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AAAH the memories.

35 years ago wrote a similar letter to my first wife. This story is just as enjoyable as that one was. Out standing.


Why would you admit your own infidelity in a letter to your soon to be ex? The state may be no fault, however, if one wants to drag out a divorce for a better cut of assets, infidelity is one of them. I think it's for cause or something like that. But to write it down? Really? Just plain not smart. You may feel better and there really is no proof one way or the other. Why bother? Just get divorced and go your merry way with your new lover. Then you can write whatever you want without potential consequence. Sigh. But a nice read. Thanks for that.

Great story, really enjoyed.

Had me glued and anticipating every return message from her!

You trashed poor Tris!

And she deserved it. How do people say they love someone that lied to and disrespected?

Not as good as the previous two, still I voted a 4


Here is my thought. That letter's only purpose is to help her soul heal while she's trying to stay sober. It has no real feeling or emotion and is worthless as an apology. If Vinnie gets this I say it would only piss him off more because it makes him realize what a drunk worthless cunt she really was to him.
Just my opinion
no rating


I just cant see her giving anything up. TK U MLJ LV NV


Finally, of all the stories I've read on Literotica-loving wives, someone is actually writing about how I would respond if presented with an unfaithful wife. Good job!!

Fun story

Some very insightful feelings and actions. Often plain looking women have skills that are unexpected. Women that make the effort are usually rewarded.

The comments are right on the nose with this couple having an arrangement within their marriage. I appreciate the feedback. I had fun imagining him getting those pictures, watching & seeing. Had I told the story different, it would have belonged in a different category than Letters & Transcripts, but that was what sparked my interest, could I "show" instead of "tell" what happened. Of course, I couldn't add pictures, those are up to your sexy little brain to provide. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Hot story as long as it's not me. I can't wrap my head around guys enjoying their wives fucking someone else it makes me crazy. Also the percentage of marriages that end because they think they can handle that or one of them eventually starts to have feelings for the other person. I say get it all out of your system until you feel you are done with variety and ready to commit

To the Last Commenter, Anonymous

Well, Anonymous, you might have thought it was complete shit, but you read all 9 chapters. Feeling a little guilty about how much it turned you on as you look at the cum on your hand?

Long time fan

I know this is ridiculously old and you probably won't ever see this message, but I absolutely adore your work and usually read the same stories of yours over and over. The writing, the emotions, they are brilliant. This was incredibly moving to read. Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul.

Absolute Shit

Rated a *1*. Couldn't go any lower.

Back on literotica?? Really?

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