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My best friend    has gone away my political foil went with him my fellow adventurer    doesn’t go beyond the driveway now my game mate doesn’t remember the...

Dementia Serenade by Chimera44

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my head is filled with metal bars that hold me to this life I know the chains of fear and locks of doubt are captors I can't overthrow my heart is bound by vows I made with braided rope, its...

asunder by pbwgal

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I love to be restrained Tied down and used for pleasure I love to be fucked and used Kept locked away like precious treasure I love to show off my skills as a slut The pleasureable shame is...

What a milf slut loves by RiaBella69

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Dementia Serenade by Chimera44 (09/02/16)4.88 (24)
2.asunder by pbwgal (09/09/16)4.73 (15)
3.What a milf slut loves by RiaBella69 (04/20/17)4.73 (11)
4.The End of Us: A Slam Poem by evolvingslowly (01/29/17)4.71 (24)
5.Words Sing To Me by qhml1 (02/24/17)4.65 (23)
6.Halloween Poem: Buried Alive by Sandman_Nightmares (10/19/16)4.64 (11)
7.Moonlit Cock by Chimera44 (09/30/16)4.50 (12)
8.She Has a Friend by OG4U (05/29/17)4.43 (14)
9.A Big Dick For Her by Mysteria27 (12/11/16)4.42 (12)
10.My Sister's Home by MindsMirror (01/04/17)4.41 (17)
11.She by TheInnerBeast (11/19/16)4.31 (13)
12.Two Goddesses by blondsubles (02/05/17)4.25 (12)
13.Fuck Me by bellaluna515 (11/27/16)4.22 (27)
14.Tears by _Lynn_ (02/24/17)4.08 (12)
15.Fucked by Trump by Carnal_Flower (11/16/16)3.50 (20)
16.Prise Open Thy Cheeks...... by Ashesh9 (11/17/16)2.95 (22)
17.BDSM Yoga---Illustrated by Ashesh9 (11/17/16)2.75 (16)
18.Illustrated ....Skirts .. by Ashesh9 (10/20/16)2.73 (22)
19.Accountant's Rear by Ashesh9 (12/29/16)2.67 (15)
20.Illustrated ....Genuine by Ashesh9 (10/20/16)2.42 (12)
21.Slut on a Roof by Ashesh9 (01/10/17)2.28 (18)
22.Daniella Seide Of Cap-Haitien by Samuelx (11/01/16)1.00 (22)
23.Kiah Of North Carolina by Samuelx (12/08/16)1.00 (20)
24.Asma Of Libya by Samuelx (09/26/16)1.00 (19)
25.Zainab : Somali MILF in Ottawa by Samuelx (01/24/17)1.00 (18)