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Thanks for the read.


Oh my god this story has made me so wet that I had to cum! More pleaee!


Two people looking at the same reality and seeing completely different problems and solutions. Very done Susan...


Is chapter #2 where Esther comes out swinging and gets told to her Face that she is No Longer needed. And the kids should have a say Maybe they don't want to stay with Mom. Anyways I Liked the Story but it should be followed up on.

Uh What?

You have the right idea. It seems that English is not your first or primary language. Please get an editor. They are volunteers, and they are here on Literotica to help make your work easier to read and understand.

how totally awesome could use some more teasing then fucking

Thought about your post "how to" all day long. Have just read this one.
It's important that somebody speaks out.
My situation, similar to yours in more than one way, is absurd and I just need some backbone I guess.
Your posts have been inspirational.
Now I just need to decide when "enough is enough" for me.
Again, thanks

Short but sweet

Well done for telling a nice little story in so few words. This was very good. Five stars and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Always something different from Elliebabe.

Dark and twisted. Quite a departure from last year's Nude Day story!

Off-putting Italics

I'm no expert but don't you use italics to highlight something or express brief inner thoughts? I couldn't work out if you were trying to write an exhibitionist or BDSM story. This surely has no place in letters and transcripts.

Also, you badly need a copy editor as the mistakes are a problem for readers.

Being fairly new here, a friend suggested I check out your work and I have enjoyed your very good erotic stories. But 'Cinna' seems to me a self-indulgence where you try to write a 'stream of consciousness' post rather than a story.

I don't know if you and Bucky Duckman are the same or you pay her for sycophancy.

Wow. I'm pleasantly surprised. This is darker than I would have expected from you.

It's black, in a lot of ways. I like it.

It's sparse, a little creepy, with an uncomfortable intimacy, a personal closeness. I think it makes great use of the "letters and transcripts" category, which is a hard one to do, and is an excellent take on the "Nude Day" theme. Not the art model bit. That will be common, I'm sure, but in the way the main character is "uncovered" and "revealed". It is dishonesty and truth as clothing and nudity. It's a double entendre, and a good one.

This was nicely done. Classy. I'm not sure your scores will be great--it has a lot of elements that hurt votes and is missing the fluff that people sometimes search for. It won't make people feel good, but it's artful, ambitious, and challenging, and, to me, that is worth a lot more than a high score.

Deep and dangerous. One of my favorite things I have read by you.

Outstanding! Puts the Literature into Literotica!

Seldom have I read a story with the power and impact of this one, and done in so few words, too! A single page of Lit writing was all Ellie needed to craft this tale which twists at the end with the skill of horror writer (think Poe or Lovecraft, my friends). Remarkable writing that deserves to be read slowly and savored. GREAT JOB!

Really good

Over here in England we have the BBC Radio 4 which is talk (well not music & I do not listen to it much) and a number of other speciality and local stations. Somehow I doubt if any of them are quite like this (especially not Radio 4). Oh well, we tend to believe that anything is possible in foreign parts – America for me in this case.

This was really, really good. I actually read every line of the sex scene description (no fast forwarding at all). Like many of the best stories, you know you are on a train that is about to crash but are unsure how it will turn out. As I was meant to, I feared that the slimy pair would get her to strip and, as I was meant to, I longed for the two of them to suffer a dreadful fate. Instead and much better, we had them masturbating noisily and were left with the lady leaving with clothes (if not reputation) intact and a little uncertainty whether the ghastly slime bag was actually going to buy her jewellery and get his evil way.

The counterpoint of the account of the flashing/exhibitionism and the interruptions and remarks from the two creeps was really inspired.

This is the best story I have read from you after ‘I won a basket of porn’. Well done.

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