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English Bob
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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

101 Jobs To Do (3.33)Bruce suspects wife's infidelity. Loving Wives 09/01/00
10:30 Slut Express (4.12)Jack joins Annie & Bill on a train journey. Loving Wives 12/14/00
13 Chestnut Street (3.89)Paul's uncle leaves him an odd bequest. Loving Wives 12/02/00
1869: A Whore's Life (3.83)Troy & Talia take a trip back to the 19th Century. NonConsent/Reluctance 01/08/01
1st Submission (3.94)Ellen & Jeff make a strange new friend. Erotic Couplings 12/13/00
27 Beech Street (4.18)College guy lusts after sexy older landlady.  Contest Winner Mature 10/07/00
3 Men & A Little Slut (4.09)Mary takes on the gang while hubby watches. Loving Wives 12/15/00
3 Sluts On The Night Shift (3.90)Horny ladies take on David. Group Sex 12/25/00
45 Year-Old Slut (4.22)Bernice takes on husband and his best friend. Loving Wives 12/13/00
6 O'Clock Sex (3.81)College guy finds first-shift bakery job has perks. Group Sex 10/07/00
747 From Hong Kong (3.75)Couple joins Mile-High Club, with honors! Loving Wives 10/07/00
A Bad Little Slut Gets Better (4.18)Nurse aids wife's healing. Loving Wives 01/08/01
A Bad Part Of The City (3.96)Samantha & David break down in the ghetto. Loving Wives 03/18/01
A Bad Wife Plays (4.13)Sandra gets a new job. Loving Wives 04/09/02
A Bad, Bad Wife (4.05)Couple shops for more than clothes. Loving Wives 10/22/00
A Badly Behaved Wife (4.25)Diane entertains James, Paul, & husband Chris. Loving Wives 01/19/01
A Ball Game Balling (3.94)Janice services guys after game. Group Sex 12/12/00
A Bar Room Slut & A Stripper (4.24)Janet shows her exhibitionist side  Contest Winner Loving Wives 12/11/00
A Barbeque Gang Bang (4.21)Jane and Terry contemplate swinging. Loving Wives 10/10/00
A Bashful Whore (3.88)Former whore pleases language students. Group Sex 12/12/00
A Bath Time Gang Bang (3.96)Girl gets a surprise with her soak. Group Sex 12/10/00
A Bazaar Experience (4.10)Couple shops in North African bazaar. Loving Wives 12/12/00
A Beach Bar Voyeur (4.02)Argument between husband & wife leads to beach gang-bang. Loving Wives 06/14/01
A Beautiful Partnership (4.41)Sex sells! Group Sex 03/28/04
A Beautiful, Spoilt Slut (4.28)Lady Tara takes the gardener. Loving Wives 01/06/01
A Beginner's Guide To Exhibitionism & Voyeurism (4.06)A tour of Alison's life. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/13/01
A Believable & True Story? (3.62)Is Matt telling the truth about Maxine? Loving Wives 01/20/01
A Belittled Couple (3.67)George collects debt from couple. BDSM 12/12/00
A Bet On The Game (4.36)Mandy & Sue regret not getting together sooner. Loving Wives 07/26/01
A Betrayal Of Trust (3.94)Big Tony seeks retribution. Group Sex 12/16/00
A Better Teaching Method (3.94)Joanne makes her class much more interesting. Loving Wives 04/27/01
A Big Problem For Pam (4.14)Husband walks in on wife and best friend. Group Sex 11/30/00
A Biker Bitch (3.82)They take her for a ride. Group Sex 12/17/00
A Bill I Couldn't Pay (4.04)Wife Jenny finds a good way to pay a tax bill. Loving Wives 08/19/01
A Birthday Bang (4.23)Mike & Mia play with hooker Candy. Erotic Couplings 12/10/00
A Bisexual Wife's Gang Bang (4.08)Fred and friends walk in on bisexual wife. Group Sex 12/26/00
A Bitch and Her Husband (4.18)Hitchiker gets ride from couple. Loving Wives 12/23/00
A Bitch Called Lene (3.85)Husband arranges for wife's humiliation. Loving Wives 12/10/00
A Bitch That Needs To Be Used (4.22)Husband & wife follow orders of their hired help. Loving Wives 07/06/01
A Bitter Woman (4.04)Bob, Lisa & Jillian get their own back on Richard. Loving Wives 10/27/01
A Black Baby (4.02)David shares Mona with her black lover. Interracial Love 11/16/01
A Black Educator (4.07)Cathy and hubby get an education from Joel. Loving Wives 04/23/01
A Black Stud & My Future Wife (3.76)He watches another man use his fiancée. Interracial Love 01/24/01
A Boating Gang-Bang (4.11)May & John have a surprise for sailor Jack. Loving Wives 03/26/01
A Born Slut (4.05)Wife & friends surprise kidnapper. Loving Wives 05/20/01
A Borrowed Wife (4.33)Chris shares his wife with his best friend. Loving Wives 05/12/01
A Boyhood Dream (4.11)Janet and Tom put on a show for hubby. Loving Wives 03/31/01
A Breezy Afternoon (4.03)Weather has an effect on Rachel & Eric. Loving Wives 06/08/02
A Broken Man (3.48)Alison uses a girlfriend to complete hubby's training. Loving Wives 04/07/01
A Bungled Robbery (4.05)Do Caroline's gang let her down? Group Sex 03/31/02
A Burglary (3.89)Couple returns to find they've been robbed. Loving Wives 11/15/00
A Bus Gang Bang (4.10)Hubby plans to satisfy bus driver's needs. Loving Wives 11/15/00
A Call From My Wife (4.13)Long-distance group sex. Loving Wives 06/14/01
A Casino Slut Pays In Kind (4.15)Jane & Frank have to cover their losses. Loving Wives 06/28/01
A Certified & Professional Slut (4.23)Doc helps endowed hubby take tight wife. Group Sex 12/10/00
A Chained Wife (4.19)Firemen help wife trapped in handcuffs. Loving Wives 09/01/00
A Change Of Colour (4.04)An interracial story with a switch. Loving Wives 02/04/03
A Conservative Woman's Pleasure (3.94)Wife catches husband with a porno. Loving Wives 11/29/00
A Contract Sealed (4.13)Coleen uses her charms to get the job done. Loving Wives 03/16/01
A Cop's Slut Wife (4.01)Maria gets gang-banged by the department. Loving Wives 04/14/01
A Corporal's Punishment (3.00)Soldier finds wife in bed with a stranger. Loving Wives 10/22/00
A Corrupted Lodger (4.05)Old lodger corrupts a younger couple. Group Sex 01/16/01
A Craving For Colour (3.88)Tony discovers Tracy with two black intruders. Loving Wives 07/22/01
A Criminal Wife (3.85)Annette pays for her crimes. NonConsent/Reluctance 02/22/01
A Cry For Help (4.12)Cindy pays off her boss' debt while hubby watches. Loving Wives 03/28/01
A Day At The Races (3.95)Rachel is a sure-fire winner. Loving Wives 08/30/01
A Day My Slut Will Remember (4.07)Anne experiences so much for the first time. Loving Wives 02/13/01
A Day Of Discipline & Degradation (3.89)Mistress & her companion punish husband for crime. Fetish 09/01/01
A Day Off Work (3.80)Has Susan been caught out? Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/08/02
A Degrading But Perfect Life (4.16)Bobby explores his submissive side. BDSM 01/11/01
A Different Kind of Marriage (4.13)Barry sees wife with her lover. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/07/01
A Difficult Subject To Broach (4.48)John yearns for a little extra entertainment. Interracial Love 01/26/02
A Dog In The Woods (3.82)A slut outdoors! Loving Wives 08/23/02
A Dominant Wife (4.07)Talia lets her lovers make use of hubby. Loving Wives 02/21/01
A Double Fantasy Realised (4.14)Outing satisfies husband and wife. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/07/00
A Dumb Blonde (4.15)Husband talks housewife Joy into a GangBang. Loving Wives 07/27/01
A Fantasy of Black (3.95)Joanne's racial fantasy is fulfilled. Loving Wives 11/01/01
A Farmer's Slut Wife (4.08)Molly pleasures Jarvis & Charlie until she's caught by hubby. Loving Wives 05/05/01
A Final Fling (4.10)Sue tries something different before she weds. Interracial Love 01/31/02
A Friendly Game of Cards: 3 Part Series
A Friendly Game of Cards Ch. 1 (4.17)Wife hosts husband's poker game. Loving Wives 07/30/00
A Friendly Game of Cards Ch. 2 (4.40)Wife becomes the bet in hot poker game. Loving Wives 08/13/00
A Friendly Game of Cards Ch. 3 (4.46)Kate takes on Brian & Ian. Loving Wives 08/13/00
A Grieving Widow (4.05)Maria gets a surprise inheritance. Loving Wives 03/21/01
A Helping Of Dessert (4.28)Maddie gets her birthday wish. Interracial Love 01/16/03
A Humiliating Day (3.72)Gary returns from visit to hooker to find Juliette has company. Loving Wives 07/26/01
A Last Bequest (4.19)Tania and Mark look for another man. Loving Wives 05/06/03
A Letter To Rob (3.44)Sue's husband writes to her lover Loving Wives 02/23/03
A Lisa Sandwich (4.08)Bob shares his wife with two lads. Loving Wives 12/13/01
A Little Slut Called Stacy (3.41)Frank returns to find his wife entertaining. Loving Wives 10/11/01
A Maid's Tale (3.90)New home help does more than the cooking. Loving Wives 10/06/01
A Nightmare In The Park (3.97)Amazonian women stalk a married couple. NonConsent/Reluctance 08/27/00
A Perfect Alibi (4.00)Case of adultery turns out to be much more. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/07/00
A Room With A View (3.46)Cuckholded hubby follows wife to a hotel. Loving Wives 07/20/00
A Scary Affair (4.08)Couple has intimate encounter with the paranormal. NonHuman 10/07/00
A Slut For Use (4.08)Maria explores her submissive side. Loving Wives 12/08/04
A Sporting Chance (4.43)Janet gets quite a surprise at a soccer match. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/13/00
A Sweet Revenge (2.46)Adam ignores his wife at his own peril. Loving Wives 08/13/00
A Taste for Something Older (4.22)Helen likes older men. Mature 02/17/05
A Temporary Solution (4.13)Married business owners find a perfect threesome. Group Sex 07/25/00
A Treat For The Boys (4.23)Joel has some unorthodox management methods. Loving Wives 03/12/03
A Visit to the Doc (4.03)Doctor helps wife with lubrication problem. Loving Wives 07/25/00
A Voyeur's Life (4.25)The husband of a real slut-wife. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/09/02
A Welcome to the Neighbourhood (4.26)Wife's taken in by lovely girl next door. Loving Wives 08/13/00
A1 Gang Bangers (4.07)Movers move more than the furniture. Loving Wives 12/10/00
Abased and Humiliated (4.13)Mike meets an unusual couple. Fetish 10/07/00
Abbercorn Hotel (4.07)Couple spend vacation in wild Maltese hotel. Loving Wives 10/07/00
Abbey & The Other Woman (4.14)Abbey & friend make David's 40th birthday. Loving Wives 08/29/01
Abbot - Prisoner: 2 Part Series
Abbot - Prisoner #14357 Ch. 1 (4.24)Inmate gets an offer he can't refuse. Loving Wives 09/01/00
Abbot - Prisoner #14357 Ch. 2 (4.33)Convict satisfies another man's wife. Loving Wives 09/01/00
Abby's Young Boys (4.16)Wife pleasures husband and college boys at the beach. Group Sex 11/29/00
Abducted: 2 Part Series
Abducted Ch. 1 (4.08)Blackmailers take man's wife. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/07/00
Abducted Ch. 2 (3.83)Loving couple has a brush with the law. Loving Wives 07/25/00
Abdul's Well Used Slut (3.96)Story based on experiences of Horny Lene. Loving Wives 12/23/00
Abigail's Wedding (4.07)New bride seeks satisfaction when hungover husband passes out. Group Sex 07/20/00
Absolute Whore (4.08)Husband and wife place personal ad. Loving Wives 12/17/00
Absolving Her Sins (4.09)Hiding in confessional gives him an opportunity. Group Sex 12/09/00
Abusing My Wife (4.27)Horny wife seeks domination. Loving Wives 11/15/00
Abyss Remembered (4.24)Accountant takes fiancée to rock concert. Group Sex 10/07/00
Accident! (2.96)Car mishap leads to wife's adultery, or does it? Loving Wives 11/15/00
Accidents Will Happen! (4.09)Drunken fender-bender takes a sexy turn. Group Sex 08/27/00
Accommodating My Wife (4.34)Hubby watches Cathy with two Jamaican deck hands. Loving Wives 04/11/01
Acting The Part (4.23)Couple auditions for an adult movie. Loving Wives 11/15/00
Addiction (4.00)Addicts get a visit from the dealer and his men. Loving Wives 05/05/01
Adele's Revenge (3.42)Wife discovers husband's affair, & seeks justice. Loving Wives 12/04/00
Admitting She's A Slut (4.39)Judy & Angela put on a show for husband Clive. Loving Wives 06/14/01
Adrian's Slut (4.09)George meets his new neighbour. Loving Wives 12/04/00
Adulterous Bitch! (3.02)Phil confirms his suspicions. Loving Wives 12/11/00
Adultery Saved My Marriage (3.84)Jenny brings home a young stud. Loving Wives 02/24/01
Adventures in Amsterdam Ch. 1 (4.33)Couple takes live sex show gig. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/02/00
After Class Has Finished (4.12)Language teacher gives couple bonus lessons. Group Sex 07/20/00
After Dinner Slut (4.31)Dave and his dinner guests get together. Group Sex 11/17/02
After The Party (4.30)Robert's wife gets help from a friend. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/22/03
Alison: My Gang Bang Story (4.33)Ally switches to a submissive role. Loving Wives 04/05/01
All In The Imagination (4.31)Carla relays her adventure to her hubby. Loving Wives 10/07/00
Alter Ego (3.83)Graham's wife is a little confused. Mature 03/01/02
Always Do The Lottery (4.18)Paul's wife get a little too excited. Group Sex 02/21/02
Always The Bitch! (4.21)Sheila gets a surprise at airport customs. (Illustrated!) Loving Wives 05/20/01
Am I Still Sexy? (4.34)Jake comforts his disfigured wife after accident. Erotic Couplings 07/20/00
Am I Too Old? (4.48)Mary finds aging remedy. Mature 11/10/03
Amy's Bar-Bang At Oscars (4.18)Coed's wild night out. Group Sex 10/07/00
An Anal Adventure (3.99)Husband Clive comes home to quite a sight. Anal 07/30/00
An Audience For My Wife (3.57)Ted finds out his Italian wife has been cheating. Loving Wives 08/22/01
An Orgasm For Mary (4.22)Wife needs more than one man. Loving Wives 10/07/00
An Unsatisfied Slut (4.09)Alfonso has to watch his wife taken. Loving Wives 11/22/01
Ann's Initiation (2.56)Husband discovers purpose of secret meetings. Loving Wives 10/15/00
Anna & My Friends (4.33)Anna gets sexy with guys from the bar. Group Sex 05/13/02
Anna's Gymslip Lover (4.20)Dave discovers his wife's taste for women. Loving Wives 08/13/00
Annabel: The Horniest Slut... (4.20)She enjoys the wedding with three men. Group Sex 03/14/01
Another Slut on the Block (4.32)Brothers set up John's step-son. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/24/05
Anyone For Squash? (4.16)Husband & friend plot to loosen up prim wife. Loving Wives 08/13/00
Aphrodesia! (4.16)Lindsey tries to spice up her sex life. Loving Wives 02/03/02
April, Her Husband, & Her Lover (3.56)April continues her relationship after marriage. Loving Wives 10/26/01
Arresting Beverley (3.35)Beverley has to deal with the police Loving Wives 01/26/03
Artistic Integrity (4.24)Lonely artist watches his neighbour. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/06/02
At The Mall (4.09)Husband and wife play sex games. Loving Wives 08/13/00
Aunty Slut (4.03)Jack lusts after his auntie. Incest/Taboo 01/12/02
Aural Sex (4.03)What you hear is what you get. Loving Wives 11/27/03
Avoiding Arrest (4.06)Janine drives drunk. NonConsent/Reluctance 04/19/02
Back From The Dead (3.77)Jack's back! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/15/02
Bargain Basement Bitch (3.88)Ben watches his slut wife service two black robbers. Loving Wives 05/10/01
Becoming A Slut (4.01)Henry can't believe his ex-wife Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/04/04
Being Married To A Doctor (4.03)Steve finds medical wife likes to dish it out. Group Sex 05/27/02
Being Rather Too Large (4.28)He has endowment problems. Loving Wives 10/25/04
Belinda The Club-Slut (4.34)Andy gets lucky at the night-club Loving Wives 01/19/03
Betrayed By My Slut Wife (3.47)Car crash leads to more than husband expected. Loving Wives 03/25/02
Big Breasted Birthday Slut (4.10)Helen finds her sexuality again. Loving Wives 06/27/02
Billiard Room Gang Bang (3.80)Alison tells her hubby of her affairs. Loving Wives 04/28/01
Bitch-Boy Trained (4.17)Alison & Jade teach Jeff how to please them. BDSM 02/01/01
Boardroom Slut (4.09)Rachel takes on the partners in sex battle. Group Sex 01/28/01
Bra & Panties (4.15)Can Leanne be fooled? Loving Wives 10/13/03
Brave Little Slut (4.02)June and Harry do it whilst hubby's out cold. Mature 05/24/01
Bridal Slut's Gift (4.08)Harry adores his slut wife. Loving Wives 07/05/02
Business Lunch Bitch (4.30)Jack watches his wife have lunch. Group Sex 11/08/01
Calling The Plumber (4.17)Cindy's quick flash turns into much more. Loving Wives 06/14/03
Campus Call-Girl (4.08)Janine goes back to her college. Group Sex 11/16/03
Can't Pay The Rent! (4.20)Shirley's behind with her rent. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/28/02
Celibate No Longer (4.20)The priest's wife commits a sin.  Editor's Pick Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/26/03
Child Of Darkness (4.06)No mortal can resist the "Child". Mind Control 10/25/03
Closet Voyeur (3.98)Harry's wife tries online adultery. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/11/03
Coming Home To Her Wife (4.03)Samantha tries to find Maria. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/02/05
Commissioned By A Cum-Slut (4.18)Photographer is hired by Celia & husband. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/06/02
Dear Rob (4.28)Sue finds a letter written by her husband Mature 02/10/03
Devlin (4.11)Winess relocation was a little more than he expected Interracial Love 02/23/03
Doctor Fred (4.33)Doctor uses hypnotic suggestion on a family. Mind Control 10/07/00
Drunks or Cops? (4.11)Jim's wife is very accommodating. Loving Wives 11/19/02
Earning Her Money (4.39)Gina earns the housekeeping. Group Sex 04/18/03
Educating Roger (3.97)Nympho wife educates younger man. Loving Wives 09/08/04
Exploited (4.17)Alan & Ray find more in the hotel than they planned. Group Sex 06/14/02
Fast Track Bitch (4.33)Jennifer finally gets put in her place. Interracial Love 05/02/02
Finding My Wife (3.77)Husband gets a shock when he sees his ex-wife. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/14/02
Fire In The Hole! (3.91)Janet's kitchen isn't the only thing that's hot. Loving Wives 09/27/01
First Swing (4.18)Cherry & Mike start down road to swinging. Loving Wives 06/22/04
First-Time Wife Watcher (4.09)Husband watches sexy Sheila with Steve. Loving Wives 12/10/00
Foot-Sex Fantasy (4.04)Jenny helps to fulfill two fantasies. Loving Wives 11/08/03
Francesca's Dream Orgy (4.12)Francesca get a visit from hubby's friends. Group Sex 12/20/01
Games Night Gang-Bang (4.16)Allison entertains Brad & his friends. Loving Wives 06/21/01
Gang-Bang Fever (3.90)Tracy is run off the road & straight into trouble. NonConsent/Reluctance 07/28/02
Getting The Decorators In (4.34)Annie gets decorated Group Sex 11/30/03
Ginelli's Whore (4.26)Ginelli takes Matt's wife Mature 01/26/03
Ginny The Farmer's Slut (4.19)Farmer Frank doesn't satisfy his wife. Loving Wives 11/22/02
Golf Is For Sluts! (3.65)Sophie & Steve enjoy a lesson. Loving Wives 08/05/02
Halloween Party Night (3.63)Sally has an unworldly gang-bang. Group Sex 11/03/01
His Baby Or Mine? (4.23)Amanda and Phil have a dilemma. Interracial Love 09/22/02
Homesick Whore (3.92)Young wife needs to return home. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/13/03
Honeymoon (4.36)Couple are watched in action on Moroccan terrace. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/07/00
Hotel Paradise (4.30)Hotel manager gets all the fun. Loving Wives 04/27/03
How Janey Became A Whore (4.22)Janey takes on three guys while husband watches. Loving Wives 07/29/01
Humbled (4.00)Susan takes her revenge. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/12/04
I Married A Slut (4.20)Mike treats his wife for her birthday. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/06/03
In Praise Of The Mature Woman (4.28)Danny get lucky in the bathroom Mature 11/29/01
In The Arms Of Another (4.03)Linda tells her husband a story. Loving Wives 01/18/02
Jailhouse Gang-Bang (4.16)Stella is brought in to cheer up the cons. Loving Wives 10/04/01
Jim & Patricia Ch. 2 (4.34)Mom gives son and friend love lessons. Incest/Taboo 10/07/00
Joining The Ranks (4.12)Soldier finds watching his wife very exciting. Loving Wives 03/23/02
Just A Small Electrical Problem (4.14)Brit electrician yearns for mate's girl. Erotic Couplings 07/25/00
Kidnapped (3.62)Christine & George go through an ordeal. Loving Wives 09/28/01
Leaving Kate (4.23)George sets his wife up Group Sex 05/15/03
Living With A Sub Slut (4.05)Mary goes back to her old ways. Loving Wives 01/05/02
Mac's Little Slut (4.21)Bill enjoys unusual party with best friend. Loving Wives 07/15/02
Maid To Be A Slut (4.24)Elizabeth tries to spice up her marriage. Loving Wives 09/21/04
Married To An Asian Whore (4.00)Mia is not satisfied with just her husband. Group Sex 01/13/02
Massaging Maxine (4.16)Paul makes Maxine feel good. Loving Wives 09/21/03
Money, Power, & Sex! (4.33)Tania has to earn her little pleasures. Anal 07/26/03
Morning Erection (4.15)Barry's new digs are more than he expected. Loving Wives 03/10/02
Mr. Blackmore's Slut (4.48)Adam takes his friends wife Loving Wives 01/18/03
Mud-slut Wife! (4.06)Monika is a dirty, dirty girl. Loving Wives 12/06/02
My Beautiful, Black Slut (3.66)Mixed marriages sometimes don't work. Interracial Love 01/25/02
My Cheating Slut: 2 Part Series
My Cheating Slut (4.10)Michelle entertains while she thinks husband is at work. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/13/03
My Cheating Slut-Wife (4.23)Casey agrees to her punishment. NonConsent/Reluctance 12/22/01
My Drunk Slut-Wife (4.06)Sexy wife takes on a crowd. Group Sex 11/18/01
My Little Tramp (4.13)Libby has lots of fun at company barbeque. Group Sex 05/10/03
My Rich Bitch (3.97)Rich wife Cassandra likes rough workmen. Loving Wives 05/27/02
My Rooftop Sluts (3.94)Angela's hubby gets an eyeful. Lesbian Sex 02/22/02
My Student Slut (4.30)Asain couple look for education Loving Wives 03/17/03
My Two Little Cum-Sluts Together (3.95)Mike's Wife and her friend enjoy orgy  Editor's Pick Group Sex 03/23/03
Once A Whore, Always A Whore! (4.11)John wants to marry a hooker. Loving Wives 07/07/03
One Wish (3.78)An odd little visitor gives John one wish. NonConsent/Reluctance 08/02/01
Party-Girl (4.25)Helen enjoys the party too much. Group Sex 12/08/04
Peeping Tom (4.22)Cop investigates peeper Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/23/04
Private Investigations (3.97)PI couple use unusual interrogation techniques. Loving Wives 06/13/03
Punished! (3.88)Donald is punished for cheating. Group Sex 03/02/02
Repressed Feelings (4.35)Dean remembers his first bi three-some (some. Group Sex 08/26/04
Revenge Of The Cuckold (3.40)Lydia comes home to more than a drink. Loving Wives 01/20/02
Sarah's Anniversary Gangbang (4.16)Sarah just can't get enough. Loving Wives 07/11/03
She Went Too Far (4.17)Blonde wife does more than just flash. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/07/04
She's A Handful! (4.46)Sally comes to stay with Jenny & Joe. Group Sex 09/29/02
Sonia's Release (4.10)Sonia gets her freedom Loving Wives 01/04/03
Stalked (4.04)Mary is being watched. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/23/03
Surprised in the Bath (4.10)Wife gets a shock during a soak. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/22/05
Table 17 (4.25)Claire St. John & her husband are good tippers. Loving Wives 03/20/04
Take My Slut Wife, Please! (4.10)Joel & Danny get a good job. Loving Wives 03/07/02
Taking Our Neighbour (4.34)Mandy seduces her neighbour's son. Mature 06/19/03
The Affair (3.79)Husband watches adulterous wife. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/30/01
The Arrangement (4.35)Tony finds out why his wife is so cold. Group Sex 09/24/05
The Australian Visit: 2 Part Series
The Australian Visit Ch. 1 (4.35)Brother's wife keeps Neil company. Erotic Couplings 07/20/00
The Australian Visit Ch. 2 (4.57)Neil helps Dave enjoy Polly.  Hot Erotic Couplings 07/20/00
The Bank Managers Bitch (4.26)Tiffy rape turns consentual. Group Sex 01/27/01
The Best Party (4.31)The fun starts after the party. Group Sex 05/31/04
The Bird Watcher's Wife (3.68)Frank watches a bird of the two-legged variety. Loving Wives 06/17/01
The Bitch Madison (4.31)Mike's college days take a surprising turn. Mature 07/19/02
The Black Dress (4.40)Naomi remembers exciting times Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/29/02
The Breakout (4.21)Joel and Ralph break out of jail. Group Sex 12/20/02
The Cabbie's Slut (4.05)Cabbie gets a big fare and a big surprise! Loving Wives 05/09/01
The Carnival Queen (3.90)Wife finds interracial fun at the carnival. Loving Wives 07/13/01
The Cat Fight (3.83)Paula & mystery blonde are interrupted by security guard. Loving Wives 09/13/01
The Cruise (4.12)Judy & Roger party aboard a swingers' yacht. Loving Wives 07/20/00
The Cuckold (2.99)Phil's wife gives him an ultimatum. Loving Wives 09/21/01
The Dare (4.16)Francine talks herself into a situation. Group Sex 10/21/03
The Dark Stranger (4.21)Sabby's uncle worships Satan. Incest/Taboo 10/07/00
The Fancy Dress Ball (4.30)Husband watches his wife taken by other men. Loving Wives 09/20/01
The Farmer & My Wife (4.17)Wife likes to be photographed outdoors. Loving Wives 09/15/01
The Gift (4.34)Rejected woman rediscovers her psychic powers. Mind Control 10/07/00
The Hero's Return (4.30)Sir Richard returns home to bad news. Group Sex 04/05/03
The Hit Man (3.92)Cheryl covers for her husband Loving Wives 05/23/04
The Jealous Man (4.01)Husband watches his asian wife. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/17/02
The Office Slut (4.34)There's a new temp in the office. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/04/03
The Peasant Bride (3.89)The King invokes his right to be the first man. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/07/01
The Perfect Scoundrel (3.79)Con artist finds the tables turned by a lusty wife. Loving Wives 09/06/01
The Producer (4.31)Geri's friend will do anything to get into the movies!  Editor's Pick Loving Wives 08/25/03
The Real Estate Agent (4.46)Buying a new house can be fun! Group Sex 06/26/03
The Repo Man (4.41)The Repo Man always gets paid. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/19/03
The Road Trip (4.18)Never us an old vehicle. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/10/02
The Shark: 3 Part Series
The Shark Ch. 1 (3.99)Loan shark punishes couple. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/07/00
The Shark Ch. 2 (4.12)Ted pays visit to deadbeat couple. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/07/00
The Shark Ch. 3 (4.32)Jim sets eyes on mom Patricia. Incest/Taboo 10/07/00
The Slut Auction (4.22)Jackie & Cousin Kate get the party going. Loving Wives 08/24/01
The Slut In The Park (4.38)Early morning walk leads to a nice surprise. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/16/04
The Slut On The Beach (4.35)Keith shares his slut wife Group Sex 09/03/03
The Slut Race (4.10)Vikki & Sandra compete for the title. Loving Wives 07/26/03
The Strip Joint (4.44)High-class Elizabeth shows another side to her personality. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/17/01
The Sunbather (4.25)Kelly likes to show off for her husband. Loving Wives 03/05/03
To Be Seen, Or Not To Be Seen (4.03)Adventures with an invisible man. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/07/02
Trojan Whore (3.98)A little corporate theft. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/08/04
Undercover: 2 Part Series
Undercover Ch. 1 (4.43)Woman cop gets in bad situation. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/07/00
Undercover Ch. 2 (4.46)Captured cop services planeload. Group Sex 10/07/00
Watching Tania (4.38)First time web-cam session. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/26/04
Wendy's Birthday (4.22)Nymph Wendy gets a surprise birthday present. Group Sex 10/11/03
Whore For A Night (4.21)Miranda pays off her debt. Loving Wives 08/17/03
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