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The willow, ash and birch will always share Caresses with my flesh; they leave fresh marks To represent kisses on skin, that's bare And ready for the kindness he just parks Upon my backside,...

Time to Taste by SweetOblivion

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Black is the color Of my true love’s hair Her eyes piercing and bright Her skin soft and fair A vision of womanhood Breasts full and round I love the ground Her feet walk upon Black is...

Black is the Color by TheInnerBeast

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Flesh meets, I breathe A hand moves to thigh, You whisper intentions, I grow damp all the while, Your teeth on my skin, A finger slides in, I breathe, I sigh

I breathe by Princess_Red

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1.Time to Taste by SweetOblivion (03/02/18)4.88 (8)
2.Black is the Color by TheInnerBeast (03/01/18)4.75 (28)
3.I breathe by Princess_Red (03/12/18)4.50 (6)
4.Our Voices by susansnow (03/13/18)4.33 (6)
5.Why Canada Sucks So Much by Samuelx (03/13/18)1.20 (15)