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All eyes on us You grab the handcuffs When I see them My smile can't be contained One wrist secured Then the other Anticipation mounts Hungry kisses cover my body The room goes dark As...

The Main Attraction by makemewet69

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Lisa's Nipples What can I say about Lisa's nipples that you would like to know they are big and round, the size of a dime and when she is excited, they manage to grow... Her tits are like...

Lisa's Nipples by flashgordon562006

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Shadowy silhouette Against a window on the night City lights, winter stars Outline my lover, my life Is he replaying angry words Lost emotions, haunted memories His cock throbs, catching...

Moonlit Cock by Chimera44

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1.The Main Attraction by makemewet69 (10/23/16)4.67 (6)
2.Lisa's Nipples by flashgordon562006 (09/28/16)4.50 (6)
3.Moonlit Cock by Chimera44 (09/30/16)4.22 (9)
4.Please, Just Fuck Me by LorenzoAbajos (10/09/16)4.00 (6)
5.You and Me by vicky200 (10/02/16)3.67 (6)