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Thanx I might use that

Just goes to show......

People are all different. I love being spat on especially at that unique moment when your partner is about to cum. To me there is something intimate about it. I feel close when she uses me to heighten her experience of cumming. My wife used to do that to me and slap my face as she told me how much she enjoys seeing me, wet with her beautiful cum and saliva dripping of my face. I miss her every day. There is so much about spitting or using...its great that so many women enjoy that power. As an older guy I rejoice in seeing women and girls being more assertive generally. I grew up in an era where men just assumed they could say and do as they pleased. I found it essentially weird and absurd. The world's not really equal yet but getting better. More power to those who choose to express themselves in their own unique way, women or men.

A thinking persons guide to divorce

Demeaning, degrading and humiliating your husband is a sure fired way to get a divorce. Things like love and respect play into the mix. Do any one of the things in this stupid list and I guarantee you a long cold period in your life. Do any two things and I guarantee you a divorce. And your friends and acquaintances aren't all doing any of these things. Maybe a tiny minority but if these actions were to become known to your family and friends, your invitations to events would dry up. Even for fiction this was stupid beyond belief.

That helps

I've just started putting my thoughts to paper. This helps a lot. Thx


Not all people like sports. That doesn't mean they're gay.

I love these essays!

I've been reading your work for a while now, and I wondered what to expect when I started reading these essays (I know they've been here for ages but I've only just now looked).

Reading through the first one I agreed with so many points (he always whines for sex! and I always tell him what I want for it to happen!). I just gave up and sent him the link to your first chapter. We'll see ;)

Thanks again - I love your work :D


I suspect a lot of writers on this site could use the info in this article. I'm sure going to try working your tips into my work.

More towards females

Like another person said the "sexual" portion of this slanted mostly towards the female. When I was married the first time my wife did not like sex in the morning so I became conditioned to only be able to become aroused in the afternoon or at bed time. It took several months with my new girlfriend to overcome this. Although my ex discovered that I get super aroused when my ears are stimulated she completely missed that my nipples were every bit as sensitive as a woman's nipples.
I would not call it cheating as my wife knew not only was I going to take a neighbor to bed but she knew who it was plus she encouraged me. My first wife could not keep her pants up. She would have sex with just about anyone, anytime. Unfortunately for me I had trouble maintains an erection when I took the neighbor to bed. It was because of the way I was brought up to view marriage and relationships.
My favorite fantasy is to die then be given a second chance at life while still retaining all my complete memory plus being in a relationship with the woman I met after my divorce which lead to marriage and fulfilling my dream of becoming a cardiologist.

from the heart

I recognise my husband's view point in the way you wrote this.Thank you for sharing your true feelings. It is also very much how I started down the same route.

I have never before in my long, illustrious career of wanking to Lit. stories bothered to leave a little Thank You note. Maybe, if the story was particularly thrilling, I've given a 5 star rating but that's about as much as I can be bothered to do before collapsing into sleep. Congratulations! A quick scan of the other 'self help' guides available on Literotica reveals not one as sarcastic, amusing and genuinely useful as this; and if I'm perfectly honest with myself I'd even stretch to admitting your writing style is my favourite of any story I've read on this site (bear in mind I've only read this one how-to guide- it almost sounds like I have a crush on you!). I don't know... maybe its the British thing? An overwhelming majority of the work on here is either of the piss-poor, highly American, OhYeaFuckMeHarderYouLikeThat variety or the painfully miss-spelt, shocking grammar, LanguageOfATenYearOldFromIndia type. This is the first time I've ever laughed on this site, not once but several times so you must be doing something right. Maybe I'm being a bit weird? Rambling out an essay about how amazing you are on an erotica website... I guess I'm tired. At any rate, not that my opinion will impact you in any way but keep it up! I'll be checking out your other work another night. :) Maybe I should make an account on this? Bye!
Yours Sarcastically,

From a female who loves anal

I'm a female who was offended and disgusted when my man first mentioned trying anal...and now I love it. I never thought I'd do it but now I'm really into it. I don't think this article does much to tell a guy how to get a girl to agree to anal, so here's how I changed.

The proposition is important. Ask her if she has any sexual fantasies, and tell her anal is a sexual fantasy of yours. If she's offended, don't worry about it. Tell her it's just something that you think is hot, and that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to. She'll probably think that what she's doing with you now isn't good enough for you, so be sure to dispel any of that.

The way it happened is I came home from work one night really horny. You have to wait until a time like this, when she comes to you wanting it bad without you having to do anything. I really wanted to give him a blow job and I was thinking about it the whole ride home. By the time I got home I was already hot. This is the perfect time to change her mind about anal. I was sucking him in bed and then he asked if she could put it between my tits, so I layed down and let him have at it. He then wanted to just rub his dick between my ass crack without putting it in. I agreed and thought at the time that we would just do this for a while and then do it doggie style, but that's not what ended up happening. After a few minutes it turned me on so much to have his cock rubbing between my ass, especially to hear his moans and grunts, that I asked him if he could try putting it in a little. I was just so turned on by this point. He asked if I was sure, got some lube, started slow and the rest is history.

Anal feels really good for a girl, and even though I only cum if my clit is being stimulated, I don't need him touching my clit to enjoy anal. Girls can actually take a much harder fucking with their ass IMO. I would say the key points are 1) being patient with her, 2) waiting until she is extremely turned on...like the "what the eff happened to you?" turned on (it can backfire if you don't wait for the right time), and 3) starting by just humping the outside of her anus until she realizes that she really wants you to ass-fuck her. She has to be the one to realize it. Good luck!

Thanks for the article. And thanks for few comments too.

First of all, I want to thank the author to explain the subject in so detail. Yes, it turns me on so much when I slap & spit on my male sex partner's face in between, while grinding my vagina & asshole all over his tongue & mouth, till I cum all inside his mouth. And definitely, I want to spit hard on his face & inside his mouth too, just after my orgasm. It gives me full control.

In fact, I have gone through this article few days back. And also gone through all the comments. And I have seen a very interesting comment regarding some explanation of the word SLUT & it's usage (while calling a male the SLUT) during sex. I liked the idea very much, I think at least it has a perfect match, with whatever I love to do with my male partner. And yes, I command him to swallow all my spit & cum which drips down his face, I love to see my SLUT taking my orders & making me happy.


I'm so jealous over this!

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