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Missed the Original

Wish it was still up, now I’m curious what the first ending was!

Right hot, mate!

I sure hope you continue with these characters. I really liked the whole series. I love how you force them into cheating and then let them enjoy it.

More Please

Great story - many more please!


I seldom read a story over 3 pages long,, they loose my interest. Not this one, rapt attention to the last word. Excellently done. Now to look for more of your stories.

When I fall in love.......

....... it will be forever! I've lost track of the number of times I have read this series. I read it for the human element, the sex is good too, but the story is Magnificent! Thank you BurntRedstone. Thanks for the comfort story when nothing else will do!

Sounds like love

Who's it supposed to be?
Fantasy or real?


Perfect story. Talk about HOT!!!

More please.

Enviable relationship

As a woman, it would have been wonderful to have had the type of relationship Linda and Jodi have with my mother. This writer always treats the women in his stories with sensitivity and even more so in this one. A delicate issue to be sure but well handled. The sex scenes were tastefully done and believable for a first-time experience. I wonder how the critics of this story would have reacted if the characters had been a father and son.

PS DDDDave...I sent you a note about some of your other work. I didn't hear back. You really are a talented writer. I have had a lifetime of erotic experiences...some not too unlike your work....I just can't write stories.

Option 4

Good start...bring back the bigger, biggest lover she has had...and it turns out to be Lew's divorced father.....and they have a four way sex contest. Daughter may have smaller boobs, but a cavern pussy...and who fucks better...mother has a giant pussy mother like daughter...but mother...even in her womb...can't fit all the inches of the bigger first. Daughter can...but who is the better stud too? Father, or son? Who gets it up most, fucks longer and better, and cums bigger and more loads? BTW...measure both women...both men...length and circumference..and balls. I've never lost a big dick contest/comparison with another horse guy and his wife/gf...but it has always been erotic to see and watch their faces and reactions. And I've been with women who were related...aunts, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters...Size queens of all ages...if they can do very discreetly...all want to at least see and hold and play with......a "legendary" third leg pole.

Pick a tense

I went back to bed and eventually fell asleep wondering about tonight. When I woke up everyone else was still asleep.

Past tense, but the very next paragraph...

Sneaking up behind me, Jean reaches around me and her hand goes into my shorts.

Present tense.

This is not hard. This is very, very, very basic.

Great story, but...

The constant changing of tense from past to present, sometimes in the same sentence, really got annoying. Pick one or the other and stick to it!

Couldn't get into this one.

You might want to go rattle the admin's door. Your story Once the Wick Is Dipped has been reposted under another user name with only the wife's name changed.

It's been reported a few days ago.... s-dipped-1

Pretty good.

Build up and sex scenes were really good. But the asking for shampoo wearing a towel was somewhat lame. That said, I would like to read more.

Excellent contribution!

I have a similar dynamic with my wife's sister, except that she is in a sexless marriage. It's still a result of her "poor life choices." Sometimes the sexual tension between the two of us can be cut with a knife. I'd love to live out the scenario you described with her!

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