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I absolutely loved this. It was delightfully sexy. Such a simple, elegant little story. Bravo.


Letter was too long. Would have stopped reading after 2nd paragraph. Should have written as story instead.


So very sexy and erotic. Beautifully written. Hope you post more!


Thanks for sharing.


Exact and to the point. Fucking cunt whore.

They Belong Together

A fucking cunt and a jerkoff prick cheating asshole. Sounds like the perfect marriage to me. In hell.


Good read

liked it a lot,clear concise right to the jugular

Loved It!!

Steve is a man with balls. Not the usual cucky, wimp we sadly see so much of on Lit.

Well, I liked: 4****

Now I'll read your other stories. Thanks, tom anon


I need this in my lifeeee :'(

Not Sure

Who doesn't like your stories but I for one like all three on here and hope you write more. it would be nice to see No Wimps.

story was okay

short but top the point I think. like the effort too.

Dear Lisa

Thank you for your letter. My attorney LOVED IT! He said it will make the division of the marital assets 75%(me) 25% (you) so much easier. When you get home you will find all your things in your parents garage. They were REAL upset when I showed up with your stuff (sorry, I was a little angry so I just shoved everything into garbage bags. I TRIED not to break anything, but you know how it goes) and wanted to put it in their garage. But they changed their minds when I handed them a copy of your letter. A lot of your friends seemed a tad upset with you when I forwarded your letter to everyone on your "friends" list. Oh well. Enjoy life as a single. You certainly earned your divorce.


Uhh, no wait officer! Uhh, that wasn't me doing a line, no siree.

Amy, you have a nose for comedy. And as for your critics, they are not worth the powder to blow them away!

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