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He has a prickly beard. It is like the slow drag of wild brambles across her soft belly. He kisses her lower, there, and she has to close her eyes against his feral hunger. Long before she...

Tomboy by rosilindjune

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The fruit is mine but I will share. Pull back the supple skin. Open the tender cut. Inside, waiting, is a warm succulent pulp with only one seed. Dip your fingers deep. Lick them...

Harvest by rosilindjune

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River, frozen somber, fish breathe beneath you, trusting that summer will make you wild again.

Trust by rosilindjune

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1.Tomboy by rosilindjune (04/06/16)4.93 (28)
2.Harvest by rosilindjune (04/03/16)4.91 (33)
3.Trust by rosilindjune (04/26/16)4.91 (22)
4.Adoration by babeee (04/07/16)4.67 (6)
5.Lust by JudeWinter (03/30/16)4.56 (9)
6.How It Should Be by JudeWinter (03/30/16)4.14 (7)
7.Strands in Your Eyes by JudeWinter (03/30/16)4.00 (6)
8.Velvet Passion by IceBottom (04/07/16)3.67 (6)