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A disjointed load of bullocks.


A few errors that could easily be rectified, but as this is Humour and Satire, they may well have have been intentional. I certainly had a smile all the through, so 5* all the way.

Good Fun

It's nice to see an author with a good sense of humor. Didn't need any sex - just tongue in cheek. Thanks, 4*

That was a trainwreck.

Almost impossible to read. You REALLY need the help of an editor. I'm still not sure what this story was about.

To find an good editor nice dream...

To find a good editor for a foreigner is very difficult. My Romance story got better editors so it reached the above 4.5 vote.


You seriously need the services of an editor. Your sentence structure, spelling and punctuation are terrible. This story was very difficult to read. As poor as the punctuation was, I am surprised that Literotica actually posted it.

Made me smile

Well done. Thank You.



I love the plot but I feel like it could have been better written

Nice little ditty...

Rings a bell with this old warhorse...


You're a good story teller. Really got me involved.

I love the concept

Clever and a tribute to your style.

Short and sweet

Remembering this is the 50's where good girls did not do such a thing, makes this reading entertaining. I will suggest (I'm sure I don't have to) that it is time for him to give her some attention. I believe a powerful orgasm for her, (however you see fit) would start her craving a little more. Of what? Well your the writer and are doing a great job so far. I am curious as to how "worldly" he is and if this is experience, or curiosity on his part. Wonderful writing! I love how the chapters are short and he is going slow. Makes me want more and defines the action!


I could read a novel with this delightful damsel as heroine.

1950's ?

Love the story so far. Not that it matters, but was any kind of research done as to how 1950's young woman acted. Knowing my mother I could see this as a senerio for those good and proper woman. Knowing my 18 yr old wife in 1981, I couldn't imagine her ever being so "innocent", LOL.
Great story can't wait to read the next!

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