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Please do part 2

I'd like to see her get in more crazy situations and go even further!

Like the bonus bits

Any chance of doing an illustrated story? Maybe with pics of your mum's lingerie or even her real pics?

won't catch those

Blue Daniel and the like will go write buy (right by) spell checker as although they are not the correct word they are spelled correctly.
The Mk.1 eyeball is the proper instrument to detect such errors.

Great Fun Easygoing Story

The title of my comment says it all. Easily one of the best and entertaining reads on here. Every chapter should be some kind of fun with blowjobs just like this two. The next one should be his request for her to be topless or naked easily fun concept. I hope you update soon and often!

PS. My own personal opinion would be a dual blowjob/titjob. It's a fav of mine, but no pressure, lol.


I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Absolutely brilliant storyline!

So he gets a divorce?

Then loses some weight, moves, changes jobs and gets laid? Something a million people have done. Not terrible interesting.

Yes, let's go jeeping!

These ẃives lead a rough life...

Godfrey Daniel

Nice story, but you need more than a spell checker, you need a dictionary.

Waltz of the Blue Daniel? No, it's Danube, for the river (which is really brown, but I guess that didn't sound as good).

Then there's "I was memorized by her."

Memorized by her = She committed me to memory.
Mesmerized by her = Enchanted by her, I couldn't think of anything else (Mesmer was a famous hypnotist).


An editor would add something positive to the "read", but the story line is fun and pretty straightforward. Keep up the good work, pay attention to your MSWord grammar-check and spell-check suggestions, and let us have more to enjoy!

Next chapter please

Sounds like a good start to a short series. Has me wanting to know what happens on and after the Jeep ride

Great Read!

Awesome way to train someone. But instead of a code word to kill, use the code word to train then use hypnotic suggestion, in order to get person to respond to the violence by defending themselves and their spouse! Great story, loved it!

From The Author

This is my first story. Comments welcome. It is a submission for the Halloween contest, so please vote. Those of you in Chicago, feel free to vote several times.


Funny flash tales. Now write a tale based on each of the snippets. That would be good to read.

Too info-dumpy for my tastes, sorry.



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