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thank you for your comment

First; thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate how you tried to help me.

You've really helped me to see what a whiny ditz I've been. I should just be obeying unconditionally, I see that now.

I am sorry for being so hopeless.

Ally. X


It makes no sense, your willing to submit to Jack but you won't do everything he tells you without assurance. If he's as dominating as he sounds, then he won't be too happy.


Short and to the point. He hit all the points out of the cheaters' handbook of excuses.
He did what he had to do and didn't cry about it. She got what she deserved. He didn't buy into the "I Love only you" crap that cheaters always use after they are caught. Well Done and Thank You for writing it. Now I have to go and read all your stories.


it was EZ cum EZ go, life in the mid-stream. TK U MLJ LV NV


Is now almost as bad as Santos and is without any positive qualities at all.

uhh yes

Oh fuck yes!!!


the story just ends like that ? there is no ending !!!

I feel the total opposite. You ruined the fucking story for me. The whole thing that made this story work for me was he was wronged and looking to right that wrong. However he doesn't go forward to better himself instead he becomes just like Santos.

A nice tie-up to a good story. You did suprise me with the ending....Jack continuing his activities and he and Brit not living happily ever after. Good to see you didn't go the fairy tale route. A well written story, good job.

Thank you for your comment

Thank you for your comment. I hope Jack also finds it sincere.
Sorry about the misspelling - I can be such a ditz.

Ally. X

Very earnest, very hot.

You misspelled "degradation" as "degradatation" in your word tags.

Jack of Diamonds is a hard card to find.

Never delete my comment again. I'll repeat myself: make the next letter
more detailed if you really do want to serve me.

Read your story 'cum sponge' - fact not fiction is my guess and cum sponge is certainly an appropriate moniker for you Ally.

Do not disappoint me again.

J of D

Thank you!

I am glad that you liked it. I had been searching this kind of story/experience for a long time. I feel vulnerable people who does not take care of themselves in the environment that my story has, should be subject to punishment or something like that. It has been one of the greatest fantasies for a long time!

Frisky little tale

I like this story. The all dialogue format seems to work in this story very nicely. I like the characters and the imminent conflict both I the matches and between the competitors.

Grammar and syntax errors are distracting.

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