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If you have questions

I have seen a couple of questions on this comment section. If you have questions, email me and I will answer them. Thanks. marklazer@mail.com

I've got a question

When you're in the middle of writing one of your mom/son incest stories, how to do you actually keep yourself from thinking about your real mom? I don't have any problem with that while I'm reading those kinds of incest stories, but when I try to write one, something just feels so wrong about it and I get all creeped out even though I'm not at all writing about my own actual mother, nor have I ever had any of those kinds of thoughts about her. I just find the idea of it overwhelmingly sexy.

I also see what you're saying about the darker fantasies begin less popular. I never really worried about the incest category's negative connotations, though. It's kind of like the Loving Wives category - people either love it or hate it, so there's no real point in trying to defend it. Still, I actually prefer a bit of drama in the mix. Your story, Mama's Boy, is one of my favorites that you've written. What I really like, though, is where a mother does something that jeopardizes her son's love for her and she has to beg for his forgiveness. It's a rarely used mechanism, probably because the only people who get off on it have cold, neglectful, or bitchy mothers like mine used to be (which is probably why I feel so guilty for writing about those kind of characters now). Still, I wish more incest stories would involve the resolution of anger, resentment, disappointment, and/or jealousy as a central tension in the plotline. Those kind of stories are far more dynamic and interesting, even if they aren't as sexy to some people.

You really nailed it about the 'man who's obsessed with his mother' usually being worse the other way around. My own mother certainly fits that bill and I've already had to tell her that as far as my relationships go (really my life in general), she can keep her damn mouth shut and stay the hell out of it. Her own mother ruined both of her marriages by constantly meddling and telling her that she could do so much better, so I've already learned to tune both of them out. It does make me sad that I have to be so stern with her, because I understand that I'm her only child and really the only person she has in her life anymore, but I am not about to let her ruin my own life worrying over hers. She knows that I'll always take care of her - but from a healthy distance. I just hope my future wife (wherever she is) can understand and accept the fact that I'm going to have to shell out a "Mom tax" for the rest of my life to keep the woman comfortable and far enough away from us to not drive us insane.

As far as the one about the guy who never lets you meet his friends, what about a guy who just doesn't have any? I mean I have acquantainces, but I don't have any close friends who I enjoy hanging out with. It's not that I'm unsociable or unpleasant, I just prefer to be alone. I do, however, worry that I won't be able to keep a woman 'entertained'. Hopefully she'll be the fun one.


A well written piece that brightens my day. I too, don't mind negative criticism, but damn it, at least tell me what you didn't like; I deserve the chance to fix it, don't ya think?


I did very much the same thing with my wife. We bought her a sexy wardrobe and eventually she accepted a weekend date. It tore my guts apart and by morning there was NO undoing it. She took five lovers in the next two years. She was fucking someone else at least once a month and once took two different guys in one night. She is the sexiest woman I have ever known! It was the most difficult and exotic 30 months of our marriage! I would not change a thing!

Thank you

I'm currently writing a story that has a lot of dialogue in it, and this was very helpful. Thanks for writing this out.

A lot of good points

This was a lot of good information and good points to consider.


Lot of good information

Thanks Max, you gave lot of good information. Now if I could just my work from being buried in the novella category.

LC lays it down for us

This is your Danse Macabre. I really enjoy your laying out the technique and tropes you work with.

I'm a massive sucker for m/s incest romances b/c that storyline speaks to a rather deep longing for a better emotional connection with my mom. IRL I wasn't sexually attracted to her but emotionally entangled, hoo boy, long grim story for another time.

FWIW I agree about 99% with your thoughts on what works why.
The buildup and need to at least address the guilt and internal sorting out process before the "bow chicka bow wow" ensues are emotionally critical for me to dig the realtionship described as a real love thing, not just a depraved whim.

Depraved whim incest stories strike me as boring, abhorrent, or risibly bad .

I'm NOT a fan of once the taboo's busted, everyone fucks everyone with the whole BDSM toybox, so definitely with you focusing on the relationship between the happy couple. It doesn't have to be vanilla sex, but commend your recognizing we want fluffy, fun, lovemaking.

In the end, it's about two people showing each other and celebrating how special and beloved they are to each other that makes me vote 5* and gets me to my happy place emotionally and sexually.

My only cavil is that while I see tonnes of m/s stories celebrating the lust, guilty acknowledgement, seduction, the first fuck, and the honeymoon period, barely give a paragraph epilogue of their lives together afterward.

Stevie 3624 and a few other Lit authors have expanded on that better and I must commend your own efforts with that.

I can understand writng about how the couple handles bummers at work, bills, daycare, or the prosaic complications of daily life don't give you, the author, a boner to write about.
However, it inspires me to think the happy couple can make a go of it DESPITE all the usual frustrations as well as the special challenges of their taboo relationship.


great insights!

I enjoyed this essay. I appreciate your insights. So as not to be one of the gushing "you're so great fans" I will offer a counter point. I think it is Ok for a fictional incestuous couples to explore and focus on other fetishes and kinks. After all they have already busted through the envelope and who better to trust than one's own blood. Sure the writer may lose some readers or not get as many 'hits'. The author should still be able to write from the heart and parts below passionately. Great authors should push envelopes and break rules. Thank you again and I am still your fan and you are an inspiration to my mind, heart and parts below.

What are you doing?

Your stories are unreadable but this pile of words takes opacity to a new new level of meaning. Are you conducting some kind of celebrity campaign? Extolling readers to declare you the Brightest Star in all literotica?

I think I need it

I'm a shy guy. I loved every aspect of it but there's this feeling of embarrassment - what if I ejaculate ? It's also difficult to find a qualified or experienced masseuse. Anyways, I should definitely give it a try as this sounds amazing.

Thank You, Selena.

Informative and fun

I enjoyed this immensely. There is a lot of good information here, but the delivery of said info was even better. It was, as you said, more of an easy going conversation with the reader than a true essay and I liked the style.

Your humor comes through loud and clear like it does in some of your stories.

Good job and congratulations on number one hundred.

Someone just try to stop me following your excellent work.

Been a fan for quite a while now, and you're talking better things in the future.
I'm definitely excited.
Hopefully this article will help me get my ideas into some sort of order.
Thanks LC. Till next year.

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