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Why does he want to become Natalie Spencer BA ? Sounds professional ?Sounds bollox to me ! Couldn't read this drivel beyond that - dont give up your day job !!

Hot story, Superior to most every First Time Writer here

Of course there are a few clichés, that's what happens to our brains from having too many servings from the Litoclicheoteria. But his deal was simple, her offer was "A HJ for a signature," his counter-offer was "OK, Deal!" No subtleties of teasing or seduction necessary. What she got for an unsolicited, unexpected bonus was 10" of quick rechargeable overloaded testicular driven manmeat, and might even get to graduate as both head cheerleader and head slutbanger. In exchange, he got blown and laid before he ever got kissed. Sounds better to me than getting seduced. So I'm a late starter, just plucked this out of the 4 month old archive and very glad I did. At some future point, I expect Ryan will provide tutoring to each of the cheerleaders, hopefully a mixed inter-racial contingent, maybe even to Dad's yet-to-be-introduced girlfriend, who will confidentially confide, "you're so much bigger than your father" (Have we ever read that one before?), undoubtedly to his kindly 30-something teacher, not the first teacher to be subjugated to her student's oversized whammer, maybe to a couple/few other teaches as well, can't wait to see each of them slurping his sausage, bending over for a backside boning, maybe a few occasional trysts in the back of the stage, locker rooms, showers, teachers' lounge, but I can't wait to see who gets nailed where!! Yeah, maybe a double team with Dad for a Father's Day present!

Keep writing

With this initial effort, you have shown yourself to be a superior writer, easily surpassing 95% of those that post here. You have not switched tenses midway through you story, you have not written in the first or second persons, and you have not split infinitives. You obviously proofread your work as I found no spelling errors and you have not confused to, too, and two. There are no misuses of “their” and you have no confusing dialog. Well done!

Brooke is so brilliant “Kay”

Just wanting to say this story is absolutely brilliant love Ryan’s adventures but Brooke is just a brilliant character every time you write Kay I smile and can imagine her voice saying it lol please please please use her character more can’t wait for the next instalment #TeamBrooke lol 😂

Hoping for More

This story has more potential chapters.

I like when Rachel calls Robert "Daddy".

5 stars until the last paragraph

Fabulously sexy story with great buildup but should’ve left the aunt for another story. c

Speculum not specula

Specula is the plural form and I’m sure she couldn’t handle more than on at a time.


I don't know that she hates him as much as she's a nymphomaniac.


The story is great but I would like to know more about the comment Brooke made about getting hooked on nerds and what these stories are? I'm guessing he is going be having sex with the librarian and her assistant maybe together? Keep up the great work

What a beautiful and deeply erotic story!

That spanking made me so wet I had to take a break before finishing the story.
mmmmm. Nice.

First Comment

Congratulations on this nice little tale. You wove a fine story around a loving couple that went thru heartache and heartbreak, then Jack found another true soulmate.

I believe you covered all emotions in one story and I don't think anymore could be added that could embellish this one. Thank you for a good read.

i liked the story

i gave it 5 stars. i hope you write more - make this a series!

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