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A really hot story

Definitely a 5-star vote from me. Myles & Connor are two lucky guys. Keep posting your stories here, Kat!

Thanks, Piscator. I don't take any notice of anonymous abuse, don't worry. I like your stories, by the way - a similar style and approach.

Very Hot

What a well written sexy photo session--my cock is just dripping from the arousal.

Good story. Obviously Lady C. will make an appearance. I look forward to that.

Disregard the trolls, though at times they are tiresome.
Well written,

Loved it

A story I would love to see come alive on video!!

Looking forward to more

Well done, entirely believable and real. It took a while to figure out just what had happened. Very good sex scene, too.

Re: on her way out of town

It's a true story, actually. And even back then, it was safer for both of our jobs to consummate things when we would no longer be working in the same office.

Made me very wet

You seem like a very caring and passionate person. I think most women imagine what it would be like to have their doctor please them on the examining table. I read your other stories too, and I like them a lot. If you started touching me in "special" ways, I would probably just ask you to fuck me :)


Loved the original story and was sad that it ended. Did not know you were going to continue it. This story can go on in perpetuity as far as I am concerned or at least for as long as you'll continue to write it. Love it!

Really hot. Much masturbation has come of this. Especially the "g" part. But yea u needed to fuck "j's" tits ;)

Thanks mr author man


A good story

You need to watch your dates of work. You initially claimed you had worked part time for 2 years and then later say you have been doing it for 3 years and now you say you graduated from college a little over a year ago.


What a wonderful vignette of a story. A perfect little setting, no morning after to worry about. It makes you wonder about their common school years background. Is she the ugly duckling that's a swan now? Was he always so suave? Great writing that I'm glad I came across- I will keep coming back to check for more.

Dragons !

Dragons are my faviorite subject for a tattoo on a lady ! A great , big, huge dragon covering her body with vibrant colors !!
I have dreams of having my old girlfriend done like that ! She won't like it, but I love the idea !
O God,how can I have her sit still long enough ? I don't care what the cost will be....!
It will worth a fortune to me...

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