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Knees upon the ground, as though to pray Her proud furrowed brow Heavy with sorrow – her defiant shroud Weighs on stormy eyes Like a nebulous cloud. Her head between my thighs Dilated...

Mascara tears by SinWilde

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smileacious lips curvaceous hips breast's & thighs shineacious eyes poweracious legs sexilacious kegs wavelicious hair ......almost THERE!

temptalicious Beauty by Ashesh9

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That winters day was cold and white. A nip of cold in morning’s light. The chimney’s smoke was twisting high, Reaching up to the grey blue sky. It took me back to our faded youth, ...

Winters Day by ChuckEPoo

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1.She Has a Friend by OG4U (05/29/17)4.54 (13)
2.Mascara tears by SinWilde (06/06/17)4.50 (6)
3.temptalicious Beauty by Ashesh9 (05/26/17)4.00 (7)
4.Winters Day by ChuckEPoo (05/29/17)4.00 (6)
5.Some limericks from sister by matthewbirch (06/17/17)4.00 (6)
6.To my Master by Dilaila (06/13/17)3.57 (7)