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Extremely helpful!

I'll certainly keep this in mind. Thanks!

Tired of Typical Vampire Stories

You know, I agree that the creepiest vampire stories are the ones that are more believable. The problem with almost all vampire stories, even the semi-believable ones, is how powerful vampires are supposed to be.

Let's face it, if vampires were as tough as they're typically portrayed, and they can reproduce so easily, and they're at least as smart as the average human, and they've been around since before the renaissance; they should be in charge instead of us weak humans.

And that's the non-union jobs...

Add a whole new layer in there with the 'union rep' also known as the work speed controller.

Picture this. a company has put a bid in on the work, but problems from outside their field can be tacked on as addition labor. Things are going along and real progress is being made, the job might actually finish on time. But a few of the guys really want some over time before Christmas. So a problem develops in the supply chain some where and the 'union rep' comes around telling the guys there is a supply problem.

Do they keep working and then take a day off? HELL NO! That's where a job that should take an hour or so to complete mysteriously takes three, even if there is another trade waiting on them to finish so he can get home in time to take his wife out for their anniversary. 'TOUGH LUCK ASS HOLE... NOT MY PROBLEM'

To years gone by...

When women realized the whistle was a compliment and not a put down...

The PC people take a good thing and screw it up, just like government...

Eight years!

Such a shame that almost 8 1/2 years have passed since you wrote the story, yet with no more submissions (or emissions!)
Your story is wonderfully written, and very seductive. Gives excellent advice. I wish you had written more about various seductions in your life. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself.

My secret fantasy.

I would love to be one of your bi slaves and learn my limits as I please you
and serve you. I yearn to be used and humiliated as I please a strong willed woman.


has yet to find a man who can give moi such an experience...

makes me wonder

i used to be able to ask a woman out with a positive attitude and it usually worked out. then my divorce happend and i lost my swag. maybe i am not over it yet. but at least on the dates i have been on, i've held to my standards of being a gentleman. well when god thinks i am ready he will send someone my way. please finish this. the suspense over this little story is killing me.

who wants those things?

I agree, children are terrible things to have.

Words I'll NEVER forget....

You know how you have that handful of sexual experiences that are so unique, so intense, they're almost like a benchmark or a collection of little dirty memories you like to relive over and over when you find your hands start to wander?

This one time, I thought I'd be all cutesy and let my new guy know moments before I climaxed by moaning out, "of fuck baby...I'm about to cuhhhhMmmmm". His quick response caught me somewhat offguard and turned my usual 20 secs or so of orgasming into a soaking wet, nonstop, cataclysmic, heated, heart pounding experience! "What's wrong, you can only cum once or something?", as soon as the questioning words rolled off his tongue, my mind immediately recalled the numerous times he'd make me cum during each of our love making sessions and I knew right now would be no exception.

Several encounters later I found myself bouncing back against him hard and methodically while he took me doggystyle. I decided to use a little dirty talk of my own to encourage him and began cooing, "Cum on baby...cum nice and hard for me!". His huge dick began to throb inside me, but his firm and snarky response, "No! Turn around, I gotta see your face if you want me to cum", made me join in his orgasm simultaneously as I immediately followed his instructions. Sex is often coined as more emotional for women, and him adding that in the heat of the moment made me feel so pretty that he actually wanted to look at me and my eyes instead of my ass which usually received the most compliments. It was like the utmost personal compliment...him conveying he couldn't just cum from fucking just any pretty but generic body face down ass up...he wanted me.

PS Your welcome =)

Now this is much better than the story you just posted

comes across as very realistic and insightful. Would love further development into what each is thinking as the situations arise for cheating. Also love to hear about the other "interesting moments".

He said it himself....

He said it himself: "is nothing like the average shared wife arrangement"...Of couse not...more like an average wife whoring herself, even behind her husband...

First Times With Water

I started masturbating with water when I was 12. I found out when my shower head slipped out of my hand, and when I picked it up, it blasted me, and I just felt like I was going to explode. I prefer to take a shower head and put it down there while standing up. I also like water jets in pools. I have masturbated in public at a water park. They had these water spouts that came out of the ground. So I sat over one with my bottoms on while I played with my little sister in the water. It felt so good. There was also one time when I was in a hot tub with no one else, and there was this water jet right across from me, so I adjusted it until it was hitting me directly on my clit. Then this guy came into the tub and sat right next to me. He at first just leaned his head back, but then he started to trail his hand on my thigh, and he eventually started to rub me down there. It was amazing since the water was stilling going. We ended up having sex in the tub since everyone else had gone inside and it was dark out. Best Day Ever!!!!

Makes me wonder

Been married 14 years and became handicap about 10 years ago. To say the least I have very little self confidence anymore. I noticed about six months ago my wife has been distancing herself from me. Always on Facebook or texting or talking with friends. That in its self isn't the problem, the issue I have is I can't communicate with her anymore. When I do try to bring something up for conversation I usually get my head bitten off. I have much soul searching with this but right now it is very lonely and I'm sad because I think I'm losing my best friend and lover.

I'm a 36 yr old woman my boyfriend is 45 we been together for 3 yr and so much in love I'm just now learning my body what I can do in bed what love makes us do

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