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Poor befuddled Ariana

Must be hard keeping track of who she told what to when trying to scam people like that for a living. Got to give her points for persistence though, lol.

I found this particular line hilarious:
"[6/03/2015 7:59:29 PM] Adriana: oh well i cant wait for that to happen so how much do u take as your salary and when??"
Sounds like a dodgy loan adviser.


Many gay people lie to themselves, or try to

That's how much pressure society puts on people not to be gay (it's been getting better, but anyone who's old enough to be where Erica is was raised in the dark ages). Erica probably felt the stirrings in her teen years, but convinced herself that it was "just a phase," because the alternative and what it might mean to her future life was too horrible to contemplate. Then she met Jim, who she seems to see as Mr. Perfect, she did the expected thing, married, raised a family and convinced herself that everything was ok. Until it wasn't.

I will take a hard line here.

She deserved it for her betrayal and I hope she enjoyed her sex with the younger (15 years?) man. Possibly he had a bigger dick, too. She deserved just what she got, John should have a drink.


I too need reading lessons! I raced through the story too quickly! (I tend to do that, which is why I usually re-read stories, soon after, just in case). Someone mentioned multi tasking, well I don't do that well!
How did I miss the fact that SHE killed the lover? The lesson obviously being that I should practice what I preach, and give MY undivided attention when reading!
Again, apologies for the idiotic error in my previous comment!

"Startling retribution for have a lover and being a mean husband"

Ah, he was a murderer, which is slightly worse than being 'mean'. Informing the police, (albeit belatedly) hardly seems to be 'startling retribution'! It's called having a conscience.
Also, where do people learn to read these days? By text? Doesn't anyone understand the use of italics in writing anymore? How hard is it to comprehend that she is having an internal dialogue while writing the letter? There should be no confusion! The author doesn't need an editor, those readers need english lessons! Read more books, people!


a well thought out short story which makes the reader think....

Good Luck Brad!

You are a braver man than I to admit your feelings like that. I once was in conversation with a porn star I greatly admired. Unfortunately I was immature and inexperienced which meant that I ended up coming off as needy and creepy. It's one of those things where you need to treat them as you would any other person and how you yourself would like to be treated. I hope this works out for you!

Well this reminds me so much of so many emails I get to one of my junk addresses. I ignore them now, but I was curious enough in the early days to respond to one, and it quickly became apparent that it was a scam. I'm not sure but I think I was scammed while cybersexing with someone on Yahoo. The time and dates seem to correlate, but still don't want to think ill of another person even if I never truly knew who they were. Since then I've learnt my lesson and I don't cyber with anyone just to make sure.

Revenge is sweet

Brilliant story of revenge. I would just like to point out I have visited Oslo many times during the summer and it is a lovely city with some awesome museums, but perhaps it is different in the winter. Anyway, I really got into the atmosphere of the office politics and the style of a letter really worked for me.


I've been getting emails from an Adriana saying that she saw my profile on Facebook and was interested.
I don't have a Facebook account.
(Just can't accept their lack of respect for privacy or security)

Adriana = scammer?


I'm glad you clarified that the letter was not your story.

Still, that had to come from some very deep places.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It drew me in. Your writing is outstanding.

LeggyKathy, your stories are so hot! I love it when I'm alone so I can sit and read all of your fantasies. It's nice when my beautiful wife and my son are out for the afternoon....gives me time to day dream about a woman like "Kathy", a MILF that loves to show off her legs for the pleasure of men other than just her husband.

My wife also enjoys reading stories on Literotica. Sometimes we will read other people's fantasies here while we make love, and it never fails to get us off big time. Needless to say "Kathy", I read your stories with my wife and, well, you know what happens next....

oh my god i fucking loved this you should do more..she is one lucky girl to have you that just got me off, keep up the good work ;)

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