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I slipped through Grand Central crowds, heading west. Night job finished, I dodged the beautiful people heading to their day jobs. Something hot rolled in my loins, like a shot of whiskey, or that...

Forty Second Street, 9 a.m. by HuckPilgrim

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You cannot see through me. You will never see through me. I won't let you. Yeah, you take me any time you want. But you'll have to push my legs to open. You drive my hips the way you need. ...

No by TranslucentGirl

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This sonnet was inspired by the Tanabata legend. When Orihime let her shuttle fall, Her bobbins, too, and cast her loom aside, And Hikoboshi let his cattle all Disperse, to make his way

A Sonnet for Tanabata by AlwaysHungry

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1.Forty Second Street, 9 a.m. by HuckPilgrim (07/30/15)5.00 (7)
2.No by TranslucentGirl (08/04/15)4.83 (6)
3.A Sonnet for Tanabata by AlwaysHungry (08/26/15)4.75 (8)
4.My wide adoring lips by AlinaX (08/05/15)4.67 (9)
5.Little Oak by Stone_Rhine (07/30/15)4.50 (12)
6.Bliss, A Purgatory by legerdemer (08/14/15)4.33 (9)
7.Her Perfume Was Purple by erectus123 (08/16/15)4.33 (6)
8.The Magic of Your Mouth on Me by SensualBeauty (08/09/15)4.25 (8)
9.Early Morning with Mom by tushkin (08/11/15)4.12 (16)
10.Mark Me... by legerdemer (08/14/15)3.89 (9)
11.Always Hungry by AlwaysHungry (08/19/15)3.83 (6)
12.Timeline of a True Cuckold by CumSlurpingCuckold (08/18/15)3.64 (14)