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and for what is it not to enjoy. TK U MLJ LV NV

Dear Kitty

I know not of which you speak. I don't remember anything like what you describe as ever happening. Whatever happened was obviously less than memorable. By the way I don't know anyone named Kitty. UGH!

Well writen

I read this in the morning as my wife sucked my cock,,,it was so hot it made me cum before I wanted to ,,she had a mouthful of cum instead of a cock up her,,,she was not happy until she read it ,,then forgave me


Please, this letter needs a reply, or a chapter or two....

Economics is not a science.

Economists can't do reproducable experiments, so it is not a "natural" science.

Economics can only "prove" things deductively. All deductive proofs begin with things proven with reproducable experiments or with assumptions that are not proven, they are assumed. So, economists all begin with assumptions and prove things from them.

Euclid, in his classic proofs of Plane Geometry, began with what in English are called definitions, axioms, and postulates. These words are just different words for assumptions. But, Euclid did it right. He put all the assumptions at the start of his work for all to see. Everyone could decide for themselves if they thought any of his assumptions was false. This is important because if any premis/assumption in a proof is not true then the proof is worthless, the conclusion can't be proven with false assumptions.

Have any of you readers ever seen a complete list of the assumptions that any school of economics uses to make its proofs? I haven't, in fact I have never seen even a shot list. The assumptions I have seen were mostly all false, in my opinion.

Therefore, I deduse that economists are trying to pull wool over the worlds eyes. They claim to prove things, but hide their assumptions. This is a sign that they are lying.

The thing is that economics matters in the real world in the lives of every person in a modern nation. The theory used to decide what the government does helps some and hurts others. Because of that there is a strong tendency for economists to decide what their patrons want proven and then set out to prove that (hiding any false assumptions they must use to do it).

The current economic theory used by the US Gov. and the EU and the World Bank, etc. is wrong. Austerity does not balance budgets. It can't because before there is there is enough pain in the street to do it, there are riots in those streets. The government falls and another takes its place. In fact US Federal gov. defits are necessary to add "money" to the banking system (in peoples' and comps'. deposits) there by letting everyone add to their savings year after year. Running a Fed. gov. surplus is a horrible thing. The last time we did it we got the recession of the early Bush II years. In fact the gov. has run a surplus for a couple of years straight just 8 times in all of US history. Every single time there was a "Bank Panic", recession, or depression. Every single time. Eight out of 8. That should tell you something.

If you want to see a better economic theory google "MMT & Prof. Wray". That will get you to Modern Money Theory. I'll be frank with you. All main stream economists and politicians say it is just bunk. That doesn't make it wrong because most of those people can't see the truth of what I wrote above; that is, that 1 false assumption destroys the proof and economists use many false assumptions in their proofs. I hope some of you will at least look at what you can easily find with google and decide for yoursevles.

Enjoyable and Fun Read!

This was a very enjoyable and fun read. I like stories where the cheaters lose and non-cheaters win. It was a little too easy to figure out where you were going with it. But still a fun read. Thanks for the story.


Yes, it is without a doubt the first time in my life I have been envious...of a plantain.

Clever, creative, and very well researched. Enjoyed it.




It's about a blow job...

...and I am a gay man. What's NOT to love? ;)

Very impressed by the way you took a standard activity and turned into something special by utilizing the "Letters" category. But that kind of thing is what always makes reading your stories so special too...finding out what path you are taking us down and being happily surprised at what we discover at the end.

Great job!

Very hot writing

I have read two of your three stories, good job! As a man you make me want to fulfill the dream. Keep it up.

Excellent !

a nice, quiet, and, most importantly, a very well researched story. (It is, also, as hot as a story of this type could be.) A "5"

An amends letter

Very interesting. Making an "amends" is not an apology, the word means "to make it right." Is there any way to make it right with this guy 14 years later? Hopefully he dealt with his own issues, the ones that attracted him to someone who would treat him this way.

Hopefully the author wrote this as part of her own healing and benefited from the experience. A "real" amends doesn't get posted on literotica as entertainment, but hopefully it is educational to anyone who has been involved with and hurt by an alcoholic.

Best thing the author can do is heal her own hurt and not harm no more. Because hurt people hurt people. Hope the chain is broken.

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