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loved this

this one was even better than the first. i love the theme of you shyly slowly realising what naughty young lady you are.
more like this please!



Great story. Had a hard time waiting for the next chapter but always worth the wait. Sorry that it has come to an end but very understandable.Keep up the great writing/relating of stories.


Please bring Lucy and Cecil from outside the EU. Had they flown in from Amsterdam they would not have had to go through customs in Paris. I suggest Bangkok. BTW, the train from Amsterdam to Paris is nearly as quick as flying given check in times and travel to and from airports and there is practically no security screening of passengers. (Station to station 3 h 21 m)

Nice writing. I encourage you to post more.

come do that to me before I cum in my shorts!

Holy fuck, baby! This is one super hot short story that had my cock hard instantly. If you can fuck as well as you write, I think you need my cock inside you - I know I would love to explore the inside of your pussy with my fingers, tongue and eight inch rock hard leaking cock!


Liked your story...i could picture every erotic moment.


Au pairs

Are required to provide childcare. There font appear to be any children in this story.


Wow................ Jst wow.......

Me and Wife are loving this series! We luv the "resistance" from Kate! So far we are enjoying your writing and the build up!


What a great read, thanks... both Susan as a teen and as an older woman got me hard and playing, Fantastic!


You write some hot stuff!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to future submissions from you.

I am so fucking wet I want someone to come and fuck me hard

I tried... but the writing isn't tight and the characters don't manage to be very believable. I think an editor could do this story wonders.

Made me Horny Af. Made me want to Fuck Someone. 👅💦💦

Nice progression

Good story, a little slow at first, could have used some editing but not enough to ruin the story. Good description but could use more specifics in the sex acts. All in all well worth reading.

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