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Heart breaks, as legs open wide. Soul retreats, desperate to hide. Nipples pink and firm, tighten. Desires base and dirty, frighten . The familiar, becomes a stranger. My marriage, is in...

Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay

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The fruit is mine but I will share. Pull back the supple skin. Open the tender cut. Inside, waiting, is a warm succulent pulp with only one seed. Dip your fingers deep. Lick them...

Harvest by rosilindjune

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I am a red clay pot that you have set down deep into the fire. Swollen with your heat, I crack and split to become a thousand hot shards. Quiet man, with your red beard and...

Red by rosilindjune

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Erotic Poetry

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1.Becoming a Hotwife by Yogakay (06/26/16)4.88 (74)
2.Harvest by rosilindjune (04/03/16)4.84 (45)
3.Red by rosilindjune (01/25/16)4.84 (51)
4.His Myth of Love by legerdemer (05/12/16)4.83 (12)
5.Bread by rosilindjune (05/17/16)4.82 (28)
6.Combustion by Jay80 (05/23/16)4.82 (11)
7.Subspace by unpublaauthor (02/28/16)4.75 (12)
8.asunder by pbwgal (09/09/16)4.75 (12)
9.Seeds Of Desire by Jay80 (05/26/16)4.71 (14)
10.Dilemma by ShelbyBubbles (03/17/16)4.69 (29)
11.Bouncing Bliss by Kinkyladyg (08/08/16)4.60 (15)
12.My Lover, My Brother by VictorN55 (07/26/16)4.56 (16)
13.Spanking and Aftercare by unpublaauthor (03/02/16)4.54 (13)
14.Shattered by makemewet69 (08/20/16)4.54 (13)
15.She by TheInnerBeast (11/19/16)4.54 (13)
16.Oh, the Places You'll Cum! by SultryWifeBedSideDiary (06/06/16)4.50 (12)
17.Nikki's Poem by Fatherlyneed (06/20/16)4.35 (63)
18.DP Whore by Queen_of_Desire (05/01/16)4.33 (12)
19.Fuck Me by bellaluna515 (11/27/16)4.29 (24)
20.The Swallowing Slut by KateSingletary (02/23/16)4.27 (26)
21.Phone Sex by KateSingletary (02/24/16)3.69 (13)
22.when girls bend cock by evebroughtanaxthistime (03/25/16)3.58 (12)