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My best friend    has gone away my political foil went with him my fellow adventurer    doesn’t go beyond the driveway now my game mate doesn’t remember the...

Dementia Serenade by Chimera44

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It was the end of us. The shrapnel, a swarm of single "k's" shredded us until it was just you and me. You wanted to keep me, with empty words like "You complete me." Empty. Empty promises, you...

The End of Us: A Slam Poem by evolvingslowly

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Heart breaks, as legs open wide. Soul retreats, desperate to hide. Nipples pink and firm, tighten. Desires base and dirty, frighten . The familiar, becomes a stranger. My marriage, is in...

Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Dementia Serenade by Chimera44 (09/02/16)4.86 (21)
2.The End of Us: A Slam Poem by evolvingslowly (01/29/17)4.85 (20)
3.Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay (06/26/16)4.85 (71)
4.Words Sing To Me by qhml1 (02/24/17)4.76 (21)
5.asunder by pbwgal (09/09/16)4.75 (16)
6.Today: Forever Cries by Jay80 (05/24/16)4.71 (14)
7.Dear Daddy by kellyjojo (07/12/16)4.71 (14)
8.Kiss At Heaven's Gate by Jay80 (05/31/16)4.67 (12)
9.Combustion by Jay80 (05/23/16)4.62 (13)
10.Bouncing Bliss by Kinkyladyg (08/08/16)4.60 (15)
11.Seeds Of Desire by Jay80 (05/26/16)4.56 (16)
12.Oh, the Places You'll Cum! by SultryWifeBedSideDiary (06/06/16)4.55 (11)
13.My Lover, My Brother by VictorN55 (07/26/16)4.53 (15)
14.Moonlit Cock by Chimera44 (09/30/16)4.45 (11)
15.Shattered by makemewet69 (08/20/16)4.38 (16)
16.I like big dicks by TheStarryEyedDreamer (08/01/16)4.36 (11)
17.A Big Dick For Her by Mysteria27 (12/11/16)4.36 (11)
18.My Sister's Home by MindsMirror (01/04/17)4.36 (14)
19.Nikki's Poem by Fatherlyneed (06/20/16)4.35 (69)
20.She by TheInnerBeast (11/19/16)4.31 (13)
21.Fuck Me by bellaluna515 (11/27/16)4.30 (30)
22.Tears by _Lynn_ (02/24/17)4.00 (11)
23.In the Wild by AlwaysHungry (05/27/16)3.57 (21)
24.Spankiu [Illustrated] by Ashesh9 (05/27/16)3.42 (19)
25.Fucked by Trump by Carnal_Flower (11/16/16)3.05 (20)
26.Prise Open Thy Cheeks...... by Ashesh9 (11/17/16)2.90 (21)
27.a Tennis racquet meets........ by Ashesh9 (06/09/16)2.89 (18)
28.Breaking The Bond by blacksonja1381 (08/19/16)2.75 (16)
29.Illustrated ....Skirts .. by Ashesh9 (10/20/16)2.71 (17)
30.BDSM Yoga---Illustrated by Ashesh9 (11/17/16)2.60 (15)
31.Accountant's Rear by Ashesh9 (12/29/16)2.58 (12)
32.Illustrated ....Genuine by Ashesh9 (10/20/16)2.42 (12)
33.Slut on a Roof by Ashesh9 (01/10/17)2.29 (17)
34.Anija of Kerala by Samuelx (06/24/16)1.26 (31)
35.Daniella Seide Of Cap-Haitien by Samuelx (11/01/16)1.00 (27)
36.Asma Of Libya by Samuelx (09/26/16)1.00 (27)
37.Kiah Of North Carolina by Samuelx (12/08/16)1.00 (27)
38.Zainab : Somali MILF in Ottawa by Samuelx (01/24/17)1.00 (26)