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He says he is lost without you, that you must never leave him. He loves you, he needs you, and yet, he wants to change you, to tame you. To turn you into one of those women. It's like he...

Alone by karaline

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Let the rain Pour down on me Wash your memory Raise the volume Make the music deafening Shut up my brain Your words Wrap me In my blanket Twice Until I'm surrounded By nothing ...

You're not Here by TranslucentGirl

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I wanna press myself on you Crush into you Melt into you Take your lips, kiss you Tell you everything I know Invent the most outrageous lies To make you smile Crawl in bed with you Then out...

I fall for you - are you ready? by TranslucentGirl

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Alone by karaline (09/23/15)5.00 (12)
2.You're not Here by TranslucentGirl (09/24/15)4.97 (66)
3.I fall for you - are you ready? by TranslucentGirl (09/09/15)4.93 (75)
4.Tomboy by rosilindjune (04/06/16)4.93 (28)
5.Harvest by rosilindjune (04/03/16)4.92 (26)
6.I'm yours by TranslucentGirl (09/24/15)4.92 (62)
7.One Time Only by TranslucentGirl (10/20/15)4.90 (63)
8.Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay (06/26/16)4.84 (55)
9.His Myth of Love by legerdemer (05/12/16)4.83 (12)
10.Red by rosilindjune (01/25/16)4.77 (30)
11.Bread by rosilindjune (05/17/16)4.76 (17)
12.A Hard Fall (Adios) by TranslucentGirl (01/06/16)4.75 (40)
13.Love and Summer by rosilindjune (03/13/16)4.75 (24)
14.Trust by rosilindjune (04/26/16)4.75 (16)
15.Glossolalia by greenmountaineer (09/17/15)4.75 (12)
16.Whole by rosilindjune (11/22/15)4.73 (26)
17.Lust by MsTrina (11/08/15)4.73 (11)
18.Subspace by unpublaauthor (02/28/16)4.73 (11)
19.Dilemma by ShelbyBubbles (03/17/16)4.69 (29)
20.Her Claim by Polthus (01/08/16)4.68 (19)
21.What Is Beautiful by blin18 (12/13/15)4.64 (22)
22.More Than Back, You Took Me In. by greenmountaineer (09/09/15)4.64 (11)
23.Bouncing Bliss by Kinkyladyg (08/07/16)4.60 (15)
24.Elegy for a Narcissist by Carnal_Flower (01/20/16)4.57 (14)
25.Delightful Torment by Lyricalli (09/25/15)4.55 (11)
26.Oh, the Places You'll Cum! by SultryWifeBedSideDiary (06/06/16)4.55 (11)
27.Spanking and Aftercare by unpublaauthor (03/02/16)4.54 (13)
28.The Swallowing Slut by KateSingletary (02/23/16)4.47 (19)
29.Nympho by Yogakay (10/11/15)4.39 (31)
30.Nikki's Poem by Fatherlyneed (06/20/16)4.22 (27)
31.Those Things That Fall Away With Time by AlwaysHungry (09/17/15)4.19 (16)
32.The Topology of Love by legerdemer (10/30/15)4.08 (13)
33.In the Wild by AlwaysHungry (05/27/16)3.58 (12)
34.Black Coffee , White Moon [illustrated] by Ashesh9 (02/04/16)2.69 (16)
35.the Theory of ....Nothing ?! (Illustrated) by Ashesh9 (12/30/15)2.64 (11)