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That was just as it was.

Thank you Tom for immortalising those wonderful times we had together. That really was exactly how I remember it. Thank you.

Cat xx

Fun stuff......

Thank you for sharing this post. I look forward to your next. :)

Ch 3

Agree with previous comment, there has to be another chapter or 2 to this story

can't wait for chapter 2 since denver won the super bowl!!!!!!

Great story. Now that the super bowl is done and the Broncos won again, looking forward to reading what happens to Brittney next.

This was a hot story... really hot

One of the best stories I have read lately... a lot of fun. 5 stars

loved your storys

read all your stories hope to see more soon

Next time, getthebook, let me know how you really feel. :-) Of course there are three more parts coming. You may change your mind by then.

@ Vnytes

So long as I'm properly credited and linked back to my profile on Literotica, you certainly have permission to use this. Thank you for being a reader!

Trust? Not as I understand it.

I think the trust issue is well and truly fucked here. I love this series and I am currently rereading it. First the test, then secrets between Ann and Tina? This lady is jerking him around, failing to treat him with respect. This stage is disappointing.

Very well written and extremely thought provoking. I could get to liking biology too with this in mind!!! Very hot....

I'm not sure

whether to congratulate you on a novel plot or to tell you to get psychiatric help.
Being turned on by the fantasy of women being executed isn't NORMAL!

Liked your story

Nice story with considerable heat. Would like to have this story on my blog. Let me know if you are interested.

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