Listed below are the stories entered in the 2004 Holiday Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2004 Holiday Submissions
Christmas Fairy Ch. 01oggbashan
A Special Christmas PresentRumple Foreskin
A Carpenter's CarolMy Erotic Tale
I Was Sucking SantaEroticWhizpers
The Eight Nights of Hanukkahsack
Christmas DelightJonathan Pryce
We Wish You a Lusty ChristmasLustyLovers
The Christmas BrideWhispering_Wolf57
After Midnightmirandalynne
A Christmas For CarolErotica_Writings
Santa's Lil' Helperseduceme46
Simple GiftsKassiana
Austrian Ski Vacation Surprisemrvandolay
Christmas VacationErotica_Writings
Doll Ball Preparationsnilequeen26
Alight Upon the SkyAugust MacGregor
Lipstick on a Pigdavidwatts
Nursery Santaoggbashan
A Family Christmas PartyDana Gallagher
A Christmiss Storythrillerauthor
Susie's No-Panties Christmas SurpriseSabledrake
A Christmas Orgyuticanyrick
The Christmas Bonusmysteriousquill
My Family's Awakening Ch. 05SimonSays1
How Christmas Was Almost Lostblindjack
Christmas Pictureslogophile
All I Want For Christmas...pacific ladybug
Christmas Presencemirandalynne
Feminized for Christmasuticanyrick
The Mrs. Santa ClauseShuvani
Mary Christmas & Father Christmasmummys dirty angel
Generosity Returnedgimli220
A Present for DaddySINtilating
Raffle Prizeoggbashan
Let it Snow Ch. 02Optimator
Under the Mistletoe!Evil Alpaca
The Heart of Christmasmoonbladem
More Than Friendsjessy19
Whole Heartcarsonshepherd
Seasonal SeductionRumple Foreskin
A Quid Pro Quo ChristmasStardog Champion
Northern Lightsmummys dirty angel
The Gift ExchangeJRaven
Holliday Charitydreampilot79
My Once & Future KinPenelope Street
All She Wants for Christmas...mysteriousquill
Christmas Spiritcheeryorchid
Reflections on Lives PassedOptimator
Santa Babychristophe
Fairy Lights & Magic Nightshisemerald
The X-Mas PartyRoscoe0829
Hanukkah Heathotpepperfarmer
Christimas Wishxstacy231
Mandy's Letter To Santa ClausErotica_Writings
The Attack of the Uni-Titssack
Driver Wilde: A London Busman's TaleDriverBaz
Winter with Jack Frostfairysong
The Cookie Traptbunther
A Very Personal Christmas Giftfoehn
Rotic: The Literotica ElfMy Erotic Tail
How To Write a Holiday Contest Story Entrysack
A Holiday Wish. . .Erotica_Writings
The Little Candle Girlsack
The Blizzarddreampilot79
Everyone's Kissing Santa Claussirhugs
Changing Santa's Suitsirhugs
Christmas Fairy Ch. 02oggbashan
Online Christmas WishesU4ea
A Troll's Christmas GiftABSTRUSE
Lawyers Need Love Tooeroslit
All I Want For ChristmasKharisLeaf82
Dinner with Friendsoggbashan
Brandy; An EducationJoseki Ko
Black Peter Came TooBlack Tulip
Holiday RushBob Peale
Christmas Cums But Once A Yearkinkyaugustacouple
Santa Was A Lady!Erotica_Writings
Friends: Seduction of Santa ClausDudeman85
Holiday Vic-sinLilin Penn

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