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shaving pussy

I shave it makes the sex better and I don't think he would enjoy a hairy pussy while eating me out . to be honest if I know I'll be seeing him I shave my Puss before I come over because shaving makes me horny a big dick inside of my hairless puss ready to he came on is amazing I just want a better shaving way and have questions about if you or anyone reading could email me nicolecheern@yahoo.com thanks


You started off by labeling every jock as a scumbag... That just sounded dumb. As the comment above talked about, you ask her what she likes in bed over dinner and lie about why you are asking? Why not just wait until you are in bed to ask her. If she is in bed with you, I can't think of a single reason why she wouldn't want to tell you. Maybe during one of the 3, hour long massages given?. All for giving massages but your very detailed thought out explaination here seemed rather, as the comment above kind of mentioned, fantasized.


Women love the idea of getting the testosterone they need naturally. A big load makes my girl feel amazing later. Don't ever pull out. She wants it and may not even know it, but once she gets it, be careful what you wish for,because that hot tight dirty little girl of yours is gonna want it a lot more. You better have what it takes. Take your time. Bang her vag till your gonna explode and then inject her ass with just the tip. The more she gets, the more she will want, and as time goes on she will want it more often, and much deeper. Don't treat it like porn. It's the perfect way to exchange body fluids, without risk of pregnancy, and on an intimate scale, the two of you CANT get any close to each other. After almost 20 years, anal sex has literally saved our relationship. I don't even fantasize about other women.

Nice one!

I had a few great laughs, some head nodding, and some head shaking as well; but mostly laughs.

Good work.

Thought provoking

Nicely detailed and informative, as any How To should be of course.

To this I would also add a bit of character history detailing is needed when it comes to writing strong female characters, be they Domme or not.

example; There is a lady I know. She is 5'7' about 170lbs. In her late 40's, mother of two, grandmother of two...and in a straight fight I don't know if I could take her. Why? She grew up with three brothers. She was a fighter from her youngest days. She has no fear of the "bigger" "stronger" guy. She is a rock of calm strength, and more than a little crazy.

Plus there is the fact a woman could kill me before I would raise a hand to stop her. Since I would "rather die" than hit a woman, in anger. Rather chivalrous..for a pirate.

This is certainly a subject I would like to have a long talk about...someday, soon.


This is doubtless deeply useful advice, but I was a little disappointed in the piece. I wanted to read as you cleverly dissect the idiots who subject you as editor to the same pitiful ploys over and over again. I wanted to witness you wittily lambasting their failures. Advice stings, and I was hoping for some pithy humor to sweeten it. Alas, the piece consists of a list of complaints, which leaves this miscreant uninspired to reform.

Loved it!

You're a Master! Entertaining to read and nicely broken up by humour.

I like to add that my guy really likes it when I use his cock to slap my cheek
and pout at him. Yes the good ol' turkey slap can be sexy. Also it drives him wild to
poke my tongue out to show him all of the cum in my mouth before I swallow it.

Can't wait until the next instalment! - Kit

First time with a girl

Hi, so its my first time with a girl and I'm a little nervous about going down on a girl. I'm afraid ill do something wrong and that's not what I want. Any tips?


How about a story of your successes and incompletes on the years goals.
How would you deal with yourself if for instance you were into self-bondage,
or had a caring demanding Dom? Domme?
What would you contract with a caring partner for each reward/punishment you earned?
Who would you turn to for inspiration?
How would you share with your family?

Does gender matter?

Can your sugar baby be a guy? Or does it have to be a girl?

"She taught my sisters and I".."when daddy and her married" - I know English isn't your first language Mr Blofeld, but please use your immense wealth to pay for some grammar lessons. And where you got the idea about black making people sweat, I've no idea - it sounds like an Ian Fleming folk legend such as 'gay men can't whistle'.

I'm with you

I too have a panty fetish. I think guys are scared to be seen or heard talking or wearing panties. if she can't understand it then she has the problem.

Control a square base home workshop sander for masturbation.

The point is that a square base sander that runs at about 12,000-14,000 vibrations per minute can be tamed. The sanders are at every Home Depot or Lowe's and cost about 15-30 dollars USD. What you need to add to it is a lamp dimmer control from the lighting department. They cost about 6-9 dollars USD and have a plug with a socket on the back of the plug. Plug the sander in the back of the dimmer plug and them plug the dimmer into the wall. Turn 'on' the sander and as you move the 'slider' on the dimmer , a small amount of power is delivered to run the sander very slow. Increase the power to about 50-70% and you will find the level of stimulation needed.
Use the edge of the rubber sander base behind your balls and apply light or medium pressure. The corner of the base will deliver a localized vibration that can go into your prostate area as you experiment.



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