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How many mistakes? An embarrassing number of the ones you discussed. Why didn't you catch them? More importantly, you didn't discuss run-on sentences, which clearly is one of your weaknesses as a writer. The reader needs many more commas and periods than you chose to use. From the way you started, I expected a higher level of writing and better proofreading. Sorry.

Puhlease ... This is the worst advise

As a woman I was interested to find about if any living male found out about secrets of pleasuring us... Completely disappointed at the absurdity of advise and foolishness of assumptions. This sounds like an infomercial with cock and bull story.
For example ... Author proclaims that guys should find about what a woman likes in the bed by making an excuse of doing a research for a book Gosh... Unless it's some powdered white trash ( who actually may not worry about passing the STD) No woman worth her essence will fall to such lame excuse.
Author may have read a lot of books but in terms of solid advise - I did not see anything substantial- contrary to the title this is complete bull shit and fantasy land article which will help guys getting kicked out of considerations faster than they can say can I buy you a drink! Ugh
Well I wish author and other men luck -

Nice guide for those who are just starting out

So much of what you describe is familiar to me. I do try to expand my horizons in this area and I appreciate your candor and openness. If people find some of this unappealing, I understand, but I can't understand why one would bother to read the article if it isn't your cup of tea. Good for you for trying to understand your husband, and prevent him from feeling as he has to go "off campus" to satisfy his needs.

Great info for curious woman

I'm female and I've always had a very strong sex dive. I've had guys upset because they felt that I used them for sex.

Anyway, I'm also a little naive and your review provided great info. Last year I visited a small sex toy shop that also happened to be next to a bar. A middle-aged white guy came into the store a few minutes after I did and just sort of hung around, talking to me a couple of times. He did ask the store manager if he could use the restroom and was told that the restrooms were for people who purchased tokens for the video booths.

Smacking my head now ... I was tempted to check out the videos but was embarrassed and felt a little self-conscious, especially when a guy exiting the booths did a double take when he saw me in the store.

Maybe one day I'll be too horny to feel self-conscious. Your review definitely makes me feel more confident about visiting.

Good Guide.

Great how to guide, it really helped with all my questions.

I understand

It was a great read and it made me appreciate to be alone but sometimes I'm still going back and forth on the sea saw of good and bad of being alone my life is good and as of right now it's raining and I smile because I'm alone right now

This is a useful site for learning about those common innocuous errors:
http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/error s.html#errors

I have also found that the book "The Glamour of Grammar" by Roy Peter Clark was very helpful in understanding the use of punctuation and sentence structure.

Delightful educational tease

I just loved the way you managed to 'drag' out a story by explaining what you do when writing! It takes some talent to do that.

Very titilating and extremely arousing nonetheless!

a bitch

it just sounds like you are full of hate.

In "Savage Love" recent column--

he (Dan? Savage) wrote, about a guy who wanted to get a lot of pussy, "As Mary Poppins says, 'Enough is a feast.'"

'Nuff said.

(This is supposed to relate to deep-throating, etc. ENOUGH IS A FEAST.)


me love it too

I also love to spit & piss on my husband's face & mouth during sex. Its is really huge turn on for me. I like to see him choked in my piss, & then I force him to lick my love holes, till I cum, all inside his mouth. Finally, I spit on his face again quite a few times, after my orgasm.

Wishes. Wishes.

Wish someone would do that to me.

It's A Start

But you know, just limiting your choices by category isn't enough. Plenty of stories cross categories. Plenty of categories have a wide variety of different types of stories in them.

The site would be MUCH more usable if all the categories or "tags" associated with a story were displayed near the title...

The site would be much more usable if some of the categories were broken up into independent categories... (e.g. Loving Wives into categories like cuckold, swinging, cheating and revenge)

The reason boobs are there

As sexy and desirable as breasts are, many people have forgotten their original purpose was to feed the newborns who had no teeth to chew food. There wasn't baby formula and microwaves to heat it in 200 years ago. Your female ancestors had to feed her kids with her tits.

Now we see breasts as entertainment and sexy female ornamentation. Many mothers have chosen not to breast feed. Too bad, because a number of medical studies have shown breast feeding can reduce breast cancer.

Okay, and for those who do breast feed, daddy finds it sexy as hell, if he can latch onto one of those sweet orbs and have just a nibble. Then he gets sprayed in the face. I was amazed when I watched my wife's breasts looking like sprinklers, spraying milk in six different directions all at the same time. My wife still laughs about how I backed off when she had a let down when I sucked her nipple and she became a human milk fountain.

Yeah, lactation is sexy as hell--but it still has a serious purpose.

Thanks for posting this article.

This is good for more than just lactation stuff...

You have hit several good points here patientlee. Many people seem to just have a sexy thought and write it down. With a little bit of research you can make something that was short and quick become something much more. Take your own writing for example. You have written several storys that have not exactly been "my favorite cup of tea" yet after I read them I had to give them a five. It was because of your attention to details that helped sell the realism. My personal preferences aside, the writing deserved a five.

Well, that...and you have a quirky sense of humor that is funny as heck. That definitely helped. Oh...and you are just awesome...thats a plus. :-)

So to me, this guide is not just for lactation fantasy. It shows how with a little thought you can bring a mediocre story into something so much more. I like it.

Sincerely, Payenbrant

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