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I love men, that can’t be denied, But occasionally, I cannot hide. Don’t let it confuse or perplex, I get in the mood, for some lesbian sex. When I feel that way, dick is still king, Wet...

In the mood for girl on girl by Brittni4u

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Today I am horny and quite in the mood, There are times I need sex, just like I need food. No matter my method, it’s sure to feel great, Let me just tell you, how I masturbate. Should I...

How I Masturbate by Brittni4u

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Out of the shower, towel round his waist, Wanting that ass, in plenty of haste. I smack it to see, if his muscle can take, My hand does bring, his excitement awake. I lead him to bed, towel...

Rimming my Man by Brittni4u

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1.In the mood for girl on girl by Brittni4u (10/15/17)4.83 (12)
2.How I Masturbate by Brittni4u (10/05/17)4.77 (31)
3.Rimming my Man by Brittni4u (09/29/17)4.65 (23)
4.The Perv and my Panties by Brittni4u (09/21/17)4.57 (28)
5.Beast by WildWoman1992 (09/20/17)4.09 (11)