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To the comment above Jews are an enthic group with a unique genetic profile as well as a religious group. So certainly people are born into it.

For some reason a lot of Jewish girls are into the idea of getting smashed and taken by a fascist aryan.

Excellent Story!!

Another chapter please!!

Loved it

Loved the story, wish she’d taken him upstairs for more

Good but lost me at the end

Really enjoyable but the ending threw me I’m afraid. You set her up as a jealous wife who sleeps with another man in revenge essentially. This would not make her want a threesome and at the end it still sounds like she thinks of Clara as a bitch.

Also I’m pretty sure no husband has ever sat down on the sofa and utterly from nowhere asked for a threesome.

I’d suggest build a background and some tension. She thinks of Clara as a bitch but deep down it makes her hot thinking of her sucking her husbands cock. He mentions a threeway earlier on in the story and that infuriates her and pushes her to cheat etc etc. Then come back to it. He finds cum stains on her sportswear and figures out, they have hot dirty sex and after he suggests it. Something like that.

Arousing, Well-Wriiten

Great work, Cindy! Very hot and well written. Good balance of story and carnal heat. Your description of your lovemaking was superb and very arousing. My wife loved it as well. 👏 I can’t believe your first feedback dealt exclusively with ONE spelling mistake, and not the bigger picture. Keep writing.


Usually you have some one get something in their ass by page two. This was different.

Sorry for the misspelling

I have written 'clitoris' correctly a thousand times and this had to be the time that it slipped past me and my spell check. While this seems like an unforgivable mistake, I assure you it was simply in the haste of the production that it occurred. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for reading! :D


....can't wait to read part 2.


another cocksucking WIMP posting DUMB cuck SHIT.


Holy Shit! This was fucking hot! Great writing!

Nice idea for a story...

But just too many problems of poor writing; from grammar, syntax and spelling, all the way to logical inconsistencies. This could have used some heavy editing. Again, too bad, as the rough idea for the story, though not necessarily original (but by now what new story is of the thousands of LW stories, just in Literotica alone), is good. Sorry, but 1-Star.


Dear writer,

It does not seen as thought you have been taught the difference between taught and taut, which left me fraught.

Great scene!

Your eloquence and raw imagery are just wonderful! Great story!! Love the variety of ass and pussy play.

Absolutely Amazing!

Wow. I just read one of my own fantasies written by somebody else. Who knew it would be this great!

I would like a bit more length at the end, it seems you did finish quite fast, but I'm not complaining. Very well done, sir.


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