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Not a story, just mindless ramblings.


Fuck KPop.


Disjointed ramblings. Get an editor.

Soo funny, I loved the names! Please keep writing!!


People having sex in a cart? Who does that? And pissing in the street? I'm so disgusted, I may leave Literotica forever, or at least stop obsessively reading scat porn every night with my hand on my cock.

Oh crap, I'm signed in, aren't I?

*And off he went, jiving.*


Ah, so many lols.

"She'd better be worth all this, thought Steve, I'm taking an awfully long time to get on the job."

Preach, brutha.

Sad but often so true

This was a remarkably sad commentary on so many couples' sex lives. A marked contrast to what I know is possible, as I have a close friend who is a sex therapist and couples sex retreat facilitator who proposes couples encourage sex play as thier hobby.

Wishing you better luck next month....

Response to Cordance

Hi Cordance - thanks for the great comment. I'm glad you liked it.

Hmmmmm next time I convert the metric system maybe I should use a slide rule :D

Thanks again! Happy reading

Big Bad Wolf

Good pace to the story. I found it interesting and entertaining from start to finish. It was original and imaginative. There may be one problem however. Did some research on Big Bad Wolf and it seems he was only 17. He just looked older. Must have been all that hair covering him head to toe.

So Funny, so True

What sort of world do we live in when 'truth in sentencing' must be corrupted to fit the naive, nancy world of the 'do gooders'. No way did I wait until my eighteenth birthday to discover my prick pleasure (or my neighbour's).
Would 18 - 5 suffice?? Or what about the 6th prime number? Cumbersome, but truthful.

Nice tale

I must be a lucky guy. Out of the seven signs you gave, only four of them occur in my home, so I guess I have a good wife.

Very original

Damn. I would love to have Peter's problem.

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