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I wish it would be like that !
So sexy and mutual desire!


So you didn't like the husband fucking the married neighbors! Well looking at your favorites list I can see why. You are into incest so you would rather see him fucking his daughters and his son!
This was an excellent story.

Mildly amusing

I was going to put a 1 star due to the terrible attempt at humor by ridiculous events.
Then real humor popped up... about 3 times.

Maybe it's just me, but this?

"Sorry.....just had to throw that in, I know you're not married, and you don't have kids."

Who are you addressing? It can't be me. I'm married.

"You like it when I call you baby, don't you." I still have no idea who you're talking to, but questions need a question mark at the end of them.

"You, sir, are a cad!" I'm a woman. Who is "sir?"

"You make a cute little joke...maybe you're "choice" will include those seeds placed in my what???" - There should be a period after "joke." "You're" is a contraction for "you are." The word you want is "your." One question mark will suffice. You can put the others where you left them out.

Most of your ellipses are used incorrectly. Google to find the correct usage.


It's slightly plausible but definitely hilarious and sexy. Well done nerdlings!

Normally, a 1 pager gets 4* if good

This was FUNNY! Especially the lyrics at the end. 5* because of the content & story line. I don't normally read lesbian stories but this one was DIFFERENT & ENTERTAINING!! Well Done!

Bad idea

Creepers + Lighting = Charged Creepers

then you are really screwed

Lust is not just blind...

....Lust is also deaf, dumb and stupid! P, this was a hilarious rollercoaster of mindblowing trickery by one of those mythological Scarlet Women.

And now the feathers will fly!

A_l, this was a real trip to read. I loved the quirky writing style and the laugh out loud spontaneity of your character's seductive monologue.

Oh, and orange sauce...Don't forget the orange sauce from sour oranges. Wild Rice would be nice bit unless you live close too one of the northern First Nation reservations, all you will find in stores is fake wild rice.

Boring Diversion

That chapter was a really boring diversion from the story. The humiliation and cuckolding is fantastic... what's with all of this boring angst discussion?

That's some really boring crap. I skimmed most of it. I'll look at the next chapter to see if this is the trend or if we can get back to the erotica.


Just GREAT. Hoping for more.
Thank You

Great story so far.

Anons are fun

Thanks for leading me to this story. Maybe a few anons are getting off to a few of my wife's stories while watching their own wives being banged by other anons.

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