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South korea

I think the author meant south korea instead of Vietnam. Possibly it got mixed up in the editing process. The names of the characters are more korean in structure and as anon mentioned we didnt have a peacekeeping force in Vietnam for 17 years.

I would love to be at the next one.

Fairly Descriptive and Erotic

Although the man making her both content and late meeting her mother in law both parties are satisfied. It is fairly descriptive and erotic, and I did go back over your previous works and could find no reason for your disclaimer before the story. However, putting it on certainly doesn't hurt and there can be no misunderstanding. I like your writing and look forward to more.

Looking good

Keep going with the build up...dont get pushed into rushing this. I am liking the character build up and the back story.

Cool/Hot zones

Another fantastically written story. I await the upcoming adventures of these three and know it will be well worth the wait, with so much to work with. Thank you again and keep the stories and participants coming...

Good story

But the conclusion was a bit quick.


Okay i guess

I'm kind of disappointed. I found the story unbelievable and boring. (And yes. I understand that erotucs doesn't have to be believable.) Anyway, I think it would have been more interesting if the coach was not so straight forward and tactless in his pursuance of the cheerleader

Good Story--6 STARS!

This is a well written and developed story. I think I need some follow up like them actually getting together despite what the family thinks. Being STEP Relatives there is nothing stopping them from marrying either! Thoughts? MORE? PLEASE!

OMG! It's Melissa, isn't it?

No, that would be too obvious. It has to be one of Melissa's friends--one who wanted her hooks into Caleb before Emilie came along and screwed up her plans. Wait, that's probably not it, either.

Looks like I'll just have to wait. Damn, girl, you sure know how to keep us in suspense. However, the plot is excellent and the characters seem real. Great job!

No way that's your real names


Gotta find out who...

it was that took the video of Emilie and Caleb. Girl, you left me hanging. Am I going to have to wait weeks to find out who it is? I hope Chapter 3 provides details.

This is a great series--one of the best I've read here. Love your plot and your writing style.

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