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Thick clouds gathered above me, unexpected clouds of liquid longing. I could not have guessed how drenched they would make me. I could not have imagined how I would dance naked under thunder and...

poem B. by IrishAngel

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Life was out of coffee this morning. It gave me juice and said it was good for me. Life killed someone on the highway. Stuck me in traffic for almost an hour, and played my favorite song on...

Untitled by WillOtheWisp

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Lust. Lust. I feel it in my bust. I want to be the wanton me, Steep'd in promiscuity. A woman bound to sleep around, A whore who'll drop her knickers down For any guy who'll give her one, And...

Lust by MsTrina

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1.poem B. by IrishAngel (11/01/15)4.86 (7)
2.Untitled by WillOtheWisp (11/04/15)4.67 (6)
3.Lust by MsTrina (11/08/15)4.62 (8)
4.In The Style of Bukowski by susansnow (11/04/15)4.33 (6)
5.The Topology of Love by legerdemer (10/30/15)4.25 (8)