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Son of Adam My father became a priest when he couldn't be a god He became a man when he couldn't be a priest Bore me after like a cross around his neck, dangling under where his white...

Son of Adam by AMoveableBeast

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An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth, then whispered as she closed the book, "Too beautiful for this Earth" three nights past the new moon  blood worms spawn ...

Fathers Lament by todski28

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Do you remember when our love was reckless? thunderstorms in tinder grass it blew on a gale passion screamed raw unedited poetry, full of mess and wordiness each kiss mashed teeth to lips a...

Little bit of a love poem by todski28

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1.Son of Adam by AMoveableBeast (05/12/15)5.00 (12)
2.Conquistador by legerdemer (05/07/15)5.00 (6)
3.Fathers Lament by todski28 (05/09/15)5.00 (6)
4.Little bit of a love poem by todski28 (05/09/15)4.83 (6)
5.I Know Why The Mad Dog Howls by AMoveableBeast (04/28/15)4.70 (10)
6.Like a River unto You by SarabethW (04/28/15)4.62 (8)
7.A Return by wakingDown (04/30/15)4.50 (6)
8.For You, During Rain by IanSaulWhitcomb (05/20/15)4.10 (10)