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You give me that look, just after we met, Between my legs, it becomes so wet. A wink and smile, I nod my head, Follow me now, behind the shed. In the moonlight, the air so free, Watching booty...

The Quickie by Brittni4u

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I unbuckle your pants and slide them down, Your underwear follows them to the ground. Around your ankles, they do bunch, Padding my knees, to enjoy my lunch. I start with your balls, I sniff,...

Your Perfect Blowjob by Brittni4u

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I love men, that can’t be denied, But occasionally, I cannot hide. Don’t let it confuse or perplex, I get in the mood, for some lesbian sex. When I feel that way, dick is still king, Wet...

In the mood for girl on girl by Brittni4u

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1.The Quickie by Brittni4u (09/17/17)4.90 (30)
2.Your Perfect Blowjob by Brittni4u (09/14/17)4.85 (33)
3.In the mood for girl on girl by Brittni4u (10/15/17)4.83 (12)
4.How I Masturbate by Brittni4u (10/05/17)4.77 (31)
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10.She by TheInnerBeast (11/19/16)4.31 (13)
11.Two Goddesses by blondsubles (02/05/17)4.31 (13)
12.That Sound... by ellen_devlin (03/26/17)4.27 (15)
13.Fuck Me by bellaluna515 (11/27/16)4.25 (28)
14.Beast by WildWoman1992 (09/20/17)4.09 (11)
15.Zainab : Somali MILF in Ottawa by Samuelx (01/24/17)1.00 (18)