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very good, nobody seems to mention or pay attention to those of us who have a deformity of any kind let alone something as horrible as this was .. more please.. how about wounded vets and all the rest

Why didn't I think of that?

Very original way to get back at the telemarketers. I'll have to try it the next time I get a call--but then I get a lot of calls from Indian males trying to 'fix' my computer. I don't really care what color of underwear they have on.

Hmm. Be careful who you choose to parody

I'm sorry but this failed on just about every level. Wodehouse style it is not. I found it rather cringeworthy.



Damn you, DreamCloud...

....My bloated ego refuses to allow any editor near my precious pose and poesy. And here you go, tormenting me with my failure to interface with a sexy proofreader, so willing to contribute to my bottom line.

The sun comes up.....

the sun goes down. The hands on the clock go round and round. I've just got up and it's time to lay down. Life gets teejus, don't it?

ha ha

wish feminists read this, then they would realise men are assholes because they are WOMEN!

just imagine the look on their faces, secondly what if the world was matriarchal in prehistoric era, well factually there are many eg. in animal world like in elephants, bonobo apes, lions, orcas & bees.


I just love this, but you forgot to mention 9 1/2 inch dicks or 36DD boobs. ;)

ROFL, Snort

This has to be one of the funniest erotic stories I've ever read. Whatever you were smoking when you wrote this story, I want some of it.

A really great story from beginning to end. Thanks for posting it.

I like it

I started laughing as soon as the mysterious music began to play, and kept laughing until the oral sex. I know this is a sex story site, but I was kind of hoping this story could progress without it.
Very nice writing. You have a nice flair for parody/satire, although you really need to break up those huge blocks of text. They're difficult to read for some.


What an unbelievable story of how a loving wife got ruined. The story line was well thought out and captured the vernacular of both the protagonist and his magnificently well endowed adversaries. Thank you so much for sharing this original and well thought out piece of fiction. Bravo and kudos for such an unbelievable masterpiece. .


You know this is the script for a movie being shot in LA right now. The only problem is they are having trouble finding alien actors.

Fucking hilarious

My only problem . . .

My only concern with Wank a Wanker is with the right hand. Personally I'm a Left Handed Jackoff so could the right hand help be adjusted. Not that I complaining, any helping hand is appreciated. Also can both days be used together or concurrently since I also qualify for the Fat Man Day?


Lets hear from the ladies!

I'm sure that if you endorse some kind of "BBWs Forever" sort of holiday, then you will get even more empathetic support for this weighty endeavor!

But you can't achieve any of these goals without the help and interest of the female voting public. So therefore....
We need to raise funds for a reeducation campain directed at the fairer sex, spotlighting the numerous benefits to "fucking a fat man". From intense gratitude, extreme loyalty, the best in snuggling and cuddling on cold winter nights, and of course.......Unlimited on demand cunnilingous. Free samples offered, (after signing up for the pledge drive, of course)!

So ladies, do yourself a favor, strap in for a mustache ride, and think about what MORE you could be doing to actually FUCK A FAT MAN. The pleasure you recieve just might save a life!


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