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You see I am a victim of impulse The sound of my own breathing Deafens all When the beat of my heart Hits a rhythm Only the other Recognizes First the senses The eyes, the mind, the...

A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl

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I'm going to dance  And you  You are going to watch  As I let my hair down  Ease slowly  Out of everything  That I was not born in  I'm going to let...

I'm Going to Dance by avrgblkgrl

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Adoration Sent Passion created upon a keyboard Edited, amended, honed to perfection Patient construction dripping with sex Oozing lust, declarations of desire. Craving your words I wait,...

Adoration Sent by Welshdreamer42

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1.A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl (08/05/14)4.86 (22)
2.I'm Going to Dance by avrgblkgrl (10/20/14)4.85 (13)
3.Adoration Sent by Welshdreamer42 (07/02/14)4.83 (12)
4.The Two Sides of Me by Welshdreamer42 (07/20/14)4.81 (16)
5.The New National Pastime… by Oedipus_Sex (07/31/14)4.78 (23)
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7.Oil of Bergamot by stlgoddessfreya (03/10/15)4.77 (13)
8.Drunk On You by AMoveableBeast (01/14/15)4.75 (12)
9.Sleep well my love by Linda_Lee (01/20/15)4.74 (19)
10.Northern Star - A Satire by ellaconnor (03/05/15)4.71 (14)
11.The Muse's Poem by avrgblkgrl (07/03/14)4.67 (18)
12.Claim Me, Own Me by Welshdreamer42 (10/15/14)4.64 (11)
13.My Favorite Kinks by small_town_girl (01/04/15)4.60 (35)
14.Would You Mind It? by patientlee (08/27/14)4.59 (17)
15.Ohhh by Magnum69 (09/08/14)4.58 (12)
16.Fucking comedy of error by lisahotnsxy (11/25/14)4.56 (16)
17.Twin Haiku by MindsMirror (02/15/15)4.50 (14)
18.Tell Me by DonnaBeck (07/30/14)4.43 (28)
19.How come by JWren (08/06/14)4.41 (17)
20.'O'logy by HoneyAdored (09/04/14)4.41 (17)
21.His Hands by ThatOneBlindGuy (11/13/14)4.40 (15)
22.Cybersex Before We Meet by steves_mom (07/31/14)4.38 (13)
23.A thorough fuck by lisahotnsxy (11/30/14)4.38 (24)
24.A Slut's Life by masterofnymphoslut (03/23/15)4.36 (11)
25.Miniskirt by mrsterygor (10/12/14)4.18 (11)
26.A Sweet Fuck by Hypoxia (08/05/14)4.08 (12) are My...An Ode to a submissive by Apple_of_Eden (09/09/14)3.83 (12)