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Another illiterate WHORE posting cuck shit.

Too Little Sex

There was virtually NO sex in this story. It was a follow up to the FIRST chapter. If there are subsequent chapters, there will be sex, but sex does not have to be a part of every chapter.

too much story, too little sex

So True

Thanks for the wonderful laugh on a cold winter evening. I don't have any problem with guys writing lesbian fiction, just as I don't have problems with women writing gay fiction, but holy cow, make it a little less obvious please, gents. *LOL* :D

Great story...

And aside from a few grammar errors, great job!!! Keep them coming.

Too funny

I rarely laugh out loud when reading. (Neither, I suspect, do those legions of dimwits who constantly type LOL) I snickered the whole way through and laughed several times. I think you skewered all of the major tropes. This is a breath of fresh air on a pretty gloomy site. Thanks.



Get the damn DIVORCE anyway. We'll feel better as time goes by. LOL


What I liked about your story was your need for release of anger and agitation. I don't blame you - to you, an large investment was performed that was not panning out satirical irony that you hold some investment of truth. You are your own comedian, but I laugh and miss the diss of the kiss.

You inspire me.

Made me laugh a little

I would have ended the story without the June 30 addition. I thought that made it less enjoyable and less funny. Would have given you 4 stars to that point, but that added material cost you a star - downgraded to a 3! What does it feel like to be downgraded? Maybe only the duck knows!

O'Henry ending

Thanks for a great story and hope there will be more of this quality.

This is incredible! Please provide us with more of your talent!


kind of blows me away to wonder if a writer of something like this would be ok if his wife or loved one played these kinds of humiliating pranks.
The disrespect is enough to break through any reasonable thinking bubble one would think.


I hate cliffhangers!!! But i am sooooo i love with your brain... Not in an "Omm nom nom" zombie way... More of the "If you stop writing I will not be held accountable for my actions" kind of way... Sooo... That being said... Keep writing or ill play kathy bates to your stephen king.... ( Misery? No?) i looove how you toy with ..... Word play... You alliteration alights on my lightly lit illusion, alluding to lore left loftily amongst lusty adulation...

Well if you cant blind them with brilliance... Baffle them with bullshit... So sayeth that guy whose name i never remember. ..
Any way... I like your thinky thoughts.. Please ignore my insanity as im sleep deprived from reading all day and night...

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