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I'm going to dance  And you  You are going to watch  As I let my hair down  Ease slowly  Out of everything  That I was not born in  I'm going to let...

I'm Going to Dance by avrgblkgrl

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You see I am a victim of impulse The sound of my own breathing Deafens all When the beat of my heart Hits a rhythm Only the other Recognizes First the senses The eyes, the mind, the...

A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl

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Ode to a Squirter As heaven sends its waters to green fields And fallow lands across the globing dome, Where plowmen grip their plows toward harvest home And scattered seed becomes autumnal...

Ode to a Squirter by pegleghegel

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1.I'm Going to Dance by avrgblkgrl (10/20/14)4.85 (13)
2.A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl (08/05/14)4.84 (19)
3.Ode to a Squirter by pegleghegel (05/05/14)4.82 (11)
4.Oil of Bergamot by stlgoddessfreya (03/10/15)4.82 (11)
5.The Two Sides of Me by Welshdreamer42 (07/20/14)4.79 (14)
6.Oblivion by LadyElisa (02/28/15)4.79 (14)
7.Jack and Jill: The Truth by rexspaulding (05/14/14)4.76 (17)
8.The New National Pastime… by Oedipus_Sex (07/31/14)4.76 (21)
9.Sleep well my love by Linda_Lee (01/20/15)4.74 (19)
10.Down and Under Your Spell by HoneyAdored (05/14/14)4.69 (13)
11.The Last Time We Fucked by HeartnSole (06/08/14)4.69 (16)
12.It's All About Eve by HoneyAdored (06/03/14)4.67 (18)
13.The Muse's Poem by avrgblkgrl (07/03/14)4.67 (18)
14.The Animal Within by Lia Monde (07/03/14)4.60 (20)
15.Ode to the Pen is... by HoneyAdored (05/15/14)4.60 (15)
16.My Favorite Kinks by small_town_girl (01/04/15)4.59 (29)
17.Ohhh by Magnum69 (09/08/14)4.58 (12)
18.Would You Mind It? by patientlee (08/27/14)4.56 (16)
19.Northern Star - A Satire by ellaconnor (03/05/15)4.55 (11)
20.Tell Me by DonnaBeck (07/30/14)4.48 (27)
21.on the eating of soft fruit by butters (05/06/14)4.47 (17)
22.'O'logy by HoneyAdored (09/04/14)4.44 (16)
23.His Hands by ThatOneBlindGuy (11/13/14)4.44 (16)
24.Cherry Pop by HoneyAdored (05/15/14)4.38 (13)
25.Cybersex Before We Meet by steves_mom (07/31/14)4.38 (13)
26.How come by JWren (08/06/14)4.38 (16)
27.Mustaches by SweetPrettyAss (05/05/14)4.36 (14)
28.For the Master's Pleasure by HoneyAdored (05/27/14)4.36 (14)
29.A thorough fuck by lisahotnsxy (11/30/14)4.15 (13)
30.A Sweet Fuck by Hypoxia (08/05/14)4.08 (12) are My...An Ode to a submissive by Apple_of_Eden (09/09/14)3.83 (12)
32.Full Service by riverboy (05/04/14)3.59 (17)
33.In Slipped A Cock by riverboy (05/04/14)3.21 (19)