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“It’s the worst cuck shit That I ever read.” “You’re a sad little wimp With rocks in your head.” “Need to burn the bitch And leave her for dead.” “Your stories all suck Try...

Nonny Said by Fredoberto

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We've been friends for so many years. We've laughed a lot, and we've shed some tears. Wherever I decide to go there you will be. We'll always be together, forever, you and me. Now, it's...

My Friend by PuckIt

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I unbuckle your pants and slide them down, Your underwear follows them to the ground. Around your ankles, they do bunch, Padding my knees, to enjoy my lunch. I start with your balls, I sniff,...

Your Perfect Blowjob by Brittni4u

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1.Nonny Said by Fredoberto (10/26/17)4.92 (12)
2.My Friend by PuckIt (11/07/17)4.90 (20)
3.Your Perfect Blowjob by Brittni4u (09/14/17)4.84 (74)
4.The Quickie by Brittni4u (09/17/17)4.83 (40)
5.For the Love of Cum by Brittni4u (11/07/17)4.82 (34)
6.Needs by ScentualEncounters (02/08/18)4.82 (11)
7.Worship my Feet by Brittni4u (11/14/17)4.76 (25)
8.How I Masturbate by Brittni4u (10/05/17)4.76 (49)
9.Black is the Color by TheInnerBeast (03/01/18)4.75 (28)
10.She Has a Friend by OG4U (05/29/17)4.74 (31)
11.Close your Eyes by Aokiji19 (11/20/17)4.73 (11)
12.Mother of a Ghost by MelissaBaby (07/27/17)4.71 (24)
13.Angel's Night Before Christmas by ruwild (12/26/17)4.69 (13)
14.What a milf slut loves by RiaBella69 (04/20/17)4.69 (16)
15.Ode to the Titty-Fuck by Brittni4u (11/10/17)4.65 (23)
16.You're a Lady by OG4U (06/29/17)4.65 (17)
17.Hitchhiker's Guide to Halloween by Sandman_Nightmares (09/14/17)4.64 (11)
18.Tell Me by ellen_devlin (09/08/17)4.62 (13)
19.The Perv and my Panties by Brittni4u (09/21/17)4.61 (31)
20.In the mood for girl on girl by Brittni4u (10/15/17)4.60 (20)
21.Rimming my Man by Brittni4u (09/29/17)4.55 (31)
22.To My Anonymous Commenter by avengerfive (01/12/18)4.51 (35)
23.Ode to a Dream by OG4U (07/03/17)4.50 (14)
24.This Naughty Witch by sanishen (10/03/17)4.45 (11)
25.Gentle Man by sanishen (12/15/17)4.45 (11)
26.The Female Heat. by Vaughan1 (12/31/17)4.45 (11)
27.Blowjob Poem by Mari12 (01/18/18)4.35 (17)
28.Primavera by MelissaBaby (07/28/17)4.33 (15)
29.Missed Connection by ExstacyMax (04/16/18)4.25 (12)
30.Beyond, but Remaining by RubenR (01/18/18)4.00 (22)
31.Her Fall Moan by sanishen (10/15/17)4.00 (11)
32.A love to remember by vanalas (05/15/17)3.94 (16)
33.adulterous thighs by Ashesh9 (04/25/17)3.29 (14)
34.Buttocks! by Ashesh9 (05/25/17)3.24 (17)
35.Sexhibition versus Malfunction?! by Ashesh9 (05/25/17)3.09 (11)
36.Top shelf by TopShelfBitch (12/15/17)3.00 (12)
37.Beauty by Ashesh9 (05/25/17)2.92 (13)
38.'You , i will Obey!' by Ashesh9 (05/25/17)2.82 (11)
39.Night Spanking! by Ashesh9 (10/26/17)2.69 (13)
40.Porn by Sexteen01 (04/28/17)2.62 (13)
41.Skirts......Illustrated......Colour by Ashesh9 (09/29/17)2.18 (11)