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another cocksucking WIMP posting dumb cuck SHIT.


"Couldn't you have waited just a few more minutes." - Why? He already came!

real sensuality

This is full of intensity and the energy of a real orgasm. Your words create an aura of sexual pleasure I find so erotic. It is a story to reread over and over again. Thanks for sharing.


I've done massages for friends, none producing this level of excitement though. A great story, with realistic buildup. Can't wait to read more.

What about Alison?......

Good story well conceived and written....but surely Alison could have been worked into the saga especially as she is a fertility expert and could probably have used the 'practical' so to speak.

More sauna to the people.

Nice and hot.

Just one small issue. You use western names on these two girls but you never say if they are Japanese, Caucasians or whatever. Should paint the picture better if you had.

Feels like wrong section

It should be better of in the Anal section.

I will

Thanks for your feedback and request. I'll write another story from the man's point of view.


Anon 5/24....... shut the fuck up. This was great. Thank you


I think this should be a series it was a great read and i think there are lots of thing you could do with this

Really Nicely Done

I didn't think it could be done - resolve the ending with its presaged failed relationship while also providing the requisite "happy ending." I certainly didn't see that resolution coming, but the clues were all there. This story pushes all the buttons - psychological realism, sensual sex scenes, and great storytelling, all while infused with deep empathy and compassion. Constructing this took a tremendous skill set. Just a tremendous love story.


while your writing is erotic, it lacks believability. also, the repeated letters aren't necessary to emphasize the emotions. not to mention the fact that you had to shove relegion in an erotic story needlessly.

you can do better.

I don't read Ashon's stories and I didn't read this one because I loathe rape by any means.

I do wonder why this is in erotic couplings and not in non-consent (Rape by any other name is still rape.) I can only conclude that it's here because fewer readers are to be found in non-consent and the author wants to capture more eyeballs. It could also be that the author likes stirring the pot (the true definition of "troll") or is trying to legitimize the most reprehensible of sexual activities except pedophilia, which is rape as well.

There is nothing erotic about rape which is more about power and pyschopathy than anything sexual. I suspect that there are a few who enjoy this theme and there is a specific hub for it so why not publish there?

She's not very bright, is she?

She's not very bright, is she? It sure seems more likely that he moved her and took off her clothes, than that he completely decamped without waking her.


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