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well done!

really enjoyed this one ,many thanks


Thank you for continuing this story.
This chapter tore at my heart as well as other parts of me 💚

Really nice story! The punctuation irritates me a little, I'm used to placing the comma before "but". Also, this is your first story I read, and coming over from BurntRedstone's stories I really wonder how many ex husbands/boyfriends there are in the other stories that resort to open violence, and especially in broad daylight with witnesses.

More Please!

I know it's been a while but this is too good a story to end here. Please continue this at least one more chapter. Thanks- BA.

Smirk? Thank you.

Duly noted.
Fuck, it's a verb I use. Frequently so.

10 years

she's been fooling u as u proudly admit. geeeez

My new favorite!!!

More! More! More please!!! Ohhhh this was amazing! Could you do one where he calls her a good girl and strokes her hair? I loved the story progression! Please make an audio of this! It's hard to pleasure myself and read at the same time ;)


Words fail me on this one. Lmao!

Fine story

A realistic situation with 2 recently divorced people at a wedding. The ice cream parlor is what clinch the coupling. Very good job.

the secretary

"She was wearing her customary short tight skirt with high heels and black stockings with a seam up the back. When she bent over to fetch the file, the skirt hiked up until I could see a part of her naked thigh. It was the sexiest thing I've ever seen."
That's the sexiest thing you've ever seen? You're kidding us, correct?
Couldn't stop laughing, then couldn't stop crying.

home alone with Jason

Ah, OK. Killed a few wats but what the hell?!!

part 2

Waiting on moderator approval for the continuation of this story.

Great! Will you continue it?

This was a great story with fantastic buildup and an nice ending. Would you please add another chapter?

Different .....

Very well and very well thought out story and really enjoyed the story from start to the ending.! "4" Looking forward to your next entry and an even better story.!**

Really ..

Very good story from front to end and then some.! High "4" all the way.***
Been to where the story went but the ending did not end up the same as I am sorry to say but the ride was fun while it lasted.! aaahhhhhh but to be young again.!! lol

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