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Bitter sweet memories

This story reminds me of a girl with whom we had the same connection... circumstances meant we parted... all of you who have this connection with someone don't let them go!!

Gets a 1

for your BS name dropping of Joyce & McCarthy while adding a little insult as well. Jackass.

Really Nice Story

Enjoyed reading all of it. From the beginning to the ending, and everything in between.

Poignant story

One of the best stories I've read to date. Given there's been some good ones but this is such a well-written bittersweet romance that grabs you to the heights of their passion and to their parting. Kudos to you for a wonderful read.

It's a little random?

The best stories, of all kinds, are about a character who wants something...
and what they do to get it.

For me, I'm also not at all involved in the drug culture.

Are you sure?

If writing this made you wet....wellll, it's your body...and your call.

His patter seemed a little thin to me?
I was with your story as she began...but...maybe he's simply
smoother than I am? :+))
She was READY so soon?

Good phone sex matches and surpasses this?

Nice language level...and environment details.

Is it real?

Don't think so, but why would I care?
Reminds me of times, not the "I am better" kind, but memories.
Thank you.

fairly long?

Read well but where's the rest? I will reserve voting until you finish the story.


And you, OF COURSE, are writing a sequel, telling us all about her adventures in her new job. Right?

More lessons

Another example of How To Do It from an acknowledged master.
Thank you.


That was a real quickie, and I loved it

Perfect !!

I'm so overwhelmed with interest to see the great fellatrix, Lucia, back in print on this website again ! It has been a long time, GYL, and I'm so excited to be able to read
your superb oral antics of Lucia again ! Please keep writing more. Thanks, RDC.

Lousy story about a whore cum dumpster

Had his baby, my aren't you the proud little tramp. What a good little whoring cum receptacle you are. Pieces of shit like this woman make my skin crawl. I'm all for wild group sex and whatever it entails. But spreading your legs while your mate serves his country. What a piece of trash. jahoo

Woman's Perspective?

I checked your bio to confirm that you report being a male writing in the voice of a female. I find that somewhat disappointing and the guise detracts from the authenticity. Thanks anyway.

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