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Words sing to me Can you hear them? The cry of a baby waking alone in the night, the soft mewlings when mother makes it all right The triumph in his tone when he speaks his first word and...

Words Sing To Me by qhml1

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As lovers we're lying On the cold hard floor "Yes!", you were thinking I begged you "No more" You grabbed and you groped Your panting all I could hear What you saw was arousal What I felt...

Liar by aRedheadWrites

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A heavy veil opaque as pond water lifted from my face No longer linked arm in arm with despair I now resist his siren song beckoning me to bridges to building rooftops I have stepped...

New Sight by RosyStrife

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Words Sing To Me by qhml1 (02/24/17)4.74 (19)
2.Liar by aRedheadWrites (02/23/17)4.50 (6)
3.New Sight by RosyStrife (03/08/17)4.14 (7)
4.Tears by _Lynn_ (02/24/17)4.12 (8)
5.Pheasant Plucker's Song by oggbashan (03/21/17)3.83 (6)