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Forgot our Anniversary...

Did my wife tell you about me?! I forgot soooo many, but luckily didn’t come home to this scenario. Caught me off guard - laughed out loud. Best of the bunch!

Thank You

Thank you for sharing, for your hard work making the story perfect. In my opinion well worth the time to read. thanks again.


I am looking for a mature man! I have a profile on another site - - I am a very cheerful person. If you like me, I will enchant you and more than once!:)


More balance and mature behavior on the husbands side than a lot of stories.

The end.

She pulled his ass out of the fire twice after the divorce and still he's playing the wronged tough guy? Sure, she fucked up, but he was as worse as that
guy who she almost bit his dick off by fucking all the married women in the neighborhood. That was his revenge? Becoming that same type of asshole as the guy he hated? And his wife saved his ass from jail? This guy returned fire with a nuclear weapon. No balance.


Great job. Love your sense of humor.


Loved it. Would actually like to see that last one. Of course, his own stories aren't enough. Swingerjoe has to show us what a cuck he is even when commenting on another's writings. Will someone please let this guy watch them fuck his wife so he'll be happy?

LW endings I’d like to see

1) Husband convinces wife to fuck another guy, and the other guy is terrible in bed (and has a tiny penis.)

2) Husband discovers wife is having an affair. Concocts elaborate revenge, which goes horribly wrong.

3) Husband kills wife’s lover with a pickaxe handle and ends up in prison for life, gets anally raped on a regular basis.

I enjoyed it.

I am a mature man! I have a profile on another site - - I am a very cheerful person. If you like me, I will enchant you and more than once!:) Be that as it may, I can't wait for July 4th and the many fine nautical stories that will be posted! Thanks Pie-eyed Piper! Lue liked it and that tells us... she liked it. In Sherwood Forest, we love the Pied Piper, although we have precious few kids to be lured away. This story showed us some humor or as SJ would say, WTF? 5 *s and one 🤔 for this story!

Add this one to the instructions on writing LW stories

rpsuch wrote "What I Learned at Literotica" and leapyearguy wrote the "Do It Yourself Story Kit" to help aspiring writers of stories in the Loving Wives category.

Now we have a set of superb endings to add to the set of instructions.

RLMann, take note.


Go away Anonymous

This is NOT a place to place your fucking ads. Go the fuck away you nincompoop.

I can't fucking breathe!

Id BE that bitch... Shit... Im laughing so hard im crying.

right on

You called it like it will be. Mother Earth is getting tired of the way we are treating Her and I expect a major dieback in the not to distant future. Thanks from the old biker.


This shows that we need to filter and share the things we read that might help our relationships. It also shows putting off things we need to deal with isn't healthy.
This doctor cuckholded her husband and he enjoyed it but she was the only one getting strange. If she had the nerve to climb iny ned leaking another mans juices, I would drag her out of marital bed and send her to spare bedroom till papers were served. Its one thing to slip up and its another to rub spouses nose in it.I am glad Frank let Debbie know that it wasn't going to be one sided affair and she saw the light.

This is ridiculously brilliant. ...Now all we need is a movie adaptation of this 😜

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