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When I no longer laugh, when the air is dead silent. When the light gets darker, when the roof that's protecting me seems like a basement. So low, cause I got no high. Makes my head spin, ...

Carving Out My Soul by yourbabygirl7

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I wrote this poem for Gather, a Spring Challenge -- a contest hosted by some of the regulars in the Poets' Hangout. The challenge was to pen a poem with the words "anything but spring" included...

The Bird's Nest by Seanathon

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You cannot see through me. You will never see through me. I won't let you. Yeah, you take me any time you want. But you'll have to push my legs to open. You drive my hips the way you need. ...

No by TranslucentGirl

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Carving Out My Soul by yourbabygirl7 (10/30/14)5.00 (14)
2.The Bird's Nest by Seanathon (05/21/15)5.00 (11)
3.No by TranslucentGirl (08/04/15)4.96 (27)
4.The Game by TranslucentGirl (08/09/15)4.96 (26)
5.You are a friend of mine by TranslucentGirl (08/20/15)4.96 (26)
6.I fall for you - are you ready? by TranslucentGirl (09/09/15)4.95 (20)
7.The Me that I Used to Be by yourbabygirl7 (10/30/14)4.89 (19)
8.They don't give a fuck by TranslucentGirl (08/14/15)4.89 (27)
9.Your Toy by TranslucentGirl (08/14/15)4.86 (29)
10.I'm Going to Dance by avrgblkgrl (10/20/14)4.85 (13)
11.Flight of the Intrepid Goddess by AMoveableBeast (04/18/15)4.85 (13)
12.Of Unfinished Things by Seanathon (06/01/15)4.82 (11)
13.Oblivion by LadyElisa (02/28/15)4.79 (14)
14.I'm yours by TranslucentGirl (09/24/15)4.79 (14)
15.Oil of Bergamot by stlgoddessfreya (03/10/15)4.79 (14)
16.Life of Kelly by Apple_of_Eden (03/10/15)4.77 (13)
17.Sleep well my love by Linda_Lee (01/20/15)4.76 (21)
18.Northern Star - A Satire by ellaconnor (03/05/15)4.75 (16)
19.The Toy by FelatiaAllday (06/26/15)4.73 (15)
20.Drunk On You by AMoveableBeast (01/14/15)4.73 (11)
21.Deleted Messages by Welshdreamer42 (01/29/15)4.73 (11)
22.Heisenberg's Principle by legerdemer (01/17/15)4.69 (13)
23.You're not Here by TranslucentGirl (09/24/15)4.69 (13)
24.Claim Me, Own Me by Welshdreamer42 (10/15/14)4.67 (12)
25.Stardust by DaddysTastyTreat (11/12/14)4.67 (12)
26.Fear by _Lynn_ (07/06/15)4.65 (17)
27.My Favorite Kinks by small_town_girl (01/04/15)4.63 (41)
28.Son of Adam by AMoveableBeast (05/12/15)4.62 (13)
29.Little Oak by Stone_Rhine (07/30/15)4.57 (14)
30.Fucking comedy of error by lisahotnsxy (11/25/14)4.56 (16)
31.Early Morning with Mom by tushkin (08/11/15)4.53 (19)
32.My Man Is by avrgblkgrl (12/29/14)4.50 (12)
33.Shadow of My Dreams by DreamCloud (03/08/15)4.47 (30)
34.Twin Haiku by MindsMirror (02/15/15)4.47 (15)
35.For You, During Rain by IanSaulWhitcomb (05/20/15)4.45 (11)
36.A thorough fuck by lisahotnsxy (11/30/14)4.41 (27)
37.His Hands by ThatOneBlindGuy (11/13/14)4.40 (15)
38.Those Raven Summer Nights by blin18 (01/07/15)4.37 (27)
39.You Own Me, Use Me by Welshdreamer42 (12/07/14)4.36 (11)
40.Why I Hate Survivor by steves_mom (12/11/14)4.36 (11)
41.Tell Me A Story by avrgblkgrl (11/23/14)4.36 (11)
42.A Slut's Life by masterofnymphoslut (03/23/15)4.33 (15)
43.Miniskirt by mrsterygor (10/12/14)4.18 (11)
44.Timeline of a True Cuckold by CumSlurpingCuckold (08/18/15)4.07 (14)
45.I Dream of You by legerdemer (05/25/15)3.53 (15)