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A perfect weave of a romantic story and sweet sultry sex. Perfectly paced and so well written, as usual. You took no chances writing such a beautiful story: you left me longing for the sequel.


Nothing to distinguish this from any other hot meeting story. Circumstances create intimate meeting - girl strips - sex. Add some variety and give characters depth and challenge.

We do this, you do that?

We do this, you do that? Can't stand stories written in the present tense like this.

It is a story - something that has happened, not something that's happening right now.

Stories are great!

Love the depth you have created in your characters. Not just the animal desires,but insight into what motivates them. Well played. Hope we get more rounds.

mmmmm those hose

i was sooooo excited as i read could nearly feel them myself!

Slut mum

My ex girlfriends mum was a slut ( with me ) Janice and I had fallen out for the umpteenth time over sex ( or the lack of it at least ) and I had gone round to try and make up
June was 45, divorced and quite bubbly ( unlike her daughter ) ... Janice was out with her friend Amanda, but she invited me in anyway...
With a cup of coffee we sat in the lounge and June explained how Janice felt
" she says you are constantly badgering her for sex" was her opening statement
" not constantly " I protested ( but she was right - I was 17 and Janice 16 and I was always ready !! )
"Janice is a bit of a prude about sex - I blame her no good father " she sighed smiling at me
I sat there studying her and realised she was quite attractive - not bad looking, short brown hair, amazing tits and legs... It was giving me a hard on !!
"How far have you gone together?" she asked gently
"Not far, but got close a few times " I grumbled looking down at the floor " I wish she was more like you"
"How?" ...
"Well you seem so open about it " I replied looking straight at her
She just laughed... "Maybe I am , but it was a miracle I got pregnant.. Jeff was not the most attentive husband"
It was then she patted my knee and said
"I'm sure it will all work out between you"
I made a move , leaning sideways I kissed her!!
"Charles!!.. What are you doing?" ... Pulling away and looking aghast at me, but I was undeterred, pulling her back to me and kissing her harder...gradually she melted and returned the kisses, tongues clashing... I slipped my hand under her blouse and cupped her huge tit... Getting a moan from her... I tweaked a nipple and June gasped in my mouth..."Yessssss " ... From that point on I knew I was going to fuck her... And I did ..twice , once on the sofa and next in her bed
We had a fling for 6 months until Janice and I finally split.. Wonderful woman

Nice start!

A little difficult to keep the characters straight at the beginning, but if got MUCH better. Hope you continue!

Too many things

Can you not make this just about your fantasy?

Fun little story

Hey ashson - thank you for a very fun read. Very clever idea, well executed. Your tone worked great with this. It was a lot of fun - thanks


A truly brilliant piece of writing! Thank you.


Yay, I new story! So far, so good. Have to read the next chapter now!

Good lord, that's good

If only that ever happened in real life!!! OTOH, interviewing 9 people for a secretarial job is well beyond the pale - so perhaps our protagonist was hallucinating. Regardless, it was well written, smartly timed, and a fun read. Please keep writing but make the next ones a bit longer. Well done.


Ginger Martin, please write more. Great talent.

Great Story!

Great story, Thank you for sharing.

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