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Mmm, nice story ;) Though, I did want more. :D I especially liked the erotic romanticism. I love reading about what a guy loves about a woman - and I felt all gooey the way Cam saw Sam. ;)

Very good! I need to see this continued!


Good story until the Dr. drugged her with help from the waiter and restaurant that is raping someone all could be held for criminal charges. Too bad you can do better story development.


Well written. But as a personal preference, there could have been a HEA without the pregnancy. That just ruined the story for me.

Some times it's got to happen!

Sometimes nature has to be heeded, so two consenting adults achieved necessary release of their tensions and no one was hurt and no one any the wiser!

But drinking and driving ain't so clever!!!!

So only 4* not 5. Oh dear, it got 5* I see, must have been the orgasm did it.

Oh my goodness...

You've got an amazing little sleeper here...
It's too bad more people haven't commented on it...

And you've great potential for a part two... Weeks later, after his ankle has healed...? Him intentionally stalking her (not really meant in the creepy way) and "catching her" in the basement... Though it would be nice if he remembers to bring towels...?

A MILF who has a poolboy stud.

Great story. Keep on writing. I like it when you get to the point -= after all this is a SEX story. As for me I am a 51 year old female who has a 19 year old poolboy for a "secret" lover and no pool. :-).

That was so fucken hot.

Well done ...

... Ashson. Really good story.

I'm willing to bet you get at least once in each story the name of one of characters wrong. I and I'm almost sure you do it on purpose. Very amusing 😉 to watch the twits who comment on it.

I've read this same story on here a few times. Nice steal.

Where's the rest?

I liked the lead up bit, but it feels like there should have been more than 3 paragraphs of the actual encounter...

Fun fling

I like your style - keep it up!

Great job.

I liked it, Gina. I think you did a great job of telling a story. And that's what a story teller is supposed to do.

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