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Don't you just hate anonymous writers. They say what they want whether it's true or not and hide behind that tag. Like we could tell who they were on LE anyway.

I would have like the story if she were a little more demure. Her brash language doesn't match with my imagination at the beginning of the story. I do like the way you got right to the heart of the story. After all that is why we are reading the story.

Very nice!! Id love to carch my wife like that!! Its been too long since ive had her ass!

A different plot line

I expected the same genre typology and it seems we have a twist in chapter1 !

Poor choice of tense

You are trying to get the reader to belive that he is there. That really never works.
You are telling of something that has happened so write in the past tense. This is just jarring - sorry.


I didn't like it the first read, and I even like it less the second read..

Good instruction booklet!

Interesting terminologies - very descriptive and uninhibited!
Enjoyed it.


Mrs.Adams doesn't seem to take 'NO' for an answer, does she? However, Grampa doesn't seem too worried about the possible consequences, now does he?

I am a wee bit jealous of Gramps... that I have no grandchildren, (and I don't expect ever to have any) but if I did, and one of them needed me to attend parent-teachers' night, I don't think I could control myself as well as this Gentleman did. I don't think teacher is going to to relent with her teasing ways, though!

Great story

I love this series. Glad you picked it up again.

Well, I must confess that I read the erotic stories in Literotica for sex. Most of the stories have only sex in a variety of taste. However, this story brought tears into my eyes many times and gave a much broader feeling where sex and love are correctly mixed (as in real life). Thank you Dreamcloud for bringing back the love and frolic into sex!

Great story

Chapter 2.....threesome with the wife AND Mariah in Chicago. So hot!!


Damn, I just binged The Maid and I'm so satisfied. This was such a good story in more ways then one, and thank you for writing it. I haven't read one this good in a long time, and I'm so right wet now and I barely touched myself. Just, fuck, this was soooo good, mnh.

Wedding OFF: Prostitute ON!

Groom uses broom to wipe away his gloom. At least he's free to find a perspective wife with a decent sized pair of tits!

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