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true words

Life is hard for us hard hats and even harder when you work as a hard hat in a foreign country.Makes me happy that someone so high in my work field knows what we go through.My greatest respects

A Fun Weekend

Its raining, winds howling and Jared and I, are stuck in a cute studio cabin. No electric, but a fire place and running water.. He can barely contain and pulls me into a kiss, that leads to a deeper one.. Air doesn't mater, time, space just drift away.. "I'm yours!" Jared whispers, " Mine, my love you're all mine"! The bed is centered in the middle of the room. He guides me to it slowly taking off my clothes piece by piece till we are standing there just staring at each other. I, take his shirt off running my hands and lips up his chest. Slow aching kisses set us on fire, "Ah Linda" his voice strains out.. I stop look his in the eyes and don't move my gaze as I, remove his pants.. We don't breathe the whole time, pulling me to him he kissing my lips one at a time.. We fall to the bed as I lay on top of him , I reach down stroking his body to that lovely cock. As he sucks on my breasts rolling to the side his fingers find their way to my slick hole. There is no holding back as he plunges two fingers in and out fast making me burst with an orgasm, soaking his fingers I, moan into Jared's, mouth. "Fuck me Jared." Not another word is said except passion filled moans of ecstasy.. We turn over with me on my back, and he goes deep in me as waves of orgasms fluid out of me! Jared, smiles and pumps hard and deep, spreading my legs further apart, its like he can't get close enough... He pulls out right before the next wave hits and puts his tongue in me lapping up all my juices, while stroking his thick cock I, scream out and at the moment he pushes into me cumming hard!!
We both breathe heavy, happily and can't wait for round two! I head to the bathroom, and think I, hear a knock. No can't be we are out here alone, must be the wind.. I finish up, still naked from some pretty great sex! I, walk out only to be greeted by the Park ranger! "Oh my God"! I squeal, " You couldn't tell me"? I say. My breasts are perky and I, am sure he got a full view.. The Park ranger smiles, a dimpled smile, nice teeth, and some stubble on his chin. He's just 6'4" solid with great tanned arms, wavy black hair pokes out through his ranger hat and his eyes are the prettiest blue I, had ever seen. The men laugh a bit as I, reach for anything to cover me up... "Well", he says " Seems everything here is in order and looking... Fine".. As he gazes my way... Jared and him say there good bye's.. I, was to embarrassed to say anything at all...
"Well that was embarrassing"! I, say as Jared stands laughing at me. " Oh baby, its ok, I, do think he enjoyed his view though. Did you see his dick? It was sticking straight up"! "Wouldn't mind sharing him with you! " Jared, was bi, my ideal match! I, just have to catch him in the right mood. It seems like today was one of those rare days! I, have given him every mans fantasy of two women multiple times.. I, was ready for some mmmm, fun pay back. I tell Jared, we need fire wood and that I'll, go get it if he starts the fire. The rain let up for a bit, so since it was my families cabin I, knew where it was. I, got dressed and headed out, the day was nice and cold perfect for a fire and some fun! As I, continued to walk out to the leanto (a three sided structure with a roof) I, spotted a rabbit and a duck. Not seeing the Ranger who came around the corner knocking me down. "Ouch!, hey" as I'm being picked up by very strong arms. "You alright"? Stammering I, say that I am, as he has not let me go and my breasts are pressed against him and getting harder by the minute... " Sorry I, didn't see you" I say,"Its ok , I'm glad I, ran into you. I, wanted to apologize for earlier, I, did not mean to embarrass you. " he says still holding me to him, at this point I'm barely breathing and feel myself getting wet! Great, that's all I need. "You didn't not really, you can let me go now by the way, I'm fine" I, smile up into to those eyes. When something, comes over us and he moves to not let me go,but kiss me deeply, our tongues intertwining, heat rising, God, he kisses great! He reaches down cupping one of my breasts, and rubs my already erect nipple through my shirt. " Rick,my name is Rick" he moans.. As we part, he says "I, wanted to do that the moment after you came out of the bathroom, God you're sexy'! " Thank you " I whispered.. His hand was still caressing my nipple.. I, tried to back up, only to be turned around, and have his hand grabbing my ass. He has great hands, long thick fingers, perfect for what he is doing. Which is, reaching between my legs and finding my wet hole.. "Mmmm I, knew it! You want me don't you"? " Yes, please yes". My legs are a little shaking from what his expert fingering, is doing to my soaked pussy. I, bend over pulling my pants down, Rick puts his hand on my back saying stay there. No not cock not yet. I, want more of this! I ,can't believe I, am cumming so much. Jared, gets me great,but damn. "Don't worry I'm not going to fuck you here,but I've got to taste you"! He gets on his knees and spread my ass cheeks apart licking me while putting in a second finger. I, spread my legs as far as the fabric allows. Damn this is great! I now, am wishing to have Jared's, cock deep in my throat.. As if on cue he, comes around the corner to find Rick's, tongue burried deep in my ass and fingers in my pussy. " Well now"! He says giving me that look he gets when he wants something.. "I was beginning to worry, but I, can see Ranger Rick, here has things.. In hand. " I, do think LindaLinda, is missing something, don't you Rick"? Rick, raises his head licking his lips, to say " I, think she might enjoy a good cock in her mouth. Want to help out"? Jared, pulls down his pants and I,take all of him in. He holds my head, fucking my throat. I'm getting my fantasy, outside in the wilderness.. I, am cumming back to back, Rick, then goes into my pussy tonguing my wet hot hole til I, cum! He's up and in me before the wave ends. Damn! Jared, is gagging me and the more I, struggle the more he pushes his cock in my mouth... He is wildly turned on, I, know cause he has leaned over me kissing Rick! Jared's, about to cum, Rick, keeps him in the kiss as Jared, starts shaking his orgasm. Oh God, this is so hot, I'm about to orgasm as I, feel his cum go down my throat. Rick, breaks the kiss, grabs my hips and fucks me hard with deep strokes. I, can barely take all of him. I, squirt hard for the first time! My legs are shaking and it feels so good! Rick, pulls out and shoots his load across my ass.. "God Damn! That was intense" I say. Both men are smiling looking at each other like they want to fuck. So I, bravely say "Round two after dinner gents"? Both agree, as we all head our own way. If this quick trust, is any indexation of what to expect tonight. I'm happily in trouble!

Only works on men who have serious issues

Just like how many women who stay with abusive boyfriends have serious issues, many men who willingly subject themselves to being cuckolded have as well. The difference is these men have fetishized their insecurities.

nice and easy ;-)

Yea, you make it look, if not sound, sound effortless. Thanks for that! I look forward to reading more of your work.

Like you...

... one of my biggest pet peeves is something significant about the story left out of the tags. When something like this happens, especially if the twist is a particular turn off of mine, I usually go to the end and comment about my disappointment. I then come up with a score based on how I liked the story until it took what I considered a wrong turn, then deduct based on how bad the wrong turn was. And yes, I've seen a five star story turn into a one star debacle more than once. Those I finish based on the "car wreck principle", I keep reading to see haw bad it gets. I can understand an author not wanting to spoil a twist in the story with too many tags, but if that's the case, then a disclaimer at the beginning to the effect of "this story isn't going to end up where you think it will" might be a good idea.

Tag cleanup?

Idea for the moderators/owners. I've worked in databases - you can do tag clean up fairly easily. See those duplicate tags? do a search and replace to make them all the "master" tag of the type (say "cuffs" to "handcuffs"). I've done that kind of thing all the time


I am searching for a woman like this!!!!!!!!! Let's connect with each.

How I finally fucked a girl in the ass

When I was first learning to fuck a girl in the ass I had no advice. What I have found out is that a lot of people find that these http://www.vibratorshowroom.com/Anal-Toys/Anal-Tra iner-Kits?a=vibratorshowroomc&cid=467 help to ease into anal sex. It will then become erotic as it did with my wife versus shameful or dirty.

Thank you

Tara...for me your story is so timely. Like a few hours old. I think I lost my best friend tonight as she could not get past your para 2). Enjoyed your story even if it was with tears. But we have so much together. Thank you. Sorry but I will have to be an anon on this one. J.

You sumed up a great approach for life. Believe in your own values - I'm sure we would enjoy a good coffee together!

you spoke to me also Tara-

I have two wonderful daughters, both married and gone and happy, I drive 400 miles three times a year to visit. I travel to prevent complete bordom, and still hope to find someone to share with. But alas, not yet. But I keep my head high, on the outside.

Thank you

Having just recently lost my wife to cancer, I have found myself alone at 58. But you have reminded me that, like you, I have been alone all my life. You have also reminded me that this is not a scary time but an exciting time. That this is but another journey I must travel. I hope to dump the luggage of my past and strap up the backpack. For this can truly be an adventurous time. Thank you again!

Thank You

What you wrote spoke to me, and made me very happy to read. Alone doesn't and shouldn't mean lonely. Loneliness happens to all of us, but I feel so much of my knowledge of self comes from that time alone. I enjoy the solitude in my life, while still searching for the right people to be a part of it. Again, thank you.


Yeah, I tried that. It don't work. Your nature is your nature.

Don't get me wrong I am an Alpha (think wolves) sub so it is natural that other submissives come to me for advice, support and guidance. And for a time I was hurt and confused too. I tried the Domme thing. Because I am an Alpha and have sadistic tendencies I even had subs coming to me for play.

Thing is that it was not me...not natural. Don't get me wrong...from the sub's perspective I was pretty good. Because I gave them all the things I had always wanted in a Dom and never found. But it drained me...I took their needs so seriously that the responsibilities weighed on me. Granted...all Doms should feel that kind of responsibility for the subs they play with. But 'real' Doms get the thrill/high of domination that feeds that part of them that submission does for us. And without that natural tendency...being Dom/me is way more work than it is worth.

What you are talking about is what I wrote about...finding your limits. Knowing when to say no...You cannot use me like that. Self-respect and dignity are as much a right for submissives as they are Doms. Good luck...finding your place.

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