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Authors note: Hello everyone. I hope you have been enjoying this series of the Tables. Thank you once again to David and Kate for being my second set of eyes. Enjoy! ~ellie. *** "Look, I wish...

The Twelve Zenati Pt. 09 by xelliebabex

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Everyone has a story about their first time. Some are sweet and romantic, some are incredible, some are bizarre and some are disasters. My story may be all those things rolled into one. When I think...

Word of Mouth by lgreenwood

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Sunday I both texted and called Jean-Luc to tell him he didn't have to come to the picnic. He didn't back out. He picked me up on time. It was a very short drive to the lake. Short but still long...

Marcy's Playground Pt. 03 by MJRoberts

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First Time

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1.The Twelve Zenati Pt. 09
I do. by xelliebabex (11/21/18)
4.90 (236)
2.Harp Un-strung
How can they ever fall in love? by Sammael Bard (08/24/15)
4.89 (5488)
3.Word of Mouth
Not the usual, run-of-the-mill first-time story. by lgreenwood (11/01/13)
4.88 (10156)
4.Marcy's Playground Pt. 03
Summer wanes and Marcy tries to double down on her education. by MJRoberts (01/06/16)
4.87 (1507)
5.Nudity is For The Birds
Nude Day nerds find shared love of birds and each other. by Kethandra (06/22/15)
4.86 (2764)
6.Graduation Ch. 01
Bookworm HS teacher gives parting lessons to sensitive jock. by member9458 (06/16/16)
4.86 (1571)
7.Alice and I
An old friend comes back to town. by clarkcrow (07/22/17)
4.86 (748)
8.Tucker's Studio Ch. 04
The Christian Boy. by riverboy (01/04/16)
4.86 (600)
9.Androshorts: The Village Witch
Strangely attracted to the strange woman. by Androgynousother (03/17/18)
4.84 (701)
10.Chinese Takeout Ch. 04
Baby Blue - Jay-Lin heads off for her workout at Quebec's. by ChloeTzang (05/29/16)
4.84 (364)
11.Holiday #195
Celebrating their 195th consecutive holiday tests friends. by WatchingCloud (06/22/17)
4.83 (1238)
12.You're In My Seat Pt. 04
Ally and Carter reach a finale. by JaneSaysIt (03/09/16)
4.83 (750)
13.Graduation Ch. 02
Caleb invites Penny to his home for some personal training. by member9458 (05/16/17)
4.83 (577)
14.Band Camping
This one time while camping... by rexspaulding (06/06/18)
4.83 (533)
15.Harrowing Halloween
Chris's best friend is beautiful, smart, and also a ghost. by storyteller19 (10/24/18)
4.83 (443)
16.Twice Ten Point Zero (10.0)
US prof visits China, encounters female translator in need. by XXscribbler (02/14/18)
4.83 (358)
17.Trailer Trash Ch. 03
Does rich boy finally get the Trailer Trash girl? by Slickman (09/29/06)
4.82 (3578)
18.Army Brat Ch. 06
Army base game and romance. by Slickman (10/30/08)
4.82 (2386)
19.Chinese Takeout Ch. 02
High School Pickup - Jay-Lin goes for a ride with Round Out. by ChloeTzang (01/13/16)
4.82 (435)
20.My Angel of Mercy
Love and Lust can be powerful healers... by eidetic (03/03/17)
4.82 (408)
21.The Steamy Chase Ch. 07
Her world rocker...meeting the family! by adjoaq (03/10/14)
4.82 (315)
22.That's What Friends Are For
Justin's best friend Samantha will do anything for him. by lovecraft68 (03/29/14)
4.81 (15432)
23.Marcy's Playground Pt. 01
A shy, virgin in a sex club? Marcy might get an education. by MJRoberts (08/22/14)
4.81 (3708)
24.Goodbye, La La Land
Gary and Kathleen discover 'Real Life' together. by MLyons (11/09/04)
4.81 (3466)
25.Tomboy Ch. 05
Tom and Jo must make an important decision. by Slickman (04/11/05)
4.81 (2567)
26.Marcy's Playground Pt. 02
Who will get to teach Marcy what? by MJRoberts (01/05/16)
4.81 (794)
27.Tied to Sam
Can Sam & Cora express how they feel about each other? by Sara2000Z (01/20/18)
4.81 (528)
28.Tucker's Studio Ch. 13
Cinnamon Sugar by riverboy (03/06/16)
4.81 (474)
29.The Steamy Chase Ch. 04
Her world rocker...uncontrollable passion! by adjoaq (01/31/14)
4.81 (366)
30.Fluffer in Training Ch. 06
Porn star and sexy MILF make use of fluffer Rachel's talents. by rmdexter (03/24/17)
4.81 (313)
31.The Steamy Chase Ch. 10
Her world & happiness! by adjoaq (08/18/14)
4.81 (310)
32.The Steamy Chase Ch. 08
Her world rocker...getting kinky! by adjoaq (03/25/14)
4.81 (298)
33.A Misdirection of Affection Ch. 03
Ian's first time, Dessi tells Gina how the story ends. by nageren (01/01/15)
4.81 (194)
34.Kelly Ch. 07
Four years later... by Balrog (03/28/10)
4.81 (110)
35.Waiting in Line for the New iPad
Waiting outside the Apple Store becomes a magical experience. by MaxSebastian (05/09/13)
4.80 (5424)
36.Bosom Buddies Ch. 03
Enjoying an unforgettable after-party with big-breasted BFFs. by bosombuddies (11/25/11)
4.80 (3775)
37.1BR Apt.
She could be just the thing. by Member389 (11/30/12)
4.80 (3010)
38.Fingerprints on My Heart
A Chinese girl, a married man and a kind of romance. by ChloeTzang (03/20/17)
4.80 (2164)
39.A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 03
Being stuck in a cozy cabin with a girl can't be too bad, right? by rexspaulding (05/26/14)
4.80 (1135)
40.The Incentive List Ch. 02
Another fantasy comes true - with a little planning. by wabbit_season (01/30/12)
4.80 (1049)
41.The Virgin Valentine
Ryan's V-Day gift from Gwen takes an unexpected turn. by Vaginalpuppetry (01/24/18)
4.80 (551)
42.Chinese Takeout Ch. 05
Listening for the Weather. by ChloeTzang (07/22/16)
4.80 (516)
43.Coppernicous Pt. 04
Lynn has troubles with a boyfriend and Toomas gets shot. by SonofCallicious (11/23/15)
4.80 (515)
44.Hanky Panky
You can't trust a gweilo guy with a nice Chinese Girl! by ChloeTzang (02/04/18)
4.80 (502)
45.Chinese Eyes
Sand, sea and surfing and a sweet Chinese girl in Oz by ChloeTzang (07/04/18)
4.80 (384)
46.Company Policy
They find their Valentine's, snowed in at the office. by Red_Jakal (01/29/14)
4.79 (1986)
47.A Teddy Bear for Christmas
A romantic little Christmas tale. by ChloeTzang (11/14/16)
4.79 (1860)
48.Army Brat Ch. 02
Son of Army Hero copes with his new town and love. by Slickman (08/16/08)
4.79 (1729)
49.The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 02
The weekend heats up with Jenny and Brenda. by spaldan (02/02/12)
4.79 (1091)
50.A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 04
Accosted, Paul plans to get back to Kat. by rexspaulding (05/31/14)
4.79 (1073)
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