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Lucky Alice.

An interesting take on a well known story, really inventive especially with Needledum & Needledee. I know you had fun writing this. Hope we get to hear what happens when Alice catches up with the White Rabbit !

Ella looks up from painting her toe-nails bright red

"Hey boss, I reckon we need to remind readers that this story is an entrant in the National Nude Day story competition, and we need a ton of votes to get it over the line."

Ella turns her dark eyes to the reader.

"Please dear reader, could you give us a five score?"

She paused, as if listening to a whisper. "Just for Ella?"

Another winner!

Wish I had the same imagination skills as Gene, he's my kind of guy. Lovely story. I just joined Literotica so my first pleasant task is reading thru your stories. I enjoy the way you write, don't worry about spelling, I blame predictive text.

Hmm, interesting story.

Thanks for that, snatch, I always had my doubts about the original tale, it was the wicked twinkle in Jill's eye which made me think there was more to it. Seriously, I loved it.

"Go back to your husband..." LOL & LOL & PMSL.

O my God !!! What the hell have marriages come to ?
The story changed its meaning with those lines & that was really clever.
You are correct,though.This is a satire,for sure. But I also see it as a tragedy of our times.
May be, even a 'new normal' for the future generations.Sad.

You say you don't want it but I have to give it.
A 5 , for the offering.

Tits & Ass...

...Cocks & Cunts. If you gotta be one, be a big red one!

A very funny parody of the humor & satire category. And very challenging to your the contest.

Great, rollicking story!

It had me in stitches! Thank you very much for a real ROFL experience -- five stars.

loved it, now this one I wish

we could have voted on. 5****

women are such narcissists.

No long term boyfriend or husband would fall for such an obvious ploy. As a group women like to think they are manipulating their guys but the guys simple don't care and it keeps the girls happy. Had my wife played that game, I would have turned down the remote and waited for the conversation to die or change subject. Then hit the whoppee button. By the way my lady is much more subtle than that.

That being said, it was a well written fun story that deserved a five star vote!

Great ending.

Fun and well done.


This was the funniest thing i've read in awhile. Being a girl I could understand how embarrassing and enraged i would be. My boyfriend actually asked why i was laughing so hard but i couldn't answer i was crying! Thank you for such a funny story!

Good story

Good story & erotic and sexy

Sooooooo Not Funny

so ok , why am i still smiling and laughing 15mins after reading this story...
omg so easily done , there but for the grace of


without thought ...voted 5 stars .....
on the surface an engaging & interesting read
well written ,
just don't take away the rose tints or think too deeply on the tale

Nice Little Story

I never was a big fan of Howard Stern, although I have to admit that I liked the movie, "Private Parts," for some ungodly reason. Actually, he made a great guest on late night talk shows but I always thought that he was just a bit too predictable on his own--sleazy, sure, but I suppose a lot of people like that.

This story captured the essence of Howard and of his side-kicks. You did a great job of describing the action as it happened and how the characters were reacting to it and to each other. I imagine the orgy afterward was amazing.


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