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Heart breaks, as legs open wide. Soul retreats, desperate to hide. Nipples pink and firm, tighten. Desires base and dirty, frighten . The familiar, becomes a stranger. My marriage, is in...

Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay

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Were I to write my love upon your skin With silver nib, a gift of midnight blue To goddesses of old, like a tattoo, Or carve the words in stone, I would not win. I cannot mark you mine: the...

A Lover's Wish by legerdemer

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Many sing the praises of 69, but I'd rather extol thirty four and a half. Oh the joy to lie beneath your wandering tongue as it seeks out my secret places, Parting the lips to nibble the nub,...

Extolling thirty four and a half by UnderYourSpell

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1.Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay (06/26/16)4.94 (31)
2.A Lover's Wish by legerdemer (07/12/16)4.86 (7)
3.Extolling thirty four and a half by UnderYourSpell (07/09/16)4.62 (8)
4.spanking saved our marriage by Ashesh9 (06/23/16)4.33 (6)
5.Grammarotica by MrMorningwood (07/06/16)4.25 (8)
6.Tell Me by Suckitupbuttercup (06/26/16)4.17 (6)
7.Let's Have Sex On A Chair by Mysteria27 (07/12/16)3.17 (6)
8.Limerick 001 by clarissaj1982 (07/17/16)3.14 (7)