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I unbuckle your pants and slide them down, Your underwear follows them to the ground. Around your ankles, they do bunch, Padding my knees, to enjoy my lunch. I start with your balls, I sniff,...

Your Perfect Blowjob by Brittni4u

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Sit right back and I’ll tell you a story, For some it is gross, for others it’s gory. Now don’t be shocked or play dumb, To learn that this girl, loves men’s cum. You might think slutty...

For the Love of Cum by Brittni4u

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You give me that look, just after we met, Between my legs, it becomes so wet. A wink and smile, I nod my head, Follow me now, behind the shed. In the moonlight, the air so free, Watching booty...

The Quickie by Brittni4u

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3.The Quickie by Brittni4u (09/17/17)4.83 (41)
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9.Ode to the Titty-Fuck by Brittni4u (11/10/17)4.65 (23)
10.The Perv and my Panties by Brittni4u (09/21/17)4.61 (31)
11.In the mood for girl on girl by Brittni4u (10/15/17)4.60 (20)
12.Tell Me by ellen_devlin (09/08/17)4.58 (12)
13.Rimming my Man by Brittni4u (09/29/17)4.55 (31)
14.Blowjob Poem by Mari12 (01/18/18)4.50 (12)
15.The Female Heat. by Vaughan1 (12/31/17)4.45 (11)
16.That Sound... by ellen_devlin (03/26/17)4.39 (18)
17.Primavera by MelissaBaby (07/28/17)4.33 (15)