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First Time

I just read this for the first time. I loved It! You go girl!!!!

Good story

One of the great things about a 'happy ending' massage parlor is you don't feel awkward about getting a boner... it's expected.

They need to meet again!


Ugh! Soon as I saw the inside of that trailer I would have hauled my ass outta there. Trailer trash whores is not my bag.


I love a full hairy bush, and you have delivered there. Beyond that all the adult fun is super!

Wow, What A Start!

What a start, can't wait for the next chapter, adventure! Please don't make us wait too long.

needs a twist

How about getting Ann to take a cock even if has to be the only way to get a film made


Thank you for your feedback. That is very helpful.

Really great read

Hot story, going to go read more of your works.. Very turned on reading thank you...

Very clever piece of writing.

Very well written with confusing twist and conversations until the last chapter ties it all together in an original conclusion. But it takes a few moments of thought to reach the proper conclusion. Nice story author. Thanks for sharing.

Oh I need a massage

Do not have anything like that around here. Your story writing is fantastic. Keep up the great work I am so enjoying your stories....

A very unpleasant story

...and intentionally so, I assume.

Hell, now *I* need to shower!


Lot of spell and grammar corrections but hot


I love the story- so passionate that it got me rock hard in ma pants. Care 2 write an erotic revenge thriller for the 2 couples? I would LOVE it.


Great writing style. Keep it up (excuse the pun).

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