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Let me be your lover Let me be the one Let me hold you tightly Taste you on my tongue Let me feel your curves And share in your desires Let me kiss you deeply Quenching all your fires ...

Let Me Be by Momma_Andrea

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My best friend    has gone away my political foil went with him my fellow adventurer    doesn’t go beyond the driveway now my game mate doesn’t remember the...

Dementia Serenade by Chimera44

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my head is filled with metal bars that hold me to this life I know the chains of fear and locks of doubt are captors I can't overthrow my heart is bound by vows I made with braided rope, its...

asunder by pbwgal

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Let Me Be by Momma_Andrea (09/07/16)5.00 (6)
2.Dementia Serenade by Chimera44 (09/02/16)4.90 (10)
3.asunder by pbwgal (09/09/16)4.57 (7)
4.Dirty Musings. by angel_595 (08/30/16)3.38 (8)