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thanks for the feedback

I wrote this a few years ago, then recently (and haphazardly) chopped it up and put it back together, hence some of the grammatical mistakes like the tense changing. Plus I'm a math guy, not so much a writer. When I read the original version I realized there was too much info that someone could use to recognize what school and when I was there, hence the last minute editing. I have a few more experiences I want to write about, and I'll try to find an editor for the next ones.

5 stars

Wow, you took my breath away

A Better Ending...

... and just as he was about to cum, her husband dressed as the Scarecrow jumped out of the closet and stabbed the two lovers to death.

Now THAT is an appropriate ending in this scenario!!!!


Beautifully constructed, faultlessly written, a couple with relevant and credible history, and a Sugar Baby right out of my dreams. Loved it!

Oh yes

That's what he gets for neglecting his wife. A girl needs a big cock to slide into her love tunnel. Poor woman, a stranger had to be the first one to lick her pussy and suck her clit. Bet the husband likes her to suck his cock for him though. I say go girl, keep in touch with Jason and get as much of his love muscle as you can.


I loved it, a wonderful story x

so hot

I love this story, please write more


I am loving this series! Can't wait to read the next chapter!!


Super hot, great descriptions, loved the conflict between them -- made the seduction so much hotter!


Hot...would have loved some more hot and dirty talking

Short but good

I liked this one because there wasn't repetitions. We know what is going to happen if it's cheating. So it has to be rushed and quiet, in secret. No one wants to be found. And I'm really glad you didn't say tummy, tummy is a word associated with being fat. It's a good piece. Nice job. Proud of you. AS

I am not surprised that you wrote this story...I have always told you that you have a very creative, sensual and erotic flair in regard to your writing...the imagery is wonderful, as if it were a movie ....watching the scene as it is taking place.....please write more...I know I am not the only person who looks forward to more chapters written by you!

Awesome very well written , makes me a Little Wet . A couple of typos is not the End of the World , unless of course you are not WISE enough to figure them out like somebody obviously Wasn't !!!!!!!!!

Hope to see the next chapter soon.


Belongs in the "loving wives" category!

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