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Some People are Alive Only Because it's a Crime to Kill Them

If she were real, Peggy would be at the top of my hit list.
1Star, since I can't give you negative 1000.

I don't give a

shit what they think .. I roared ! Thanks!

I racken.....

Orl them thar boogies thet akeep fillin ma haid musta made me too stupid to understan
this very fine story!

Thank you kindly for the compliments. Indeed I do have another, bigger comedy exercise that I'm in the process of writing, so "stay tuned, boppers..." (The Warriors)

Now that's some funny stuff, good work!

Well that was fun

Your title delivers, what a fun exercise. Got anymore?

Kinda funny.

I know this was just a fluff piece. As far as it went it was well done. Just for fun, if you found the time, we could dig deeper into all their lives.


Very cute story. You write great dialogue.

Well I do have to say the reception is only half of what I expected. The point of the piece is I do respect men and why would I make an effort to adress something that isn't important to me, even if I choose a bit of a straightforward blunt way to express myself. Subtlety it's a thing there us a lot to read between the lines. I must assume my kind of black humour is restricted to the social circles I move in. I can assure you readers I am no man eating bitter amazon at least not all the time. I will mark this one down as learning experience.

All feedback is appreciated and taken in. R.H.

A touching story

Surprised to find this here. Nicely done!


More like someone has a "mad on". Angry much? I missed both the humor and the satire.

Do I smell traces of the imperative victim blaming? It's true, my crap o meter is pushed way beyond red, but not because I am foolish enough to go for assholes but because "normal" men turn out to be incredibly dickish (pun pun) at times without even realising they are doing it. Hence my humorous lament. Hopen never dies that something may actually get through. Also you would think women today do make themselves heard a lot, but in reality our voices are still drowned out. This is more for the ladies than you guys. No worry I wasn't trying to entice your manly cock to my bitter treacherous pussy. I doubt we would mix well.

Still thanks for commenting. I genuinely do get the frustration on your side too. I may write a manifest for men's rights if I ever deem myself knowledgeable enough to do so. This is no joke. Tata R. H.

Misandry is always funny and SEXY AS HELL. Ladies, do not be so willing to be attracted to the bad boys and then you will not have to express your anger disguised as satire.

A nod

A friendly nod, I posted in humour for a reason . I do appreciate the comment and concur the intent. Thank you.


Using Males instead of Men is silly and dehumanizes the entire statement its a true problem in modern society because if you want Men to be humans treat them like Humans not a statistic. Basic human psychology if you want someone to act a certain way then treat them like it.

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