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Ur a stunner for all these wonderful comments! Thank you!

Nicely done!

I can only imagine the sudden spike the number of brain hemorrhages amongst our resident troll population.
Sadly, the man in the story... Well... I think I married him... I read it (the story, not the man) to my dear, sweet, caveman TWICE...
He only responded "That's why I have a spare key to my lock." Goddamn I love that idiot...

Well played!!

I thoroughly enjoyed it! A really fun piece!

And REAL thanks ...

to Ginger Suzanne. Glad you liked it. :)


I know that when I get a childish, 3rd grade level insult from an Anonymous who doesn't have the IQ or strength of character to identify themselves, then I must be doing something right.

That you,Jackson?

A Cute Story, But....

....I think it belongs in Romance or Erotic Couplings...

It's clearly about two people who love each other to pieces, plot devices be damned!

Thanks for a fun little read!


That covers it.


Being a ginger myself, that should teach You to leave us alone!
loved it

Emperor's New Clothes

I'm thinking, for your next story line, perhaps you could lift from the fable The Emperor's New Clothes; or here's another possible option: create your own 'elephant in the room' sort of plotted theme. Good luck.

@Anon: Failed Attempt

Before you put labels like "ludicrous" or "has to be plausible" on a story and vote 1 star, you might want to check out a novel called "I Will Fear No Evil" by some guy named Robert A. Heinlein. Kind of successful and has something to do with brain transplants.


They should really do this!

cool idea of having the alien pov and thoughts

Thanks first review anonymous person..

Thank you for the nice review...your cheque is in the post !....LOL!

Thanks Eidetic

Thank you Eidetic.

The idea came from the famous song from The Smiths and I tried to emulate the dry wit of that wonderful wordsmith Morrissey. I wanted a story with a foolish cuckold anti-hero with ridiculous narrative from the perspective of a loser and characters who you couldn't relate to, even if you tried. It's a throwaway, ridiculous, short story but I laughed out loud at work when I was writing some parts of it, so I had my fun... and that's all that matters... !


Tears, I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks for a great story. Don't worry about the people who don't get it.If they don't get it, they haven't been fucking long enough!

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