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It took a week for Zyander to put everything together before they could leave. Porluxa was not interested in having another prine, and although Marcus seemed happy that Jed was going to be rescued,...

From Terra Ch. 20 by Goldeniangel

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Welcome back, everyone! Thank you, Blind_Justice, for continuing to help me clean up my story. To everyone else, keep voting, and keep up the feedback! -redskyes * Sarah and I slept in late....

Strange Days Ch. 75-77 by redskyes

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Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except

The Sisters of V'Gedra by Etaski

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201.From Terra Ch. 20
Someone has bought Jed first, what will Chryssa trade? by Goldeniangel (01/16/15)
4.87 (199)
202.Strange Days Ch. 75-77
Holiday cheer. by redskyes (11/10/12)
4.87 (198)
203.The Sisters of V'Gedra
The Queendom of the Dark Elves in a desert of red sand. by Etaski (04/27/16)
4.87 (193)
204.Demon Child Ch. 20
A New Aga Khan. by Xantu (08/30/10)
4.87 (185)
205.The Inn Ch. 11
Simon is thrown out, but Leyna puts him up in the stables. by IanSaulWhitcomb (06/06/16)
4.87 (182)
206.Strange Days Ch. 78-82
Visitations. by redskyes (01/26/13)
4.87 (172)
207.Dan and the Bottle Ch. 22
Old and new. by disableddan (08/26/15)
4.87 (169)
208.A Demon's Lust Ch. 06
The outcome of Anita's date, and Saban's reaction to it. by charmscale (10/02/15)
4.87 (154)
209.Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 11
V'shika may hold the key; Shen redeemed. by xtorch (03/08/13)
4.87 (143)
210.Starlight Gleaming Ch. 08
Melannee Siroptic, danger, and Ixma finally gets hers. by TJSkywind (10/09/14)
4.87 (143)
211.DarkFyre Ch. 17
Rael and Silmaria discuss a very odd night. by FamiliarStranger86 (04/19/14)
4.87 (133)
212.The Shieldmaidens Lover Pt. 07
An epic tale of love in a time of war. by Sirens_Cry (01/09/09)
4.87 (130)
213.Fallen Angel Ch. 13
A cry in the night...demons invade. by LevanaHyll (03/17/12)
4.87 (126)
214.Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 17
Did I ever tell you how much I love you? by stubborn_dreamer (12/16/12)
4.87 (110)
215.Double Helix Ch. 12
Norm and Tilly seek to escape their captives. by FelHarper (05/30/15)
4.87 (105)
216.Starlight Gleaming Ch. 13
Pushback, more escapes, and finding Doyya. by TJSkywind (04/16/16)
4.87 (104)
217.Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 37
Kitty takes her first portal trip to Central Command. by kitty_siam (05/08/15)
4.87 (103)
218.Path of the Necromancer Ch. 02
Ian's life gets a whole lot more complicated. by Intrepid_Fate (10/01/12)
4.86 (2067)
219.The Missing Dragon Ch. 03
The fire, the fight, the fall and the shadow in the night. by Lien_Geller (01/25/13)
4.86 (1761)
220.A Slave to the Servants Ch. 16
An ex-intergalactic sex slave's changing role in her world. by DoctorWolf (09/15/11)
4.86 (1549)
221.A Slave to the Servants Ch. 27
An intergalactic breeding slave dreams of freedom. by DoctorWolf (02/03/12)
4.86 (1480)
222.A Slave to the Servants Ch. 31
An end to the past and new beginnings. by DoctorWolf (04/04/12)
4.86 (1403)
223.Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 06
Danger in the night leads to something else at dawn. by RipperFish (07/14/14)
4.86 (1386)
224.Going Feet First
Wherever this soldier ended up, it sure ain't Vietnam. by DarkPulse (03/15/13)
4.86 (1365)
225.Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 17
The castaways are wronged and there is a reckoning. by RipperFish (09/04/14)
4.86 (1282)
226.The Fate of Terra Ch. 16
Transit. Space isn't as empty as it seems. by Intrepid_Fate (10/14/12)
4.86 (1254)
227.Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 19
An emergency arises in the kraal. by RipperFish (09/18/14)
4.86 (1200)
228.Life as a New Hire Ch. 09
Oh My God! All their clothes vanished. What was I to do? by FinalStand (07/23/14)
4.86 (1143)
229.Life as a New Hire Ch. 21
Of Funerals and Families - Part Two. by FinalStand (09/12/14)
4.86 (1143)
230.Life as a New Hire Ch. 19
Being known by the company you keep. by FinalStand (09/05/14)
4.86 (1132)
231.A Stitch in Time Pt. 03
A time travel story; "Friends with what kind of benefits?" by MarshAlien (06/23/07)
4.86 (1119)
232.Life as a New Hire Ch. 24
Crashing Lightening and Rolling Thunder. by FinalStand (09/23/14)
4.86 (1097)
233.Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 21
Chaos in the kraal. by RipperFish (10/01/14)
4.86 (1085)
234.Life as a New Hire Ch. 28
The sparks before the ignition of war. by FinalStand (11/02/14)
4.86 (1049)
235.Going Feet First Ch. 03
Our soldier sets out to save his Elven love. by DarkPulse (07/13/13)
4.86 (919)
236.Three Square Meals Ch. 52
The Trankarans reveal the cause of their recent troubles. by Tefler (07/27/16)
4.86 (875)
237.Three Square Meals Ch. 51
The problems with their guest finally come to a head. by Tefler (07/21/16)
4.86 (828)
238.Three Square Meals Ch. 36
The team is debriefed at the Olympus Shipyard. by Tefler (04/28/16)
4.86 (823)
239.Dream Drive Ch. 02
Jackson arrives at the bottom of the tower. by Over_Red (07/19/14)
4.86 (817)
240.To Protect and Serve Ch. 08
The road to hell leads to trouble in paradise. by Evil Alpaca (08/15/08)
4.86 (785)
241.To Protect and Serve Ch. 10
The nightmare is only just beginning. by Evil Alpaca (08/18/08)
4.86 (779)
242.Three Square Meals Ch. 28
The girls struggle with his big weapon. So do the raiders! by Tefler (03/15/16)
4.86 (748)
243.Life as a New Hire Ch. 43
Chapter 43. by FinalStand (12/27/15)
4.86 (731)
244.To Protect and Serve Ch. 09
Things are getting darker, and dawn is a long way off. by Evil Alpaca (08/16/08)
4.86 (728)
245.To Protect and Serve Ch. 05
Never used the darkness to make war against the dark. by Evil Alpaca (08/09/08)
4.86 (724)
246.To Protect and Serve Ch. 11
Vampires are not the only race that can rise from the dead. by Evil Alpaca (08/20/08)
4.86 (710)
247.Suck in the Moment Ch. 01
Travis saves lives. Can he remain anonymous? by bobalous (10/30/15)
4.86 (644)
248.A God Called Bruce Pt. 04
An Australian writer gets involved with the Gods on Olympus. by Talemaster (07/05/12)
4.86 (611)
249.Life as a New Hire Ch. 41
Wrapping up loose ends and moving forward. by FinalStand (07/30/15)
4.86 (601)
250.Blazing Glory Ch. 05
The hunt leads Blaze to the deadliest assassin in the world. by ShadwNinjaX (12/30/11)
4.86 (599)
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