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Heart breaks, as legs open wide. Soul retreats, desperate to hide. Nipples pink and firm, tighten. Desires base and dirty, frighten . The familiar, becomes a stranger. My marriage, is in...

Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay

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You said one night You said one time That's all You said no goodbye kiss You said no phone calls You walk alone You said come over here You said it's just a fuck Live the moment You...

One Time Only by TranslucentGirl

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He has a prickly beard. It is like the slow drag of wild brambles across her soft belly. He kisses her lower, there, and she has to close her eyes against his feral hunger. Long before she...

Tomboy by rosilindjune

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay (06/26/16)4.92 (62)
2.One Time Only by TranslucentGirl (10/20/15)4.91 (64)
3.Tomboy by rosilindjune (04/06/16)4.88 (49)
4.Red by rosilindjune (01/25/16)4.84 (44)
5.Harvest by rosilindjune (04/03/16)4.83 (42)
6.His Myth of Love by legerdemer (05/12/16)4.83 (12)
7.Bread by rosilindjune (05/17/16)4.83 (23)
8.Trust by rosilindjune (04/26/16)4.80 (20)
9.Love and Summer by rosilindjune (03/13/16)4.79 (28)
10.Whole by rosilindjune (11/22/15)4.77 (30)
11.A Hard Fall (Adios) by TranslucentGirl (01/06/16)4.76 (42)
12.Lust by MsTrina (11/08/15)4.73 (11)
13.Subspace by unpublaauthor (02/28/16)4.73 (11)
14.Dilemma by ShelbyBubbles (03/17/16)4.69 (29)
15.Her Claim by Polthus (01/08/16)4.68 (19)
16.What Is Beautiful by blin18 (12/13/15)4.64 (22)
17.My Lover, My Brother by VictorN55 (07/26/16)4.62 (13)
18.Elegy for a Narcissist by Carnal_Flower (01/20/16)4.60 (15)
19.Bouncing Bliss by Kinkyladyg (08/08/16)4.60 (15)
20.Delightful Torment by Lyricalli (09/25/15)4.55 (11)
21.Oh, the Places You'll Cum! by SultryWifeBedSideDiary (06/06/16)4.55 (11)
22.Spanking and Aftercare by unpublaauthor (03/02/16)4.54 (13)
23.The Swallowing Slut by KateSingletary (02/23/16)4.47 (19)
24.Nympho by Yogakay (10/11/15)4.39 (31)
25.Nikki's Poem by Fatherlyneed (06/20/16)4.12 (34)
26.The Topology of Love by legerdemer (10/30/15)4.08 (13)
27.In the Wild by AlwaysHungry (05/27/16)3.64 (14)
28.a Tennis racquet meets........ by Ashesh9 (06/09/16)3.00 (13)
29.the Red-Cheeked Muse..... by Ashesh9 (12/30/15)3.00 (11)
30.the Theory of ....Nothing ?! (Illustrated) by Ashesh9 (12/30/15)2.64 (11)
31.Black Coffee , White Moon [illustrated] by Ashesh9 (02/04/16)2.63 (19)