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Very funny

LMAO, Nate! My tongue almost poked through my cheek, but luckily I'm impenetrable. (I'm flattered, really!) And I kind of want what Hermey was having there at the end.
Very well done, though I laughed even harder at your Halloween offering. :rose:

Light hearted humor in our own backyard!

I laughed and smiled so much when I read this. Reading about people we know in a very light hearted way was very fun and refreshing. This is well written, easy to read and since it involves people from lit, makes it much more enjoyable. I would recoomend this for people who need a laugh.

The language is ebonics

And that's what niggers can send them to school for 12years and they still read like a7 year old,if they can play ball (they're allowed to go to college 4more years even though they're illiterate)in the end Ebonics be all they have.Rastus, you gotta love it.


I quit editing because of authors like Mary Brown.

I am rolling around on my floor laughing so hard right now!


who and what to believe. TK U MLJ LV NV


Is the only remotely likeable and interesting character in your story.
His family and friends are vanilla erotica except for their innate well pictured shallowness.
I really hope you find him the right companion at some point.
It would be nice if someone like him can remain true to himself as well.

Personification at its best.

Wonderfully done. Many try but few succeed with the disguise & play of words.
You're a great poker player, I presume.
An easy 5.

great story

What a great comic. And nothing gross or disgusting. I wish u would write some more on these lines. Keep it up.

Well played

I laughed out loud, Huck. I was disappointed when it ended so soon, but with comedy it's better that way.

Win big....

...or go home, unfulfilled!

Of course, in the DPRK of Baby Doc...Oops, sorry!..Little Kim...unfilfilled means a smaller ration of rice.

Good fun

Entertaining romp a la Jeeves & Bertie Wooster. Modestly sexy and diverting. If you know the PG Wodehouse stories, this is worth a look.


A good start, but where is the rest of the story?

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