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Pussy eating

I'm a pussy lover. I eat many pussies everyday. I love to eat married sexy women. My friend's wife's visit me to get their pussies eaten out by me. I do a very good service and they love me. pussies are meant to be eaten out and kissed not only for fucking.

I am not able to rate this story.

I was going to give it 5 stars but Literotica site will not allow selection of rating. Way to go admins, skew the voting.

I realize that 99% of the readers are looking for titillation on Literotica but you have provided something much more valuable - insight. An excellent story and an excellent challenge.

Mixed feelings

I hate to be a spoilsport, but what I view rather critically is the part where you suggest exposing humilating photos of the slaves, if he ever wants to leave his Domme. I wonder how this can be compatible with things like trust, love, responsibility, consensuality? And what chance does he have if he realises that this relationship is no longer good for him and he cannit endure ut anymore?
I find it very touching and passionate how you write about loving him madly and I totally understand your sadistic passions (I too, am a sadist), but this sounds so different from what you write about exposing him.

You may have a contract that makes him your "total slave", but this contract only shows that there was consent in the moment this contract was signed. If he *really* wants to quit this relationship later and is forced to stay because of blackmail it is still non-con, sorry.

I know, it hurts if a slave/lover leaves and it's disappointing, but exposing a slave like you suggest, can seriously compromise him in public and damage his status among friends, relatives, at work, etc.... I don't think that's a proper way to deal with submissives, even if they are slaves. Not if you love or at least like them and not if you want them to trust you. Not to mention the legal problems *you* could face if they decide to seek help...

Best regards from France, Caroline

Wow....just WOW

Very erotic & well written. As stated by other commenters, I would love to experience this, but don't know if I could stand it. It is a fantasy & be careful what you wish for, but the wife would never do anything like that. Of all the genres on this site, T&D is my favorite.
Thanks for a well written How To
Pat (knotz2u@yahoo.com)

Help Morgan Hawke!

If you've ever enjoyed any of her stories for free, Morgan was in a car accident and could really use your help: http://www.gofundme.com/morganhawke

Help Morgan Hawke!

If you've ever enjoyed any of her stories for free, Morgan was in a car accident and could really use your help: http://www.gofundme.com/morganhawke

going to try this

I've read this twice and I'm going to try this with my fiancée.

A Bottle Of Wine***

And a box of chocolate candy, I'm good thanks anyway.

A guy who will not go down on his girl???

If your the type of guy who won't go down on his girl I would look at you the same way as a tape player wow they still make you that's so antiquated it's practically like finding a dinosaur shopping at Walmart well shit I did not realize there were any of you left.

Well, maybe I'm lucky--


I wasn't brought up to observe these holidays. In fact, the opposite. But if they cause so many people such anguish--

I just don't understand it.

My god--you're not even talking about Christmas! JUST Valentine's day!

The Hallmark company makes money off you.

All of this is to sell stuff. That's IT.

I wish you well, Tara

Unfortunately, there are those among us who have such poor material to begin with that your suggestion prove only further their unworthiness. It is, in my own experience, far better not to let the light in; what you might see will probably is something you hate -- and you cannot, however hard you might try, unsee anything.

nice idea

Very cool Tara- You hit home with me and i'm sure with a lot of others. Let's see if I can do this.

Awesome read

I think I sort of read through this with my head spinning, because it was just highlighting how much I don't get the entire "alpha male" trope. But, I think while reading I realised that, where male writers get a lot of flak for writing the badly-fleshed-out "sex object women", this is the opposite end of the spectrum, where female writers write the badly-fleshed-out "alpha men". So it wasn't necessarily the trope itself I've "wtf'd" at in the past, it's the bad examples of it.

I still find the entire "alpha" and "beta" thing a little too simplified to ever fully get behind (human social structures can be way more complex than that, healthy ones certainly are in my experience, and wolves do not actually operate that way), but I guess if I can simplify it to those terms, then I've never seen alphas as the domineering asshole - alphas are the one who look after their pack, because there is no alpha with no pack. Leadership=responsibility and all that. So all these fictional bad-boy "alphas" have always seemed exactly that to me - fictional. The fiery, heart-racing, bad-boy trope, the dangerous one that women want to be dominated by, but also to tame, he's not an alpha. He's the lone wolf who doesn't want to follow but doesn't know how to lead.

Of course this is just me spouting my opinions, since it was a fun read that got me thinking. I don't really understand the trope's lure so there's every chance I've got the wrong end of the stick.

Men giving out fantasy info disguised as help is dangerous.

I have been both a cuckold and lover to a few wives. I cuckolded one man for over 25 years. Please not that this so called "how to" story is pure fiction and if you follow the so called advice, you are doomed to fail as this is the kind of writing done as masturbation fodder. This is not real life.

Cuckolding does exist and I have known many couples into it in one form or another. My own wife is a cuckquean who likes to watch, join in or just have sex with me afterwards. I was a cuckold for a year in my pre-married days. Cuckolding is not about humiliating and dominating your husband. It can be part of it during sex play but most times the husband is the one that pushes the wife into and not like this so called "how to" story leads you to believe. While it may excite you to think of being treated like the author describes, in reality there are emotions and feelings involved an no husband of sound mind will put up with treatment like this outside of sex play.

One last thing. You can always spot the masturbation fodder by the way they have the wife not use birth control or condoms. There must be a creampie after all. :) I could have just moved on, dismissing this story as more male masturbation fodder but I happen to know a couple who tried to follow some made up advice they read online and it ended very bad for them because in life, you cannot control the actions of all the players in your fantasy.

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