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She passed on his potential in the past.

I hate to be a grammar nazi with someone who has a gift for pacing like CaffeineFetish, but when the same error shows up repeatedly, I can't help myself.

Passed is a verb and is used incorrectly as an adverb multiple times in these pages.
"He passed them on his way to work."

Past can be an adverb, adjective or noun relating to a location in time or space.
"He walked past them on his way to work."

Thank you

Finally a non wimp gets a divorce


and its same shit, different days, different places coupled with driving in traffic, TK U MLJ LV NV


welcome to the world of retirement. medicare, soc sec, aging and living, TK U MLJ LV NV

Little surprised, but not

I knew Samantha would implode, but figured he was tired off by the mean streak. Good on him. I figured may be lilli after that comment about her fucking. Looking forward to more.

Great wife

This is a very cool little story.
When I was in college, I had neighbors who had run into a ditch and destroyed a mailbox while she was giving him road head. He was a deputy county sheriff no less(and she was a real cutie). After hearing about that, I could no longer fully enjoy road head, which my girlfriend loved to perform for me. I always had to pull into a rest area to finish. I guess that is what they are there for.

Nice story

This is a nice, funny story. It is believable, flows well, and is a manageable length. The stoners internal dialogue adds greatly to the story.
My only complaint is the money shot. There are only two appropriate places to come: in her pussy or in her mouth.

Thank you

Thank you all so much, you make it worthwhile. I try to write for contests because I learn more. It can be embarrassing though.

What a Wonderful Story

I am still smiling after LMAO. This is the best and funnest story on Lit. Well told and characters and names were great. Finally found someone who has a more warped sense of humor than me. Well written and well edited. This story can't be anything except 5 stars. Thanks for sharing.

Mildly humorous situation, but the mishmash of a criminal and civil proceeding makes so little sense as to be pretty glaring.

Funny as fuck! This is one of my all time favorites!

Fucking hilarious. Five fornicating stars!

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