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A Word Of Caution

A chap I once worked with was married to an idiot who listened to one of her "friends" tales about the fun she was having fooling around behind her own husbands back, and after a while with some encouragement from idiot No2 started to seek diversions outside of their marriage.

Her husband was to all outward appearance the quietest person you could ever imagine and an all round nice guy.

When she got caught, what she was not expecting was her mild meek little hubby to turn into the terminator.

He not only took a baseball bat to her erstwhile "Bull" but then went on to pay someone to throw acid in her face.

So be careful of who you think you're messing with because he could be a closet
psycho !

Lovely Ego Piece

I rather agree with anon, rather than the "real" writers, since I'm quite convinced you've only written one decent story in your life. Of course, that won't stop you.

My period

My wife makes me experience my period once a month by having me wear tampons and used pads that she retrieves from wastebaskets at work, friends, relatives and public bathrooms. Some of these pads are soaked and I have experienced both leakage accidents and also when wearing shorts in the summer embarrassing very noticeable female period odor. My Dominant wife loves humiliating me this way and its her favorite. When we are out she will retrieve a pad from the ladies bathroom hand it to me and instruct me to go into the men's room and change my pad. In the stall I lower my pants and panties and change my pad. I leave the pad I was wearing on top of the trash bin or in the stall for all to see. They must wonder where it came from. At times in the summer I have had heavily soiled pads leak thru my panties and my light colored shorts and leave a very noticeable period stain. My wife loves the humiliation of it all.


Pirate chest huh? Why is that not a surprise?

To this chest of toys I can add a few.

Bamboo back-scratchers: they are incredibly durable,and thin enough to get a good pop. They sometimes come with a roller wheel on the handle end that can be used for sensation.

Garment hanger with the clamps to hold the clothes: Not so much the modern type with the slides but the older style that used spring clamps. They made perfect twin nipple clamps, and the hanger itself worked well as a handle, weight holder, it could be tied to a small rope and the rope held between the slave's teeth. (basically making her pull her own nipples every time you pull her hair) Very versatile.

Silly as it sounds, Duct tape. You have a binder, a holder, (hair remover) a gag, ect. Just be sure to clean the glue from the skin afterwords it can cause irritation. Also it comes in different grades, there is no need for the strongest type.

In the end just anything can be used as a toy,( my own lady prefers a small frying pan as a paddle) just so long as you play carefully. And remember, if you need a whip and a chair...it's a circus act.

Going to go giggle about the pirate's chest toy box now.



Wow, gets me fired up, you have a great mindset, I can relate!

Love it

Great story to stumble on, glad there's more already! Big turn ons in this scenario.

Here a slightly different one

Several years ago my wife and I were in north Texas at an outlet mall. The ladies store we were in was fairly small and all of the "try on" rooms were in the back. These rooms were typical of the ones you find everywhere, four walls with a door but open on top. Anyway my wife found a dress she wanted to try on so we walked to the back and both of us went into the room. When I closed the door I heard one of the truly southern gentle ladies shopping in the store exclaim "Did you see that he just walked right on in with her". My wife of 36 years looked at me knowing my smart ass genes were about to activate... I stated in a somewhat loud voice "It's alright I've seen her naked many times before". For some reason she wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the day. Hell my sister in law thought it was hilarious. Go figure.....

Just found this;- 5 stars

My feeling is that a reasonable number of writers do use spell check, but simply don't know the right word to pick- eg taut/taught/tort/torte will all pass Word's approval, but who knows which one to use? Grammar check also, points out problems but not their correction. I am confident enough to ignore grammar check at times.
Most writers will never get to your pages-a shame!

First time

My boyfriend an I have been exploring different ways to please each other. I hae never given a blow job in my life. And frankly, didn't know how. This helped me clear up a lot I needed to know about how to please him. Thanks!


Mr Muff,
Enjoyed your essay! I read it as I was scrolling trying to find out how to delete my submissions! After reading your paper I've decided not to delete them; not now anyway. I don't read the comments of others' stories very often and so I wasn't prepared for the bursts of ad homonym attacks without purpose from Anonymous.
Your article was a catalyst for one conclusion for me. I write dirty stories for fun. I'm not writing for awards or wealth. So, to get upset over the negative comments from those who hide behind Net Anonymity would be taking myself and my own smut writing way too seriously. Besides I can't let down that handful of readers who favorited my stories by suddenly deleting my stories right? LOL!
Your truly,


Sperm actually has lots of protien and nutriens and is very healthy so dont be afraid keep swallowing!! It also does wonders on skin facials all the nutriens absorb in skin probably the best facial cream out there.

A+, Most Descriptive, Over All Best Instructional!

I also a woman who has rarely been able to achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation.
When Climax had been reached it was the most amazing sensation in and out of body, experience leaving you breathless and gasping for any amount of air you could get and take in, leaving you with a racing heart and a craving for more at the same time though in total exhaustion, & unconsciously lifeless recuperating.
Each time(very far and few in between) climax had been achieved, I/we usually tried to repeat or atleast simulate to the best of our knowledge the activities, maneuvers, and positions in which led up toc the explosive, indescribable, mind-blowing orgasm only to become disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, and kind of let down & without any type of succession. Leaving us in awe & mind boggled wonder, left in a sense scratching our heads at the achievement reached with questions of what's, why's, how did we do it and how'd it happen...What was different?
A Mystery still remained waiting to again be attempted, discovered, learned, mastered, perfected, retried, retested & solved.
This Article/Story is by far the most descriptive of emotions, feelings, thoughts and with much addressed or atleast approached and brought to our attention and made aware of to be accompanied by instuctions to be retold in different versions so that very many of most would be able to follow and understand.
This article/story was done Very well and Well done and certainly had captivated me which is saying alot to keep me interested and intriqued enough to continue reading anything, let alone to completely read all of something.

Coffee spew

the laptop nearly ended up like a pornstar's face when i read the lines about 'hop on, baby.'

good job, LC. a lot of what works in there.

i see good old anon had had a stab at you, above.

The anonymous reader said, "I love you, electric1."

I would like to suggest a follow up list suggesting the writer should know the location for the parts of anatomy the include in their story. It is distracting to read about a man plunging in several inches before reaching the hymen which is actually the external ring of excess skin making the opening much smaller, prior to it being torn.
There are several really good diagrams showing the correct location and types of hymen which are all located in the same place on the female anatomy, prior to any sex or activity which ruptures or rips it.

Why do stories make it seem as though the many of the people writing them have never had intercourse, at least not any with a virgin? As a woman I can state, without a doubt, it would not have been pleasurable to lose my virginity to a cock with the width of soda can. A monster 9 or 10 inch cock would not have been able to penetrate me without all of the people in my neighborhood being alerted by my pained screaming. It hurts to have the skin around a tiny opening ripped to allow for access, so I'd like the loss of virginity to be approached as if the writer has had some experience with sex. I know many fantasies are written without having experienced what is being written in the story, but they hopefully are informed enough to do it justice.

Thank you for mentioning the need for correct forms of the words being used. I read "they're" as "they are" out of habit, so it does throw me off course when it is used for "there" or "their" in a story. I read "you're" as "you are," so I read it as the words not contracted as opposed the how they intended it. It is amusing to read sentences such as this one: "He stared at you're pussy as you pulled you're panties down." They don't realize they've just stated, " He stared at you are pussy as you pulled you are panties down." I tend to avoid stories written as if I'm in them, but they tendd to be the best ones for a good laugh.

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