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Time is drawing closer Will eyes stay blinded by fear Reality means full exposure Second thoughts may appear Ready to remove our masks Once caused by distance Too much love to leave this...

One More Question by Jay80

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It was the end of us. The shrapnel, a swarm of single "k's" shredded us until it was just you and me. You wanted to keep me, with empty words like "You complete me." Empty. Empty promises, you...

The End of Us: A Slam Poem by evolvingslowly

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He has a prickly beard. It is like the slow drag of wild brambles across her soft belly. He kisses her lower, there, and she has to close her eyes against his feral hunger. Long before she...

Tomboy by rosilindjune

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1.One More Question by Jay80 (05/15/16)4.93 (14)
2.The End of Us: A Slam Poem by evolvingslowly (01/29/17)4.89 (18)
3.Tomboy by rosilindjune (04/06/16)4.87 (54)
4.Dementia Serenade by Chimera44 (09/02/16)4.86 (21)
5.Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay (06/26/16)4.85 (61)
6.Trust by rosilindjune (04/26/16)4.85 (26)
7.Combustion by Jay80 (05/23/16)4.83 (12)
8.Dear Daddy by kellyjojo (07/12/16)4.83 (12)
9.Bread by rosilindjune (05/17/16)4.82 (28)
10.asunder by pbwgal (09/09/16)4.76 (17)
11.Words Sing To Me by qhml1 (02/24/17)4.75 (20)
12.Seeds Of Desire by Jay80 (05/26/16)4.73 (15)
13.Today: Forever Cries by Jay80 (05/24/16)4.71 (14)
14.Someone Who by Jay80 (05/12/16)4.69 (13)
15.Harvest by rosilindjune (04/03/16)4.68 (47)
16.Kiss At Heaven's Gate by Jay80 (05/31/16)4.67 (12)
17.Bouncing Bliss by Kinkyladyg (08/08/16)4.60 (15)
18.My Sister's Home by MindsMirror (01/04/17)4.58 (12)
19.His Myth of Love by legerdemer (05/12/16)4.57 (14)
20.My Lover, My Brother by VictorN55 (07/26/16)4.56 (16)
21.Oh, the Places You'll Cum! by SultryWifeBedSideDiary (06/06/16)4.55 (11)
22.Shattered by makemewet69 (08/20/16)4.54 (13)
23.Moonlit Cock by Chimera44 (09/30/16)4.45 (11)
24.I like big dicks by TheStarryEyedDreamer (08/01/16)4.36 (11)
25.She by TheInnerBeast (11/19/16)4.36 (14)
26.Nikki's Poem by Fatherlyneed (06/20/16)4.34 (64)
27.Fuck Me by bellaluna515 (11/27/16)4.22 (27)
28.DP Whore by Queen_of_Desire (05/01/16)4.15 (13)
29.In the Wild by AlwaysHungry (05/27/16)3.57 (21)
30.Spankiu [Illustrated] by Ashesh9 (05/27/16)3.44 (18)
31.Prise Open Thy Cheeks...... by Ashesh9 (11/17/16)2.94 (18)
32.a Tennis racquet meets........ by Ashesh9 (06/09/16)2.89 (18)
33.Fucked by Trump by Carnal_Flower (11/16/16)2.83 (18)
34.Breaking The Bond by blacksonja1381 (08/19/16)2.80 (15)
35.Illustrated ....Skirts .. by Ashesh9 (10/20/16)2.62 (13)
36.Illustrated ....Genuine by Ashesh9 (10/20/16)2.42 (12)
37.Accountant's Rear by Ashesh9 (12/29/16)2.36 (11)
38.Slut on a Roof by Ashesh9 (01/10/17)2.29 (14)
39.BDSM Yoga---Illustrated by Ashesh9 (11/17/16)2.17 (12)