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To honor requests and stop the dissention, It’s time to pay, my foot-lovers, attention. Freshly pedicured, from the shop, Colored toenails, sure do pop. Cherry red or sky blue, Black as...

Worship my Feet by Brittni4u

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Never mind Never mind if, she is making jokes about you, in your dreams, she is not. Never mind if, she is bored with you, in your dreams, she is not. Never mind if, her body is not for you, ...

Close your Eyes by Aokiji19

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She led me far beyond the realm of light; Yet still the birds sing songs carefree and gay, And when I happened ‘pon a wishing well The freedom that I sought had given way To something far...

My Transgender Lover by kurrginatorX

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Worship my Feet by Brittni4u (11/14/17)4.72 (18)
2.Close your Eyes by Aokiji19 (11/20/17)4.50 (6)
3.My Transgender Lover by kurrginatorX (11/27/17)4.14 (7)
4.Scorpio's Tongue by DarkScorpio666 (12/03/17)4.00 (6)
5.Collar me by restrainedqueen (11/20/17)3.67 (6)
6.Cunning Linguist by FluentNCliteracy (11/23/17)3.17 (6)