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Next adventure

How about a Teresa and Michelle on Barbara and Rhonda scenario. Rhonda has played a big part in several of Teresa's embarrassing situations. She needs to experience a good stripping and spanking!


I honestly wasn't expecting to find a story so well written on this website. The characters are interesting and funny, the rules of the universe are well established yet vague enough to leave open interpretation, the concept is so beautifully absurd it makes me wish i could try that coffee. I do hope you'll keep this series going. I saw the Connie prequel, maybe you should flesh out all of their backstories. How did they all end up here? This is honestly so good, please make more

Thank you...and I have your message as email.

So glad to find that you are strong. It would have been awful to think that I had crushed a writer. You are a writer, Mr Hensley, created by you, drew a powerful response from me in that peculiar circumstance. That is the good that came from this,that you created a character who had a life unto himself, not controlled by you, but created. My criticism was well over the top,but was just typed out,flowed out in one minute. I hope that your powers increase and wish you well

Nah, Regrets, we're cool. =)

Your opinion is valid. Do not apologize for that. The only way a writer can grow and improve is through feedback, right? And this isn't Tumblr. People have left feedback on my other stories that I took to improve my writing and storytelling for future uploads. It's pretty great when a person has self-awareness and cares about entertaining others. I do, and I appreciate what you have to say. =)

On what planet would a "filthy, fat slob grunting and drooling" be appealing or funny in the least?
Your grammar is not so good either. Your forum post: "They do say us Brits have a unique sense of humour." Should be "we Brits." I would expect someone raised speaking English to know better. I am appreciative of Brit humour, but this is not it.

You are pretty funny

considering you can barely speak English, and you are in dire need of an editor.
Monterey is a town in California
monetary means dealing with money

That was me,sorry for being cutting

I have upset you. Sorry. We’ve just had a funeral and I came in search of humour. I was feeling very sorry for our loss. Cheer up. I went on to read one of your lesbian stories and saw that you are actually good at your main subject, and that you are a nice person.Very sorry. I came looking to make it right. Do not be crushed. Normally I sign in, but I came looking in a hurry. It is better that I stay anon on this occasion. I am sorry that you got blistered. All healed now,I hope,or healing.
Ha. I see that I have to sign in to make my apology. So it shall be.

I understand.

This was certainly not my greatest attempt at writing a fable style story. Just thought I'd try something a bit different in order to try to grow and improve with my writing. I appreciate your input on this. In the future I plan to get input from others before uploading. I realize I'm not great at writing male characters...

Hard to follow, good start but.......

Hard to follow, good start but lost me 1/2 way through!

Why does everyone have to get cummupance?

All the guy was trying to do was find a pretty girl to have fun with. But in your joyless universe this is not allowed. With your sniggers and your whispered conversations to your cronies behind cupped hands how many unfortunates have you cowed? Mr Hensley has been cowed hasn’t he? Is the world any better off? Do you feel better that he no longer tries to find a lover? What does he do with himself these days,exactly? Has he stopped going to the gym? Has he started to look flabby and old? Do you think he is drinking himself ill in his lonely room? You could be right. There is no suggestion that he ever tried to force a pretty girl into a situation, and none that he had refused to take a No, for an answer. You post your humiliation of him as humour, but it just describes bullying. I would say the charge could ultimately be Murder. You know what I’m talking about. You ought to take a damn good look at yourself. If somebody decides to put you on the menu one day,which I hope they do,please have the decency not to cry foul. You fully deserve your fate.

Anonymous Trolls

At least have the testicular fortitude to let yourself be known. OR ... and I may just be spit-balling here, but why not just NOT comment if you have nothing constructive or positive to say? Apparently, in your mad dash to troll me, you did not remember the title. This was something stupid. Yes, I took three jokes and strung them together. So what? SHEESH! Get over yourself.

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