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Yes please!

Want to see more of this! So rare is it that we get a story that has this degree of detail, plot, and realism. Thanks for the great work and please keep it up!

Sucking,Itching and Cumming

Enjoyed ever word, thanks for sharing your erotic adventures in the woods. I too enjoy same, but have never tried 'outside' at night with just my 'junk' out. I collect them off my shirt sleeves, when out for a walk. Then I enjoy releasing them inside a container and wait till they settle down. I had one land directly in my slit (penis) and feasted for awhile. My junk was so hard and like you fluids just keep seeping out. When I finally brought it off, along with that beautiful inner itch, I started screaming out, Oh it!


Drummer hits snare drum roll to punctuate the story's closing line. Nice.


This was one of those "submissions" that's so bad it's good. I actually chuckled at the absurdity. Well done, Goblin.

Turn a 5 star essay into a 10 star erotic manual ...

... For vicarious sexual gratification. Add pictures of you illustrating each step along the way .... Yummmm!

Pretty kool

Thought you wrote well also really enjoyed your comment at the end.. I too have never figured out why some folks can't just pass on by leaving the positive comments for those of us who enjoy the many authors that make this web site a pleasure to spend time reading. True there some better written than others but then again if you don't like what you are reading .. Move on. Again Thank You for your time and creativity. .pretty cool and certainly enjoyed.

I want what she's having...

Very nice story, I enjoyed it both for its story line and especially for the tongue-in-cheek aspect. The reason for the FDA denying approval was perfect - of course, duh!!
I didn't find it hugely erotic, but that didn't seem to be the point. A long time ago you left a nice comment on one of my stories, and I promised to come sample one of yours - although it took a while, I didn't forget. I'll be back for at least another sample.


Great but too short.

Please learn how to spell critcal words b/4 you add comments

Anonymous 3/12 needs to learn how to spell the word describing ejaculatory experiences. The correct spelling is "cum", NOT "come". Come is a word that should be used in sentences like "come to me", while cum is a word especially developed to describe the ejaculatory experience of intercourse or the liquid result of that experience. In other words "I want to fuck that babe until I "cum" and fill her sweet pussy with "cum" ". No big fucking deal - but - accuracy in describing a sexual experience is important! When I "cum" I don't "come" - I am obviously already there!
Incidentally, I "cummed" reading that story!

Really fanfare

I think fanfare is the closet gay. From reading his comments, I think he is a submissive who wants to suck the author's dick!


That story was so ridiculously stupid it just killed the sexy mood. For a story about a big-titted blond babe taking it in the ass, that’s an exploit…

By the way, being able to trick somebody so blatantly brainless is not being a genius. Just to say…


Your writing is fantastic and I've yet to find a typo. For that alone, I would thank you!

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