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Part 2

Please continue this story. It's great!!!


I don't like stories written in the third person! They really throw me off

they have a child with strong ESPthey have a child with super

they have a child with super telekinesis, like jean grey of x man

Its a gift, . . .

that you stopped writing. Thank you.


Very detailed and hot


I wish she were my girlfriend (or my wife for that matter).


Not much more to say than that. Thank you for the translations. My limited Spanish would have led me wrong on some of those.


That was great! Minor tense problems but still it was quite the ride.

I am looking for a mature man! I have a profile on another site - ( I am a very cheerful person. If you like me, I will enchant you and more than once :)

If you like my stories and would like to read the chapter 2 versions of them, just let me know :)

On here the word is non-consent...

However I think this story whilst she is hesitant and nervous she willingly engages in the activity.


Coffee Breaks...

I wrote it whilst waiting for my cup of tea to cool. The lady I wrote it for was due round that afternoon and asked me to write her something with a number of features - this was the very quick result. She liked it well enough. Not my best but not my worst either. Lol

I agree

Mr. Anonymous is right on the money. I was smiling throughout. I have a friend like your woman in the story who is always talking. I wonder if men will think of her differently after reading your story?

You might think about putting your story in humor & satire next time? Thanks for the good read, JB

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