knees on the balcony of his waterfront apartment. The engagement ring was enormous and her gave her a BMW sports car as a present.

Their engagement party was one of the social events of the year with dozens of the 'beautiful' people present.

Janet was proud that the local newspaper devoted a full page of its society supplement to photos of their party. They agreed that they would get married in a year and have their honeymoon climbing Mt Everest. Like Janet, Richard was a fitness freak.


Initially Janet hadn't been keen when Richard had suggested that they go on the five day trek in the mountains of their homeland.

"Darling, couldn't we go somewhere overseas?"

"Janet, we only have six days holidays and if we went overseas we would only have 3 -- 4 days trekking. This will be a good part of our build-up for Everest.

"And 'Expensive Choice Magazine' rated this one of the top ten treks in the world."

"'Expensive Choice' said that?"

"Yes, here's the article."

Relieved that the choice of holiday was endorsed by an upmarket magazine, Janet readily agreed and both spent the next month building their fitness.


The start of the trek wasn't encoraging. It was raining heavily and Janet wasn't overly impressed by the other members of their group.

There was George who looked about 45. He had a strange red goatee beard which was about a foot long giving him a sinister appearance. This wasn't helped by the tattoos Janet could see on the exposed part of his chest and forearms.

Another couple about the same age as Janet and Richard, David and Deborah, but when Janet spoke to them she thought their accents were a bit 'ordinary' and their trekking gear wasn't top of the range and brand new like theirs. They seemed, well, just a bit mousy.

And a Swiss girl, Erica, maybe 20 years old, dazzlingly beautiful and who already irritated Janet by being so happy and laughing so much.

Her impressions of their guide, Joe, weren't favorable. He was a couple of years older than Richard and seemed far too laid back and casual. His clothes and trekking gear looked as though they would have been fashionable 20 years ago.

"You must be Richard and Janet," he grunted, checking his list when they met at the hotel the night before. "And you're staying in the luxury accommodation."

Each of the huts on the trek had a dormitory and a 'luxury' separate bedroom big enough for two.

"Well, don't expect too much luxury, but it'll be OK after I kick out the possums which normally sleep there."

Richard started to protest, but Janet tapped him on the arm.

"I thought a top class cook was supposed to be coming with us," said Richard.

"You're looking at him," grinned Joe. "We should have some great tucker, I picked up some road kill on the way here."

As with all the other members he checked their gear. He nodded approvingly at the quality. Richard had been meticulous in his preparations.

"We ordered it from Switzerland over the Internet," said Janet. "It's the best money can buy."

"It certainly is top gear," nodded Joe.

"OK folks," Joe spoke to the group in the morning as they gathered at the start of the track.

"Now the first day is going to be a bit of a bummer. We've got five hours hard slog, just about all up-hill, through the bush. This rain is only going to get heavier, so the only views you are going to get are of the backside of the person in front of you. We're all going to get very wet, very muddy and very tired.

"But the wise Maori tell me the weather will be perfect for the other four days."

"Is that some tribal elder who has centuries of folklore to guide him about the weather?" asked Erica.

"No, it was the TV weather-forecaster last night."

"You'll take turns in front. I'll be at the back. Two reasons. People will want their money back if they have to look at my backside all day and second, I don't want to lose any stragglers.

"The last time I lost a straggler it took us three weeks to find him." He looked Janet steadily in the eye.

"He had kept alive by eating ferns and possum droppings."

"We'll take turns on who leads the way. Richard and Janet, you look in great shape so you can start. Just follow the path and look out for the orange markers."

Janet felt proud that they had been chosen and was determined to set a cracking pace to show the others.

But Joe seemed to read her mind. "We've got five days tough work ahead and I'm not as young as I used to be. So can we please remember the old mountain man's motto."

"What's that?" asked Richard.

"Take it easy for the first couple of hours, then start to slacken off."

Janet and Richard led the way in the pouring rain. After half an hour they stopped at a river bank. The river waters rushed fast in front of them, obviously higher because of the rain.

There was a thick rope tied to trees on either side for them to hold on to.

"OK no problems. Make sure you keep holding the rope." He escorted each across in turn.

Last was Janet.

"I won't need you," she said, staring at Joe icily.

"I'm sorry Janet. It would be on my conscience for at least a day if I let someone as beautiful as you become an eel's meal."

Janet snorted and set off. Even though the river was only a little above knee deep she was surprised at the strength of the icy water and held tightly to the rope as she edged across. The boulders on the river bed were slippery.

Half way across her boot slipped on a boulder and she lost balance. It was only her tight grip on the rope which stopped her from being swept downstream. Holding the rope, with both feet caught in the current she had a moment of panic. Then she felt Joe's arm around her waist to steady her and she quickly regained her foothold.

Without a word she made her way to the far side. She had a memory of the feeling of relief at Joe's grip, of the strength and yet gentleness of his grasp.

They now started climbing. The rain was making the track muddy and slippery and slowing their progress. The forest became denser and damper. Every time the group reached the top of a hill, there was another rising even more steeply in the mist. Janet found the conditions oppressive and had to drive herself on. Sweat mingled with rain on her face and chest.

After two hours Joe called a halt and lead them to a large overhanging rock. Underneath it was sheltered from the rain and they were able to sit on dry stones and logs. Joe dug into his enormous back-pack and produced a gas burner and seven mugs.

"Time for some road kill," he winked at Erica and delving into his pack again. This time he produced crisp bread rolls filled with chicken or prawn salad. Food have never tasted so good for Janet.

Fresh fruit and chocolate bars. Janet refused the latter. She had her figure to look after.

"It's three more hours, you'll need the energy," said Joe. Janet refused to eat, but when Joe wasn't watching put two bars in her pocket.

"We will be clear of the forest in an hour. Let's hope the wind eases or it will be colder than a lawyer's heart up on the tops," said Joe.

"Do you mind? Richard is a lawyer," exclaimed Janet.

"Present company excepted of course," said Joe.

They came to a small clearing and momentarily there was a break in the mist. They could see the river valley far below where they had walked so many hours ago. And above they could see the start of mountains, above the bush line, covered in snow tussock.

"You guys have done brilliantly," said Joe to everyone as he made more tea. "These are the toughest conditions I have been up in for quite a while. Only one more hour "

Janet felt a surge of pride then wondered what she must look like. Everyone else's faces were mud splattered, her hair was wet through, she knew it must be a tangled mess. She sat down in the rain wondering if she would have the energy to get up again.

Dusk was starting to fall when they reached the log cabin. Joe went inside and lit the kerosene lamps. Janet shuddered at what she saw. There was a basic room with a small gas stove at one end and a few chairs which looked as though they were rejects from a charity collection and an open fireplace.

A door way led to the bunk room where most people would sleep. Joe opened a door to the 'luxury' bedroom. There was one narrow, double bed, a small wooden table and two dilapidated arm chairs.

"God Richard, where's our penthouse suite at the Hilton?" asked Janet. However, there were their change of clothes which had been brought up by helicopter the previous day together with other provisions and the bed was freshly made. Despite being run down, everything was immaculately clean.

Joe had vanished outside but soon returned.

"OK guys, welcome to the Mount Gloomy Hilton. Make yourselves at home because, if the weather doesn't improve, we'll be here for a couple of days. I've set up the gas for the showers. There's one for the ladies, one for the gents." He gestured towards two flimsy doors.

"Time limit is five minutes because we haven't got that much gas. If you stay longer I'll come in and drag you out."

"Really?" said Erica with a big smile.

"Tramp!" thought Janet.

They drew lots for turns in the shower. Janet was first which pleased her. She didn't want to go into a shower which had just been used by someone else.

She organized herself in advance. The shower was hot, but the water pressure low. However, it was lovely to feel the hot water on her tired, aching limbs, to get rid of the mud and grime, to wash her hair and get rid of the tangles.

"I'm coming in half a minute," she heard Joe call.

"I bet you'd like to, you pervert," Janet thought, and hurriedly rinsed her hair.

When she came out she felt refreshed and clean in her new clothes. Joe had lit a fire and the room suddenly seemed quite cheery.

The red bearded George had been the first man, his foot long goatee gleaming after its wash. He had chosen to wear a black singlet and Janet was horrified to see tattoos covering all his exposed flesh.

"Hope you cleaned the shower, George," said Joe.

"No sweat," said George. But Janet hurried back to clean hers. It had never occurred to her that she would have to clean the shower.

She was aware of Joe's gaze, but thankfully he said nothing.

By the time everyone had showered the atmosphere had become cheerful With the fire blazing and the rain pounding down outside, their hut seemed snug and the wine helped the conversation to flow.

Joe had lit the fire in the 'luxury' room and Richard and Janet went in there while Joe prepared the dinner. The helicopter had dropped off the food and a good supply of beer and Australian wine.

Janet sipped. "God this wine is terrible. Why couldn't they have brought up some decent French wine."

"I know," said Richard. "I'm sorry darling, perhaps this trek wasn't such a great idea."

"It's not your fault, but everyone here seems so, so basic. Well at least David and Deborah have a Mercedes."

"Yes, but he made his money as a Funeral Director. And this guide Joe. He's just a bit casual and doesn't seem to respect us. Doesn't he realize that we are high payers."

"And this luxury room. What a dump. I've never slept in a room like this before in my life."

They were interrupted in their misery by the sounds of loud laughter in the other room.

"The helicopter will be coming here tomorrow to take our gear to the next hut. We could hitch a ride and get out," said Richard.

"Would you mind, darling. I just don't feel all that comfortable in this sort of company."

"If you feel like this tomorrow, sure, we'll get out."

Again a roar of laughter from the other room.

"I suppose that's one of Joe's jokes," muttered Richard.

"Tucker's ready you guys," yelled Joe from the other room. Reluctantly Richard and Janet left their privacy to join the others.

"Time to eat his road kill," whispered Richard.

However, even Janet had to admit the meal was magnificent. Spaghetti with chicken and bacon, char grilled vegetables cooked to perfection and fresh salad. Janet was amazed that he had produced such food so quickly and recognized that she couldn't have done so herself.

She couldn't bring herself to complement Joe, but surprised herself by eating two enormous servings, so hungry was she after the hard day's hiking.

She started to relax. She looked back on the day's climb. It hadn't been enjoyable, but she felt a real sense of accomplishment. She even felt more relaxed with this odd group of people she had climbed with.

"Joe, could you arrange for some decent French wine for the next nights. We were told this was a luxury trek." said Richard.

"Don't you like this?" asked the tattooed George.

"Well, it's not French."

The conversation flowed. Janet noticed that Joe didn't say much himself, but asked questions about the others to get them talking. He seemed so interested in people.

Whereas Janet really wasn't in the slightest bit interested in people unless they met certain social criteria.

She did notice that that tramp Erica was dressed in tight a fitting jersey and leggings which showed every contour of her body below her waist. She also saw that she was gazing at Joe a lot but he seemed not to notice.

However, even Janet took an interest when George explained how he used to be a member of the notorious Road Knights gang. That would explain those tattoos and that revolting beard.

He had 'done time' in prison for offenses he chose not to talk about. He had realized after spending 16 of the 20 years from age 15 in prison that this wasn't a smart way of life. So he had studied wine when he did his last stretch inside.

Now he owned a wine shop and was happily married.

"Ah Rita," she is just perfect," he had a wistful gaze. Looking at Deborah, "Her tattoos are so beautiful."

Deborah and David surprised Janet. They had many fascinating stories about their funeral business; some tragic, some hilarious and David was a great storyteller.

Erica it turned out, had known Joe for six years. Her family had a similar trekking business to his in Switzerland and they had met when Joe had trekked with them. Each year they came to Joe or Joe to them. But this year her father wasn't so well so Erica came alone.

Perhaps it was the wine, perhaps it was Joe's gentle questioning, but Janet found she talked about herself. She started off talking about the important conferences she had spoken to, her expensive house and car and holidays. But under Joe's questions she started to talk more about her feelings, what it was like to deliver a baby. She talked about the time a baby survived when she thought it was hopeless, and how wonderful she had felt.

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