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Thanks for posting my mini-guide to harem management.

Having transitioned from a 12th Century barbarian gigolo to a 21st Century celebrity porn star (due to literary reincarnation), I can assure you these rules have stood the test of time.

Though harems have become a bit passé, new social phenomena like polyamory and swinging prove that threesomes and reverse gang bangs have not gone out of style. Now more than ever, busty size queens are in search of Mr. Right and willing to share.

Love and lust,

Dick on fire!

Wife and I visiting a close friend, we were drinking probably a little to much ouzo and noshing calamari when George brought out a few of his home grown Thai minis with an accompanying challenge. After munching three or four of the little flamethrowers and feeling quite studly (George couldn't handle one) I stepped into the bush to drain the vein. In retrospect a thorough hand washing prewhiz would have been a very good idea. Anyway for about the next hour, well, see title. And by the way water provides little relief. Oh did I mention this was a very funny tale. John


can the twain maintain the ecology. TK U MLJ LV NV

Don't put thoughts in quotation marks, as that makes it look as though the person is talking out loud. You can use italics and add "he thought", or whatever at the end (without the quotation marks of course).
" His eyes watched the door, " We know that only eyes can watch anything, so that's not necessary. "He watched the door" would suffice.
The conversation between him and the girl is the best part. Fun, cute and witty, but then we go to someone called "Wolfy" and I still have no idea who he is or the point of telling us what he bought in the store or why he's a communist or... well, it was confusing.

Trying too hard for the surprise twist ending

Both are scum. Why should we care about scum, just for a twisty ending?

When can we expect a sequel if you don't mind me asking? This one was great!


It is an excellent start, with an excellent premise. I hope you continue

That was totally AWESOME........!

The stories are completely awesome. There are such a few stories like this outside of that scifi/mindcontrol ones, but even from these few , your's are one of the best.
And by the way (I don't know if it was intended or not) some people call 'that' a 'coochie' not 'hoochie'.


That was six different kinds of racist... I know or at least hope it was satirical. .. But damn... To be fair... You didn't use the n word... And I am not a huge fan of cheating spouses... But I will NEVER look at a wooden spoon the same way ever again...

utter crap

what a waste of time and space....

Missed the mark

You completely misunderstand Sarah Stevens, as created by Zaxxon. She's not an imbecile, although she is a slut. If you wanted to write a story of a dumb-as-rocks blonde who gets tricked into sex, then do it. But don't bastardize a character that someone else took great time and care to create and develop. On its own, the story is okay for what it is, but if I was Zaxxon I'd be pissed at you.

Aurthur C Clarke enjoyed this one

But T S Eliot had the last laugh


This was a fantastic story! I thought the protagonist would get on my nerves too much at the beginning, but the bountiful humor and playful writing kept it interesting and damn sexy!

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