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You definitely haven't lost your touch at the quick stroke stories. It's amazing how just a few words can convey so much filthiness in such a yummmmmmy way.

And it's always sad on sites like Lit where people can't understand the whole point of fantasies and that different people have different fantasies.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.

thank you. It is a true story bar her cumming on my face. I found out the surprise when she was riding me and I lifted her dress! the chase happened. Its true about the condoms , this was Brazil 1992, at the time was very poor (poorer than now) As Brazilian condoms kept breaking they kept getting lots of pregnancies they couldn't afford. As a country that worshipped the ass they soon turned to the cheapest form of contraception, anal sex. they soon got the highest heterosexual Hiv population in the world. The Pros soon twigged the best condoms world wide and Soon a British standard condom was very welcome in Brazil at the time.

Great stuff!

This is the best story I’ve read from you so far, and I’ve read several. There is room for a sequel, but the problem with that is, what would be the problem? Right now, you’ve got a perfect, muscular, brave, hunky guy with two, perfect, sexy, nubile, eager girls. Nobody is lying. Everybody is open, honest, and happy. Where is the tension and conflict that a Chapter 2 or more needs? I’m sure you’ll think of something.

I need to know.

This needs to continue/conclude.

Wonderful office Hijinks... Five

Can tell you are a girl who loves cum. Loved the pregnancy at the end... nothing like bawdy office fuckery and debauchery. You also handled the powerful boss/ younger horny nymph dynamic well. More please... glad to see you have made a cumback!

I'm liking it.

Although I balk at some of the moral choices your characters undertake along with some of the sex, I'm liking the story. It's rich and interesting. You do tend to gloss over a lot of things though, so something that piques my interest and should really grab your characters attention just gets left behind. The first time Greg got hit with an EMP should have really taught him a lesson and got him working on a way to shield his nanites against deactivation or to have some employed some kind of redundancy. It's a glaring weakness that's been exposed twice now in someone that is for all intents and purposes very hard to kill, but Greg doesn't even dwell on it. That seems stupid to me.

I have noticed a 'few' errors in your work, missing small words usually which I mentally insert but I've noticed a few errant uses of incorrect terms, the freshest in my mind would be "commander and chief" where the term you should be using is "Commander-in-Chief" in reference to the US President. I don't know if your work passes through an editor but I would suggest doing so or changing to someone with a larger lexicon that can spot those blips in your writing.

cute story dear

Hello from Greece! cute story dear! Nice the reference on condoms!

cute story dear!

Hello from Greece! Very cute story dear! However, no one was cared about STDs? sexual transmission diseases or unwanted pregnancy?

Good story continue

The weather might have been cold but that story was hot.

Very good

I enjoyed this short tale, well written apart from a couple of misused words, one already highlighted and paragraph 5, line 3 I think a stray "i" has slipped into "gentle" changing "tender" into "one of a different religion to your own".

It happens and I'm certainly not prefect either. ;-)

Looking forward to more of your writing.

Sloppy seconds

Mystery. Ok she's a match and we'll see in the sequel that she was on the video. How did she clean up. it would take a major effort to get herself back in a state where her husband thought she was clean. In my experience he should be able to tell. Cum is designed to stay in a women....

Let's see part two soon, please 5*

Five Stars

Loved the improbable but possible story plot of a 69-year-old guy screwing a 19-year-old girl. More, please!


I am there with both characters every line.

I really liked it

Very real. In a marriage, people change, needs and wants change as well. They diverged, in this case, both changed, until the two who had joined to be one found themselves as two. And all of the kings horses and all of the kings men couldn't put them back togeather again. How cruel would law, or the diety be to deneigh them their freedom to start again.

Supurbly written story


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