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Radical honesty is something the world could use more of, as long as one's intention isn't to hurt another. It's refreshing!! Please keep writing.


I like your multidimensional approach.
Keep writing, you've got some talent!
&Please continue this story because
we've(the folks reading) never visited futa brew.


Doubly Lame.

The Commonwealth vs?

For a commonwealth country using the British legal system & not a republic it would be the Crown vs xxx, no? are there any cases of a multinational organisation prosecuting anyone?


I think the best thing about this one is Dirk's father. I heard every nagging mother stereotype from every movie. And OMG, I love the super judgmental computer! Just everything was hot and hilarious. I hope you post more of these. Daily would be nice, but no pressure.

Lots of fun ...

... love stories do not need a happy end to be funny and sexy. Great job. Well done.

Hot, sexy, funny and even a bit sweet

I am loving this series! Love the way your mind works. Can't wait for more!

Get an editor

This is some of the worst writing I've ever read

Very Fun

Love this and these characters

Did Lemony Snicket write the training manual?

Loved the Spinal Tap and Chili Peppers call outs. Also the rock hard monument to manhood. Will there be more?

Terrific story !!! Really good plot, doesn't lag but isn't finished before it starts either - the sex is really HOT (whew, starting to sweat) . . . I've read a lot of science fiction in my time and your time travel view sounds fine to me, confusing and all like it would probably be. Oh, boy - only finishing Chapter 2 and Chapters 3 and 4 are waiting (BIG cheesy grin).

For those of us who don't know French, there a nifty little Firefox addon which might possibly work with other browsers that accept addons, called:
Google Translator for Firefox
Has a button that lets you translate a whole page, but if you have some text highlighted, it will only translate the highlighted text, and quite quickly.

Keep writing, BiscuitHammer, I am soooo loving this!! (Sounds like everyone else who has commented is too.)

One of the most hilarious stories I've read here!! Keep up the good work :-D

Clever Concept

Can't say it made me laugh. Still, I was curious enough to read it through. Maybe you can be Lit's rebel without a clause.

The method of debrief takes manual handling to a new dimension

I loved your humour and scenarios mixing so many facets into the chapter, the characters were good and the writing warmed the body and brain in all the right ways :)

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