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Her heart is pounding Her body is still, Naked, Bound and Beautiful. She waits. Blindfolded. Spread-eagled... She senses He is near. She knows He is taking his time He is looking at her. ...

The Climactic Flower by Vaughan1

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Been bad but now I want to be good for you Want to but don't know how I need to have you show me To have you make me Make me Make me be good while still being naughty Not...

Make Me by ualmech88

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I’m stretched out flat on her new-laid sheets. Hexagons of reflected light shine down Broad day- what saucier occasion For the furtherance of our nocturnal enterprise Into mundane light, for...

Sweaty girl (Jim’s Delight) by Madamsabotender

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1.Assorted erotic poems by Uggg by Uggg (05/21/18)4.67 (6)
2.The Climactic Flower by Vaughan1 (05/02/18)4.50 (20)
3.I will always love you by RubenR (05/10/18)4.17 (6)
4.Make Me by ualmech88 (05/09/18)4.00 (6)
5.Sweaty girl (Jim’s Delight) by Madamsabotender (05/02/18)3.86 (7)
6.Quiet Control by Penisvixen (05/02/18)3.62 (8)
7.Spanked not Fucked!! by Ashesh9 (04/27/18)3.43 (7)
8.The More Your Spankings Last... by Ashesh9 (05/13/18)3.00 (6)
9.I’m Fucked by Madamsabotender (05/02/18)2.67 (6)