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One of the best I read. Straight to the point and somehow realistic. Nice girl nice gentleman. It doesn't need more. Keep up the good work!

Another lovely story

He filled he up nicely all being will her nice flat tummy will now start to grow

5 Stars Keep on writing

yes please

Please continue this outstanding story!

I love your characters, there are not many Black eroctically written couplings on this site. Please consider doing doing a series. I would love to devour and commit it to memory.


a slut, a fucking pussy, and a bunch of assholes. AND yeah, it was a very nice LW story


I was dripping wet half-way through the story. I also read your other stories and they are very hot! Write more.

Very erotic!

I am a nurse (not OB/GYN) and I enjoyed a three-year affair with a doctor in the practice I worked for. We often fucked in the office/clinic after hours, getting the satisfaction and pleasure we did not get at home. Thanks for reviving those happy memories! I love your stories.

Short and sweet!

A nice story.. well written ... easy read. Thanks!

if the author had a different name this crap would not rate 3 stars. worst DG Hear's story EVER.

Very hot!

I enjoy my check-ups because my doctor knows I want him to stimulate me sexually. When the exam is done, he finishes by masturbating me to orgasm. I have told him I want him to fuck me, but that has not happened...yet.


a slut, a fucking pussy, and a bunch of assholes. yeah, very nice story.

Never been much of a fan of cuckold stores on here still not


The plot continues. Can I guess what the next chapter is about. He turns her into a whore for his gang and who ever.

Loony Illogical Conclusion

What kind of loony illogical thinking allows them to conclude they were not committing adultery? They were lusting after each other, kissing, removing clothes, pawing and groping, naked in bed, engaged in mutual masturbation, this sure appears to be sexual behavior that qualifies as adultery. OK, if there is any doubt, go to your spouse and ask them. If their spouses were engaged in this type of activity they might revise their definition. This is just selfish, narcissistic silliness.

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