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I can't understand why this story doesn't have a much higher rating. It's got great humor. It's got great satire. Thanks for posting it!

With a few more good lines, this could have been posted in humor...

And that is a good thing! Well done -- creative, clever, erotic, and funny.

Lol at annon

Who keep reading 12 chapters just to bash! I missed a bunch of ch till today. Posted in a dif spot? Great stories. Is the metal custom made treat making an appearance soon? Thanks for a great series!

Still hot!

That's a great visual! I'd want to be in his place but wit YOUR cock locked in a cage and a plug stuffed in my ass wearing your soiled panties! Eff the haters it's a fantasy lol!

"Your sperm is trying to fertilize my fucking eyeball!"

I love that line, really brought a smile to my face!

Great story, fun read!

Except I think Sid was onto the game

And had Caroline followed. The Authorities never found their bodies. Sid lived happily ever after.

Why would you wax flab?

And he didn't even get a reward for doing it. Dumb and dumber.

Screwed by the government

Sex and sunshine are about the only two things the government hasn't taxed yet. Now that you've brought up the subject, I can guess it won't be long until we'll be having the government meddling in our sex lives, too. I'm sure a sex tax would be a great moneymaker.

That brings up a couple questions--if I'm screwed by the government, am I supposed to enjoy it, and will that be taxed, too?

Great story.

I am still working on Demon Pi, bits and pieces. Glad that you've enjoyed it so far. but often times it keeps getting shunted on the back burner for other projects :(


I really enjoyed this story and would love to read the next chapter if you are still writing

The goggles?

What the heck was this mess?

That was a fun read

Thank you, LaRascasse, for making me smile. You pretty much owed me since your other stories made me cry. 5 stars and well done!


Wow, you really know, how to write, but better than that is that perfect idea if the story that you came up with, if only women were really that stupid !! Life would be so much smoother wouldn't it

We're all anonymous here even, even Sophie... (unless that's her real name)

So what difference does it make whether we use a fake name or sign up as anonymous?

She mentions a racial element, ie that the (probably) white troll rages away at the prospect of a black guy fucking the white wife? Maybe if that scenario wasn't present in quite so many stories the insecurities of the white guy with average size wouldn't be so challenged. Why do the white wives who do this interracial fucking feel the need to brag about it and denigrate the white male into the bargain as if that's the only way she can finalise her orgasm? Don't get mad, get even they say..... so the thousands of white guys who fuck Asian women manage to do it without setting up websites and telling stories about how inferior the white woman is compared with the Asian, and I see no stories along those lines here.

The writer on this site Samuelx who happens to be black, observes all the many combinations of interracial sex that there are, whether it's Asian Hispanic or Indian...... but it's only when it's the white woman fucking the black man that we get this self righteous pontification in public as to the superiority of the black male with the deliberate belittling of the white male, and the taunting that comes with it. Maybe -- I don't know -- that's what gets the anonymous trolls going..... so let's here it for the
poor old white male troll who feels belittled, maybe help is at hand.... don't get mad, get even.


Great. I loved it when Faye was relaying all the teachers at school that had donated.

Can you say hot!!! Oh yeah.

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